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  1. Suzuka by thestrobe8

    conversione by thestrobe8



  2. Zandvoort Circuit Park

    Based on the original
    Zandvoort Circuit Park
    for rFactor by Ferreri27
    conversion for AC by thestrobe8 aka s_denis
    Update : AI for Zandvoort, unfortunately at this point we have only 4 boxes, so AI is limited, hopefully this will be corrected by thestrobe8
    Original creators:
    Ferreri27 - modeling, texturing, scene
    Ferreri27 - former modeling, organisation
    Ferreri27- texture
    thestrobe8 - texture update & smooth



  3. TT Circuit Assen

    Author NightEye

    V0.7 changelog:
    - Reworked a lot of textures and materials. Most of them are still a WIP
    - 3D grass
    - North loop layout added
    - Ideal lines added
    - Grooves
    - Fixed TV cameras
    - Added spectator cameras
    - Bumpier physics mesh
    - Fixed grid positions
    - Fixed i3 position
    - Added trackside objects (speakers, advertisment stands, light poles, entrance gates)
    - Loads of minor fixes (position of dirt paths, concrete slabs, kerb length on some corners, tirewall height Stekkenwal, tirewall position Ramshoek, tirewall pit entry, position of TT logo Ruskenhoek, etc)
    - Fixed rain gutter position Ruskenhoek
    - Added barriers at Ruskenhoek
    - Fixed pitwall height at pit exit



  4. Sentul International Circuit

    Author : Harris Muhammad
    Sentul International Circuit is a permanent motor racing circuit located in Babakan Madang, Bogor, Indonesia. Away from the Toll Gate of Jakarta towards Bogor, Indonesia. Its pit facilities got easy access from the Jagorawi Toll Road. The course (run clockwise) is actually a truncated version of the original design. The current circuit, shortened by 40 percent compared to the original design, is predominantly used for motorcycle racing and the Asian F3 series. Sentul is a relatively simple, smooth, broad track with large runoff areas, enabling non-bumpy and smooth driving at racing speeds. Sentul has a 900-metre (3,000 ft) main straight that allows speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour (190 mph) before slowing for the right-hand Turn 1. The only truly high-speed corner at Sentul is Turn 2. The fastest driver on four-wheel machine can do 220 kilometres per hour (140 mph), and the fastest rider can do 190 kilometres per hour (120 mph) on two-wheel machines. They can take Turn 2 as a complex "S" bend when they get out from the tighter Turn 1 at around 140 kilometres per hour (87 mph). The wide corners allow good passing with various racing lines.



  5. Alpine Rally (Fictional, Scratch Made Rally Stage)

    Author : ultranew_b

    After playing TTMs awesome conversion of Monte Carlo Stage 3, Inspiration hit!! So after 2 weeks of work, I'm getting ready to release my 3rd custom level for AC, Alpine Rally. This is a scratch made fantasy level (not ported). It's 7.9 km long with a good mix of high speed stretchs interspersed with twists, turns and lots of elevation changes.The first half of the course is uphill, the second half is downhill. It has 4 slots with working AI and TV replay cameras and is online tested.
    Credits: TTM for the road diffuse textures
    Please use the included custom no fog weather config
    called "Alpine Custom" @ time 12:30, for optimum conditions.
    To use: Simply, select "Alpine Custom" in the weather
    select menu.
    It does not overwrite any files.



  6. Barbagallo raceway

    Barbagallo Raceway V1.2 by Darren Blythe
    Barbagallo Raceway at Wanneroo is Western Australia's only permanent racing circuit and has been operated continuously since 1969. It is most recognized for it's place on the V8 Supercar Calendar and it's short and fast layout coupled with some nice elevation changes make it exciting and fun to race.
    Barbagallo is one of my favorite Aussie tracks so I started putting this together a few months ago. It started as a test project to help me get to grips with AC's modding possibilities but took on a life of it's own. It is scratch built from the ground up.
    Over six months and 1000 hours later I'm proud to bring you the first release of this great little track for Assetto Corsa.
    A huge amount of effort went into this project. I hope you enjoy it.
    V1.2 - Update 01/12/14
    Two fantastic new camsets by norbs: TV2 and Kerbcams
    Fixed sticky tyrewalls on pit straight
    Optimized collision meshes
    Minor mesh fixes
    Dynamic groove tweaked
    Version Number added to track description



  7. Race of Champion

    Author : TX3 stazer92
    "Race "super special " between two drivers on two parallel tracks, which form a continuous circuit. Both drivers and travel the same distance in the same places , but not at the same times . In a duel , the winner is the one who homered via the two tracks , as soon as possible ."
    This version is a version of Alex , Com8 based on rFactor .
    He has allowed us to convert its track on assetto corsa .
    - 4 pit stands
    - 4 start if you want
    - Ai lane
    - No tracks camera for the moment (if you want to help do not hesitate)
    - Basic tracks surfaces
    - Need to add 4 laps for have 2 loops
    add new skida textures
    add new metal textures for stadium



  8. Hungaroring

    Converted to Assetto Corsa By Tiago Lima
    Special thanks to :
    Original Creator : 6e66o and friends
    @Mitja Bonca for beta testing and the ai's
    mrk37 for letting me using his textures
    @Changincar to teach me everything i know
    @Modek by the help and support
    All my friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped me with the testing



  9. Prato by DarkShinryu

    - Better ui preview image for prato long
    - 21 pit boxes
    - Added tracks lenght in the ui info
    - Ai for both tracks, new ai for short layout (provided by Stepy)
    - A bunch of new textures
    - Adjusted a few shaders settings that i missed last time
    - Fixed bumpy white lines
    - Corrected start spawn positions
    - Working traffic lights
    - Fixed some invisible walls
    - Removed windows on the pit wall



  10. Fuji International Speedway by Tiago Lima

    So i recived the ok by the original creator of the track Fuji International Speedway
    Special thanks to Katsuo For giving me the permition
    Original Creators
    So here it is my conversion.

    Converted to Assetto Corsa By Tiago Lima
    Special thanks to :
    @Changincar to teach me everything i know
    @Modek by the help and support
    All my friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped me with the testing
    -Updated tarmac texture
    -new grass texture settings
    -tweked some objects shadows
    -tweaked shaders
    -tweked orizon



  11. Yas Marina Circuit

    conversion by Tiago Lima
    Yas Marina Circuit For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima
    25 pit box
    Hotlap working
    sectors working
    Conversion permited by NAD one of the original Creators more info on the readme file



  12. Melbourne Grand Prix - Circuit of Albert Park by Yagami93

    Author : Yagami93
    - Reshaped trees
    - Reshaped pitlane
    - Crew Stands (empty atm)
    - Surrounding environment (basic terrain)
    - Pits: Pit Boxes, 22 places
    To Do
    - Surrounding environment (buildings, etc)
    - Pits: Pitwalls
    - Starting Grid (Lights)
    - White lines around the track
    - AI & Cameras
    - Others



  13. Automotodrom Brno by Patrik Marek

    Author : Patrik Marek
    - first pass at shaders
    - latest texture work
    - separated pitlane from the track ( should help with AI lines - however there is some tool in SDK for AI, so maybe I will check it out there instead ) - it might need more separation PIT-IN part of pitlane is probably still part of main track
    - new sun orientation (hopefully matching real sun position)
    known issues
    so far I didn't figured out how to make the "helper objects" export properly, so the orientation of the car in Hotlap/Practice isn't correct, but this will be hopefully sorted out soon,
    there are some white edges here and there, will have to check it out and see what can be done about those
    this month I will be busy with other stuff, so the progress will be quite slow on this track, but hopefully I will pick it up after that and finally start adding some grass/sand/armco/kerbs to make it easier to test out the track
    v 0.1.4
    - more details on pitwall (started building the fences)
    - added brake markers where they are on real track
    - tweaks to road surfaces, mostly shape of straights
    - was trying to get even better/more realistic road elevation, I feel like first half of the track is pretty spot on,
    if I was to tweak something, I would say that the double corner , after the lowest point on the track , should be bit smoother, and then the very last 2 corners should also be smoother, there appears to be a small hill before finish line, but that's shouldn't be there,
    - added more details on the pit wall, updated texture too
    - improved road surface accuracy (hopefully)
    - smoother surface
    - more pit-lane work
    - added small kart track ( although you probably can't reach it and drive on it )



  14. Hillclimb Los Marteles including App RALLY TIME

    Author : Cranck
    Gran Canaria
    5,6 km
    Uphill mode
    Using in practice mode
    Online functionality
    added set cameras tv
    10 pit box and asistance zone
    patch map with defined sectors



  15. Norisring 2009

    Norisring 2009 v2.03
    made by com8
    conversion by SandroX and Rainmaker

    SandroX gave me the permission for a overhaul of his Norisring conversion. Thank you for that!
    This 3D-track was made by com8 (Alex Hummler) for rFactor. The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by SandroX. The enhancement of the AC version was made by Rainmaker.
    This release will be the last track from me for the moment.
    Changelog since AC version 1.0:
    fixed double sided objects (fixed trees)
    completely rebuild AI for AC v1.1
    fixed normals
    added shadows to all objects
    new road, sand, grass and flag shader
    rebuild pits, so it's usable in multiplayer -> reduced grid
    tweaked surfaces
    set correct shader to the building at the end of the s/f straight



  16. Donington Park by BrunUK

    Not a major update, just a few small changes...
    Fixed the pitlane issue so people running with penalties enabled won't be limited to 50kph
    Changed the sectors so they're distributed more evenly around the track. Can't remember where I got the locations for the original ones but think they may have been for the National circuit. Also made sure the objects for the splits (and start/finish line) are outside the track boundaries so it should no longer be possible to miss them.
    Added a background/horizon object and texture. Looks much better for it, although it probably needs tweaking cos it looks a bit too mountainous from some replay cameras.



  17. Road Atlanta

    by thestrobe8
    Based on the original
    Road Atlanta
    for rFactor by Uzzi
    Original creators:
    *Uzzi* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Uzzi - former modeling, organisation
    Pandamasque - textures




  18. Newbury

    Author : Alexander Kholodkevich
    Newbury, included two layout, track from nKPro for Assetto Corsa, converted with permissions from Kunos team.



  19. Forest Rally (Fictional, Scratch Made, Rally Stage)

    Author : ultranew_b
    I'm excited to announce the release my 3rd custom level for AC, Forest Rally (Previous work, Lakeside and Alpine Rally) This is a fictional rally stage in a European forest setting. Forest Rally is 8.5 km of high speed technical driving. I highly recommend running the course with Mesas', Lada VFTS
    Special Notes:
    I recomend running the AI @ 80% Strength, any higher and they act like kamikazees.
    Ideal Time is 17:00 hours (5Pm)
    - 8.5 km course
    - Custom scratch made course, exclusively for AC (not ported)
    - Multi-player ready
    - Fully functioning AI (very challenging)
    - Custom track side cams set up for replays
    - Compatible with many weather settings
    Credits: Dennis Neo @ 4K racing for his video



  20. Dorifto Mountain

    Author : Doge
    Dorifto Mountain v0.3 (fictional track made by me)

    0.3 changelog
    -fixed gaps
    -added more pitbox :3
    -made file name in lowercase
    -added version number in file name to prevent mismatch
    -more trees
    -more grass
    -more frames ~110 average
    0.2 changelog
    -Changed Track layout
    -I removed guard rails because it was too much trouble with shading, transitioning...Added walls instead
    -reworked the terrain
    -Added 8 Pit and made hotlap mode works
    Known Issue and todo :
    -Trackmap Off
    -Ai not working
    -Quickrace and weekend not working Fixed for V0.2
    -Broken Camera
    -No grass
    -Ugly Terrain
    -Add more trees
    -Fix rail
    -Trees has no collision
    Unzip the folder in Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks
    If the game is crashing
    Check the AC installation folder/system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini for the following line
    change the 1 to a 0



  21. Glava Zete Hillclimb

    Author : Lemax
    you my track Glava Zete originally created for rFactor and rebuilt for AC.
    the track length is 6.9km and it's located near Niksic city, the second largest city in Montenegro.
    version 0.9.1:
    -fix for "hotlap" and "race mode"
    version 0.9
    -new trackside and pit objects
    -3D spectators ( goodbye cardboard cutouts
    -new distant trees
    -road surface is slightly bumpier
    -some work on material/shader settings
    -new cameras



  22. Nordschleife 75

    Author : Tiago Lima
    Nordschleife 75 For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima
    30 pit box
    Hotlap working
    sectors working
    Ai And cameras by : @Flashcrow



  23. Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit

    Author : tomj
    Conversion of Doser's Melbourne track originally for Euroracers, also including assets from a version by Triebie and de_Vil, with a few minor modifications specifically for gameplay in Assetto Corsa.



  24. Hockenheimring 1988

    Author : DerDumeklemmer
    Hockenheim 1988 V1.43
    A conversion for Assetto Corsa by Team Schwarzbierbude.de - derDumeklemmer
    The 1988 F1 Season was build from scratch by for rF by my old friend Carrera.4!
    who kindly gave me his blanket permisson to convert all his current and upcomming tracks.
    Team Schwarzbierbude.de will take care to convert his great '88er tracks to Assetto Corssa one by one.
    - Carrera.4 for his great '88er tracks
    - B1ackbird for his TV-CAMs
    have a lot of fun with this nice track,



  25. Goodwood Motor Circuit

    Authorized Conversion
    Original Creator motorfx
    Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima
    Fully Functional track
    20 Pit boxes
    Ai and cameras by FlashCrow
    Track Map by Alex72



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