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  1. Nissan 180sx type-x

    Author : Dori
    Here is the latest version of my 180sx, it includes 5 cars.
    3 drift versions with 2 stages of SR20DET and one 1.5JZ from a toyota.
    There's a stock version, but the model is not finished yet, it still needs stock mirrors and seats among a few other things before it's finished.
    There's also an S2 version which has upgraded brakes suspension and bigger turbo.
    The Physics are as accurate as I am able, to the best of my knowledge. Measurements are taken from my real car where ever possible and only some of the values are made by feel or to the most reliable info I could find where it wasn't possible to measure or calculate from my own car.
    Version 1.3.1 changes:
    ABS adjusted for AC v1.2.4, Recommend ABS off for drifting.
    FFB adjusted for all cars.
    Fuel tank size corrected.
    Tail lights more authentic lighting.
    Street tyre mistake fixed for tuned versions.
    Changed dash shader



  2. 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth rs500

    Author : bobskype
    Here's the initial release of the RS500. I'm calling it version 0.66, because there's still a couple things I want to tidy up, and also need to implement damage. I've spent a lot of time porting this car over, re-uv mapping the body, fixing textures, dials, ect. I hope everyone enjoys it.
    -Original mesh: ChongMcBong
    -Porting, extra fixes, physics: Me
    -Sounds: Kunos
    -Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting
    -No damage
    -No gauge or tail lights... Gauge lights didn't look very good to me :\
    -The mesh is NOT perfect. I know it's not, I'll try to fix what I can in due time.
    -Anything else that is an ACTUAL BUG, let me know please.
    There is a body.psd included in the skins folder. In each skin folder, I've included the AO bake (bodybake.dds) which is the diffuse, and then the metal_detail.dds is for the color. If you want to make a special paint scheme, I suggest using the body.psd and saving it as the bodybake.dds. If you just want a color change, try just changing the metal_detail.dds.



  3. Mazda 787B

    Mazda 787B Version 1.4
    Please replace the folder mazda_787b.
    -improved blur rims
    -improved chrome effects
    -improved mirrors
    -added glowing brakediscs (thanks Vatter)
    -windscreen with wipereffect



  4. Shelby Cobra 427 by the_meco & pankykapus


    Created by

    Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is now officially in Assetto Corsa.
    The street car, s1 replica and Competition cars are still mods.

    1.2 MOD

    Shelby Cobra 427 street car
    Shelby Cobra 427 Replica
    + Shelby Cobra 427 Competition :-D

    -Added missing code in aero, drivetrain, engine, tyres, brakes, ai
    -Competition car is now more consistent with the official S/C version
    -Tyres updated as per latest AC updates
    -Vintage tyres only for Competition
    -Street tyres updated for Street and S1
    -Performance tyres dropped (obsolete) 
    -Minor graphics tweaks and fixes
    -LOD optimization for reduced file size
    -New preview images
    -Competition version now appears separately on the car selection screen



  5. Caterham Academy

    3d model by fkkamil
    textures by fkkamil & Szymik
    physics by fkkamil
    sound by Fonsecker​



  6. Mazda Miata by Pure

    Il team Pure ha finalmente rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la splendida Mazda Miata 1.8i del 1995, vettura attesissima da migliaia di appassionati.
    The wait is over! Presenting The Mazda Miata 1.8i 1995 by Pure Team
    The long awaited Mazda Miata Mod is finally here. We hope you all enjoy as much as we have in testing and again thanks for all the support. Updates and more versions to follow in the coming months. Again from the whole team, apologies for the delay but no point retracing the reasons, the time has come to have some fun. Many thanks to all involved, no matter how small the effort, many have helped get this modwhere she is now. We all look forward to seeing you on track!
    - Suspension geometry corrections
    - Fixed overall weight, unsprung weights
    - Shock travel, Spring rates, ride height, ARB corrected
    - Completely new tyres that match new version
    - Aero reworked, drag value fixed, lift added to both front and rear
    - FFB tweaked
    - Steering ratio and lock changed to quicker rack to help with non-linearity issues



  7. 1999 Rover Mini 1.3i Cooper (Sports Pack)

    Modelling Dinca Andrei
    Physics CCX
    Sounds KitrinosKat
    Accurate physics based on manufacturer data and measurements take from the real car - performance as close as possible to the real thing.
    Scratch built 3D model, built from detailed reference photographs of the real car and accurate blueprints.
    Custom sounds which replicate the experience of driving this iconic car.
    All manufacturer colour options will be included, from the stunning Tahiti Blue (pictured) to the iconic Almond Green.

    source: Rover
    0-60 mph: 12.2 seconds
    Top Speed: 92 mph
    Power: 63bhp @ 5500rpm
    Torque: 70 ft-lb @3000 rpm
    Economy: 34 mpg combined
    Size and layout: 1275cc, Inline 4-cylinder
    Bore x Stroke: 70.64mm x 81.33mm
    Aspiration: Natural
    Compression ratio: 10.5:1
    Valves: 8v, 2 valves per cylinder
    4-speed manual
    Monocoque. Independent wishbone suspension. 8.4" Disk brakes front, Drum rear
    Wheels & Tyres
    Front wheel size: 13” x 6”
    Rear wheel size: 13” x 6”
    Tyres: Yokohama A539 175/50/13
    Total length:3055 mm
    Total width:1440 mm
    Total height:1340 mm
    Wheelbase:2035 mm
    Front track:1234 mm
    Rear track:1203 mm
    Dry weight:715 kg (excluding driver)
    Weight distribution: 55% front, 45% rear



  8. Audi A4 R9

    Credits Audi A4 R9 DTM
    3D: Marc Danisch
    2D & Mapping: Marc Danisch, Alexander Kholodkevich aka SandroX
    Ingame: Alexander Kholodkevich aka SandroX
    Physik: P_Johann
    Damage: Marc Danisch
    Cams: Marc Danisch
    Skins: Sven Gerlach
    Sounds: Davide Cervone



  9. Lamborghini Countach by BBoyJmE

    Please like my Facebook page!
    Disclamer : Car sound will be changed on the second release - currently it is the Miura SV sound used with permission from Vampire - If Kunos has any problems with the sound being used as a place holder the links will be deleted and another placeholder engine sound will be used.
    Version Beta v0.2a
    Major improvments in all areas
    To do:
    Physics tweaks
    Sound tweaks
    Project Lead, Car Model, shaders and animation: Jimmy Nahlous a.k.a BBoyJmE
    Physics: Beryllium
    Sound: KitrinosKat



  10. 1995 Seat Ibiza

    Author : bobskype
    Here is something I've been working on the last week or two. Originally made for Rigs of Rods by Mythbuster, he gave me permission to port it to AC.
    Version 0.97 includes the following versions:
    -Stock, 1.4L 4 cylinder
    -Modified, VR6 from Golf GTI
    -Mid engine, Turbo Ibiza
    -Modified, Turbo 1.8 20v AWD version (Syncro Golf parts)
    PLEASE NOTE: The turbo VR6 version is not updated right now. I can't figure out FMOD right now, so I'm just going to update the other versions.
    The mid engine version is something you could see built in a guy's garage. A donor car was used, and the engine front suspension was grafted to the rear of the vehicle. Still has the same 1.4 4 banger, but with a turbo it makes a bit more power. Don't be expecting an insane beast of a car though. It's meant to have balance, and fun.



  11. Alzen 996 biturbo

    Author : AccAkut
    Last changes:

    Several texture/shader changes and optimizations
    First try at "LODing"
    Early version of a custom soundbank courtsey of @@Fonsecker. Yes we know the turbo sounds like a party whistle, will change
    This time font files are included, so working instruments for everyone (still don't know were I got the font from originally)
    Full setup options. Range of all sliders still up for debate
    Adjusted physics, including newly calculated engine power resulting in -gasp- less power. Tires still smoke, nothing I can change apparently.

    Known flaws:

    Tires smoke at standstill if torque distribution is set to anything else than 50/50 -> known bug in AC, happens even to the Alfa, can't fix it for now
    Sound is from RUF Yellowbird for now
    Interior is not very detailed, indicator stalks are missing etc
    Shaders are not great
    Two early skins included (thx to Brownninja97)
    No animation except steering wheel (so no shifter movement, no doors, no wiper)
    Not very easy to drive (then again, nor was the original car)
    Stock suspension setup is still under development. Feel free to play around with the suspension.ini and tell me if you made it better!
    No "real" setup.ini for now. Will come, but be pretty limited due to the real car being limited aswell.



  12. 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

    Author : bobskype
    This is another one of my friend Mythbuster's absolutely stunning creations. He originally made the car for BeamNG as a school project. (He also modeled the Seat Ibiza) With his permission of course, I've converted it to AC. Features a whopping 160 hp V8 with (GASP) over-head valves, and a hydromatic 4 speed auto.
    Few things to keep in mind:
    -No damage
    -Might be a top down version later
    -I tried my best with the tires. Without Kunos tire tool, It's damn near impossible to get realistic tires.
    HUGE thanks goes out to the_meco for getting the driver set up right, and of course, Mythbuster for slaving away at this thing for months. Also a big thanks to Stereo for helping me finally figure out the collision boxes using Blender. All the people I had test it, thank you so much for taking the time to do so.



  13. Honda NSX GT500 05′

    Author : Malagoli Garage
    V1.0 Changelog:
    – New textures
    – Hood and Rear Wing from the 2005 model
    – Improoved physics
    – 5 Liveries
    – Motec working, showing: Fuel, Lap Time, Delta, Speed, RPM



  14. Seat Leon Euro Cup 2014 by Tommy78

    Version: 1.3 (1st of March, 2015)
    - fixed rear tyre grip in the data.acd, so now both rear tires grip visible in the ovinfo App
    - fixed damage glass, now visible the pit crew
    - added new Yokohama tires
    - removed Dunlop logo from the rear bumper
    - added new rimblur
    - The new version use a different folder (slcr_15) so if you want to keep the 2014 version, just leave it
    - The 2015 1.3 version still contains the 2014 liveries.



  15. Renault Clio Cup

    - Template: Skins, Rims, Windows include in folder Renault_Clio_Cup_197
    - Extra Template : French championship , unzip file "skinsCDF" on folder skins, skinCDF.zip is in folder skins
    - Data: from the reel technical specs according to reel clio cup drivers
    - Testing: All virtual drivers to CDF
    Help: FFB is very hard and a lot off dumping if you want less change FFB in game an after in setup, FFB according to setup of the car, test setup for have feeling
    V1.1 (work on new suspensions sytems)



  16. VW Käfer "Beetle" Named Herbie

    Author : Soulvex
    Driver view may need adjusting
    Steering Wheel not visible after so many meters
    Slight Suspension Issue
    Needs good sounds
    I am not educated with driver positions and animations.



  17. 2014 kutch 2000sl

    Update for 0.81 are as follows:
    -'Street' version is now default. Semi-slick tires, adjustable boost, H gated shifter, and ABS.
    -New "Club" version. Boost is fixed at a moderate level, sequential transmission, only slick tires to choose from.
    -New "Bare" version. Adjustable boost, slick tires, and no body or downforce. :|
    -Steering wheel by Alex72. I meant to add it to the car a month or two ago. Sorry.
    -Shader updates, and a new AO bake
    download = Mod + skinpack



  18. Lamborghini Miura P400SV

    Ok guys, we have finally decided to just release a current version with placeholder V8 sounds for now. Not how we wanted to proceed but TBH it is getting a little beyond a joke regarding the sound situation, and our 'sound guy' is no longer responding to any efforts to contact him. So I guess I will be googling 'FMOD For Dummies' and seeing what happens in the future. Maybe a talented sound modder will appreciate a great opportunity to create some sounds for this amazing car, and you will all have some realistic sounds in the future.
    Find included in the d/l several 'bonus' items I have prepared, including an SV Owners Manual based on the real cars item as much as possible detailing, among other things, some important considerations for this car.
    The suspension has 2 options available for rebound damping as per the real car, no option for compression damping was available on these shocks as even one-way adjustable dampers was pretty fancy. Be aware however that this car was never designed for the racetrack - and as such is a challenge to drive on the limit. A more 'rapid & relaxed' drive around the Nordschleife (just imagine the repair bill if you crash!) really shows how nice this car was to drive under 'normal' conditions.
    We are considering some 'Special Events' against the standard Street Version of the Cobra, as they are fairly closely matched with the Cobras light weight and nice handling up against the power and speed of the Miura. But I recommend them both at Spa for a fun day out!
    So finally I would like to thank The_Meco for all his time on the model and skins (way more than initially expected), and Pankykapus for being there to help me out with any physics questions I had and for help with setting up the suspension. Was an absolute pleasure to work with you both!
    Ok guys and gals - ENJOY..
    Lamborghini Miura SV Team:
    Version 0.8.8 - Changelog
    - added a comma to the colliders.ini, to fix error posted in log - doh, sorry. Just to stop any microstutters associated with the error logging.
    Version 0.8.7 - Changelog
    - Sound volume re-balanced to match better with other AC elements. If you would like it louder, turn up the volume.
    - Minor tire-temp increase
    - Some minor skin changes to select skins.
    - A few other small tweaks I can't remember



  19. Seat Leon EuroCup 2014

    by Tommy78
    Title : Seat Leon EuroCup 2014
    Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) e-mail: tpongracz@yahoo.co.uk
    Blog : http://tpongracz.wordpress.com
    Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa
    – modified cockpit parts for better onboard view
    – re-calibrat RPM Led’s
    – fixed downshift time and clutch time
    – fixed upshift clutch time
    – fixed steer ratio
    – fixed AI
    – modified tire physics to the new AC 1.0 version
    – updated FFB
    – Before you install, delete the whole slcr_2014 folder within the …/content/cars – folder
    Sound Readme:
    Assetto Corsa – SEAT LEON 2.0TSI EUROCUP ENGINE SOUNDS by Lukas Möllmann (Ferrari64)
    Changes to released version:
    - slightly improved onboard sounds



  20. Audi tt mk1 1999

    Author : jormapaappa1235
    v0.2 improvements:
    - working lights
    - working steering animation and driver position
    - tuned suspension, feedback is welcome
    - quieter turbo
    - accelerates now like a real 225 hp TT, still waiting for 4wd



  21. F-zero Blue Falcon

    Modelling: The_meco
    Sounds: The_meco
    Textures: The_meco
    Physics: Brownninja97
    Breaking everything: Brownninja97
    Fixed FFB going crazy, it should be able 5x less crazy(on a good day)
    Fixed texture bug
    Fixed shadow bug and altered length
    Slightly increased strength of brakes
    edited the collision parameters, less crashs resulting in getting stuck in a wall
    Changed wind pitch
    Basically the version ive made is slower then mecos and also has a braking system which just slow down too fast so i weakened the brakes. Also has for the sound im not sure if the current sound is fine, i just maxed out the wind noise. I had the feeling that this is more of an electrical powered vehicle so you wouldn't hear much. The wind does get pretty loud btw. Also here is the hardest part, i had to alter the physics to prevent the car/ship/vehicle from flipping uncontrollable at any little hit, its not perfect yet but its much better now in comparison. Clipping in wings has been fixed, albeit caused lighting issues.
    Yes i understand the textures are pretty vomit worthy but thats a working progress ill see what i can do about that in the future. Im aiming to master the physics first as that seems like what really matters in the end. Also the camera should work now.
    Ive been messing around with the wheel dimensions to see if that would help but it means that in some tracks the front wheels may suddenly die completely, ill sort that out soon enough.



  22. 1970 VW Käfer "Beetle" 1302 S 1.6L 50bhp RRWD

    Author : soulex
    The Model was made by NightEye for a "Less than 5k tris contest" many years ago (bare that in mind), it is not quite up to AC standards, (with full permissions) it has been adjusted by me to make it usable, I have made new wheels and tyre models, done all the physics, speedo and fuel gauge ect ect.
    If anyone has any suggestions feel free to state them, I have never driven a Beetle, only watched them so physics and stuff is not accurate, just the best I can do for now.
    This car is quite basic, in the near future I hope to have Herbie version and a track day type version.
    Driver view may need adjusting
    Steering Wheel not visible after so many meters
    Speedometer may not be 100% accurate (but they aren't irl)
    Slight Rear Suspension Issue
    Needs good sounds
    Backfire needs removing and flames
    Chrome, Paint and Glass effects need adjustments



  23. Opel Ascona C GT

    Author : Rafael Malagoli
    Sports saloon by Opel, based on GM "J" Car Ascona C.
    3D Model created by: Malagoli
    Physics based on model created by: Bobskype
    Unrar the file into your "assettocorsa\content\cars" folder. Replace all files if is necessary.
    - High detailed interior and exterior
    - Momo Arrow alloys
    - Calibre rear wing
    - Tuned suspension
    - Physics based on factory standards
    - Sounds are original from BMW E30, by Kunos
    Known Issues:
    - No SQ lods, may cause performance issues on low specification systems
    - The driver position isn't very good, so you may experience some graphics issues with the onboard cam... The problem can be solved by setting the option "Hide Driver Arms", in Options menu.
    Work In Progress, still developing original sounds.
    Upcoming variation, confirmed:
    Irmscher Ascona GT, 2.0 16v



  24. Chevrolet Monza 500E.F.

    Author : Rafael Malagoli
    New Physics and HotFix for RC1.0 (Sounds) :
    New physics - Created by Bobskype
    Thanks for the support and fantastic job mate!!!
    - New "FMod" sound banks
    By Kunos, changed to BMW E30 sounds.. they are...
    The Chevrolet Monza 500EF was a limited edition, top of line, of one of the most popular and successfull cars from GM in Brazil. Was also a tribute to Emerson Fittipaldi, who besides being Bi Champion Formula 1, had just won the traditional 500 Miles Indianapolis back in time.
    Unrar the file into your "assettocorsa\content\cars" folder
    - High detailed interior and exterior
    - Physics based on factory standards, sotck version
    - Sounds are original from Abarth 500, by Kunos
    Known Issues:
    - No SQ lods, may cause performance issues on low specification systems
    - A.I. doesn't working
    ** Still missing a few parts and textures , W.I.P.**
    In time, I'll create sport variations as well, including the Monza S/R and the 4 Doors Saloons, with different badging for Opel and Vauxhall models.



  25. 2014 Corvette Daytona Prototype

    Author : IER Modding Group
    -proper collisions
    -adjustable brake bias added
    -tire damping changed
    -Accurate physics and liveries
    -Different chassis versions (Dallara (left hand drive), Coyote (right hand drive), and Riley -Riley to come in future update)
    -Realistic sounds
    -More speed
    -a free soda (okay that one's a lie)



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