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  1. Surfers Paradise 2004

    Author : NeelJ and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was upgraded for gMotor2 by NeelJ and was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Original authors are Zero-g & IDT for F1 Challenge. Permission was granted by NeelJ. Thank you!
    26 pit boxes
    4.498 m long
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -Shadows for all objects
    -AC road shader
    -AC grass shader
    -AC "water" shader (high ksSpecularEXP value)
    -working pit lane
    -changed values for the lighting.ini
    -hot lapping function



  2. Japan RoadTrack Nsuka

    This track is Nsuka(Naruto Skyline) 23.1km (From Rfactor)
    Track model made by Takach
    Don't support Race(You can play practice, HotLap and Drift)
    AI Line and camera(for InnerLoop) is made by Phoenix77
    V2.5 Peformance Update And Add EastLong LeyoutV2.5 Peformance Update And Add EastLong Leyout
    Peformance increase.(and include no shadow model file.)
    Add Satellite texture(using Rf1Version's texture so it is old and not high resolution)



  3. Aosta Grand Sport (15 layout + drift) + wet and light mod

    Author : durstboiler
    -Added new bonus layout : "Aosta Sport Intermediate Wet".
    Wet road simulation + spot light (only with post process enabled)
    -Added new spot light object.
    -Improvement Dynamique groove (works only online)
    -Minor texture improvement.
    -Opening stands doors.
    Pending the possibility of opening according to the presence of drivers.
    -Improvement oval sport AI.​




  4. Glava Zete Hillclimb

    Author : Lemax
    you my track Glava Zete originally created for rFactor and rebuilt for AC.
    the track length is 6.9km and it's located near Niksic city, the second largest city in Montenegro.
    version 0.9.1:
    -fix for "hotlap" and "race mode"
    version 0.9
    -new trackside and pit objects
    -3D spectators ( goodbye cardboard cutouts
    -new distant trees
    -road surface is slightly bumpier
    -some work on material/shader settings
    -new cameras



  5. Norisring 2009

    Norisring 2009 v2.03
    made by com8
    conversion by SandroX and Rainmaker

    SandroX gave me the permission for a overhaul of his Norisring conversion. Thank you for that!
    This 3D-track was made by com8 (Alex Hummler) for rFactor. The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by SandroX. The enhancement of the AC version was made by Rainmaker.
    This release will be the last track from me for the moment.
    Changelog since AC version 1.0:
    fixed double sided objects (fixed trees)
    completely rebuild AI for AC v1.1
    fixed normals
    added shadows to all objects
    new road, sand, grass and flag shader
    rebuild pits, so it's usable in multiplayer -> reduced grid
    tweaked surfaces
    set correct shader to the building at the end of the s/f straight



  6. Race of Champion

    Author : TX3 stazer92
    "Race "super special " between two drivers on two parallel tracks, which form a continuous circuit. Both drivers and travel the same distance in the same places , but not at the same times . In a duel , the winner is the one who homered via the two tracks , as soon as possible ."
    This version is a version of Alex , Com8 based on rFactor .
    He has allowed us to convert its track on assetto corsa .
    - 4 pit stands
    - 4 start if you want
    - Ai lane
    - No tracks camera for the moment (if you want to help do not hesitate)
    - Basic tracks surfaces
    - Need to add 4 laps for have 2 loops
    add new skida textures
    add new metal textures for stadium



  7. Adria Raceway

    Author : Mitja Bonca
    Adria International Raceway is a motorsportrace track near Adria in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. It is a permanent road course, and is 2.702 km (1.679 mi) in length. The venue has hosted the FIA GT Championship, Italian Formula Three, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters and the Formula Three Euroseries.
    Converted to AC: Mitja Bonca
    Originally created: Slider916 and CodeF1
    Working AI
    22 pit boxes



  8. Silverstone 1988

    Author : carrera4 and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of schwarzbierbude.de.
    The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of schwarzbierbude.de your friendly AC-Server.
    -16 pit boxes
    -AI (pit and fast lane)
    -AC road and grass shader
    -correct day light representation
    -hot lapping function
    -support for time attack mode
    Known Issues:
    -bumpy track



  9. Algarve International Circuit

    Authorized Conversion
    Original Creator :
    Nuno Ferraz
    Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima 
    Fully Fuctional track
    42 Pit boxes
    Ai and cameras by FlashCrow
    Thanks to Nuno Ferraz for His permition

    Free free to give ideas to improvements
    Special Thanks :
    -All the friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped with testing
    -All The ideas from people around the forums
    -Word Sim Racing Championship
    -chargingcar for the authorization to do my own work to the track



  10. Circuit du Laquais

    Author : MegadetH
    GTR2 Version - GT Legends Version
    - 12 pit and race start positions
    - IA working (will need a few tweaks but it's a start...)
    - Working track map in-game
    - Added picture and track map in the menu (track selection)
    - Remove "road edge"
    - A few graphical improvements



  11. Barbagallo raceway

    Barbagallo Raceway V1.2 by Darren Blythe
    Barbagallo Raceway at Wanneroo is Western Australia's only permanent racing circuit and has been operated continuously since 1969. It is most recognized for it's place on the V8 Supercar Calendar and it's short and fast layout coupled with some nice elevation changes make it exciting and fun to race.
    Barbagallo is one of my favorite Aussie tracks so I started putting this together a few months ago. It started as a test project to help me get to grips with AC's modding possibilities but took on a life of it's own. It is scratch built from the ground up.
    Over six months and 1000 hours later I'm proud to bring you the first release of this great little track for Assetto Corsa.
    A huge amount of effort went into this project. I hope you enjoy it.
    V1.2 - Update 01/12/14
    Two fantastic new camsets by norbs: TV2 and Kerbcams
    Fixed sticky tyrewalls on pit straight
    Optimized collision meshes
    Minor mesh fixes
    Dynamic groove tweaked
    Version Number added to track description



  12. Suzuka 1988

    Author : carrera4 and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of schwarzbierbude.de.
    The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of schwarzbierbude.de your friendly AC-Server.
    -working AI for AC v1.2
    -21 pit boxes with working pit lane
    -bonus layout without chicane
    -shadows for all objects
    -a skybox
    -correct day light presentation
    -hot lapping function
    -support for time attack mode



  13. Eastern Creek 2014

    Author : Rainmaker
    Located in a suburb of Sydney, Eastern Creek is an Australian race track that hosts the V8 Supercar series among other events. The 12-corner 3.9 kilometer layout comes with plenty of elevation changes and a very challenging, high speed first corner.
    -fixed shadows of the blue curbs
    -new track previews
    -fixed two broken objects
    -removed unnecessary camera start file and groove



  14. Adelaide Clipsal 500 2011 Street Circuit

    Author : tewie
    This is a conversion of a track that I previously converted to GTR Evo. Its my first go at an Assetto Corsa track and will attempt to produce more V8 Supercar / Australian locations in the future.
    Length - 3.219 km (2.012 mi)
    Turns - 15
    Grid Positions - 28
    PitBoxes - 28
    Fixed in this update: v0.90
    Track textures updated
    Tree textures updated
    Some shaders adjusted
    Current Issues:
    Start and pit lights don't work
    Pit Crew not visible



  15. Joux Plane

    Kegetys made his Joux Plane Track public, all hail to the Finns!
    Joux Plane v1.4 for Assetto Corsa early access
    originally from Richard Burns Rally
    Extract to your AC install directory (Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa).
    If you do not own Richard Burns Rally and play this you are a bad person.
    For AC early access version, don't complain if it breaks in a future AC update.
    - The timing starts immediately when you enter the track
    - Road and grass surfaces are not as detailed/varied as originally
    - There are no sector times
    - Tree collisions can be somewhat buggy
    - Some objects are missing
    - AI wont work
    - No track map
    Imported & tweaked for AC by Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen, www.kegetys.fi
    v1.4 - I had a look at why the tree, forest, etc. collisions were not working since some Assetto Corsa patch and it turned out to be easy to fix so here is another update for Joux Plane. I improved the tree collision models as well, they no longer throw you around the track so much (rather you seem to now sometimes get stuck in them. Oh well).
    Removed some remnants of low detail geometry under the track causing collision issues with newer AC versions
    Broken track section no longer adds dirt to tyres
    All grass is now valid track to avoid penalty from small cuts
    Added more zoomed in external cameras



  16. Rivijera (fantasy) by Lemax

    -fantasy track that I originally created for rFactor now quick converted to AC just to test
    -no AI, no trackmap, timing doesn't work, etc.
    -fixed hotlap
    -shadow improvements
    -timing is working
    -small work on models and textures
    -added ambient sounds(birds, ocean waves)
    -and trees are ugly :/
    -if someone doesn't have any sounds on track, go to ...\tracks\Rivijera\data , open with text editor file "audio_sources" and delete next lines:



  17. Nordschleife by Snoopy

    Original makers:
    *Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
    6e66o - textures
    Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
    Misan - AIW, Cam's
    Tobi - website, board
    Many thanks to the guys on this forum:
    Tmanning47- Conversion
    Stereo- Conversion fixes
    Qwaribo-brute force json editing
    Flashcrow-AI fastlane
    never_eat_yellow_snow1-overlay map
    The_Doctor and-trackside cameras

    copy the entire folder called "nord_snoopy_0.5.0" to: X:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks and paste it



  18. Alpine Rally (Fictional, Scratch Made Rally Stage)

    Author : ultranew_b

    After playing TTMs awesome conversion of Monte Carlo Stage 3, Inspiration hit!! So after 2 weeks of work, I'm getting ready to release my 3rd custom level for AC, Alpine Rally. This is a scratch made fantasy level (not ported). It's 7.9 km long with a good mix of high speed stretchs interspersed with twists, turns and lots of elevation changes.The first half of the course is uphill, the second half is downhill. It has 4 slots with working AI and TV replay cameras and is online tested.
    Credits: TTM for the road diffuse textures
    Please use the included custom no fog weather config
    called "Alpine Custom" @ time 12:30, for optimum conditions.
    To use: Simply, select "Alpine Custom" in the weather
    select menu.
    It does not overwrite any files.



  19. Road Atlanta

    by thestrobe8
    Based on the original
    Road Atlanta
    for rFactor by Uzzi
    Original creators:
    *Uzzi* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Uzzi - former modeling, organisation
    Pandamasque - textures




  20. Watkins Glen

    Watkins Glen
    original autor Jason6787
    Ported in AC: aspec7878



  21. Melbourne Grand Prix - Circuit of Albert Park by Yagami93

    Author : Yagami93
    - Reshaped trees
    - Reshaped pitlane
    - Crew Stands (empty atm)
    - Surrounding environment (basic terrain)
    - Pits: Pit Boxes, 22 places
    To Do
    - Surrounding environment (buildings, etc)
    - Pits: Pitwalls
    - Starting Grid (Lights)
    - White lines around the track
    - AI & Cameras
    - Others



  22. Alp Hillclimb (point to point)

    Author : tomj
    Converted from "Antonio's" rFactor version, who did it originally for motorhome-online.net (site seems to be dead now though)
    This has the normal and reverse layout with AI.
    The AI are a bit strange at the finish line but they should be decent enough for some offline racing.
    5 Pitboxes for multiplayer races.



  23. Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit

    Author : tomj
    Conversion of Doser's Melbourne track originally for Euroracers, also including assets from a version by Triebie and de_Vil, with a few minor modifications specifically for gameplay in Assetto Corsa.



  24. Prato by DarkShinryu

    - Better ui preview image for prato long
    - 21 pit boxes
    - Added tracks lenght in the ui info
    - Ai for both tracks, new ai for short layout (provided by Stepy)
    - A bunch of new textures
    - Adjusted a few shaders settings that i missed last time
    - Fixed bumpy white lines
    - Corrected start spawn positions
    - Working traffic lights
    - Fixed some invisible walls
    - Removed windows on the pit wall



  25. Autodromo Internacional Algarve

    The trees still need more attention , And two materials need changing but can not find them in 3DS Max or the SDK , So will make new UV,s when we have the time to finish it ,
    41 Pitboxes , 41 Startboxes , Hotlap / Challenge ect all Added , Sector 0,1,2 Added ,
    Some more tweeks and adjustments will be made ect after community feedback to get it to the 1.0 Final Version ,
    On the 2 downslopes I have watched many videos and noticed that there was some bumps I have added them to the track intentional , the car now makes the exact same noises as you drive over the bumps as the reference video I used , Also someone mentioned after beta testing that they thought there where more bumps around the track but will look further into to it later on ,


    One of the best tracks I have drove on AC really challenging to master a great track and a must have !



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