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  1. Nordschleife by Snoopy

    Original makers:
    *Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
    6e66o - textures
    Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
    Misan - AIW, Cam's
    Tobi - website, board
    Many thanks to the guys on this forum:
    Tmanning47- Conversion
    Stereo- Conversion fixes
    Qwaribo-brute force json editing
    Flashcrow-AI fastlane
    never_eat_yellow_snow1-overlay map
    The_Doctor and-trackside cameras

    copy the entire folder called "nord_snoopy_0.5.0" to: X:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks and paste it



  2. Circuit of Lignières, Switzerland Canton of Neuchâtel

    Circuit of Lignières, Switzerland Canton of Neuchâtel by Ultimate71
    Reproduction from scratch of the circuit of Lignières in Switzerland IA and TVcam configured
    Nice for Dirt and racing



  3. Japan RoadTrack Nsuka

    This track is Nsuka(Naruto Skyline) 23.1km (From Rfactor)
    Track model made by Takach
    Don't support Race(You can play practice, HotLap and Drift)
    AI Line and camera(for InnerLoop) is made by Phoenix77
    V2.5 Peformance Update And Add EastLong LeyoutV2.5 Peformance Update And Add EastLong Leyout
    Peformance increase.(and include no shadow model file.)
    Add Satellite texture(using Rf1Version's texture so it is old and not high resolution)



  4. Hockenheim '60 GP Circuit

    Hello to everyone!
    Now is time to present the Hockenheim full GP circuit, as it was at mid 60's, thats mean "NO" chicanes.
    Track is great for racing, and I hope everyone enjoy it.
    This track is special for all lovers of 60's era, since here Jim Clark found death. I try to build track as it looks on its first years, before armco and curbs was add.
    Thanks to Mantasigs and DuchtDevil79 for test this track.
    If you think track need some fix, please report here.
    I really hope you enjoy it _o:
    Sergio Loro
    F3 Classics Tracks



  5. 2017 Mount Akina by Assetto Modder

    Layouts - This track has an uphill, downhill and drift layout. Uphill and downhill are self explanatory. Drift starts you half way down the mountain, drive forwards and you will end up on the road, it has no ai line so you can drive any way you want without fear of being disqualified, perfect for drift servers. Unfortunatley no AI line means no cameras for this track.
    Physics Bump Mesh - The track has a high detail bump mesh to bring a bit more life into the feeling of the road and with properly set grip levels for the kind of road that it is.
    New Textures - Some parts of the track, such as the road, brushes and trees have have either their texture detail increased to try bring the graphical quality up a bit more.
    LOD and performance - The track has distance LOD systems and a few LODs based on graphics settings, from what I have tested the FPS on this version of the track is around 20% higher on my PC than the other versions of Akina out there, and that is with higher detailed shaders and textures.
    AI Line, Cameras and 32 pitboxes - This track has 32 pitboxes for all 3 layouts and has start and end timing gates. It supports quick race with AI's fairly well, keeping in mind AC's AI isn't the greatest. However I wouldn't recommend running race weekends on it as AC's AI does not support point to point tracks as they hit the finish line and just divide by 0 and drive into walls. Uphill and Downhill layouts have fully automatic cameras, the drift layout has a camera on each hairpin but since it has no AI line it does not switch automatically, price to pay for free run basically.



  6. Monte Carlo Stage 3 - TTM

    Monte Carlo Stage 3 - TTM V1.04
    pure fantasy stage
    Important: Delete old Monte Carlo Stage 3 folder before installing this.
    Stage info:
    Pure fantasy 13,6 km stage
    I prefer to use ambient temp 10°c and not better track surface than green.
    Changelog is too big and i don't even remember all changes..
    Monte Carlo Stage 3 - V1.04
    Just minor update. I included to package new fastlane.ai and replaycam files. Note: AI is not working properly, so use stage only on Practice and Hotlap game modes.
    Stage contains 4 different type of surfaces with different grip levels.
    I used for Monte Carlo Special Stage 3 V1.03, rFactor version by AdriánIzquierdo as base for my versions and i have his permission to release stage



  7. Oulton Park

    Oulton Park International For Assetto Corsa by Terra21
    34 Pit Boxes
    Working ai
    TV and Static Cameras
    Credits to Digga



  8. Virginia International Raceway

    by Darren Blythe, RIgel and Arthur666

    After almost 2 years work we are very proud to release this great track for Assetto Corsa.
    Virginia International Raceway (commonly known as "VIR") is a road course located in Alton, Virginia. VIR hosts amateur and professional automobile and motorcycle events, driving schools, club days, and private test rentals. It is most famous for hosting the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship which takes place every August.
    The track itself has been painstakingly modeled from scratch using several sources of technical data, countless photographs, hours of video footage and real world feedback from drivers and racers.
    It contains all seven layouts: Full, Grand East, Grand West, North, South, Patriot & Patriot Reverse. All are fully functioning with AI. Each layout has it's own look and feel in accordance with real life. The 'Full' layout is 2016 race spec as you will see it in the Sportscar Championship/Oak Tree GP
    A huge amount of effort went into this project. We hope you enjoy it.
    Please take the time to check out the release notes included in the download.

    Version History
    V1.1 - 18/09/16
    Complete shader rework by LilSki for improved lighting
    Misc texture improvements
    New AI throughout
    Road edging improved
    Oak Tree tyres moved off kerbing
    DRS Zones for Full, Grand East & Grand West added (2 zones on Full & Grand East. 1 zone on Grand West)
    Fixed wonky cambers in T3, T6 & T10
    Fantastic new camset by Black Wagtail (full layout)
    Bit of housekeeping on the JSON and other ini files
    Minor optimizations
    Fixed Patriot cam behind tent
    Reduced footprint of Patriot pit apron to avoid accidental slowdown if you run wide at the last corner
    Fixed a number of sticky walls
    A couple of smoothing issues fixed
    Some flickering textures fixed
    Extract the vir folder from the archive to :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks



  9. PPIR - Pikes Peak international raceway

    more information in the forums @ www.schwarzbierbude.de
    This is my scatch-built-version of the PPIR.
    There are still a lot of work, many textures are placeholders, but the track is already drivable.
    I includet 3 Layouts (Oval, GP (Oval & Infield) & National (only Infield)).



  10. Cadwell Park

    Cadwell Park for Assetto Corsa
    Author Terra21
    Credits to DIGGA for permission to bring this track into AC
    18 Pit Boxes
    TV Cameras
    Working AI



  11. Autodromo di Modena

    Autodromo di Modena v3.0 - June 24th, 2016
    Made from scratch by Giuseppe Bernardi (aka Rigel) and Angelo Granata.

    How to install:
    Extract the "modena3" folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks, or wherever your AC folder is located.

    Update 3.2
    - fixed wrong grass friction
    - included helicopter cameras by Phoenix77
    - sorted out issues with the AI pit stops and fuel load estimation not working correctly
    - recorded new AI fast lanes, the opponents should be slightly faster around both layouts
    - fixed holes in the driving surface
    - adjusted a couple of textures and meshes
    - total graphics overhaul
    - brought CPU usage down to a decent amount
    - fixed the old camera set and added two other ones
    - added working starting lights



  12. Riverside

    24 Pit Boxes Dynamic racing groove Dynamic road sand Track map Working AI 2 TV cameras per layout

    Located in Riverside, California, the Riverside International Raceway was one of the United States’ main road racing venue, hosting both NASCAR stock car racing as well as sports car and endurance racing and one single Formula One Grand Prix. The track was demolished in 1989 to make room for a shopping mall.



  13. Race of Champion

    Author : TX3 stazer92
    "Race "super special " between two drivers on two parallel tracks, which form a continuous circuit. Both drivers and travel the same distance in the same places , but not at the same times . In a duel , the winner is the one who homered via the two tracks , as soon as possible ."
    This version is a version of Alex , Com8 based on rFactor .
    He has allowed us to convert its track on assetto corsa .
    - 4 pit stands
    - 4 start if you want
    - Ai lane
    - No tracks camera for the moment (if you want to help do not hesitate)
    - Basic tracks surfaces
    - Need to add 4 laps for have 2 loops
    add new skida textures
    add new metal textures for stadium



  14. 60's Ahvenisto - F3 Classic Tracks

    Author : sergioloro

    Today is time to present my last addition to AC, the Ahvenisto race circuit, as it looks back on late 60's.
    Track lenght is 2.81 Kms and had a mix of nice turns/up and downs, not a fast circuit at all but great for low powered cars as Alfa Romeo Giulia or Lotus 25 car .
    I try to represent a late 60's looking, base on many pictures and vids i had, as usual with all my tracks, enviroment represent a mix of real stuff, and some of my imagination, mainly with crowds, paddock, advertising and race weekend stuff.
    The construction of Ahvenisto Race Circuit was finished on July 15, 1967. The same year, "I Hämeenlinnan ajot 1967" became the first international event to be held at the circuit. The Formula Two race was won byJochen Rindt in a Brabham BT23 ahead of Jack Brabham's Brabham BT23C and Jim Clark's Lotus 48. The Formula Three race saw a battle between Finnish and Swedish drivers, with Sweden's Freddy Kottulinskytaking the win. Other notable entrants included Leo Kinnunen, Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell.
    Ahvenisto Race circuit it is still active and its one of most important finnish circuits.
    I had to say i'm happy with final result, i feel at a 60's race weekend everytime i fire up track.
    I hope to improve track on future if necessary.
    I try track many time and everything seems to work OK.
    PLEASE NOTE it is first time i used a more detailed mesh for track surface, i dont have a FFB wheel so i have to figure out track drives OK, but if you think track surface dont feel right just let me know.
    Know Issues:
    . Maybe there is problem with some collision object.
    . AI cars go out to qualy and raced pretty well, maybe because of narrow road sometimes get stuck behind a wreck car (usually my car ). Sometimes they cant go out to qualy but not sure if AC bug or my AI file bug, but at end of session all cars go out to qualy, after a few attemps.

    It is not allowed to host track zip file at a different site, if you want to host track please contact to me first.
    It is not allowed to modified track, if you want to modified something ask me
    All 3d objects are done by me , please if you want to use something for you track contact to me first.
    I used some files from Kunos tracks as asph mask,tarmac detail and grovee, mainly because i dont know how to do this type of textures, yet
    One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information
    SPECIAL THANKS to Lilski and Rontti for support and help for this project.

    !!check some other track done by F3 Classics Tracks .
    Hockenheim KK

    Please feel free to post/ask/request something you think it worthwhile for track improvement.
    Enjoy it

    Sergio Loro
    F3 Classics Tracks



  15. Algarve International Circuit

    Authorized Conversion
    Original Creator :
    Nuno Ferraz
    Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima 
    Fully Fuctional track
    42 Pit boxes
    Ai and cameras by FlashCrow
    Thanks to Nuno Ferraz for His permition

    Free free to give ideas to improvements
    Special Thanks :
    -All the friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped with testing
    -All The ideas from people around the forums
    -Word Sim Racing Championship
    -chargingcar for the authorization to do my own work to the track



  16. Autodromo di Franciacorta

    Autodromo di Franciacorta for Assetto Corsa converted by Tiago Lima
    -20 pit box
    -3d grass
    -phisical mesh
    -Ai line
    Credits go to lcr77 for is amazing rfactor work
    Thank you lcr77 For giving the ok



  17. Kanniranni special stage 1 - Gravel - Jari-Pekka Rally 2014 SS1

    Kanniranni special stage 1 - Gravel - Jari-Pekka Rally 2014 SS1 by TTM
    After 4 months of hard work it's finally time to release BTBfin team first real gravel rally stage for Assetto Corsa. This is v0.98 and it's not 100% ready yet. Version 1.0 will contain many modifications to many areas, so stay tuned in coming months.
    My original plan was to release this stage same time with RallyLegends Ford Fiesta WRC, but there is few things to fix before car can be released, so patience and then you can fully enjoy stage.
    Btw, if stage feels too slippery, enable ABS and maybe even TCS in game.. Before anybody complain, slowdown on first 50-100 meters before stage start line is in purpose made. You just can't drive on full speed through start line in real life...
    All credits can be found from Readme file, included to package.
    Stage works on:
    Practice, Hotlap and Quickrace modes (5 pitboxes), maybe even Multiplayer works, not tested.
    Installation: Copy btbfin_kanniranni folder to your ...assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.



  18. Riverside International Raceway by LilsKi

    DISCLAIMER​This is a work in progress. There are many things to add still. Please do not use the review section to report issues. Please use the support section if there are any issues that you find.


    This is my second, scratch built, track for AC and is what I believe to be the most accurate version of Riverside to date. Many hours have been spent to re-create this great track as close to the original as possible. A combination of topo maps, aerial photos, and hours and hours of video have been used to bring this track back to life. It is roughly modeled as if it was 1988 during the final Budweiser 400. Three layouts are included which are the Long, Short, and NASCAR layouts.
    Riverside closed in 1989 due to suburban sprawl. Lets all buy property next to a race track and then complain about the noise. Sounds all to familiar to the story of Bridgehampton. Between the years of 1957-1988 it hosted many great racing series such as CAN-AM, IMSA, NASCAR, SCCA, IndyCar, and even Formula 1.

    Track Features​

    24 Pit Boxes Dynamic racing groove Dynamic road sand Track map Working AI 2 TV cameras per layout

    Not Working/known issues​

    Time Attack Flickering hills behind T9 since AC 1.5


    3D Grass More TV cameras More track side objects and signs Add more road details More detailed textures

    While not required please feel free to donate a buck or two if you enjoy this track. Thanks!



  19. Mountain Road

    Here is a 10 KM Mountain Road in Austria by Bernd.H
    It´s not 100% like in Real Life, i just took the basic Layout for the Track.
    The Track is made with RaceTrackBuilder, i am new to modding Tracks, so there are no trackside objects.
    My skills are not good enough to make high Quality Tracks with Houses or other Objects , so at the moment there is just a Road and some trees.
    What do you think about tracks like this?
    Do you wan´t only drive High quality tracks, or is it Okay to offer Tracks which have not so much Details like this one?
    I personally prefer to make many low quality tracks like this one, instead of trying to make only one perfect Track(and probably never finish it), because not everbody has the skill to make beautiful tracks.

    added Track Cameras
    added Track Ebnit Reverse
    added some Walls and Fences, Trees have collide
    added MultiLayout Ebnit & Ebnit-Reverse, new Folder "ebnit_multi"
    Everbody who have old Versions , please delete Folder "ebnit" and "ebnit_reverse".
    updated roadmesh, it is a little bumpier now
    updated Track Cameras
    added some Guardrails and Signs



  20. Paul Ricard

    Author : tony.messagers
    This track is made with the real height datas and tracing.
    The modeling is on Maya, based on IGN datas and satellite datas.
    The Paul Ricard Circuit is a motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, near Marseille. It is regarded as one of the best testing circuits in the world. The track is famous for its 1.8km Mistral straight. The full track is around 3.610 miles (5.8 km) long. The shorter circuit is known as the GP short circuit and is 2.369 miles (3.8 km) long. The track offers 167 possible configurations from 826 to 5,861 metres. Its flexibility and mild winter weather mean that it is used for testing by several motorsport teams, including Formula One teams.
    New in v0.9.7:
    - CPU optimisation: AI reduce of 50% CPU ocupation.
    - GPU optimisation: reduce of 3 or 4 % GPU ocupation.
    - New AI for all Layout, better work.
    - Kerbs texture update: more realitic.
    - New Sun Positon.
    - New Weather and PPeffect.
    - Night weather mode on test.
    - Wall added for multiplayer regulation on BlancPain and 24H Layout.
    - Rename "Club, Training" by "Club, Practice".



  21. Hillclimb Moya

    Hillclimb stage by Cranck
    Hillclinb Moya
    Gran Canaria
    6.4 km
    set tv cameras
    Physics road
    next update:
    change houses png textures for dds textrure



  22. Sandown

    Original track to MMM, converted and remastered by Cranck
    27 pitbox
    pit on
    AI fast lane
    Ai pit lane
    2 tv set cameras



  23. Phillip Island

    This is based on Ringrumble's V1 of Phillip Island, and converted by Cranck
    27 pitbox
    Pit On
    Ai fast lane
    Ai pit lane
    2 camera set
    Physics road in High Resolution



  24. Maspalomas Gran Canaria

    Author : Cranck
    Maspalomas Gran Canaria Track



  25. Ruapuna Park 2012

    Author : a NeelJ by Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by Hugh Jarse. It was converted and enhanced by NeelJ for gMotor2 simulations. The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by Rainmaker.
    -22 pit boxes
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -AC road and grass shader
    -correct day light representation
    -hot lapping function
    -support for time attack mode
    Known Issues:
    -some mods have problems with the Flexopass and Kelford Camtech corner
    Thanks to:
    Hugh Jarse
    If you like it you can send a donation here



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