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  1. AC Telemetry Interface (motec output)

    Author : KLGreene
    (ACTI) Assetto Corsa Telemetry Interface
    v1.0.3: (released during Assetto Corsa ver 1.3.1)
    - Fix for AC ver 1.3

    ACTI is a standalone client that together with an in-game app allows live access to and recording of Assetto Corsa telemetry data. Some of its key features are:
    Record telemetry data in Motec i2 compatible log files (i2 v1.0.21.30 currently supported). View live telemetry data in user-configurable workspaces. Remote telemetry access (recording / viewing live data from a friend / teammate located anywhere in the world while they are on track). Easy in-game control over telemetry acquisition. Included in the package are:
    The acti client. The in-game acti trigger control app. Motec i2 installer. Sample Motec i2 Project based on the data channels currently available from Assetto Corsa.




  2. Tyre temperature and pressure

    We are on early access !
    Kunos brought something beautiful to us.
    So I decided to make a new version of my techpreview tyre temperatures app.

    Version 1.0
    - reboot for the early access version
    - added a barscale for tyre dirt level

    Version 1.1
    - added max temps and psi recording
    - rearrange dirtbars and value​
    Future Updates
    - tyre wear
    - inside/mid/outside temperatures

    Just extract the folders into your Assetto Corsa maindirectory.




  3. F1 2014 Hud

    Author : Ov1
    This HUD was used since Great Britain GP to the end of the season




  4. Mini Cockpit Apps

    Author : Jorge Alves
    . more accurate Delta code (from Erwin Scmidt Better Delta App)
    . added Optimal Temperature spinner (using code from Thomas "flitzi")
    . added button arrow to hide/show optimal temperature spinner
    . optimal temperature values are automaticly stored by car (not by tires or track) when exiting

    Unrar folders into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

    Application LAP
    . Shows your current lap number (* in HotLap mode will tell the current valid lap number)
    . Shows your current lap time
    . Everytime you cross finish line the lap time will be displayed for 5 sec and then returns to count on new lap
    *. If you go off-track and lap becomes invalid time will become red
    . If you do a new best lap it will also become green like BEST LAP application

    * invalid laps are not implemented in the current beta version 0.2 so you will not see them working like in Tech Preview version

    Application DELTA
    Shows the gap between current lap and best lap

    Application BEST LAP
    Shows your best lap and it will become green in new Best Lap

    Application LAST LAP
    Shows your lat lap

    Application MINI TIRES TEMP
    Shows the temp colors of the 4 tires (mini version of the Danny Giusa Tyres Temp app)

    Application STATS BAR
    Shows lap, delta, last lap, best lap, and tires temp in a single bar

    Im not so good writting code so if you find any bugs on it post it here so maybe i can fixe them ... or maybe you can help me to fix them


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  5. ACManager

    Version 2.3.3 included the DLC  RED PACK   Version 2.3.2
    This version takes into account the Japanese pack
    Update ACManager following the publication of AC1.5
    Deplus, it is now possible to import dan ACManager MODS that were not installed with ACManager (Tab parameter).  
    The 2.2.6 version of ACManager takes account versions and MOD loading sites.

    ACManagerV2 is a management support utility and installation of MODS for Assetto Corsa.
    This software is free, however, the licensing will allow you to support author of ACManager, and remove the nag screen.
    A license will be sent by email against the sum of € 3
    - Version 2.0.0 adds CARS MOD or MOD TRACKS without actually installing ASSETTO CORSA in the directory, creating a folder junction the folder is physically and MOD are virtual location in AC.It works like a shortcut that would be recognized by AC.
    - You have access to the function Showroom AC.
    - You can install the MOD and MOD CARS TRACKS automatically from ZIP or RAR files provided you have installed WinRar.
    - The ACManagerV2 updates are automatic.- You can record the MOD and leave a comment.
    - You have access to your best lap time based cars or selected tracks.





  6. RallyTime App

    Asus Saberthoot z 77 V-LX 4 DDR3, core i5 3570K 3.40GHZ, ATI RADEON R9 380 4GB, Power supply 1000w by aerocool, 8 gb ram hyperx.





  7. Skins Manager

    Programma per la gestione (installazione da archivi compressi, eliminazione, ecc.) delle skin e dei setup di Assetto Corsa
    Discussioni sul forum dedicato.
    nuova versione




    English Finnish French German Italian Polish Portuguese The application is portable so no installation is needed.

    With this application you can:

    · manage skins (download, install from archives, delete, rename, launch showroom)

    · manage setups (edit and compare them)

    It has been tested on Windows 7 64 bit with administrator account and it is designed to work with default or custom paths of "Early Access" and "Steam".

    The first time you start the application, it will check for:

    · acs.exe

    · Assetto Corsa folder (where AC saves replays, setups, etc.)

    If you are not using default paths but custom ones then a window will appear and you have to set both paths (even if you use for example only a custom path for installation files). This is necessary why once SM.ini is created, application will read paths from that file. I hope I wasclear.

    Example of default paths

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Assetto Corsa

    If you are using default paths then you have to do nothing, just use application.

    Skins Manager Tab

    Exploring skins

    As you start application you’ll see all available cars under “car list†column.

    If you click on a car you’ll see all skins related under “skin list†column. If you click on a skin a preview will be displayed.

    If you double click on a car name it will be opened relative folder. The same happens for skin names.

    Install a new skin

    1. Select a car under “car list†column.

    2. Click on Add new skin in the action bar

    3. Select compressed archive (only .rar, .7z and .zip) and the application will extract all files to right path.

    Delete a skin

    1. Select a car under “car list†column.

    2. Select a skin under “skin list†column.

    3. Click on Delete in the action bar.

    You can also delete multiple skins: just hold CTRL and select skins with mouse then click on Delete.

    Rename folder of a skin

    1. Select a car under “car list†column.

    2. Select a skin under “skin list†column.

    3. Click on Rename in the action bar.

    4. Cursor will blink. Write the new name and press Enter on your keyboard.

    Launch showroom

    1. Select a car under “car list†column.

    2. Select a skin under “skin list†column.

    3. Click on Launch Showroom in the action bar.

    Download new skins Tab

    1. Select a skin from combo box. A preview will be displayed (internet connection required).

    2. Click on Download button to download selected skin. By default file is saved in SKINS folder. You can choose a different folder clicking on Settings (menu bar).

    Preview images are saved to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Temp\SM_preview so no need to download them every time. If you want to delete cached files click on Settings and select Off under Cache voice.

    Car Setups Tab

    Add new setup

    1. Select a car in the first box.

    2. Select a track in second box.

    3. Click on Add new setup in the action bar, finally select the file with ini extension.

    Delete a setup

    1. Select a car in the first box.

    2. Select a track in second box. A list of all available setups will be displayed in the last box on the right.

    3. Tick the setup then right click on setup name and select Delete. You can delete multiple setups.

    Duplicate a setup

    1. Select a car in the first box.

    2. Select a track in second box. A list of all available setups will be displayed in the last box on the right.

    3. Select the setup then click on Delete (no need to tick it).

    When there is some value out the ranges the application saves a file named Log.txt so you can check the error. Setups ranges are collected manually since values are stored in data.acd which is encrypted. If you find any error or missing setup please report.

    I suggest to run application as administrator.

    If you have any problem please attach a screenshot and provide url of the forum post where you downloaded the skin.

    If you’d like to use application in your own language please contact me and I’ll send strings to be translated.

    FOV Tab

    Known issues

    Problems loading png images.
    Some antivirus detect the application as a virus so you should add to exclusions.

    Share your skins

    If you want your skin added to database there are two alternatives.
    The first one is that you write to me to add it: I'll upload the skin to my dropbox account and then I'll update the list of downloadable skins.

    The second one is that you help me using the ini file attached to this first post (Modulo_SKINS.INI). Fill it then send it to me and I'll update the list of downloadable skins.

    This is how the file is structured:

    URL=direct link
    PREVIEW=direct link (no attached images to forums)
    ARTIST=your name
    SITE_URL=link to where you release you skin (forum/blog, etc.)
    PATH=leave it empty

    Always use direct links.

    Examples of direct links:


    Example of links with redirect:


    Dropbox links which contains /s/ are not direct links.
 - 21/02/2014
    updated Portuguese translation - 20/02/2014
    updated French translation - 17/02/2014
    can save language choice
    added missing setting in bmw_m3_e30 setup ranges - 15/02/2014
    replaced popup menu with action bar
    added automatic installation after download
    downloaded skin is installed for all compatible models
    added French language
    dropdown list automatically refresh after updating skins list
    skin box automatically adapts to skins name
    changed default directory for saving downloaded skins
    can set custom directory for saving downloaded skins
    fixed issue with loading png images
    fixed issue with freeing resources after download
    rearranged setup screen
    fixed application freeze during download
    changed application name
    added setup ranges for mclaren_mp412c_gt3 - 31/01/2014
    fixed label alignment in german translation - 31/01/2014
    improved archives extraction
    bugfix - 28/01/2014
    bugfix - 27/01/2014
    added button for updating downloadable skins list - 25/01/2014
    updated portuguese localization - 24/01/2014
    car setups comparison and editing
    added Polish localization
    added Portuguese localization
    added FOV calculator
    improved paths management
    bug fixes - 21/12/2013
    added German localization
    added Finnish localization
    several GUI changes
    added tab to download skins
    added tab to manage setups
    added possibility to set custom path for "Assetto Corsa" folder - 05/12/2013
    added Italian localization
    added button to launch Showroom - 27/12/2013
    fixed initial directory issue - 27/11/2013
    added button for setting "assettocorsa" path - 26/11/2013
    First release




  8. Real Head Motion

    Author : magicfr
    Biological facts
    The feel of equilibrium, acceleration, gravity, and so bumps are not feel by the eye but with the inner hear. Wich is made of liquid and crystals in circular tunnels.

    When the inner hear feels bumps and head motion, it instinctly moves your eyes to soften/filter/remove those bumps.

    2 experiences to demonstrate that.
    1) when put somebody on a chair, in complete dark, you film his eyes with an infrared caemras, you turn the chair, is eyes will roll too, even if he see nothing

    2) this one you can do it yourself, looks at in front of you, at your screen, now shake your head, the vision will not move.

    When there is conflicting information from inner hear and eye, you feel strange, it's difficult to focus on the road, and you can have nausea.

    What happens in a car
    When you are driving, you are looking the road, and all the bumps are filter/corrected by your inner hear, so the viewing of the track is smooth and it's the car cockpit that moving around you.

    What happens in a Sim
    Because you are sitting and a standing chair/seat, you head is not moving at all, so the inner ear is not working, the eye don't correct the bumps.
    That's make 2 issues :
    1) you can't focus on the road, the road is shaking and not smooth, it's difficult to drive
    2) you can get nausea because you have conflicting information from eyes and inner hear.

    How it should be in a Sim
    The camera should stayed focus on the track and not locked to car cockpit,that's what my App is doing by filtering bumps and slopes.
    0.9.5 : - fix Shared memory handle init for correct open in read only
    0.9.4 : - Added look behind binding, please read explanations above
    0.9.3 : - Fix SlipAngle when going reverse
    - Fix filter value for smoothing back to old range
    0.9.2 : - Fix Look over shoulder when no binding on shoulder buttons
    - Added SlipAngle Look LR, in addtion to other 2 look LR ( Angular Velocity / Steering )
    0.9.1 : - Look options and bindings are now in separte windows
    0.9.0 : Added Angular Velocity Look LR
    - Added G Lat Roll LR
    - Now update is done in a independant thread, and dialog updated in TimeTick : CPU usage greatly reduced and should fix stuterring issues
    - If no XML , correctly init with default values 0.8.1 : Update to new track IR range in A.C. 1.1





  9. MHUD

    Author : Xenta Aka Xenicle
    MHUD based on real BMW M4 HUD.

    Install :
    Extract Zip archive in \Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\

    Version :
    Add a Turbo meter.
    Add traceback integration for better bug tracking.  


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  10. Rivali OV1 Info

    by Rivali team
    -> Topic forum support <-
    Hey guys, I got my first app working with the tools provided by the devs. There are still a lot of things to do, but until some of the required dev functions are working and others are available I'll have to settle with the current state.
    Hope you guys will enjoy it, as much as I do!

    Description: OV1 Info app is an all-in-one information hub. It has a modern design that hopefully will suit many users and it has the required information, which I think are vital for practice and racing.
    Download the file (link at the bottom of the post). Extract the folders inside the Assetto Corsa root folder:
    Code: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\ The folder "OV1Info" should be next to the "gMeter" and "system" folders.

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    Please make sure you enable the app by going to AC's Settings Panel > General (bottom of the screen).

    For those of you who already use this app, when updating, make sure you don't overwrite your "best_lap.ini" file. Cut and paste to another folder, delete your old "ov1info" folder. Extract the new files and replace the new "best_lap.ini" with your old one.

    For V4.0 the folder structure has been changed: "best_lap.ini" and "car_info.ini" files can be found inside the "userdata" folder.

    Known issues:
    For those of you who use OV1 F1 2014 HUD as well, please make sure you update it to the latest version (link in my signature). Both apps need to be updated to avoid malfunctions. Waiting for your input on this Change log v4.1 (August 31th, 2014):
    Panels can now be attached/detached on both sides of the tachometer; Fuel information is now on its own panel, which can be moved anywhere and also on the right side of the tachometer; Changed fuel gauge (now in the top position, with new design); Moved delta meter display at the bottom of the tachometer (had to be done for visual balance reasons); Tachometer can now be hidden individually (close the main app from apps sidebar); Added 8th gear texture and logic for the Formula Corsa F1 2014 cars; Added "invisible" Pin texture (with back-up). Code: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\gui\controls\form\pin_icn_OFF.png Change log v4.0 (August 30th, 2014):
    NEW: Added swappable panels to the main app. You can now drag and "snap-into-place" a panel to the tachometer window. Watch latest video to see it in action! Major code structure improvement (files, classes, etc.) Updated "sim_info.py" file to the latest version. App is now compatible with the latest version of Assetto Corsa (0.22.xx)


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  11. Assetto Corsa - Configurando o Logitech Profiler

    Assetto Corsa - Configurando o Logitech Profiler




  12. Neutral post process filter

    Author : Rainmaker
    -slightly brighter, tracks like Nordschleife look better now
    The neutral post process filter gives you the opportunity to experience the Assetto Corsa graphics engine in a more natural way and without fancy effects.
    The Neutral pp-filter is a mixture of the default and photographic standard filter made by KUNOS, with enhancements done by Rainmaker.

    -clean looking picture
    -NO fancy effects
    -NO FPS lose

    Copy the Neutral.ini file into your pp-filters folder, by default:
    YOUR STEAM FOLDER\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters

    In game open the pp-filter app on the right screen side. Change the filter preset by pressing the arrow buttons.




  13. Audio application

    Author : rafffel

    What this app announce ?
    -Position in a session
    -Time of lap
    -Announce remain fuel by button (like radio call)
    -announce when it's 2 and 1 lap left of fuel and fuel out (from miniapps)​ -Blue flag (from ferito-blueflag code)
    -Tyre state by button (like radio call) 2 mode (each tyre announce or front/rear train announce)
    -Lap left (Mid race,3 lap to go, last lap)
    -Lap number currently finished
    -ABS state when it was enable or disable (from miniapps)
    -TC state same as up(from miniapps)
    -Delta time between ahead and behind car (from actracker) need one lap completed for get delta time
    -Best lap announce

    All this feature are enable or disable individually by .ini or in GUI
    Thanks to tyrylu for his project : https://github.com/tyrylu/pyfmodex
    Thanks to f_deutsch for blue flag code
    Thanks to Rombik for Siminfo
    Thanks to Jorge Alves for miniapps code of fuel and give me idea to create this app and pygame integration
    Thanks to Mathias André for actracker code
    if i forgot any crédits say it to me i will add you on list and be sorry to have forgot you




  14. Corner Names Pack

    Corner Names Pack by Itcars
    This mod includes the Corner Names from the Adria Raceway, Bathurst and the circuit Gilles-Villesneuve. Just put it in the content Folder of Assetto Corsa. If you want to see more tracks in the future please let me know in the Support Section. To activate you have to open the ingame Corner Names app




  15. AcTools Cars Manager

    Auhor : x4fab
    Small utility for easy editing ui_car.json files. Written using NW.js.

    If you have some ideas and suggestions about batch processing or something else, please tell me.

    Enable/disable cars; edit name, brand, class, tags, description & specs Install new cars or skins or update existing with drag'n'drop from archives or folders New fields: year, country, author, version, url; autoupdatable database with values Search for description online Reassign parents, change and create new upgrade icons Detect unoriginal sfx View skins & liveries, auto-update liveries colors Auto-update Previews to Kunos-style or something else Body/Wheels Ambient Shadow Fixer Open showroom, start quick practice (or hotlap/drift session) Restoration Wizard, Batch Processing Delete cars to Recycle Bin

    .NET Framework 4.5 Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 (x86) Some free place (at least ≈0.5GB, just for in case) DirectX 11 for custom showroom

    Please don't unpack carsmgr.exe in folders like C:\Program Files, it won't be able to auto-update itself. If new ambient shadows are not appropriate, you always could restore original from the trash bin. If after practice in app default launcher doesn't work anymore, just start practice one more time. Or, if size of AssettoCorsa.exe is ≈10KB and there is AssettoCorsa.exe~at_bak nearby, replace AssettoCorsa.exe with AssettoCorsa.exe~at_bak. It's a long story. This app is open-source, and you can do with the source whatever you want, but I highly recommend to write me first – it's written with Js-Ext, and I can't say it's well documented.
    Notes about Auto-update Previews Feature

    If your screen resolution isn't 1920×1080, maybe default camera position is wrong. In that case, please, find new position and send it to me with your screen resolution. Result camera position always is slightly different. It's obviously a bug, but at this moment I don't know how to fix it. The problem is because my app sends same commands with same delays, but this is PC, not atomic clock, so delays are changing. Camera rotation is acShowroom.exe is very smooth, so this affects speed and, as result, camera position is kind of random. Maybe later I'll find the way to directly interfere with acShowroom.exe process memory and set camera position directly, but it probably will require Administrator rights and maybe even change some values in registry. I've stopped to develop Custom Showroom because I can't clone original shaders close enough. It's pretty buggy with some cars and way too dark, but without right shaders it doesn't matter. If you know all this DX11 stuff, I would be very happy if you could help me.




  16. Natural Graphics Mod

    Author : Chris Kennedy
    To install: unzip to the root of your AC install folder. Run JSGME and activate Natural Weather and optionally Natural SweetFX Addon then select the Natural Int PP filter in game, set saturation to 100% in graphics options.

    Natural Int is set up for cockpit view, probably works best for any view when driving. Natural Ext is for screenshots replays. Natural Photomode is for screenshots only, has higher quality DOF effect and other tweaks. For specific details of all filters see the readme.txt

    Note: The weather and SweetFX addons are not essential, you can just extract the pp filter alone and get the majority of the improvements.
    The default weather files included in 1.1 are pretty good so I only made fairly small tweaks some of them, noteworthy ones are to the sky/horizon, cloud speed and fog in clear/mid clear, fog colour/blend in heavy/medium fog. Mid clouds modified to look like an overcast day, Heavy clouds modified to look like its about to rain. Ambient light balanced to stop some weather looking too dark.

    What does the SweetFX Addon do?
    Attempt to balance the oversaturated cars and undersaturated tracks, small boost to highlights too. Not essential by any means but a subtle balancing tweak not possible without SweetFX.
    Note: If you use SweetFX, avoid using F8 to take screenshots as they will be taken before SweetFX is applied
    The default weather files included in 1.1 are pretty good so I only made fairly small tweaks some of them, noteworthy ones are to the sky/horizon, cloud speed and fog in clear/mid clear, fog colour/blend in heavy/medium fog. Mid clouds modified to look like an overcast day, Heavy clouds modified to look like its about to rain. Ambient light balanced to stop some weather looking too dark.

    What does the SweetFX Addon do?
    Attempt to balance the oversaturated cars and undersaturated tracks, small boost to highlights too. Not essential by any means but a subtle balancing tweak not possible without SweetFX.
    Note: If you use SweetFX, avoid using F8 to take screenshots as they will be taken before SweetFX is applied




  17. Proracing dashboard

    Author : Stefan Mizzi
    Requirements: Windows and .NET 4.5
    I have finally ported the Proracing dashboard to Assetto Corsa and wanted to share it with you.

    Basically, this is a web dashboard which can be viewed from any of your monitors and any other network capable devices (tablets, mobile etc) through a web browser.

    Apart from this, you can also set port forwarding your IP and give your external IP to anyone in the world and they can also see your dashboard, lets say your racing engineer.

    What I also tried to achieve is that you can build your own dashboard, with your custom background images and colors as shown in the video below. You can then add the widgets you want to the dashboard. Its also comes with a few ready made dashboards.

    The windows app also features in-game widgets but they do not work well with AC. They work best with rFactor 2 and Raceroom experience.

    And finally, unfortunately, due to missing data (or not working) from AC Share Memory a few things are missing for Assetto Corsa, like live timing, track maps. delta times front/back and other stuff does not work very well, like player position takes time to update and session remaining time not working. I cannot do anything about these until Kunos fixes or adds them.




  18. ferito-liveCarTracker

    ferito-LiveCarTracker is a live car tracking board that display the distance, in time, of the cars relative to the drivers car position.
    This application is very similar to the iRacing relative cars panel.
    It works on single and multiplayer sessions.
    On practice and qualify sessions, it display the relative position to the cars ahead and behind.
    On race session it also show cars that are ahead on race (cars that are close to lap the driver) and cars behind on race (cars that are close to be lapped by the driver)
    Opacity, number of slots to display and colors can be defined on a configuration file.

    Updates include a fix to a corrupted third party library included by mistake. Sorry for being updating this app so frequently.
    Correct car deltas on all tracks for version 1.12 and beyond
    Fixed to work on tracks with multiple configurations, like Vallelunga and the Nordschleife
    Supports AC version 1.1 and beyond. Thanks to dmitryos for identify the issue so quick and save me a lot of time.




  19. Odometer

    1.3 AC introduced 64-bit. This update should let it run ok on both 32- and 64-bit.
    LEFT - trip meter
    RIGHT - odometer

    Odometer that keeps track of how much you've driven each car, and displays it on a faux mechanical meter. As long as the game doesn't crash, it'll remember how far you've driven over multiple sessions.




  20. Rivali GUI 1.4

    From any "Position" number, you can now click on it to launch that car/track combo. It does not currently account for tyre or preset, but it's pretty awesome.
    Rivali GUI v1.4
    Website update and client
    Greatly improved AI experience for tracks pages and home page. Improved sizing for browsers less than 1920.  




  21. FPS Displayer

    FPS monitoring.

    The grey line is 60 fps.




  22. Helicorsa

    Helicorsa by Minolin
    This is a very important agreement for both opponents, but I am left with a question here:
    Without at least a 180° FoV triple screen setup or some oculus rift - how should anybody be able to judge this? Many of us are really struggeling with this. - clean - racers want to race as close and fair as possible.
    You may shout "simcarde!" now, but this might be a little helper for us.

    What is this app?
    Just a little radar of an aerial perspective, so you can see what's going on around your car:

    v5 - minor fixes, good performance improvements, customization moved to .ini file & Minorating integration. In depth presentation


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  23. Race Engineer Center

    Author : AvedisZildjian
    REC is now in the very early stage of the developement, there is so much work to do, so this version has a number of bugs, some of very important features are not done yet, but I've decided to share it with you to get some feedback and find out which features do you need and whereby I should embody this features.
    Feel free to send me your feedback, bug-reports, feature requests and etc. Bear in mind that this is the very early version and now I have about 50 items in my to-do list. I hope you will find it useful for your car setup, race preparations and race monitoring.
    Added RECorder - console application for telemetry recording without GUI REC functionality
    Added Fuel calculation window. Warning - fuel usage calculation can provide incorrect result if telemetry for different cars/tracks is loaded
    Added channel unit support and unit conversion support
    Added what's new window (help -> what's new)
    Added telemetry parameter "off track". 0 means car is on track, 0.5 means 2 wheels are out, 1 means all wheels are out
    Added telemetry parameters "tyre radius" and "maximum suspension travel" (AC)
    Added telemetry parameters "yaw", "pitch", "roll" and their rates (AC and iR). In AC REC calculate rates on the fly
    Added lap header parameter "maximum fuel level"
    Lap header parameter "simulator name" now contains Assetto Corsa version
    Added View menu into REC Main Window where you can manage visibility of panels and toolbars
    Small improvements in popup menus and main menus
    Added lock interface option (view -> options -> lock interface). When active all dock panels and toolbars become non-movable, non-floatable and non-closable, but still resizable
    All secondary window can now be closed by pressing ESC
    Fixed wrong car coordinates reading from Assetto Corsa
    Lap Library window no longer loses focus after loading telemetry
    Performance optimisations in adding curves to the telemetry view widget. Up to 4 times faster
    Improved crossplot control tree
    Small optimisations in reading REC telemetry files (*.rec) and iRacing telemetry files (*.ibt)
    Added tooltips with stint, lap or channel name in control trees
    Logs are now placed in /logs folder
    Fixed rare crashes in time and speed delta calculation

    telemetry widget:
    Improved font rendering in high-dpi displays (4k etc)
    Zoom widget rendering improved
    Added ability to hide Zoom widget (widget setup -> style -> show zoom widget) and change its size (widget setup -> advanced style -> zoom widget size)
    Zoom tool now works
    Mouse wheel zoom now uses cursor position as zoom origin point
    Added viewport names
    Added unit labels to viewport names and viewport watermarks
    Added font size setup for watermarks and viewport names
    Added export telemetry view widget contetns to vector (SVG) and raster (PNG) formats
    Fixed: Vertical mesh labels can overlap
    Fixed: Hiding a number of viewports and showing them in a different order cause glitches with viewport height
    Fixed: Automatic vertical scale in viewport doesn't work
    Fixed: Wrong vertical scale when adding laps one-by-one

    lap library:
    Laps that are now loaded into REC now has italic font
    You now can't load one lap twice using lap library
    Fixed: unable to import laps to library if telemetry folder doesn't exist

    Fixed: error in defining "waiting for start" car status on race start in some cases (Assetto Corsa)
    Fixed: first lap in hotlap mode not recording (Assetto Corsa)
    Improved completed lap time detection (Assetto Corsa)




  24. Bigshifter led display

    Author : PandaR1
    1.2.1 leading zeros removed




  25. F1 2009 Hud

    Author : Andreas Lorenz
    This is the standalone Version of the F1 2009 Hud. Since the 1.0 Version that was part of the FC1 2009 Car i have made some changes to the App.

    - fully new RPM and RPM lock calculations system
    - Fixed some RPM Bugs
    - Cut half the code to increase Perfomance




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