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  1. Adelaide 1988

    Author : carrera4 and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of schwarzbierbude.de.
    The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of schwarzbierbude.de your friendly AC-Server.
    -complete new and faster AI
    -grid raised to 26 cars
    -removed some unnecessary wall keys



  2. Dijon-Prenois 2005

    This 3D-track was done by a unknown author. It was converted and enhanced by Rainmaker for Assetto Corsa.

    -competitive AI
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -24 pit boxes with working pit lane



  3. Goodwood Motor Circuit

    Authorized Conversion
    Original Creator motorfx
    Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima
    Fully Functional track
    20 Pit boxes
    Ai and cameras by FlashCrow
    Track Map by Alex72



  4. Longford 1967 by Tiago Lima


    Longford 1967 For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima
    -30 pit box
    -Hotlap working
    -sectors working
    Ai and cameras by : @Flashcrow
    Conversion permited by the creator woochoo (Shannon Woolley)
    - @Kristaps
    -gamer muscle
    -Ricardo costa
    -Sergio vieira
    -daniel nogal
    -Michael Hornbuckle
    Downhill cameras fixed by @flascrow



  5. Hockenheim Old Track by ACFL

    Author : f1ligue
    Version 0.5
    - Update First Chicane
    - Correction File surface
    Version 0.6
    - Addition of objects in the pit lane (original objects AC)
    - Correction of the track (3D) area less bumpy, tell me if it will not.



  6. Pukekohe Park Raceway 2013

    Pukekohe Park Raceway 2013

    made by R1CHO
    conversion by Rainmaker

    This 3D-track was made by RR1CHO~XR~ and the xFactor Team with Bobs Trackbuilder. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.

    The track represents a good quality corresponding with international importance of the track. Pukekohe Park Raceway is part of the V8 Supercars Championship.
    -21 pit boxes
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -Shadows for all objects
    -working pit lane
    -a skybox
    -newest values for the lighting.ini
    -hot lapping function
    special thanks to:
    Dave Noonan (3DSimed)
    all beta testers
    Known Issues:
    -FPS drop heading to the s/f line
    -bumpy track



  7. Sachsenring GP

    Author : Pascal Martin
    Cameras file by Black Wagtail (RD)
    - fixed cameras_2.ini
    - added cameras_3.ini TV 4 (middle_near cam)
    - added cameras_start.ini ( cameras_2.ini is a base )
    + made it like ADAC GT Masters 2015 (cameras_3.ini TV 4)
    - Add HD Surface
    - Fixed 3D Grass
    - Add ac_crew in Pits
    - Improvement of various surface
    - Test for New Tyres Wall



  8. Albi 1967

    Author : NeelJ and Rainmaker
    Following the wish of the author here is the French track Albi in his historic configuration.
    This 3D-track was made by NeelJ and was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.
    I recommend the Lotus T49 for this track and a racetime at 3:30 PM.
    22 pit boxes
    3.636meters long
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -Shadows for all objects
    -AC road shader
    -AC grass shader
    -working pit lane
    -a skybox
    -changed values for the lighting.ini
    -hot lapping function



  9. Gran Turismo Series Fictional Track

    Author : tomj
    Changes from 0.1:
    -Fixed tree shading
    -Improved some textures
    -Improved texture mapping
    -Edited some object meshes to improve smoothing
    -Fixed collisions with some walls
    -Fixed hotlap starting positions
    -Disabled some shadows to eliminate a few visual bugs
    -Overhauled AC logic for the reverse layout (timing, collisions etc)
    -Added AI
    -Added TV cameras
    -Added track map



  10. Rivijera (fantasy) by Lemax

    -fantasy track that I originally created for rFactor now quick converted to AC just to test
    -no AI, no trackmap, timing doesn't work, etc.
    -fixed hotlap
    -shadow improvements
    -timing is working
    -small work on models and textures
    -added ambient sounds(birds, ocean waves)
    -and trees are ugly :/
    -if someone doesn't have any sounds on track, go to ...\tracks\Rivijera\data , open with text editor file "audio_sources" and delete next lines:



  11. Autodromo di Pergusa

    Autodromo di Pergusa
    Enna Pergusa 2003
    by Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was converted for GT Legends by derDumeklemmer. It was converted to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -22 pit boxes with working pit lane
    -competitive AI made with AC v1.37



  12. Phillip Island by Slider916/Cammel

    Phillip Island Circuit
    By: Slider916/Cammel
    Converted from rFactor
    Australia’s premier permanent road course



  13. A1-Ring

    Author : DerDumeklemmer
    Long time ago in mid '07 Dutch Devil converted A1-Ring for GTR2 based on the rF verison of Genhis99.
    - Pls. find their original readme files inside this archive -
    DD gave me permission to convert it to GTL but somehow I never found the time to do so.
    In Feb 2010 I took the time and added some new features as well...
    In April 2015 DD gave me permission for AC conversion as well, so here is the AC version.
    Pls. give a little respect to all these working hours all of us spend for free for your entertainment!
    This project is a “take it as it is, or leave it”-release, pls. see EULA for more detailed information.
    - Genhis99 for rF-version
    - Dutch Devil for GTR2-version
    - Thunderchild for additional textures and objects of GTR2 version
    - TheDoctor for TV-CAMs and sections.ini



  14. Nordschleife The Ring 2007

    Author : Tmanning47
    0.9.1: Added 30 Pit Boxes
    0.9:Fixed tree transparency
    Fixed barrier physics
    Increased Performance
    *Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
    6e66o - textures
    Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
    Misan - AIW, Cam's
    Tobi - website, board
    Tmanning47- Conversion



  15. Algarve International Circuit

    Authorized Conversion
    Original Creator :
    Nuno Ferraz
    Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima 
    Fully Fuctional track
    42 Pit boxes
    Ai and cameras by FlashCrow
    Thanks to Nuno Ferraz for His permition

    Free free to give ideas to improvements
    Special Thanks :
    -All the friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped with testing
    -All The ideas from people around the forums
    -Word Sim Racing Championship
    -chargingcar for the authorization to do my own work to the track



  16. Circuit du Laquais

    Author : MegadetH
    GTR2 Version - GT Legends Version
    - 12 pit and race start positions
    - IA working (will need a few tweaks but it's a start...)
    - Working track map in-game
    - Added picture and track map in the menu (track selection)
    - Remove "road edge"
    - A few graphical improvements



  17. Spa Francorchamps1992

    conversione dalla versione degli F1SR per rFactor



  18. Salzburgring by SandroX

    Hey guys, I got permission to convert Salzburgring by *Com8* into Assetto Corsa. I will make this track with top notch. So, stay tuned, I will keep you in the work progress.
    Original authors: Com8 and Steppenwolf



  19. Hermanos Rodriguez (Mexico) 1988

    Author : carrera4 and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of schwarzbierbude.de.
    The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of schwarzbierbude.de your friendly AC-Server.
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -Shadows for all objects
    -working pit lane
    -a skybox
    -correct day light presentation
    -hot lapping function
    -AC grass, road and glass shader



  20. Interlagos by ACFL

    - Fixed Grip track
    - Fixed Grip off the track
    - Fixed colors of objects on the track
    - Fixed brightness objects
    - Fix shadows
    - Fixed texture road
    - Fixed Textures of the track (a facelift) there will be further changes in the coming updates.
    - Added AI file
    - Added Camera File
    - Adverse Deleted Objects



  21. Mallory Park by Eximo


    2 Layouts now included
    Export now using AC editor - shaders still being tweaked and tested
    Recreated world nearest the track edges, run offs now a lot smoother
    Added Fast_Lane and Pit_Lane AI for both layouts - tracks can now be used quick race and race weekend modes
    Added more barriers / walls
    Added Marshall stands around the track
    Added more buildings
    Added collision mesh to pit lane garage
    Added flag pole at hairpin - no flag though
    Adjusted other buildings - scale/width
    Adjusted barriers to match up with world better
    Adjusted lakes
    New UI images, overview and information details

    Known Issues:

    Kerbs are currently still defined as Grass and as such do not have the correct surface
    Kerbs are a bit rough
    Some grass areas defined as Asphalt
    Edwina chicane bump on the exit
    Bus stop chicane bumpy on entrace and exit
    Charlies chicane bumpy - this chicane isnt used so not a high priority
    Pit Lane entrance is a tad bumpy but you shouldn't be speeding anyway
    Some barriers in certain areas do not match world
    Placeholder textures used across some meshes
    UV mapping incorrect on some meshes - especially grass
    AI not the smartest especially around the hairpin however you can have some decent races with them as they are quick everywhere else
    Pitlane Barrier mesh not rendering correctly - not sure why
    Inside world doesnt match pitlane edges
    Water defined as Grass



  22. Suzuka 1988

    Author : carrera4 and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of schwarzbierbude.de.
    The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of schwarzbierbude.de your friendly AC-Server.
    -working AI for AC v1.2
    -21 pit boxes with working pit lane
    -bonus layout without chicane
    -shadows for all objects
    -a skybox
    -correct day light presentation
    -hot lapping function
    -support for time attack mode



  23. Misano MWC

    by Roberto Olivetti

    Use of this track is allowed for personal training and community racing, provided that no one will ask money in no form (requesting championship fees and selling driving licenses included). It is NOT allowed to use this track in championships were drivers or teams are required to pay. Non-mandatory donations to the league are allowed instead.
    This version of Misano World Circuit is scratch made, and beneath my commitment to be accurate, it isn't as precise as a laser-scanned track. Please don't go to the real Misano circuit guessing to know it. The real track has to be learnt in real life.
    If you want to modify this track or convert it, please drop me a line, see below.
    Have fun!
    Thanks a lot!!! to:
    - Alessandro Balzan e Nicola Benucci for testing and suggestions
    - Schummy1, Ray Woolhead, Laurent Resende, marcosxv, LaZanzaraRombante, andrea_gi, Bruno Giampà, i__speedracer__i, KirKone, Mascalzone, Matrix16wcc, Olivier Boissel, RoG-PoWeR, the_schofe, VELOCIPEDE for alpha testing
    - pika4u, Mauro Lazzari, for setting test servers
    - Mauro Lazzari, for creating objects (pitwall, guardrails etc)
    - Gianluca Boni Bonifacio and MaiDireCamber - www.maidirecamber.blogspot.com - for support and help with telemetry data and track layout
    - authors of Misano 2002 rFactor V2.0 (Slider916/Cammel/Elwood)
    - Kunos Simulazioni - www.kunos-simulazioni.com - for Assetto Corsa
    - The Blender Foundation - www.blender.org - for blender software
    - TheSimGarage - www.sim-garage.co.uk/ - for 3dSimEd software
    - Ysup12 - http://tf3dm.com/user/ysup12- for his tyres stack model, lots to learn
    - Geo piskas - http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/Geo-Piskas- for his guardrail models, great reference
    - Todd Norbury - http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?members/norbs.7687/- for additional track camera-sets
    - Black Wagtail - http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/black-wagtail.203813/- for additional track camera-sets
    - Mauro Delegà and Radiators - forum.radiators-champ.com - for several images
    - © 2011 Google.com
    - CGTextures - www.cgtextures.com
    - Toni Pecoraro - www.tonipecoraro.it - for the track aerial view image
    - DragonArt - dragonartz.wordpress.com
    - archive3d.net for 3d spectators models
    - Marco Angelo - http://www.blendswap.com/user/MarcoD- for 2d people textures
    - xB33 - http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?members/xb33.109035/- for lowpoly cars models
    For bugs, errors, suggestions, requests feel free to PM me in the Assetto Corsa forum
    Roberto Olivetti
    15 - sep - 2016
    misano MWC 1.2
    Stricter track limits. working like this: in most turns, if you go with more than 2 wheels out the kerbs (on the red concrete) you get now a penalty. It is only 3 seconds, and along the track there is plenty of chance to pay the penalty during the long brakings. I set it like that (short penalty time) thinking to the race: being penalized with more time for a little infraction would be too harsh, and in the end useless ruining the race. But I did think...
    Misano MWC 1.1
    - removed hole after T8 (thx Classicpark)
    - added physical road mesh to main track, separated from visual one, critics welcome!
    - raised grip to 100% to match real life F4 lap times (tested with Tatuus FA01)
    - tuned shaders to reduce brightness

    misano MWC 1.0
    - removed cones as walls, now they are collidable objects
    - added collision to most of the braking marks
    - road grip reset to 99%
    Different time penalties for different kind of cut:
    - driving on DIRT surface (like going wide out a turn): 4 seconds.
    - driving on CUT surface (cut on purpose or too big advantage cutting): 9 seconds.
    For league use you can edit the surfaces.ini file and set the penalties as you like.
    Still missing:
    - 3d grass (sorry, I don't like it). Should anyone want to make 3d grass, I can pass the fbx file and it can be added as a new .kn5 file into the track folder
    - new layout cut (introduced late 2015 in real life). This can be in version 2.
    - only the MotoGP layout is available for now. All the layouts used in real life will be added in v.2



  24. Daytona

    Author : aspec7878
    - Road course
    - Oval
    40 pit boxes
    Original autor : James Burroughs
    retexturing and remodeling : aspec7878



  25. Lippo Village Street Circuit, Indonesia

    Author : harruman
    Hi again guys... this is my second AC's track project after Sentul International Circuit... built from scratch
    The Lippo Village Street Circuit (Lippo Village International Formula Circuit) is a temporary street circuit in Lippo Village, Tangerang, Indonesia. The track was confirmed to host a round of the 2008-09 A1 Grand Prix season, set for the weekend of February 8, 2009.
    On August 29, 2008, further details regarding the track were announced. Designed by Hermann Tilke, the track would be made by modifying parts of the village near the Pelita Harapan University and includes the Supermal. It is located at the centre of Lippo Village's hub. Tilke attempted to keep disruption minimal to the village during the races with ensuring that track's maximum speed to be more than 308 km/h with the average speed of 176 km/h. Part of the Pelita Harapan University’s planned extensions would be utilized to double the pit lane capacity during the A1GP races. The track would be showcasing Lippo Village and the surrounding businesses.
    However, the event removed from the 2008-09 A1 Grand Prix season's calendar because the local promoter and organisers, who are responsible to the project of track construction, have failed to meet the requisite completion deadlines and the track is not yet able to homologate by FIA before 6–8 February 2009. The track was used for some local racing events, but has since fell out of use. The pits and the track sign remained to this day.



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