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  1. HQ F360 SOUNDS

    GTR2 HQ F360 SOUNDS v1.0 by GTR233
    Description :
    Stock GTR2 SIMBIN sounds remastered in High Quality
    Brakes hiss sounds by Jandri

    Disk space requirement : 26 Mo

    ATTENTION : stock files will be overwritten BUT original GTR2 F360 sounds files are provided

    No online mismatch



  2. JGTC Pit Sounds

    JGTC Pit Sounds by PassiveObsessive
    This sound file will change the sounds played whilst you are in the pits changing your setups and looking at other driver's times. Basically I've got the sounds from footage taken in the pits at Motegi in the 1999/2000 JGTC and tried to keep it like the original sounds. I've kept the same kind of volume, I've made it a 7 minutes long and I've tried to make it seamless where I can because the footage was heavily edited. You will hear a rotary, V12s, a Boxer engine and numerous other 4 and 6 cylinder engines. I've tried to wind it up like the original sounds, so at first you will hear cars pulling out of the pits and as time goes by, you will hear more cars out on track doing flybys and some coming in to pit again. This does not change the private test sounds in the game and it does not change the actual pitstop sounds of the mechanics changing tyres/repairing/etc. Enjoy 7 minutes of auditory beauty.



  3. Ferrari F40-real sound

    Author : elMariachi90
    -Hi guys! Finally I've released the fantastic sounds of the glorious Ferrari F40.
    Unfortunately It's very hard to find videos with good F40 sounds, so I've literally realised the sounds from zero, I've just used as baseline some sounds of a F355 V8 engine, about all the rest I've tried to recreate the sound in order to reproduce the same features of the real one of this fantastic V8 2.8l twinturbo engine made by Ferrari, simply try to believe
    -Also, There's a video as preview; the sound of the video was still a draft, now the sound is more realistic
    -However I've developed my sounds on the F40 present in the following mod: "RMI supercars_The Ferraris".
    Here you can find the mod, of course you have to register before download:
    Of course you can use this sounds also in BPR GTS mod, where there are a lot of Ferrari F40, in this case you have to proceed in this way:
    -Open the archive with Winrar
    -Go to the folder: GameData/Teams/RMi_SuperCars/Ferrari_F40 ,here you can find a .AUD file and a .ENG file
    -Copy the .AUD file in the teams folder of the car where you would apply the sound, then rename my .AUD file with the name of the same present in the folder (It's better to make a backup of the early file)
    -Finally open the .ENG file present in the archive and replace the following lines (Before, make a backup for security):
    IdleRPMLogic=(700, 800)
    StarterTiming=(1.60, 0.0, 1.0)



  4. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - New sound

    When it were doing the beta-|testing| of the F12 have must reistalled GTR2 ( for the fifteenth turned...),
    and have forgotten me to remove the GameData folder, I don't know what to do about it usually,
    losing many stuff, such as the original |sound| of the F12 , that now have patiently reconstructed.
    need Ferrari F12 Berlinetta mod
    unzip in GTR2 folder and overwrite.
    (you must have Ferrari F12berlinetta folder in Teams\GT folder)



  5. BPR Ferrari F40 real sounds

    Author : elMariachi90
    Finally released the sounds of these cars:
    Ferrari F40"standard" version, F40 LM & GTE and F40 LM IMSA
    Sounds are based on the real ones; the F40 LM IMSA has more than 720 hp and more than 800 Nm of torque because of turbo high pressure (about 2.6 bar of pressure) so I have emphasized the phenomenon of the boost by exalting the sound of turbo when it goes in pressure.
    Here's a preview:

    Also there are other files (a new eng file for Ferrari F40 LM IMSA more close to the real one), other modified ENG files in order to syncronize the new WAV tracks; also, the real F40 LM IMSA should have five gears (no six) so I have modified the HDC in order to have 5 gears.
    Finally there are some "car" file because I have modified the RPMlight on the motec according the new values of rev limiter.
    I hope that I have made a good work!



  6. Renault 5 GT Turbo Real Engine Sounds

    Author : elMariachi90
    I've released the sound of Renault R5 GT turbo; the sound is based on the real one.
    I've improved my sounds on R5 Gt turbo car made by Trackaholics (TCL addon).
    Also, I've manually improved an eng file in order to reproduce a torque power curve tipical of the engine of R5 GT turbo, so my invitation is to use my sounds with the eng that I've added... This is the only way if you want that my sound works as well as possible.
    Of course make a backup of the early ENG for security.
    I've added an HDC and a GRB file in order to update gearbox configurations.



  7. Opel Omega V8Star sounds

    Author : Mildrew
    Here's a meaty V8 sound for Tolik87's excellent mod



  8. Proto Racer Proton New Sounds

    Author : nakologic
    Proto Racer Proton New Sounds



  9. ALMS BMW M3 GT Real Engine Sound

    Author : elMariachi90
    This sound is idevelopped for ALMS BMW M3 GT of "NFSShift" team, you can find it on "esport racing" forum; this is important because the mod contains:
    -improved HDC file
    -improved ENG file, syncronized with the sound
    -GRB file syncronized with HDC file
    -if you have the BMW M3 of "NFSShift" teams, please make a backup for security of the early ENG, HDC, AUD files, then allow to overwrite.
    -if you have another version of BMW M3 GT car, please REPLACE ONLY THE AUD FILE BY RENAMING THIS ONE WITH THE SAME NAME OF THE EARLY AUD (make a backup of the early AUD for securyty!)



  10. Ferrari F430 Challenge sounds

    Author : jandri
    Scratch made sounds made by jandri for GTR2 F430 Challenge mod by "Alexi99, Stephan Gog, Colvin35, Chronus, Edgecrusher".
    Sound mod Version : 1.0
    Thanks to "Alexi99" for allowing me to upload these sounds for the mod.
    Link to the mod : http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=34880
    Preview of sounds :
    Any opinions, advice or criticism will be accepted.
    Hope you enjoy them.



  11. BMW Gear Whine

    Author : Jandri
    Scratch made gear whine sounds made by jandri for GTR2's BMW M3 GTR. For the whining lovers .
    Sound mod Version : 1.0
    Thanks to Simbin for the game.
    Preview of sounds :



  12. Fm Honda Civic cup-improved sound

    Author : elMariachi90
    Improved sound of mugen B16 V-TEC engine already published by myself; the improvement consist of an emphasis of the change of valve timing typical of V-tec engine at around 6000 RPM in order to reproduce the same V-TEC effect of the following video:



  13. Lola DBR V12 real sound

    Author : elMariachi90
    Sound literally based on the real Aston Martin V12 engine equipped by Lola DBR, here's a video to make a comparison:

    from external view it's possible to perceive the typical "F1 sound" (minute 1.04), generated by a special exhaust configuration of Lola DBR, you can verify this in the following video:

    in the video the first Lola has an exhausts configuration which favors the higher frequencies so that there's the "F1 effect" (it's possible to hear all twelve pulsations of pistons for every spin of camshaft) ,the second Lola sounds just like it was a "big 6 cylinders" (it's possible to perceive "6 big" pulsations of pistons for every spin of camshaft)



  14. Ferrari 512 BB stock & LM sounds

    Author : elMariachi90
    Finally released the fantastic sounds of Ferrari 512 BB stock & LM version; the sound of LM version is based on the one of "silhouette version" while the sound of road version is based on a real 512 BB road car... each one of these sounds is extracted and reworked from youtube videos of good quality.
    There are two links:
    -Ferrari 512 BB LM version & LM silhouette version
    -Ferrari 512 BB stock version engine sounds



  15. Nissan 350z-real V6 engine sound

    Author : elMariachi90
    Hi! Simply I've tried to reproduce the real sound of 3.5 litres V6 engine equiped by Nissan 350 z; the sound is based on a tuned verison of the 350 z...
    Also, sound quality in the following video is corrupted because of youtube incorporation, it's just to give a preview
    Drop the 'GameData' folder into your GTR2 directory and allow anything to overwrite.
    Please make a back up for security.



  16. RoadCrusher's Sound Pack Update

    Author : RoadCrusher
    This is the result of many researches about sounds and engines specs, of sounds and videos collecting
    I tried to get the most realistic result than possible by collecting sounds, modifying them, and listening, listening and... listening
    There is room for improvement, but lacking of time I decided to release the material as it is, as the current result is pretty satisfying



  17. Ferrari 550 sounds

    Author : Sk1dmark
    Some people say the original Ferrari 550 sounds from GTR2 are awesome. I don't think so. They actually don't even sound like a real 550. The sounds used in GTR Evolution are a lot better and the Aston Martin sounds come closer to the real 550. That's why I took those for this little mod. It wasn 't a lot of work, but it sure sounds a lot better.
    I also included some other sounds like the rev limiter switch, tyre scrub, crash effects, ...
    The real thing:
    By the way, don't look at the ugly white stripes in my own video. I don't know what Youtube did to my video.



  18. RoadCrusher's Sound Pack

    Author : RoadCrusher
    This is the result of many researches about sounds and engines specs, of sounds and videos collecting
    I tried to get the most realistic result than possible by collecting sounds, modifying them, and listening, listening and... listening
    There is room for improvement, but lacking of time I decided to release the material as it is, as the current result is pretty satisfying
    Update 2.6 click here



  19. BMW Z4 GT3 New Sound

    Author : Ozelot
    New Sound for the BMW Z4 GT3.All rights reserved by Mildrew.



  20. Ford GT40 GTL-GTR2-new real sounds

    Author : elMariachi90
    I've made this sound in order to reproduce the real aggressive sound of V8 engine equipped by the legendary Ford GT40; the sound is based on the following camera car:

    I hope you like it because when I drive the GT40 of GTR2_GTL mod equipped with new sound I ensure you it's another sensation!



  21. Viper Competition Coupe sounds

    Author : Mildrew
    I have tried to replicate this sound as i thought the standard
    sounds were although good were lacking something,after many many
    hours Aprox 100 it's not 100% accurate but it's the best i can get it.
    If you wish to use or modify these sounds just contact me
    Lastly i hope you enjoy these sounds



  22. Interior Sounds for the honda nsx gt

    Author : jesterv2
    another set of sounds!
    This time for the awesome honda nsx in the super gt 500 mod



  23. Porsche 959 Real Sounds Street Car Mod

    Author : elMariachi90
    Finally released the fantastic sounds of the glorious air cooled Porsche flat six cylinders engine; my sound is based on the real same captured from a Porsche 911, I've softly modified it in order to obtain a sound close to the same of Porsce 959 (the sounds are similar).
    At low RPM you can perceive also some turbo effects (in power phase the turbo go in pressure while in coasting phase the turbo discharges );
    however turbo sounds are weak just like in the real Porsche 959.



  24. Viper V8 Zakspeed Sound

    Author : Mildrew
    New sounds for the Dodge Viper V10\8 Zakspeed
    V1.1--Increased volume of Exterior sounds
    Version 2
    Completely new sounds for the Zakspeed V10/8 Viper
    If you wish to use or modify these sounds get in touch with me and i'll more than likey say yes



  25. Lamborghini Murcielago GT-R start&idle Sound

    Author : jaimy13578
    i sa a clip on youtube of the Lamborghini Murcielago GT-R
    it sounds so good that i made the outside start-up & idle sound of it.( see youtube video )
    Original files will be overwritten!!! ( BACK-UP files included: see read me)
    hope you like it. ( see readme for more info )



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