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  1. GTR2 Porsche 993 GT2

    GTR2 Porsche 993 GT2 sounds by Mildrew
    Slightly modified stock sounds,both these and the Viper sounds are used
    in LMRT's Le Mans mod so i thought i would release them here.
    These are my last sounds for GTR2 and i hope you enjoy them.
    If anyone wants to use these and any of my sounds then your
    free to do so without my permission.
    Thanks for everyone who has gave me advice and support over
    the past couple of years.



  2. Lamborghini Diablo-Real engine sound

    Author : elMariachi90
    Here's another sound for Street car mod by Ben mk1, it is about the Lamborghini Diablo SV v12 engine.
    I've improved two type of sounds: the first one that involves the first three cars of the list (n°007, 071, 246) is the classical v12 engine sound of Lamborghini Diablo ,the second one that involves the other three cars of the list (n°501, 504, 510) is the sound of Lamborghini Diablo v12 engine with opening exhausts (just like I've already made about the Ferrari Testarossa).
    Of course you must have already installed "street cars mod" by Ben MK1; where you can find the mod it is written in the "Readme".
    Drop the 'GameData' folder into your GTR2 directory and allow anything to overwrite.
    Please make a back up for security.



  3. BMW Z4 GT3-Real sounds

    Author : elMariachi90
    -Finally released new sound of BMW Z4 GT3 v8 engine.
    Sound based on the real one present in the following camera car:

    -External sound created from zero by me with the aim to reproduce the sound more close to the real one as possible.
    -I've also published a video as demonstration so that you can make a comparison.
    -In the end, there's a ENG file in which I've modified startup timing (to syncronize the startup WAV with idle WAV) and rev limiter (now the effect of rev limiter is realistic)



  4. Pit Sound GTR2

    Author : Ahorn0904
    new in v1.4:
    -Larger and complete from 1 Race-Weekend at 1 Box!!
    new in v1.3:
    -Loudness higher and longer
    complete overworked sounds!
    Larger and more realistic than v1.2 ...
    ---To set the Volume of this sounds higher use the program Mp3Gain---



  5. GTR2 Mosler MT900R BETA sounds

    Author : Mildrew
    This is a BETA version so don't expect 100% accuracy.



  6. Viper GTS-R sound mod

    Author : Mildrew
    Version 3.0
    Final Final Version
    Sorry for all these new versions but if i feel i can improve these sounds
    why not share them with you,i hope you enjoy this hopefully final version lol
    Version 2.0
    Final version
    If you think you can improve this mod feel free
    Hope you enjoy it
    My first attempt at altering the the standard Viper sounds,i thought the original sounds were abit tinnie so iv beefed them up abit.
    Feedback welcome as it's my first attempt.
    Backup the original files before installation.



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