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  1. Westwood 1990

    Canada's first purpose-built permanent road course
    Westwood Motorsport Park
    located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
    Westwood Motorsport Park (or Westwood Racing Circuit) was a 1.8 miles (2.90 km) 8-turn road racing circuit located in Coquitlam, British Columbia on the southern slopes of Eagle Mountain (known locally as Eagle Ridge). The track was built and operated by the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC). Construction of Westwood began in 1957, and the first race was held on July 26th, 1959, making it the first purpose-built permanent road course in Canada.
    Westwood hosted many different professional race series over the years, including long stints with the Formula Atlantic Series, Trans-Am Series, and Player's GM Challenge Series. Champion drivers to have raced professionally at Westwood include Formula 1 World Champion Keke Rosberg, Indianapolis 500 winners Bobby Rahal and Danny Sullivan, as well as other famous names including Gilles Villeneuve and Michael Andretti.
    The December 12th, 1988 episode of MacGyver, titled Collision Course, was primarily filmed at Westwood (where it was referred to as the Westwood Springs Race Course). The Player's GM Challenge Series served as the backdrop of the story.
    The track, which was located on leased provincial crown land, eventually fell victim to urban development. The track finally closed in 1990 to make way for the Westwood Plateau housing development and a pair of golf courses.
    Bradley Graham Gibson was killed instantly in 1982 when his Formula Ford car hit a deer at Deer's Leap during a race driving school class.
    In 1983 Steve Phillips was fatally injured when his Formula Ford hit a deer as he crested Deer's Leap. In consequence of these crashes deer warning lights were then installed at the top of Deer's Leap. These lights debuted on the 14 and 15 May 1983 race weekend.
    Just think of them sometime when you blast over Deer's Leep...
    -Glen Leugner for creating this track from scratch
    -Bud Lucas for the conversion to rFactor and many additions
    -FrankBB and Blackhawk for the GTR2 LODs
    -Zwiss for GTR2 conversion
    -Aspec7878 for conversion to Assetto Corsa



  2. Mission Raceway Park

    Mission Raceway Park
    also known as MRP, is an auto racing facility located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The facility features a ¼ mile NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip, a 2 km (1.2 mi) 9-turn roud course, and a 3 km (2 mi) motocross track. It is owned and operated by the B.C. Custom Car Association, and the BCCCA operates the drag strip directly. The road course and motocross tracks are operated independently by the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) and the Lower Mainland Motocross Club (LMMC) respectively.
    The BCCCA originally drag raced on unused runways at Abbostford Airport from 1952 to 1957. The original Mission Raceway Park opened in 1965, and the facility operated until 1978 (a motocross track was added in 1973). However, MRP was shut down when the District of Mission wanted to establish an industrial park on the site. After years of negotiating and legal wrangling, the new MRP was opened on March 14th, 1992, on land near the Fraser River. The drag strip was awarded a National Open by the NHRA in 1993.
    MRP won the NHRA Division 6 Track Of The Year Award five years in a row, from 1994 to 1998. It then won the same award three years in a row from 2005 to 2007.
    The SCCBC originally road raced on unused runways at Abbotsford Airport. In 1958, the SCCBC opened the Westwood Racing Circuit, which operated until the club lost their lease in 1990. The SCCBC worked out an arrangement with the BCCCA, and in 1992 opened the River’s Edge Road Course at Mission Raceway Park. The road course was used for driver training classes during the first two years, and began full road racing operations in 1994.
    The road course was changed for 2008 with lefthand turn 7 becoming a left-right combination (7A-7B) leading into a new lefthand turn 8 (previously a right) and a longer, wider turn 9. This caused higher exit speed onto the straight, and may have contributed to the trackday death of Suzuki TLR-1000 rider Cam Gillispie, 33, on 12 June 2009 when he struck the outside concrete wall after exiting turn 9. The track was reconfigured for mtorcycles in 2010, returning to a lefthand turn 7 followed by a righthand turn 8 leading into the original turn 9 feeding onto the straight. Cars continue to use the new configuration.
    -Xx_TaT_XX for creating this track from scratch
    -Neteye for helping the creation of the track
    -Aspec7878 for Assetto Corsa conversion



  3. Green Coast Circuit

    Author : bobskype
    Things to fix yet:
    - Invisible wall on the inside of the straight away, any ideas on what's causing this?
    - Material tweaking
    - AI won't leave the pits on their own
    - Cameras.ini needs to be set up, and I have no clue what I'm doing wrong
    - I would like to change the trees. Not happy, but figure they will work for the time being.



  4. Autodromo Internacional Algarve

    The trees still need more attention , And two materials need changing but can not find them in 3DS Max or the SDK , So will make new UV,s when we have the time to finish it ,
    41 Pitboxes , 41 Startboxes , Hotlap / Challenge ect all Added , Sector 0,1,2 Added ,
    Some more tweeks and adjustments will be made ect after community feedback to get it to the 1.0 Final Version ,
    On the 2 downslopes I have watched many videos and noticed that there was some bumps I have added them to the track intentional , the car now makes the exact same noises as you drive over the bumps as the reference video I used , Also someone mentioned after beta testing that they thought there where more bumps around the track but will look further into to it later on ,


    One of the best tracks I have drove on AC really challenging to master a great track and a must have !



  5. Interlagos 1979

    Author : thestrobe8
    Original creators:
    motorfxuk - modeling, texturing, scene
    motorfxuk - former modeling, organisation
    motorfxuk- textures




  6. Hockenheim Old Track by ACFL

    Author : f1ligue
    Version 0.5
    - Update First Chicane
    - Correction File surface
    Version 0.6
    - Addition of objects in the pit lane (original objects AC)
    - Correction of the track (3D) area less bumpy, tell me if it will not.



  7. Interlagos by ACFL

    - Fixed Grip track
    - Fixed Grip off the track
    - Fixed colors of objects on the track
    - Fixed brightness objects
    - Fix shadows
    - Fixed texture road
    - Fixed Textures of the track (a facelift) there will be further changes in the coming updates.
    - Added AI file
    - Added Camera File
    - Adverse Deleted Objects



  8. Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit

    Author : tomj
    Conversion of Doser's Melbourne track originally for Euroracers, also including assets from a version by Triebie and de_Vil, with a few minor modifications specifically for gameplay in Assetto Corsa.



  9. Alp Hillclimb (point to point)

    Author : tomj
    Converted from "Antonio's" rFactor version, who did it originally for motorhome-online.net (site seems to be dead now though)
    This has the normal and reverse layout with AI.
    The AI are a bit strange at the finish line but they should be decent enough for some offline racing.
    5 Pitboxes for multiplayer races.



  10. Daytona

    Author : aspec7878
    - Road course
    - Oval
    40 pit boxes
    Original autor : James Burroughs
    retexturing and remodeling : aspec7878



  11. Mallory Park by Eximo


    2 Layouts now included
    Export now using AC editor - shaders still being tweaked and tested
    Recreated world nearest the track edges, run offs now a lot smoother
    Added Fast_Lane and Pit_Lane AI for both layouts - tracks can now be used quick race and race weekend modes
    Added more barriers / walls
    Added Marshall stands around the track
    Added more buildings
    Added collision mesh to pit lane garage
    Added flag pole at hairpin - no flag though
    Adjusted other buildings - scale/width
    Adjusted barriers to match up with world better
    Adjusted lakes
    New UI images, overview and information details

    Known Issues:

    Kerbs are currently still defined as Grass and as such do not have the correct surface
    Kerbs are a bit rough
    Some grass areas defined as Asphalt
    Edwina chicane bump on the exit
    Bus stop chicane bumpy on entrace and exit
    Charlies chicane bumpy - this chicane isnt used so not a high priority
    Pit Lane entrance is a tad bumpy but you shouldn't be speeding anyway
    Some barriers in certain areas do not match world
    Placeholder textures used across some meshes
    UV mapping incorrect on some meshes - especially grass
    AI not the smartest especially around the hairpin however you can have some decent races with them as they are quick everywhere else
    Pitlane Barrier mesh not rendering correctly - not sure why
    Inside world doesnt match pitlane edges
    Water defined as Grass



  12. Automotodrom Brno by Patrik Marek

    Author : Patrik Marek
    - first pass at shaders
    - latest texture work
    - separated pitlane from the track ( should help with AI lines - however there is some tool in SDK for AI, so maybe I will check it out there instead ) - it might need more separation PIT-IN part of pitlane is probably still part of main track
    - new sun orientation (hopefully matching real sun position)
    known issues
    so far I didn't figured out how to make the "helper objects" export properly, so the orientation of the car in Hotlap/Practice isn't correct, but this will be hopefully sorted out soon,
    there are some white edges here and there, will have to check it out and see what can be done about those
    this month I will be busy with other stuff, so the progress will be quite slow on this track, but hopefully I will pick it up after that and finally start adding some grass/sand/armco/kerbs to make it easier to test out the track
    v 0.1.4
    - more details on pitwall (started building the fences)
    - added brake markers where they are on real track
    - tweaks to road surfaces, mostly shape of straights
    - was trying to get even better/more realistic road elevation, I feel like first half of the track is pretty spot on,
    if I was to tweak something, I would say that the double corner , after the lowest point on the track , should be bit smoother, and then the very last 2 corners should also be smoother, there appears to be a small hill before finish line, but that's shouldn't be there,
    - added more details on the pit wall, updated texture too
    - improved road surface accuracy (hopefully)
    - smoother surface
    - more pit-lane work
    - added small kart track ( although you probably can't reach it and drive on it )



  13. Malaysia

    by thestrobe8
    Based on the original
    for rFactor by Cico76
    Original creators:
    *cico76/Kicker/Alain Fry * - modeling, texturing, scene
    Kicker/Alain Fry - former modeling, organisation
    Kicker/Alain Fry - textures



  14. Dorifto Mountain

    Author : Doge
    Dorifto Mountain v0.3 (fictional track made by me)

    0.3 changelog
    -fixed gaps
    -added more pitbox :3
    -made file name in lowercase
    -added version number in file name to prevent mismatch
    -more trees
    -more grass
    -more frames ~110 average
    0.2 changelog
    -Changed Track layout
    -I removed guard rails because it was too much trouble with shading, transitioning...Added walls instead
    -reworked the terrain
    -Added 8 Pit and made hotlap mode works
    Known Issue and todo :
    -Trackmap Off
    -Ai not working
    -Quickrace and weekend not working Fixed for V0.2
    -Broken Camera
    -No grass
    -Ugly Terrain
    -Add more trees
    -Fix rail
    -Trees has no collision
    Unzip the folder in Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks
    If the game is crashing
    Check the AC installation folder/system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini for the following line
    change the 1 to a 0



  15. Watkins Glen

    Watkins Glen
    original autor Jason6787
    Ported in AC: aspec7878



  16. Mosport Park

    by thestrobe8
    Based on the original
    Mosport Park
    for rFactor by NR2K2 Author PWF
    Original creators:
    *PWF* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Neil Jani - former modeling, organisation
    Pandamasque - textures



  17. Joux Plane

    Kegetys made his Joux Plane Track public, all hail to the Finns!
    Joux Plane v1.4 for Assetto Corsa early access
    originally from Richard Burns Rally
    Extract to your AC install directory (Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa).
    If you do not own Richard Burns Rally and play this you are a bad person.
    For AC early access version, don't complain if it breaks in a future AC update.
    - The timing starts immediately when you enter the track
    - Road and grass surfaces are not as detailed/varied as originally
    - There are no sector times
    - Tree collisions can be somewhat buggy
    - Some objects are missing
    - AI wont work
    - No track map
    Imported & tweaked for AC by Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen, www.kegetys.fi
    v1.4 - I had a look at why the tree, forest, etc. collisions were not working since some Assetto Corsa patch and it turned out to be easy to fix so here is another update for Joux Plane. I improved the tree collision models as well, they no longer throw you around the track so much (rather you seem to now sometimes get stuck in them. Oh well).
    Removed some remnants of low detail geometry under the track causing collision issues with newer AC versions
    Broken track section no longer adds dirt to tyres
    All grass is now valid track to avoid penalty from small cuts
    Added more zoomed in external cameras



  18. Fuji Speedway Short Course by Coco44250

    Hello everyone, since few days I'm playing with Hagn's addon for Blender.
    I wanted to export my Fuji Speedway Short from rFactor to Assetto Corsa, now it's done

    Track Caracteristics :
    Layout used in Assetto Corsa(AI line ; there is no cone or something like that) : A1 B3 C2 (look at the map)

    Length (A1 B3 C2 in Bob's Track Builder) : 857m
    Width : 12m - 10m
    Country : Japan
    City : Oyama
    Pitboxes : 7
    Starting grid : 10
    Racing anti-clockwise
    Know issues :
    - AI not working, I used the AI dev app but the AI don't move.
    - Some objects doesn't have 2 sided material (trees and guardrail)
    - Camera is below the track
    - Guardrail collisions make the car jump in some case
    - When you take a screenshot with Assetto Corsa App some objects will be white
    If you experiment a bug or a glitch, tell me



  19. Nordschleife The Ring 2007

    Author : Tmanning47
    0.9.1: Added 30 Pit Boxes
    0.9:Fixed tree transparency
    Fixed barrier physics
    Increased Performance
    *Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
    6e66o - textures
    Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
    Misan - AIW, Cam's
    Tobi - website, board
    Tmanning47- Conversion



  20. Suzuka by thestrobe8

    conversione by thestrobe8



  21. Willow Springs Raceway

    autore: aspec7878
    conversione della versione originale creata da Andy55 e Bud Lucas per rFactor



  22. Phillip Island by Slider916/Cammel

    Phillip Island Circuit
    By: Slider916/Cammel
    Converted from rFactor
    Australia’s premier permanent road course



  23. NARDO High Speed Ring

    Legendary 12,5km track NARDO High Speed Ring v.0.7 by aspec7878
    ... long and is round, has four lanes for cars and motorcycles totaling 16 metres (52 ft) in width and has a separate inner ring for trucks at a width of 9 metres (30 ft)
    The neutral speed for the four car/motorcycle lanes are respectively:
    Lane 1 - 100 km/h (62 mph)
    Lane 2 - 140 km/h (87 mph)
    Lane 3 - 190 km/h (118 mph)
    Lane 4 - 240 km/h (149 mph)



  24. Desert Roads

    Desert roads [WIP]
    dozens (maybe hundreds;-)) kilometers of desert road



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