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  1. Phillip Island

    This is based on Ringrumble's V1 of Phillip Island, and converted by Cranck
    27 pitbox
    Pit On
    Ai fast lane
    Ai pit lane
    2 camera set
    Physics road in High Resolution



  2. Kanniranni special stage 1 - Gravel - Jari-Pekka Rally 2014 SS1

    Kanniranni special stage 1 - Gravel - Jari-Pekka Rally 2014 SS1 by TTM
    After 4 months of hard work it's finally time to release BTBfin team first real gravel rally stage for Assetto Corsa. This is v0.98 and it's not 100% ready yet. Version 1.0 will contain many modifications to many areas, so stay tuned in coming months.
    My original plan was to release this stage same time with RallyLegends Ford Fiesta WRC, but there is few things to fix before car can be released, so patience and then you can fully enjoy stage.
    Btw, if stage feels too slippery, enable ABS and maybe even TCS in game.. Before anybody complain, slowdown on first 50-100 meters before stage start line is in purpose made. You just can't drive on full speed through start line in real life...
    All credits can be found from Readme file, included to package.
    Stage works on:
    Practice, Hotlap and Quickrace modes (5 pitboxes), maybe even Multiplayer works, not tested.
    Installation: Copy btbfin_kanniranni folder to your ...assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.



  3. Hillclimb Moya

    Hillclimb stage by Cranck
    Hillclinb Moya
    Gran Canaria
    6.4 km
    set tv cameras
    Physics road
    next update:
    change houses png textures for dds textrure



  4. Abbeville

    Based on the original Pilotage Stadium Abbeville for rFactor by julio76600
    conversion for AC by thestrobe8 aka s_denis




  5. Hermanos Rodriguez

    Mexico GP 2015
    16 box
    2 cams



  6. Circuit Mas du Clos

    Location - Limousin, France
    Full Circuit/Original Loop/Open Free Roam Drift
    1.909 miles / 3.072 km

    The circuit, though no longer in active use,It is still located in the village of Les Puids, near to the town of Aubusson in the Creuse department of Limousin, France. Today, it is essentially a private road, used for occassional run-outs for the remaining vehicles in the Bardinon collection. The track is the creation of Pierre Bardinon, a member of a wealthy family who business was in leather goods, Bardinon began indulging his interest in classic cars, being one of the first to start collecting them. His greatest love was for the machines of Enzo Ferrari and soon he had a large collection, including some of the most sought-after models, such as a 250 GTO, 330 P4, 250 LM, 312 PB and Competition 250 SWB located on site at the Meuse.
    Often referred to as France's version of Brands Hatch, the circuit was responsible for bringing 7,000 visitors to the local hotels in its heyday. What makes Mas du Clos such a wonderful venue is its large elevation changes and fast swooping curves, allied to a tight technical section which threads its way alongside the restaurant and swimming pool.

    Track Features
    Physics Mesh (Bumpy Old Track) 3 Layouts - Full Circuit, Short Loop & Drift (Open - Reverse -No AI) Invisible Collision Mesh 28 Pit Boxes Track Maps Working AI Audio Sources (Building & Bridge Reverbs) Sections.Ini Dynamic Groove 4 Camera Sets (Courtesy of norbs & Sunny Sky Speed - Thanks Lads)



  7. Sandevoerde Zandvoort 1973 by Sergio Loro

    Sandevoerde 1973 by Sergio Loro
    Zandvoort Test version
    This is last TEST versión, the objective with this version is that you can test the circuit and decide if you want the full payware version.

    What will be the differences between a TEST version and a PAYWARE version?
    TEST Version : Include AI, Cameras, , bumpy roads. Vegetation.
    Not advertising, vehicles, crowd, marshalls and any reference to a "race weekend".
    Basically difference will be only visual and related to race scenary. 

    To install track unpack at Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

    For more info visit www.f3classictracks.com or email me at sergiomloro@gmail.com



  8. Detroit Belle Isle 2017

    This 3D-track was made by Enders for rFactor. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.
    Thank you Enders for free permission.
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -competitive AI
    -24 pit boxes with working pit lane



  9. Monaco

    Author : xSYOx
    Current state of this track: rev_0.04a
    - [FINAL!] Track surface. NEW! (0.04a)
    - [FINAL!] Hotlap start position. NEW! (0.04a)
    - [WIP] Sector Times positions NEW! (0.04a)
    - [WIP] Pitstop actor position.
    - [ALPHA!] Buildings position. NEW! (0.04a)
    - [WIP] Tunnel at portier sector. (removed) (0.04a)
    - [WIP] All Materials & Textures. (removed) (0.04a)
    - [WIP] Sun Lighting & position.



  10. Saint-Ursanne - Les Rangiers

    L’ASA Saint-Ursanne - Les Rangiers tient tout d’abord à saluer tous les spectateurs qui se sont déplacés à St-Ursanne - Les Rangiers les samedi 19 et dimanche 20 août derniers.
    Elle remercie ensuite toutes les personnes présentes et tous les riverains pour leur compréhension vis-à-vis des aléas de la course.
    De très nombreuses sorties de route, heureusement sans gravité pour les pilotes, ont perturbés le dimanche. Le bon déroulement de la course, nécessitant l’intervention du personnel du service des infrastructures du canton et des membres de la sécurité de l’organisation.
    La règle prioritaire restant la sécurité des pilotes, tout dégât causé aux glissières de sécurité engendre l’engagement de ce personnel et occasionne une perte de temps plus ou moins longue, en fonction de l’ampleur des dégâts.
    De l’avis de l’observateur de la FIA et des membres du collège, toutes les remises en état ont été effectuées de manière très professionnelle, assurant, du coup, la sécurité des pilotes.
    Alors, merci à vous tous pour votre compréhension.
    ASA Saint-Ursanne – Les Rangiers



  11. 2017 Mount Akina by Assetto Modder

    Layouts - This track has an uphill, downhill and drift layout. Uphill and downhill are self explanatory. Drift starts you half way down the mountain, drive forwards and you will end up on the road, it has no ai line so you can drive any way you want without fear of being disqualified, perfect for drift servers. Unfortunatley no AI line means no cameras for this track.
    Physics Bump Mesh - The track has a high detail bump mesh to bring a bit more life into the feeling of the road and with properly set grip levels for the kind of road that it is.
    New Textures - Some parts of the track, such as the road, brushes and trees have have either their texture detail increased to try bring the graphical quality up a bit more.
    LOD and performance - The track has distance LOD systems and a few LODs based on graphics settings, from what I have tested the FPS on this version of the track is around 20% higher on my PC than the other versions of Akina out there, and that is with higher detailed shaders and textures.
    AI Line, Cameras and 32 pitboxes - This track has 32 pitboxes for all 3 layouts and has start and end timing gates. It supports quick race with AI's fairly well, keeping in mind AC's AI isn't the greatest. However I wouldn't recommend running race weekends on it as AC's AI does not support point to point tracks as they hit the finish line and just divide by 0 and drive into walls. Uphill and Downhill layouts have fully automatic cameras, the drift layout has a camera on each hairpin but since it has no AI line it does not switch automatically, price to pay for free run basically.



  12. PPIR - Pikes Peak international raceway

    more information in the forums @ www.schwarzbierbude.de
    This is my scatch-built-version of the PPIR.
    There are still a lot of work, many textures are placeholders, but the track is already drivable.
    I includet 3 Layouts (Oval, GP (Oval & Infield) & National (only Infield)).



  13. Greenvalley Track Resort

    Author : skumt0mte
    2 versions are in this pack, Clockwise and Open.
    Open is mainly for multiplayer driftsessions, there is no right or wrong way.
    Clockwise is ment for time-attack and race.
    Report problems with the track on my facebook-page as a message wich is posted below.



  14. Sandown

    Original track to MMM, converted and remastered by Cranck
    27 pitbox
    pit on
    AI fast lane
    Ai pit lane
    2 tv set cameras



  15. Majura valley motorsports park

    Author : The IC
    *Majura Valley Motorsports Park v0.2* - 3 layouts



  16. Snetterton 2011

    by lasercutter and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by lasercutter for rFactor 2. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Thanks to all beta testers.
    -AI and pit lane
    -22 pit boxes
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -complete new ai
    -new previews and UI data
    -fixed missing circuit tag (for Content Manager user)
    -fixed sticky walls



  17. Riverside International Raceway

    This is my second, scratch built, track for AC and is what I believe to be the most accurate version of Riverside to date. Many hours have been spent to re-create this great track as close to the original as possible. A combination of topo maps, aerial photos, and hours and hours of video have been used to bring this track back to life. It is roughly modeled as if it was 1988 during the final Budweiser 400. Three layouts are included which are the Long, Short, and NASCAR layouts.
    Riverside sadly closed in 1989. Between the years of 1957-1988 it hosted many great racing series such as CAN-AM, IMSA, NASCAR, SCCA, IndyCar, and even Formula 1.
    Track Features​
    24 Pit Boxes
    Dynamic racing groove
    Dynamic road sand
    Track map
    Working AI
    4 TV cameras per layout
    Time Attack



  18. Anneau du Rhin 2016

    We (Boblebric, NeelJ and Rainmaker) are proud to release the conversion of the completely scratch made track Anneau du Rhin 2016 of Assetto Corsa.
    Anneau du Rhin is a small but fine club track located in Biltzheim, France near the boarder to Germany. In German the track is called Rheinring.
    Boblebric enjoyed to create not just the track itself but also the entry terrains you can discover over the hidden branches.
    In 1996, industrialist Marc Rinaldi, his son François and his daughter Caroline Bugatti, founded this private circuit in association with the Spengler family. Known for Bruno Spengler of the DTM championship.
    This 3.7 km circuit is inspired by the Paul-Ricard circuit at Le Castellet. It has been approved for FFSA and FFM motorcycle competition since 2011. Sessions for private sports cars are organized by the Automobile Club of Alsace, including many known manufactures.

    Track features:
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -22 pit boxes with working pit lane
    -competitive AI
    -much terrain to discover



  19. Varshko-ovragi

    Author : TTM
    Track contains atm (only) 6 pitboxes, replay camera, 30 collidable tyres.
    Known issues:
    AI can't exit pits, they crash on rail, so use only quick race, hotlap or practice modes.
    To do:
    More pitboxes, modified pitexit, new textures/objects and many more things..
    Thanks to KittX for permission to convert this track.



  20. Hockenheim '60 GP Circuit

    Hello to everyone!
    Now is time to present the Hockenheim full GP circuit, as it was at mid 60's, thats mean "NO" chicanes.
    Track is great for racing, and I hope everyone enjoy it.
    This track is special for all lovers of 60's era, since here Jim Clark found death. I try to build track as it looks on its first years, before armco and curbs was add.
    Thanks to Mantasigs and DuchtDevil79 for test this track.
    If you think track need some fix, please report here.
    I really hope you enjoy it _o:
    Sergio Loro
    F3 Classics Tracks



  21. Ebisu circuit: minami

    Author : Coco44250
    Ebisu Minami V0.1 (BETA) :
    - Only 1 Cameras
    -No AI
    -16 pitboxes
    -Some graphics bugs
    -I think the jump it's too jumpy (Nissan 180SX Kouki Type X)
    -Tell me what do you think !



  22. Minicircuit 迷你环道

    Author : JAROD.Yi
    Minicircuit 迷你环道



  23. Great Wall

    Author : SimoG

    This is the first time that I attempt in 3d modeling and modding.

    It's a track that I created a few years ago for rfactor with the program Bob track builder (with the demo version and then in a short time and many XPack containing various objects taken here and there). Now I tried to convert it to Assetto Corsa. 
    The track is based on a few streets in the city where I live, where in 1934 and '35 is really raced. Then inexperience with the program at the end instead of 2km has become a 4km track and the lack of objects such as houses for BTB, I made some a change to the original layout and has become a real circuit.

    In the end, thanks to video tutorials found on various forum , I recreated it from scratch with Blender.






  24. Sandevoerde Test Version

    Sandevoerde TEST version
    Track Info :
    Length : 4.25 KM
    Direction : Clockwise
    Widht : 9 mts.
    Pit Boxes : 25

    This is last TEST versión, the objective with this version is that you can test the circuit and decide if you want the full payware version.

    What will be the differences between a TEST version and a PAYWARE version?
    TEST Version : Include AI, Cameras, , bumpy roads. Vegetation.
    Not advertising, vehicles, crowd, marshalls and any reference to a "race weekend".
    Basically difference will be only visual and related to race scenary. 

    To install track unpack at Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

    i create 6 different physical road mesh, each one with a different level of bumps.
    This meshes are located at "ROAD MESH" subfolder, there is 6 sub folder (N15,N25,N35,N45,N55,N65) each one with a pyshical mesh. Track default is N35. To try other mesh just copy the sandev_road.kn5 file from selected folder into main track folder, content/tracks/sandev_f3ct
    I hope you enjoy this one and have great time around here.
    For more info visit www.f3classictracks.com or email me at sergiomloro@gmail.com



  25. Bridgehampton

    Built in 1957 the Bridgehampton Race Circuit was located in the heart of the Hamptons on Long Island NY. It was in operation until 1997 when ever growing public displeasure with the track caused it to be converted to a golf course. This track is modeled after the later years around the late 80's and early 90's when wild grass was everywhere and the trees were tall.
    Track Features
    24 Pit boxes
    Complete 3D terrain
    Dynamic racing groove
    Dynamic road sand
    Track Map
    Working AI
    4 TV Cameras (2 by Norbs)
    3D grass (high, very high, maximum levels)
    Time Attack support
    Change Log:
    Added fall as an option All new tree and bush textures for both summer and fall Added much more vegetation Complete rework of road textures Added more skid marks Turn 9 now has proper patch work as it was in the later years Reworked road patches which were placed while watching a few different videos frame by frame Added bumps to physical layer where patches are Reworked trees on east straight to be more accurate Cleaned up 3D grass even more Fixed all tree lighting issues Fixed MP car teleport issue Added spray paint brake markers to some corners Added missing tire wall between turns 12 and 13 All new 2D sign textures with just the right amount of weathering Tons of optimizations AI, FPS, And load times



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