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Eve Matra F1 0.7

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Author : Klaasvh and Navigator


This mod is a modification of ISI's EVE F1 car. It uses the EVE car shape but is powered by a Matra V12 engine instead of the Ford DFV V8 found in the normal EVE. It is meant to look like the 1968 Matra MS11 but is not a complete accurate representation. It does feature a 2 man team with cars for Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Henri Pescarolo. The idea behind this mod is to add some variation to rFactors historic grid.


PLEASE NOTE: This mod should work as a standalone but uses some sounds from the ISI_Eve_Vehicle v1.48. If this component is not installed you will only hear engine sounds.


For painters
Download the pontoon extension paint template here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awckmw6mg4...20template.rar
For painting the rest of the car you can use the ISI EVE template.
ISI: Base car
Navigator: Physics
Wolferl: Engine sounds
Klaasvh: Additional modelling and texturing

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