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  1. Nordschleife by Snoopy

    Original makers:
    *Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
    6e66o - textures
    Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
    Misan - AIW, Cam's
    Tobi - website, board
    Many thanks to the guys on this forum:
    Tmanning47- Conversion
    Stereo- Conversion fixes
    Qwaribo-brute force json editing
    Flashcrow-AI fastlane
    never_eat_yellow_snow1-overlay map
    The_Doctor and-trackside cameras

    copy the entire folder called "nord_snoopy_0.5.0" to: X:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks and paste it



  2. Joux Plane

    Kegetys made his Joux Plane Track public, all hail to the Finns!
    Joux Plane v1.4 for Assetto Corsa early access
    originally from Richard Burns Rally
    Extract to your AC install directory (Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa).
    If you do not own Richard Burns Rally and play this you are a bad person.
    For AC early access version, don't complain if it breaks in a future AC update.
    - The timing starts immediately when you enter the track
    - Road and grass surfaces are not as detailed/varied as originally
    - There are no sector times
    - Tree collisions can be somewhat buggy
    - Some objects are missing
    - AI wont work
    - No track map
    Imported & tweaked for AC by Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen, www.kegetys.fi
    v1.4 - I had a look at why the tree, forest, etc. collisions were not working since some Assetto Corsa patch and it turned out to be easy to fix so here is another update for Joux Plane. I improved the tree collision models as well, they no longer throw you around the track so much (rather you seem to now sometimes get stuck in them. Oh well).
    Removed some remnants of low detail geometry under the track causing collision issues with newer AC versions
    Broken track section no longer adds dirt to tyres
    All grass is now valid track to avoid penalty from small cuts
    Added more zoomed in external cameras



  3. Circuit 24H Le Mans 2017

    Circuit de la Sarthe
    The Circuit des 24 Heures, also known as Circuit de la Sarthe,located in Le Mans, Maine, France, is a semi-permanent race course most famous as the venue for the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. The track uses local roads that remain open to the public most of the year. The circuit, in its present configuration, is 13.629 kilometres (8.47 mi) long, making it one of the longest circuits in the world.
    zolee145 For the original 2012 rfactor version
    Conversion and improvement to Assetto Corsa Tiago Lima
    Update to version 2017 by
    jim lloyd



  4. Laguna Seca by TibuszHun - aspec7878

    by TibuszHun - aspec7878
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 4.0
    (By aspec7878)
    This is not my mod. I only fixing, and upgrade it.
    Thank you aspec7878!

    Unzip the folder into the game track folder. Please deleting the older versions for avoid mistakes!
    Warning! The previous downloadable contents for the older versions will not work in this track. For example: AI, map, etc.



  5. Lake Louise - 23km/50km

    Author: Lucas - Xtremepsionic
    Current version V2.08
    Change log:
    Increased lod of roads from 400m to 1200m due to bug with rift users not seeing road
    Tweaked West fwd/rev, lake fwd/rev and west downhill AI lines so they're competitive and less prone to crashing
    Camera files for the above layouts are included thanks to the amazing fans on the forum!
    Added road barriers for closed roads


    23 km/50 km* of undulating and exciting roads, from single-lane bumpy mountain paths to four-lane wide highways High definition road surfaces for amazing force feedback Varied road surfaces for different driving feel 5 / 12* layouts for AI racing, multiplayer cruising, or uphill/downhill drifting Bravery testing jumps and breathtaking views Reverb and echo sound effects




  6. Road America

    Continuation of Road America 2.5
    Been forced to start a new thread so number versions are clearer.
    Changes are mainly Kerbs, and track grip.
    Track converted by Albert Mcsaltens to AC
    From Rfactor Slimjims versions.
    Please overwrite Cameras_Start with this one (fixed DOF)



  7. Isle of Man

    Author : rainmaker87
    Isle of Man for Assetto Corsa
    This 3D-track was enhanced by Philrob for rFactor. The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by Rainmaker.
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -Shadows for all objects
    -AC road shader
    -AC grass shader
    -working pit lane
    -a skybox
    -changed values for the lighting.ini
    -hot lapping function



  8. Montreal - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve by Linolafett

    Author : Linolafett
    here is my take on the "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve" track in montreal.
    I grabbed the google earth images and stitched them together to get my blueprint. Now i am using google images to get as much reference images as possible.
    Started working on the first corner combination first.
    The track Texture is wip, but looks kind of okay at the moment, the red/white texture is my "missingTexture" Texture, just ignore
    Export works thanks to the great help of you guys, i am really grateful for your effort!
    - added 3D gras
    - added first version of groove texture (skidmarks, does not change over time yet)
    - added more buildings and offtrack props (flags/tents/lamps/blockout of montreal skyline)
    - new fastline AI and cameras made by "Stepy" (thanks!)
    - fixed too bright bushes in cloudy conditions



  9. Transfagarasan North Uphill and Downhill

    Author : drdoomslab
    -Fixed missing road side gravel (Thanks to Nao for helping out finding the gravel holes)
    -Redone the timing to new Point to Point Timing.
    -There is now a new DownHill Point to Point, UpHill Point to Point, and UpHill race.
    - AI does not work properly. It needs to be redone.
    -DownHill Has no AI. If you wish to see your TV cam replay please copy AI in after you have saved replay. Do not use when Driving.
    -UpHill Has AI. It does not work very well. Ok For TV Cam.
    -UpHill Race Has AI. It does not work very well. Ok For TV Cam. This is the Old Timing and 16 starting grid on the start line. This is for Online Races.
    -Redone LOD's to improve performance
    -Tweaked material setting in KSEditor
    -Tweaked some textures
    -Tweaked grass
    -Redone some normal maps
    -Fixed lots more holes and gaps. Still lots to go
    -Road side Gravel redone
    -Added some road side tarmac
    -3D Grass is on Maximum track detail only.-Fixed missing road side gravel (Thanks to Nao for helping out finding the gravel holes)
    -Redone the timing to new Point to Point Timing.
    -There is now a new DownHill Point to Point, UpHill Point to Point, and UpHill race.
    - AI does not work properly. It needs to be redone.
    -DownHill Has no AI. If you wish to see your TV cam replay please copy AI in after you have saved replay. Do not use when Driving.
    -UpHill Has AI. It does not work very well. Ok For TV Cam.
    -UpHill Race Has AI. It does not work very well. Ok For TV Cam. This is the Old Timing and 16 starting grid on the start line. This is for Online Races.
    -Redone LOD's to improve performance
    -Tweaked material setting in KSEditor
    -Tweaked some textures
    -Tweaked grass
    -Redone some normal maps
    -Fixed lots more holes and gaps. Still lots to go
    -Road side Gravel redone
    -Added some road side tarmac
    -3D Grass is on Maximum track detail only.
    Install Note
    -New SFX need to be installed in SFX DIR. please look at the RAR structure.
    -3D Grass is on Maximum track detail only.

    The road was constructed between 1970 and 1974, during the rule of Nicolae Ceauşescu. It came as a response to the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. Ceauşescu wanted to ensure quick military access across the mountains in the event the Soviets attempted a similar move into Romania. Consequently, the road was built mainly with military forces, at a high cost both financially and from a human standpoint—roughly 6 million kilograms of dynamite were used on the northern face, and about 40 soldiers lost their lives in building accidents. Due to this, the road is referred to as "Ceauşescu's folly".
    Things to do:
    Texturing: A lot of work is needed on the land and a bit on the tarmac.
    Material: I'm having a few difficulty with this as the mo. Trying to get Multimap to work. not much luck. Any tips would be fantastic.
    3D model of the road: First stage of the Hi-rez road mesh is done.
    3D models of other objects: I have a few already made up like some new cars at the side of the roads. I'd like to change them all. I was also looking at changing the 3D people. And im looking at remaking some of the buildings as well.
    AI: None ATM
    Cams: None ATM
    Timing: Mostly working. Timing starts when you start a session not when you cross the start line but it does take your time when you cross the finish. It also restarts the timer. This is the best i can do for the moment as its a game issue which will been fixed in the future.



  10. Aosta Grand Sport (15 layout + drift) + wet and light mod

    Author : durstboiler
    -Added new bonus layout : "Aosta Sport Intermediate Wet".
    Wet road simulation + spot light (only with post process enabled)
    -Added new spot light object.
    -Improvement Dynamique groove (works only online)
    -Minor texture improvement.
    -Opening stands doors.
    Pending the possibility of opening according to the presence of drivers.
    -Improvement oval sport AI.​




  11. Donington Park GP + National

    Donington Park GP & National Circuits for Assetto Corsa by Brun
    **Updated to 2018 Spec - latest download for the old version is 1.15 which can be found here**

    I've definitely not spent 2 1/2 years on this for the money, but if anyone thinks my efforts are worth a beer they can show their appreciation with using the button below. Many thanks to anyone who's done so already.

    version 2.02
    More model and texture updates and tweaks
    Re-recorded AI lines for both layouts. Should be quicker than before, particularly on GP layout.

    version 2.01
    Fixed missing LODs on grass



  12. Alp Hillclimb (point to point)

    Author : tomj
    Converted from "Antonio's" rFactor version, who did it originally for motorhome-online.net (site seems to be dead now though)
    This has the normal and reverse layout with AI.
    The AI are a bit strange at the finish line but they should be decent enough for some offline racing.
    5 Pitboxes for multiplayer races.



  13. Luccaring - Circuito de' Baluardi

    From now on 2 versions are available: Luccaring v0.9 SD is packaged with reduced textures resolution for better performance on lower end PCs and to fit RaceDepartment maximum upload size limits; Luccaring v0.9 HD is packaged with full resolution textures and is available for download to contributors on the official website www.directo.it/luccaring
    LuccaRing SD should look not much different than the HD version up to 1920×1080. If you can afford a powerful PC, a triple monitor setup and a good graphics card with at least 2GB of ram (…and feel you can live with sligthly longer load times), please consider making a donation to enjoy the track in full-res, and to help us with hosting, bandwidth costs and further development. Folder structure and file names of SD and HD versions are exactly the same so they should be fully compatible for online racing. This has not been tested (yet).

    Added fully 3D Porta San Pietro and Porta Sant’Anna + baked AO Fixed camera facing people .ini values Added mipmaps to most textures Updated several shaders/textures Added more AO bakings (offtrack tarmac, terrain and others) Removed tyre barriers at T7 Fixed several trees positions Fixed sponsors positions at Porta San Petro Added missing garden fences/walls (100% done!) Added a few textured and AO baked buildings inside the walls Fixed some floating cardboard grass patches Faster load times (wnet from 20+ secs to 13 secs on my SSD for the HD version, and 8 seconds for the SD version) Splitted some physics surfaces for (slightly) better CPU performance



  14. Circuit de Monaco

    Converted: Mitja Bonca
    Originally made: WCP series
    Knows issues: AI is not working (some bugs in track that I cannot figure it out yet).
    Pits: 24
    Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo around the harbor of the principality of Monaco. It is commonly referred to as "Monte Carlo" because it is largely inside the Monte Carlo neighborhood of Monaco.
    It is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world, along side the Indianapolis 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The circuit has been called "an exceptional location of glamour and prestige.



  15. Solitude Rennstrecke 1964

    Author : a NeelJ by Rainmaker
    The Solituderennen, Solitudering or (in French circuit of Solitude) is a 11.4 km road circuit near Stuttgart, and named after the nearby Castle Solitude. Motor sports events were held from 1903 to 1965.
    Because of the narrow pathways, only motorcycle events were held until 1956. The track and stands were expanded in early 1957 and racing sports cars and racing have been organized by the Automobile Club ADAC. Motorcycle Grand Prix took place on this circuit from 1952 to 1964, with the German motorcycle Grand Prix which takes place here in even years: 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964. From 1961 to 1964, Grand Prix Formula 1 non-championship were held, in addition to tests of Formula 2 and Formula Junior.
    In 2003, a memorial was held, with many former members and vehicles.



  16. Dragon Range by Dori

    Author : Dori
    Here's a track I've been working on, it's a mountain road point to point.
    I designed it for drifting, there's an up hill and down hill version.
    I included a blank for the wrong way warning and a back up of the original. I have the AI for the up hill in the down hill track too so the cameras work (making cameras is a pain). I also included an AI line for down hill if you don't want to get rid of the wrong way warning, only the replay cameras are not set up for it. I will fix this when there's a working camera tool.
    None of the included Ai will actually work for racing. I didn't think it will be important for a drift track, I just wanted the replay cams to work.
    I got most of the textures free online, from places like Deviant Art, so did what I can for now with them, until I learn to do this properly.
    I will be extending the track to about 8km once I get what I have looking good and running good.
    The bottom of the hill was meant to be like a small town or city, but I'll have to wait until I can do it properly, so I just threw something in there so it doesn't look too bare.
    Added online friendly downhill track with no AI.
    New terrain textures
    New grass textures with flowers
    road signs added
    remodeled some terrain
    New concrete shader and some shader adjustments.
    New lakes added, with experimental water.
    added 35 pit boxes
    more accurate track map
    Fixed mistakes in downhill track, mainly grass should look much better now.
    First version made using the ks editor.
    Pretty much every shader adjusted and textures changed for some parts.
    Rebuilt terrain, saved more than 50% less vertices.
    New illumination.
    New background mountains added.
    Runs great now best performance and best looking version yet.
    Fixed grass
    New shaders for terrain, tarmac, armco and walls.
    Various shader and texture adjustments
    Online compatiblity.
    Lots of optimisations, terrain and cherry trees redone.
    Palm trees added.
    Improved Grass.
    Roundabout at down hill start added.
    Wall fixed to stop weird stuff.
    Some shaders adjusted. I wanted to do more with shaders and textures for this version, but I'm having trouble importing my track to the Ks editor.
    Should see big improvement in FPS, about 30% or more.



  17. Paul Ricard

    Author : tony.messagers
    This track is made with the real height datas and tracing.
    The modeling is on Maya, based on IGN datas and satellite datas.
    The Paul Ricard Circuit is a motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, near Marseille. It is regarded as one of the best testing circuits in the world. The track is famous for its 1.8km Mistral straight. The full track is around 3.610 miles (5.8 km) long. The shorter circuit is known as the GP short circuit and is 2.369 miles (3.8 km) long. The track offers 167 possible configurations from 826 to 5,861 metres. Its flexibility and mild winter weather mean that it is used for testing by several motorsport teams, including Formula One teams.
    New in v0.9.7:
    - CPU optimisation: AI reduce of 50% CPU ocupation.
    - GPU optimisation: reduce of 3 or 4 % GPU ocupation.
    - New AI for all Layout, better work.
    - Kerbs texture update: more realitic.
    - New Sun Positon.
    - New Weather and PPeffect.
    - Night weather mode on test.
    - Wall added for multiplayer regulation on BlancPain and 24H Layout.
    - Rename "Club, Training" by "Club, Practice".



  18. Circuit of Lignières, Switzerland Canton of Neuchâtel

    Circuit of Lignières, Switzerland Canton of Neuchâtel by Ultimate71
    Reproduction from scratch of the circuit of Lignières in Switzerland IA and TVcam configured
    Nice for Dirt and racing



  19. Surfers Paradise 2004

    Author : NeelJ and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was upgraded for gMotor2 by NeelJ and was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Original authors are Zero-g & IDT for F1 Challenge. Permission was granted by NeelJ. Thank you!
    26 pit boxes
    4.498 m long
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -Shadows for all objects
    -AC road shader
    -AC grass shader
    -AC "water" shader (high ksSpecularEXP value)
    -working pit lane
    -changed values for the lighting.ini
    -hot lapping function



  20. Eastern Creek 2014

    Author : Rainmaker
    Located in a suburb of Sydney, Eastern Creek is an Australian race track that hosts the V8 Supercar series among other events. The 12-corner 3.9 kilometer layout comes with plenty of elevation changes and a very challenging, high speed first corner.
    -fixed shadows of the blue curbs
    -new track previews
    -fixed two broken objects
    -removed unnecessary camera start file and groove



  21. Hlboka Street Racing Circuit

    Author : Hadiak
    • Length: 3400m / width: 13m
    • 24 Pit boxes
    • AI
    • TV cameras
    • dynamic race groove
    • physical road layer with increased geometry
    • hot air balloon



  22. Watkins Glen

    Watkins Glen
    original autor Jason6787
    Ported in AC: aspec7878



  23. Dijon-Prenois 2005

    This 3D-track was done by a unknown author. It was converted and enhanced by Rainmaker for Assetto Corsa.

    -competitive AI
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -24 pit boxes with working pit lane



  24. Race of Champion

    Author : TX3 stazer92
    "Race "super special " between two drivers on two parallel tracks, which form a continuous circuit. Both drivers and travel the same distance in the same places , but not at the same times . In a duel , the winner is the one who homered via the two tracks , as soon as possible ."
    This version is a version of Alex , Com8 based on rFactor .
    He has allowed us to convert its track on assetto corsa .
    - 4 pit stands
    - 4 start if you want
    - Ai lane
    - No tracks camera for the moment (if you want to help do not hesitate)
    - Basic tracks surfaces
    - Need to add 4 laps for have 2 loops
    add new skida textures
    add new metal textures for stadium



  25. Hillclimb Los Marteles including App RALLY TIME

    Author : Cranck
    Gran Canaria
    5,6 km
    Uphill mode
    Using in practice mode
    Online functionality
    added set cameras tv
    10 pit box and asistance zone
    patch map with defined sectors



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