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  1. Corvette C6R 2013 by UnitedRacingDesign

    Corvette C6R by UnitedRacingDesign
    - fixed FR brake disc glow
    - add brake disc glow
    - add tires pressure on display
    - improved cockpit materials
    - new skin previews
    IMPORTANT-Delete previous version please before installing new one!



  2. BMW M6 GT3

    by AGU Modding
    topic on the forum -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=72375
    - V10 tires
    - Flash on headlight
    - Pitstop headlight flashing
    - Position wings front and rear
    - Leds dashboard, remap with engine value
    - Official previews
    - F6 views rework
    - Damages and detach parts
    - Steering wheel position
    - Sun reflection in cockpit
    - Sound skid tyre
    - new gear shift animation
    - sound skid fix 1.9
    - texture and damages/dust add
    - detach part when is damage
    - new disk warn
    - m6 leds display rework
    - new previews



  3. 2014 Koenigsegg One:1

    Modelling: moringaou
    Textures: Legende_TLM
    Physics: CCX
    Sounds: NeverKrash
    Factory Test Drivers: Nick Moxley, William Levesque
    Instrument design: Fillipo94
    Special thanks to: Nick Moxley, misterbeam, burrito, Avoletta and mclarenf1papa for their great help with improving the physics, the_meco for his assistance with the export of the model into AC and Modek for his assistance.
    Koenigsegg is creating six uniquely developed and designed production cars – the One:1 program.
    This is one of the most exclusive production car programs ever envisaged.
    The hp to kg curb weight ratio is an astonishing 1:1. This is the “dream” equation previously thought impossible. On top of this, the One:1 is the first homologated production car in the world with one Megawatt of power, thereby making it the world´s first series produced Megacar.
    These are the reasons for naming the car One:1.
    The 2014 One:1 truly raises the bar of performance. The One:1 features new and unique solutions to enhance track performance without compromising top speed or everyday usability, with a stunning visual appearance to go with it.
    Examples of features; unique track optimized aero winglets, extended venturi tunnels and side splitters, Le-Mans inspired active wing configuration and optimized active undertrim air management. Large air vents for improved cooling, roof air scoop to support the 1 Megawatt of power, 8250 RPM rev limit, complemented with Custom made Michelin Cup Tires, upgraded rear triplex suspension with carbon bevel springs and active shock absorbers and ride height, combined with upgraded revolutionary Koenigsegg Aircore carbon fiber wheels.
    Koenigsegg was the first extreme car manufacturer to take steps toward green technology with the release of the biofuel CCXR in 2007. The One:1, a sibling of the highly competitive Agera R, follows in the footsteps of the CCXR as it also runs on E85 biofuel, race fuel or normal gasoline.
    In order to give the One:1 maximum flexibility when it comes to power delivery, Koenigsegg has implemented its patented variable turbo geometry technology in the One:1 program. This technology gives improved response and more low-end torque than otherwise possible. As an example the One:1 engine has over 1000 Nm of torque between 3000 to 7500 rpm, which is truly unheard of.



  4. Shelby Cobra 427 by the_meco & pankykapus


    Created by

    Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is now officially in Assetto Corsa.
    The street car, s1 replica and Competition cars are still mods.

    1.2 MOD

    Shelby Cobra 427 street car
    Shelby Cobra 427 Replica
    + Shelby Cobra 427 Competition :-D

    -Added missing code in aero, drivetrain, engine, tyres, brakes, ai
    -Competition car is now more consistent with the official S/C version
    -Tyres updated as per latest AC updates
    -Vintage tyres only for Competition
    -Street tyres updated for Street and S1
    -Performance tyres dropped (obsolete) 
    -Minor graphics tweaks and fixes
    -LOD optimization for reduced file size
    -New preview images
    -Competition version now appears separately on the car selection screen



  5. 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth rs500

    Author : bobskype
    Here's the initial release of the RS500. I'm calling it version 0.66, because there's still a couple things I want to tidy up, and also need to implement damage. I've spent a lot of time porting this car over, re-uv mapping the body, fixing textures, dials, ect. I hope everyone enjoys it.
    -Original mesh: ChongMcBong
    -Porting, extra fixes, physics: Me
    -Sounds: Kunos
    -Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting
    -No damage
    -No gauge or tail lights... Gauge lights didn't look very good to me :\
    -The mesh is NOT perfect. I know it's not, I'll try to fix what I can in due time.
    -Anything else that is an ACTUAL BUG, let me know please.
    There is a body.psd included in the skins folder. In each skin folder, I've included the AO bake (bodybake.dds) which is the diffuse, and then the metal_detail.dds is for the color. If you want to make a special paint scheme, I suggest using the body.psd and saving it as the bodybake.dds. If you just want a color change, try just changing the metal_detail.dds.



  6. GTP-13 -Grad Turismo Prototype 2013

    Introducing the Ford P68 inspired  Grad Turismo Prototype 2013 for Assetto Corsa

    Driver and project dedication to Jochen Rindt.
    Vacuum moded Kevlar-honeycomb reinforced GFRP, Epoxy matrix. Sealed cockpit. Total body mass (w/o windows and w/o paint): 24kg (weighted).
    Aluminium and steel sheet metal based monocoque design. Two-piece rear bulkhead allows for easy installation and removal of the drivetrain. TIG-welded, painted and waxed steel members, solid and Cherry-Max riveted aluminium members. Total mass: 91kg (weighted), torsional stiffness: 12kNm/° (FEM-computed with discretized rivet connections, stiffening roof structure influence not considered in computation).
    Ford Windsor V8-SB Dart Aluminium block. Dart Pro 1 Aluminium cylinder heads. Displacement: 5957cm³ (364in³), naturally aspirated, petrol fueled. Mechanical power outpout approximately 600hp (note: not measured). External electric coolant pump, temperature controlled. Dry sump oil system, dual filtered, dual oil tanks. Electronically controlled distributor ignition. Electronically controlled port injection fuel system, slide throttle arrangement. Dual catalytic converters, dual reflexion-type mufflers.
    Quaife ZFQ five speed (5+1R), synchro mesh.
    Cardan shaft shifting mechanism
    Independent front and rear, rear wheel drive. Infinitely variable stabilizer bars front and rear. Dual adjustable shock absorbers front and rear.
    Wheels: Ø15", w=14" rear; Ø15", w=10" front
    Greatest length: 4.450m
    Greatest width: 1.855m
    Roof height: 0.960m (37.8") (w. 0.110m ground clearance)
    Total mass: 740kg (w. oil, w. coolant, w. 50Ah/1kA battery, w. radiator fans, w. catalytic converters, w. mufflers, w. A/C system, w/o fuel, w/o driver)

    Camera & Editing: Philipp Steiner, www.philippsteiner.at
    Dancer: Laura Gallota

    Project Team Details:
    Original Designer : Dr.-Ing. Alex Fillafer
    Project Leader: Rudolf Fillafer
    Namlach 28
    A-9841 Winklern
    Sim Racing Project Commissioner: Nigel May
    MOD dev, Physics and Handling Developer support: Gift Horse Mouth Studios
    Feedback? care@gifthorsemouth.com http://www.gifthorsemouth.com/
    Previous project: http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7969
    Additional information:
    The GTP-13 mod for Assetto Corsa is a free to play work  This projects goal is to continue the story of the P68 in todays shape and support this amazing teams work and deliver to the hearts and minds through race simulation.

    The history of the GTP13 is available https://www.gtp13.com/english/history-gtp-13/
    mission statement:
    Through Q1 and Q2 2017 a continuous refinement of the car will be underway to reward the original team and sim racing community with a not for profit purist delivery possible of Automobile.
    Change log will be added here:
     6th Jan 2017: Completed
    - updated 0.11 version, which includes the suspension quick fix:
    Ver 0.12 Proposed Jan change log: In Progress
    - Fully working and textured cockpit model (this will include the windshield artefacts)
    - Physics tweaks
    - Body Template with original GTP-13 livery

    Any other update or interesting news?
    -Yes, an early look press pack of the progression of the car & cockpit, should be made available to the community soon.
    21st Jan Queued Change log addition:
    - Driver dedication: Jochen Rindt
    - One addtional Jochen Rindt's P68 skin in the 1968 season in Brands Hatch is approved
    - JOCHEN RINDT  Classic F1 Helmet
    - Montary Disclaimer addition.
    - wheelbase: 2308mm
    - front tyre: Dunlop CR82 "post historic" 430/1160-15 (tread 231mm, overall 287mm)
    - rear tyre:  -"-                         530/1500-15 (tread 320mm, overall 406mm)
    - distance between road and upper edge of tail spoiler: 660mm
    - three openings in tail: center w335xh170mm; outer ones: w144xh188mm
    - exhaust end pipes: Ø64mm
    - two rear outer lights (amber;position/brake): chrome ring largest Ø82mm
    - rear inner lights (fog;reversing): glass body largest Ø55mm
    - updated broken drop box dl link




  7. BTCC Mod

    Well here it is, the long anticipated 1st mod from Triple7Racing, and its the BTCC.
    Bringing the fast, fun, close, door to door racing of the FWD and RWD of the pinnacle of British Motorsport.
    The cars that are available are the Ford Focus ST, Honda Civic Type R, Toyota Avensis and the BMW 125i M Sport. The Physics have been completely re-done using real data that is available online, and also with Fordman attending Official tyre tests. Sounds have been re-done using BTCC reference videos by Fordman and IMrIMike.
    Also included are all the 2016 Liveries for the Honda, Ford, BMW and Toyota including Honda Yuasa Racing, Motorbase Performance, Speedworks and West Surry Racing.
    We have opened up all the setup options (except ride height) so you can adjust the cars to how you feel/want to drive them, as all the options that are available, are available in real life. You cannot change Turbo Boost, as this is restricted to 0.8 in real life.
    This is our first Multi Car Mod, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working on this, and we hope you enjoy it just as much with all the close racing it will bring.
    Triple7Racing will be providing two public servers running Brands Hatch GP and Silverstone National, and we hope to see you online to star with, but these will/could change
    This mod it totally free to the whole community as we wanted to bring the fun and freedom and the close racing it can provide to the AC community.
    Thanks for all the input we got from a lot of you drivers and from our testers. Today we can present you the first update of our BTCC T7R Mod (from V1.0 to V1.1).
    Important Note:
    - If you already got the V1.0 Mod, then you only need the tiny (~177 KB) V1.0 to V1.1 update!!!
    - Only if you don’t have the mod at all you would need the big (~290 MB) V1.1 full version download.
    - The extra BTCC Classic Skinpack and the Basic Skin Templates are still fully compatible with V1.1
    BTCC T7R Mod Changelog V1.0 to V1.1
    Honda, Ford & Toyota:
    - Steer Ratio increased
    - Steer Anim increased
    - FF Multi reduced
    - Diff Coast Lock increased
    - Front ARB increased
    - Rear ARB decreased
    - Front Spring Rate increased
    - Flashing headlights added
    - Fuel consumption decreased
    - Steer assist increased
    - Added “Dampers” to the setup option
    - Tyre temperatures tweaked

    - Steer Ratio increased
    - Steer Anim increased
    - FF Multi reduced
    - Flashing headlights added
    - Fuel consumption decreased
    - Steer assist increased
    - Added “Dampers” to the setup option
    - Tyre temperatures tweaked



  8. RallyLegends Citroën DS3 + VW Polo

    :::::: with the arrival of physics 4X4 on te Assetto Corsa Game, we can use exotic and legend cars and have made racing history! Arrives free RallyLegends Mod, with the aim to include and insert in this magnificent Sim - Game the most important rally cars!!
    My friends Moku, Kazuma76, Garyson, Rodriguez, Maxximum, Farins i was allowed to convert their models created in recent years. To take advantage the performance of the AC game engine, each model will be revised with change specific 3D, and HD texture. In the future of AC probably it will come snow, dust and mud, at this time the cars that will be released will have asphalt setup....

    Citroën DS3 WRC - Version 3.0 + New Rallycross Track HOLJESRX by ultranew_B:
    - Included New Rallycross track "HOLJESRX" By ultranew_b...
    - New Glass Texture ( Settle AMD Graphic Card Problem)...
    - New Smooth Modifier 3D Model...
    - All Texture Optimized...
    - Weight Reduced...
    - Added Optinal All Skinpack 2K ( 2048 X 2048 for Fast FPS )
    - Base Template Added (.psd format )

    VW Polo R WRC- Version 1.0 - ( No Damage - Tarmac/Asphalt Tyres and Setup)
    Version 1.0 VW Polo R WRC by Rallylegends Mod + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by ultranew_B;
    1) - Included New Rallycross track "KOUVOLA" By ultranew_b + Base Template Added (.psd format );
    2) - Added Optional All Skinpack 2K ( 2048 X 2048 for Fast FPS during multiplayer ) - link

    Installation: Extract the content to: SteamApps\common\ assettocorsa\content\



  9. Adam Cup by PTSims

    In an attempt to always offer the best to its community, PTSims took, many years ago, the modding path, offering since its first years of activity high-quality mods with absolutely exclusive content. Renowned championships such as GT Series, initiation championships such as the Lotus Exige (part of the PTSims Academy), or simply dream road cars, PTSims was, for several years, the Portuguese community that most exclusive content offered to its members, for the simulators GTR 2 and Race 07. Every mod was created and released with great care, and the quality reflected that, not only because of the community feedback, but also because many championships with full grids came to life with these mods.
    After some years without releasing any mod, it is with great pride that PTSims presents once again exclusive content! This time around, the recently-released simulator Assetto Corsa was chosen as our platform. After many months of hard work by a big team, who started from scratch, we are proud to present the first mod of PTSims Modding Team: the Opel Adam Cup!
    Released by the German brand in November 2012, the Opel Adam Cup is a rally car based on the road model with the same name. In Germany, the car has its own championship, named ADAC Opel Rally Cup. The PTSims version was based on this one but prepared, naturally, for tarmac races. The Opel Adam Cup is therefore a fun car to drive, which allows all kind of drivers, rookies or more experienced, to participate in funny and competitive races, because it doesn’t demand great changes in the car’s setup. The PTSims version has the following characteristics:
    - Engine: Opel Ecotec 1.6
    - Weight: 1031 kg
    - Horsepower: 260 bhp @7500 rpm
    - Torque: 190 Nm @5000 rpm
    - Drive: FWD
    - Gearbox: 5 speed, sequential
    - Top Speed: 230 km/h
    - Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds
    - Fuel tank: 38 litres
    - Available tyres: Michelin slick
    Opel Adam Cup '12
    Baked shadows: body, rims, body & wheels shadows
    Camera position
    Dashboard: font, layout
    Glowing brake disks
    Materials: body, chrome, rims, interior, dashboard
    Sound for 1.2.5
    Textures: normal maps



  10. Ferrari inspired f80 hyper-car for assetto corsa

    Introducing the Ferrari inspired F80 Hyper-car for Assetto Corsa
    The F80 Hyper-car, a stunning design by an up and coming Italian designer Adriano Raeli, whom has spent countless hours perfecting his design in the hope of attracting the attention of the powers that be at Ferrari HQ in Marenello. Adriano's ultimate aim, is having this utterly futuristic looking vehicle produced to become the next Hyper-car in Ferrari's long line of unforgettable releases.

    Theoretical Performance Figures:
    Engine V12 projected output 900 BHP
    Additional KERS system boosting output to 1,200 BHP
    0 to 62 mph projected time is 2.2 seconds,

    Project Team Details:
    Original Designer : Adriano Raeli
    Project Commissioner: Nigel May
    Lead Mod Dev: Eugen
    Physics and Handling Developer: Australian Sim Racing Expert
    Dev Support: Gift Horse Mouth Studios
    Project History:
    As the F80's commissioner, l fell in love with this design one and a half years ago and in so doing l commissioned it to be developed with the intention that it be brought to Assetto Corsa as a free mod. My main motivation for this is parallel with the cars designer Adriano Raeli. l see this car as a future real world Ferrari and it is my hope that I can help in some small way and make this happen by throwing a spot light on it here in Assetto Corsa.
    The team is hoping to refine the car until it lives up to the vision of Adriano Raeli by Q1 of 2016. Adriano holds all rights and ownership of the cars design and supports the implementation of his design in Assetto Corsa. The F80 will have an optimized seating position in anticipation of the Oculus Rift CV1. DK2 support is already in place in the development model.
    Project Status:
    Currently the project consists of scratch built model.
    Further cockpit details will be finalized under the guidance of Adriano Raeli.
    The team will continue to refine the F80 until it is a highly respected mod amongst the community.
    Adriano, who knew nothing of this project until only recently will sign off on the project once he is completely satisfied with the end results.
    My Motivation:
    This project has been motivated by my passion for this beautiful automobile. I invite anyone that is a fan of this truly unique design to get behind me and support the project by sharing it with friends and family. To the Ferrari family which includes not just the Engineers or staff but their families as well, I would gladly welcome your support for this project. This car could become the iconic poster car of the future, just as we all had posters of Ferrari's on our walls as children.
    This will be a free to download mod for Assetto Corsa there will be no monetary gain intended or implied for this project. The F80 is a design which resonates with the soul of Ferrari, to see it, drive it, live it and ignite the passion of Ferrari to ultimately produce this design and add it to their lineage. Something only the magic touch of Ferrari can make a reality!
    8th June 2016
    - Official seats integrated - official vision.
    - KERS enabled for extra 300bhp, please assign a KERS button with in your control settings.
    - F1 Style wheel added - non official vision.
    - Neutral blank cockpit / dash - non official vision.
    Additional information:
    The F80 MOD for Assetto Corsa is a work in progress with the current interior and experience not a finished item. This projects goal is to support the F80 manufacture and assist the original designer with visibility of what could be possible.
    Further reading:
    Recent interview with Mr Adriano Raeli May 9th 2016 - Viju Mathew interviewing @ robbreport.com



  11. IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod

    IER Simulations proudly presents a major update to our first car pack
    -LINK TO STANDARD DEFINITION LIVERY PACK- If you like our work, feel free to donate via our website.
    Be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter (bottom right of website home page) for instant news updates to your email.

    2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes by IER Simulations

    mclarenf1papa- physics, project manager, textures, skins
    Stereo- 3D modeling, textures, skins
    Rosicky10- skins
    Fonsecker- sounds
    Patrik Marek, Marc Orphanos- driver animations

    Changelog (since on RD):
    - Physics updated
    - Sounds updated

    -Shaders and materials updated
    - Various bug fixes
    - Physics updates (brake temperature, TMV10, new aerodynamic properties, etc.)
    - Visual aerodynamic setup adjustments added
    - Performance improvements via optimized textures and materials

    2015 Oreca FLM09 LMPC by IER Simulations

    mclarenf1papa- physics, project manager, textures, skins
    Paule_NLC- 3D modeling, textures
    Fonsecker- sounds
    Patrik Marek- driver animations, LCD display
    NCIS - Liveries

    Current known issues:
    -Model is not finished...
    -No LODs so performance may suffer
    -No finalized UV map on the body shell
    -Mirrors are inverted  



  12. Honda NSX GT500 05′

    Author : Malagoli Garage
    V1.0 Changelog:
    – New textures
    – Hood and Rear Wing from the 2005 model
    – Improoved physics
    – 5 Liveries
    – Motec working, showing: Fuel, Lap Time, Delta, Speed, RPM



  13. RallyLegends Mod: Fiesta - Citroen - Polo WRC

    with the arrival of physics 4X4 on te Assetto Corsa Game, we can use exotic and legend cars and have made racing history! Arrives free RallyLegends Mod, with the aim to include and insert in this magnificent Sim - Game the most important rally cars!! My friends Moku, Kazuma76, Garyson, Rodriguez, Maxximum, Farins i was allowed to convert their models created in recent years.To take advantage the performance of the AC game engine, each model will be revised with change specific 3D, and HD texture.In the future of AC probably it will come snow, dust and mud, at this time the cars that will be released will have asphalt setup....
    VW Polo R WRC - Version 2.0 - ( No Damage - Tarmac/Asphalt Tyres and Setup)
    + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by ultranew_B;

    Ford Fiesta RS WRC -Version 2.0 by Rallylegends Mod ( No Damage - Tarmac + Gravel Spec)
    Citroën DS3 WRC - Version 4.0 + New Rallycross Track HOLJESRX by ultranew_B:
    Included New Rallycross track "HOLJESRX" By ultranew_b...



  14. Lamborghini Miura P400SV

    Ok guys, we have finally decided to just release a current version with placeholder V8 sounds for now. Not how we wanted to proceed but TBH it is getting a little beyond a joke regarding the sound situation, and our 'sound guy' is no longer responding to any efforts to contact him. So I guess I will be googling 'FMOD For Dummies' and seeing what happens in the future. Maybe a talented sound modder will appreciate a great opportunity to create some sounds for this amazing car, and you will all have some realistic sounds in the future.
    Find included in the d/l several 'bonus' items I have prepared, including an SV Owners Manual based on the real cars item as much as possible detailing, among other things, some important considerations for this car.
    The suspension has 2 options available for rebound damping as per the real car, no option for compression damping was available on these shocks as even one-way adjustable dampers was pretty fancy. Be aware however that this car was never designed for the racetrack - and as such is a challenge to drive on the limit. A more 'rapid & relaxed' drive around the Nordschleife (just imagine the repair bill if you crash!) really shows how nice this car was to drive under 'normal' conditions.
    We are considering some 'Special Events' against the standard Street Version of the Cobra, as they are fairly closely matched with the Cobras light weight and nice handling up against the power and speed of the Miura. But I recommend them both at Spa for a fun day out!
    So finally I would like to thank The_Meco for all his time on the model and skins (way more than initially expected), and Pankykapus for being there to help me out with any physics questions I had and for help with setting up the suspension. Was an absolute pleasure to work with you both!
    Ok guys and gals - ENJOY..
    Lamborghini Miura SV Team:
    Version 0.8.8 - Changelog
    - added a comma to the colliders.ini, to fix error posted in log - doh, sorry. Just to stop any microstutters associated with the error logging.
    Version 0.8.7 - Changelog
    - Sound volume re-balanced to match better with other AC elements. If you would like it louder, turn up the volume.
    - Minor tire-temp increase
    - Some minor skin changes to select skins.
    - A few other small tweaks I can't remember



  15. 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC

    include V10 tires update
    additional physics by Giuseppe Abagnale

    when sharing a mod on your own webpage, can you please post link here, rather then sharing the file directly?
    it doesn't cost you anything, and people don't have to register here to be able to download

    paint template http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/nissan-primera-btcc-psd-template.95174/



  16. SaReNi Camaro GT3 & GT race Car

    ACM Modding Team has the pleasure to present and release the Sareni Camaro GT3 et GT Race Car Mod.
    v1.3.1 for AC 1.3.4 released
    - Ready for AC 1.3.4
    - Upgrading to the GT3 Kunos (tires, performance, consumption, etc.)
    - Brakes glowing added


    Engine V8
    Type front-mid engine (longitudinal)
    Capacity 7883 ccm
    Bore & stroke 104.78 mm x 114.30 mm
    Max. power > 500 hp
    Max. torque > 800 Nm
    Cooling system One water radiators
    Engine management EFI Euro8
    Power management
    Fully programmable, electronic power management (MoTec)
    Lubrication Racing dry sump system
    Compression ratio tba
    Electrical system 12 Volts
    lightweight motorsport specification wiring and connectors
    electronic power management system
    membrane type switchpanel
    Data system 2D datalogger
    ergonomically positioned tablet PC based info center
    Engine V8
    Type front-mid engine (longitudinal)
    Capacity 7883 ccm
    Bore & stroke 104.78 mm x 114.30 mm
    Max. power > 650 hp
    Max. torque > 800 Nm
    Cooling system One water radiators
    Engine management EFI Euro8
    Power management
    Fully programmable, electronic power management (MoTec)
    Lubrication Racing dry sump system
    Compression ratio tba
    Electrical system 12 Volts
    lightweight motorsport specification wiring and connectors
    electronic power management system
    membrane type switchpanel
    Data system 2D datalogger
    ergonomically positioned tablet PC based info center
    In action in the following championships :
    ADAC GT Masters
    Blancpain Sprint Series
    Thailand Super Series



  17. Mazda 787B

    Mazda 787B Version 1.4
    Please replace the folder mazda_787b.
    -improved blur rims
    -improved chrome effects
    -improved mirrors
    -added glowing brakediscs (thanks Vatter)
    -windscreen with wipereffect



  18. Alzen 996 biturbo

    Author : AccAkut
    Last changes:

    Several texture/shader changes and optimizations
    First try at "LODing"
    Early version of a custom soundbank courtsey of @@Fonsecker. Yes we know the turbo sounds like a party whistle, will change
    This time font files are included, so working instruments for everyone (still don't know were I got the font from originally)
    Full setup options. Range of all sliders still up for debate
    Adjusted physics, including newly calculated engine power resulting in -gasp- less power. Tires still smoke, nothing I can change apparently.

    Known flaws:

    Tires smoke at standstill if torque distribution is set to anything else than 50/50 -> known bug in AC, happens even to the Alfa, can't fix it for now
    Sound is from RUF Yellowbird for now
    Interior is not very detailed, indicator stalks are missing etc
    Shaders are not great
    Two early skins included (thx to Brownninja97)
    No animation except steering wheel (so no shifter movement, no doors, no wiper)
    Not very easy to drive (then again, nor was the original car)
    Stock suspension setup is still under development. Feel free to play around with the suspension.ini and tell me if you made it better!
    No "real" setup.ini for now. Will come, but be pretty limited due to the real car being limited aswell.



  19. Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C 1977

    Author : dauntless
    Features of the car:
    -gearbox: 4 gear stick shift manual
    -naturally aspirated 5.4litre V12 engine. 600hp@7500rpm
    -cockpit adjustable arbs (hopefully ac will support this some day)
    -front wheels were using single bolt attachment system like all sportscars do nowadays
    -independent suspension on all corners
    -19 inch wheels and low profile slicks tires
    -water bottle in the cockpit so you can spray water into the front brakes to cool them down
    -inboard brakes on the rear
    -walnut dahsboard
    -non fia approved rollcage

    Fixed sounds and F6 onboard camera exposure:
    - updated sounds to be compatible with the new assetto corsa's fmod version
    - changed exposure values for the F6 cockpit cameras (less bright)
    Changelog from v03.1 to final1:
    - changed cockpit exposure value for less window glare
    - clear windscreen
    - damage to aerodynamics (effects drag and lift/downforce)
    - some minor adjustments to colliders
    - slight aero change for higher top speed
    - supports assetto corsa v1.1
    - slight changes to chrome and windscreen shaders



  20. 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

    Author : bobskype
    This is another one of my friend Mythbuster's absolutely stunning creations. He originally made the car for BeamNG as a school project. (He also modeled the Seat Ibiza) With his permission of course, I've converted it to AC. Features a whopping 160 hp V8 with (GASP) over-head valves, and a hydromatic 4 speed auto.
    Few things to keep in mind:
    -No damage
    -Might be a top down version later
    -I tried my best with the tires. Without Kunos tire tool, It's damn near impossible to get realistic tires.
    HUGE thanks goes out to the_meco for getting the driver set up right, and of course, Mythbuster for slaving away at this thing for months. Also a big thanks to Stereo for helping me finally figure out the collision boxes using Blender. All the people I had test it, thank you so much for taking the time to do so.



  21. Bentley Continental GT3

    To celebrate one year since this mod started, and over 32.000 downloads, here is a new version; the Anniversary Edition.
    Change log:
    Improved model fidelity Improved interior shaders Enhanced interior textures much improved rev counter Model improvements Small texture improvements No V5 GT3 tyres as they are not publicly available (only V3 are available)



  22. 1970 VW Käfer "Beetle" 1302 S 1.6L 50bhp RRWD

    Author : soulex
    The Model was made by NightEye for a "Less than 5k tris contest" many years ago (bare that in mind), it is not quite up to AC standards, (with full permissions) it has been adjusted by me to make it usable, I have made new wheels and tyre models, done all the physics, speedo and fuel gauge ect ect.
    If anyone has any suggestions feel free to state them, I have never driven a Beetle, only watched them so physics and stuff is not accurate, just the best I can do for now.
    This car is quite basic, in the near future I hope to have Herbie version and a track day type version.
    Driver view may need adjusting
    Steering Wheel not visible after so many meters
    Speedometer may not be 100% accurate (but they aren't irl)
    Slight Rear Suspension Issue
    Needs good sounds
    Backfire needs removing and flames
    Chrome, Paint and Glass effects need adjustments



  23. Seat Leon EuroCup 2014

    by Tommy78
    Title : Seat Leon EuroCup 2014
    Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) e-mail: tpongracz@yahoo.co.uk
    Blog : http://tpongracz.wordpress.com
    Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa
    – modified cockpit parts for better onboard view
    – re-calibrat RPM Led’s
    – fixed downshift time and clutch time
    – fixed upshift clutch time
    – fixed steer ratio
    – fixed AI
    – modified tire physics to the new AC 1.0 version
    – updated FFB
    – Before you install, delete the whole slcr_2014 folder within the …/content/cars – folder
    Sound Readme:
    Assetto Corsa – SEAT LEON 2.0TSI EUROCUP ENGINE SOUNDS by Lukas Möllmann (Ferrari64)
    Changes to released version:
    - slightly improved onboard sounds



  24. Ferrari 288 GTO (road + gr. b v1.2.5, evoluzione 1.1, 288xx v1.2)

    The Ferrari 288 GTO has 4 versions in the works:
    * Road car (288 GTO as it was originally built in 1984) is @ v1.2
    * Group B stage upgrade (fictional, road car turned rally car) is included in Road v1.2
    * Evoluzione (the racing prototype from 1986) is @ v1.0
    * 288XX (fictional, Evoluzione with a different front end, and physics to make it modern and very very quick) is @v1.2, waiting on final sounds same as the Evoluzione.
    Todo list/known issues:
    * Custom sounds for the 288 GTO road car. We don't have a sound engineer for this, so this position is very much available. It's not that I don't want custom sounds, it's that I can't conjure them out of thin air and so I'm forced to use the Kunos F40 sounds until someone creates custom ones.
    * @felipe vaiano & RallyLegends (Physics)
    * Mathieu Horsky (Aerodynamiscist and technical consultor)
    * @Fonsecker (Sound artist on Evoluzione and 288XX)
    * @NWRAP-ESP (2D art - Instrument panel textures)
    * @Flat-twin (2D art - Exterior lights textures)
    * @Sovers (Driver animations, Tyre textures, lights textures and lots of help improving shaders)
    * @JayMonkey (Testing and expertise on the Evoluzione)
    * @GTOfire (3d Model, programmer art quality shaders/textures)
    288 GTO Version history:
    - Version 1.2
    * Updated tyre model, doesn't feel much different but it's a little less grippy, especially for street90s.
    * Altered Group B default setup to have more negative camber and toe in rather than toe out in the front. It didn't make a lot of sense to use the 'safe' factory settings for this version.
    * Fixed missing Ambient Occlusion on Group B rossocorsa skin.
    * Fixed skin template for group B not applying Ambient Occlusion properly due to an alpha channel being present on the layer.
    * Added schUPpor's Pioneer livery double pack and Martini skin.
    * Included Rolf's alitalia skin update.
    * Updated skin previews to match kunos style better.



  25. 1999 Rover Mini 1.3i Cooper (Sports Pack)

    Modelling Dinca Andrei
    Physics CCX
    Sounds KitrinosKat
    Accurate physics based on manufacturer data and measurements take from the real car - performance as close as possible to the real thing.
    Scratch built 3D model, built from detailed reference photographs of the real car and accurate blueprints.
    Custom sounds which replicate the experience of driving this iconic car.
    All manufacturer colour options will be included, from the stunning Tahiti Blue (pictured) to the iconic Almond Green.

    source: Rover
    0-60 mph: 12.2 seconds
    Top Speed: 92 mph
    Power: 63bhp @ 5500rpm
    Torque: 70 ft-lb @3000 rpm
    Economy: 34 mpg combined
    Size and layout: 1275cc, Inline 4-cylinder
    Bore x Stroke: 70.64mm x 81.33mm
    Aspiration: Natural
    Compression ratio: 10.5:1
    Valves: 8v, 2 valves per cylinder
    4-speed manual
    Monocoque. Independent wishbone suspension. 8.4" Disk brakes front, Drum rear
    Wheels & Tyres
    Front wheel size: 13” x 6”
    Rear wheel size: 13” x 6”
    Tyres: Yokohama A539 175/50/13
    Total length:3055 mm
    Total width:1440 mm
    Total height:1340 mm
    Wheelbase:2035 mm
    Front track:1234 mm
    Rear track:1203 mm
    Dry weight:715 kg (excluding driver)
    Weight distribution: 55% front, 45% rear



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