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  1. Bern Alpenring - Update

    Fix the patch.
    Author: rainmaker87
    This great track was converted two months ago by VeroNC from drivingitalia.net. It is a very nice track unfortunately the Alps are missing in the conversion (no horizont.gmt).
    The track:



  2. PaulRicard2012 - Load screen

    Load screen for Paul Ricard 2012.



  3. Orlatal2012-update

    Update tarmac, textures and GDB files.
    unzip in Orlatal2012 e overwrite.



  4. Isle of Man 2006 - External cams

    Author: Superkolos
    Unzip and copy in Isle of Man 2006 folder
    feautured Porsche 918 Spyder.



  5. Korea International Circuit - update textures

    Korea International is a great and long (5.62 km) circuit (and i thinking to insert it in F1 or SuperGT championship),
    but was a little too dark tarmac and confused.
    Another thing that bothered me was the tall grass and trackside, even on the rumble.
    We fixed the tarmac and cut the grass ...
    unzip in Locations folder and overwrite



  6. 70Charade - More realistic tarmac

    Charade 70 is one of my preferred circuits, but while were running me have found
    to think that the |tarmac|, for a circuit of mountain of the end years 60-begin 70, is a short while too perfect.
    With these new |textures| himself you must have a greater realism.
    unzip in Locations folder and overwrite.



  7. Guangzhou Night Streets

    A spectacular and difficult |street|-7.54 km |circuit|, that will insert in one of the next the Thanking Mod championships.
    As well as I have found it does not work ( missed some MAS |files| ), and also now use only the departure from detention without charge, otherwise the machines pile up.
    Downloading GZ_Night in Locations folder:
    Than unzip my update files and overwrite.



  8. Brno65 - Fix problem at starting

    Brno65 is a historian and I day-dream circuit of 14 km that it had two big problems. The first thing is to have the box directly on the circuit, with the result that any machines enlarge on the box same taking the black flag; here is not can do nothing if it do not intervene directly on the layout by separating the box.
    The other, still more important and on which are at least 2 years that am working, concerned the departure, with the machines that it is piled up to the entrance of the village, causing a dramatic reduction of the frame-ratified and losses of 10-15 |cars|, does non acceptable, as it says just the same author of the conversion:"Especially the first village in lap 1 can cause a lot of mayhem and kill the FPS."
    This is creditable to the socalled "invisible wall" that is sudden behind the track and managed by the Collision _|gmt| file to his time linked to the |sky|_boxi and that then is not can move: in practice is the "cover" that delimits the circuit.
    Acting on the AI of the |opponents| and removing all the possible, now the situation is downright improved, there is still some accident but this is physiologic, above all in a high - speed circuit as this.
    unzip in Locations folder and overwrite



  9. Moorlands - Haunts Of Ancient Peace

    (on sax the legendary Pee Wee Ellis)

    Moorlands is so beautiful, relaxing that seems really bring you in haunts of ancient peace...

    Nothing raced today, have taken my old Murcielago ( entirely in fiber of carbon, I model only ) and have done me a beautiful turn in the splendid English country.

    Ah yes, have brought the |grid| after 10 to 16 and systematized the GDB file, where there was some confusion.



  10. LeMasDuClos_2006 - Update

    Have many things to present, inclusive the conversion of the Bentley Continental GT ( really bulky, in all the senses ), but has struck me this little jewel of 3.1 km situated in the little place of Aubusson, celebrated for the textile productions, such as the better European carpets together to the Cuencas Spanish, even if, as little collector of ancient carpets, the my preferences go to that of nomadic and tribal extraction: caucasians, Anatolian and Persian.
    Le Mas du Clos is an ideal circuit for a GT3 championship, as what am doing, in a kind of career formality: blocks of 8 competitions where must arrive in 8 in the final results to enter to the following block; to every gateway it to the |opponents| AI it increases of a nick. The objective has arrive in the end to the GT2 with more long circuits: here same procedure to arrive finally to the GT1 with circuits most major.
    This would you allow me to use finally the hundred of |short|-|tracks| that have picked up in these years.
    The problem of this circuit were the elevated number of accidents, with a percentage of withdrawals superior to 50% and then non likely. Work on the |grip| and on the |opponents| speed in the corners, the situation is downright improved.
    Update AIW and GDB |files|
    Add new |textures|
    Unzip in Locations folder and overwrite.



  11. Empoli - Update

    Inaugurated track probably in 1957; on April 24-25, 1983 it has been a new inauguration after have been entirely renewed by the sparrows architect. In 1986 has entertained the Italian championship |kart|, won by Alex Zanardi. The aerial photo gone off in 1999 shows a layout slightly different, but it does not know when has been modified. The track is not more in use for a number of years, but does not exactly know since.
    The new circuit of Marcignana reborn in 1999, but in 2000 was sudden closed for the usual problems of bruit. It rises next to the circuit old man, and it is still well - preserved, even if closed in a private property. The last run developed on June 16 of the 2000 , while the kart track was inaugurated in 1957. In 2001 on the new layout they have held the Tuscan championships of Automodellismo.
    Will be probably replaced by a new motor-sports circuit of 3.5 km entitled to Giovanni Agnelli, placed to Pardossi, fraction of Pontedera (Pisa).
    The reconstruction of "|barcika|", one of the more enable track-modder in the panorama of the |sim|-|races|, does one of the Italian more interesting circuits, in my opinion at grade of Imola and Mugello.
    Update times of reference.
    Add new |textures|.
    Unzip in Locations folder and overwrite.



  12. Heritage Forest Speedway

    Understanded at times that in a |fictional|-|track|, surely for luxus of enthusiasm, you are, for example, unnatural inclinations, corner few logic, an excessive number of |bumps| etc.
    In this there is nothing of all this, but rather a fluid and spectacular circuit, that is unties for 8.140 km and that hides some captures by making the mind-bending thing.
    Quite a masterpiece of the |fictive|-|tracks|.
    Update times of reference.
    New Load screen.
    New Textures.
    New Venue name.
    need HFSValley track
    unzip in Locations folder and overwrite.



  13. Baggersee Racing Resort - Update

    When I have spoken of the better conversions by GTR2
    ( Targa Florio, Nordschliefe, Charade70 etc.) it horses forgotten me of Baggersee,
    a stupendous |roading|-|track| of 8.6 km with an extraordinary scenography and
    a maniacal care of details: a true masterpiece.
    Over to have updated the times of reference, have wanted to give
    my modest contribution with some new |textures|.
    Unzip in Locations folder and overwrite.



  14. Enna - Removed tyreswall and new textures

    Finally I am successful in remove the tyreswall
    in the absurd chicane at the beginning of the rectilinear,
    that caused many incidental.
    Also-joined some new |textures|.
    backup 3Enna.trk file.
    unzip in your Locations folder.



  15. Donnybrooke Speedway

    Purportedly built in 1963 Donnybrooke Speedway hosted Can Am, Trans Am, USAC
    and Formula 5000 races through the 60's and early 70's. It was renamed Brainerd
    International Raceway in 1973 and has hosted SBK and an NHRA national event for
    about the last 20 years. I saw Paul Newman win wire to wire there in a Datsun
    280 ZX.
    The track is 4.828 km long.
    I think that with new textures the look and visibility of track in better.
    unzip in your Locations folder.



  16. HistorikRoma - Update times

    A good circuit, himself you see the monuments , the placards are
    interesting..., quick looks to not diverting one's mind you...
    unzip in your Locations folder



  17. Lusitana (GP of Lisbona)-Update gdb files

    Fictive |track| that the advertising placards seem acclimatize
    in Portugal, for which me have allowed to rename it "GP of Lisbona",
    as you find in your menù of game.
    Long, heavy, tortuous, it bends after curve you port nearly
    to the neurosis...One of more difficult challenges with regard to
    the circuits, but I I believe that after nearly 10 years of GTR ( GTR2
    in practice is GTR with to boot some new circuit and it
    Maserati MC12 ) are by now these the betas that be necessary
    to overcome.
    Said this, Lisbona is one of the circuits that more me have
    data element the feeling of the true competition.
    unzip in your Locations folder.



  18. Greyhound - Update times

    Greyhound is a spectacular |fantasy|-|track| , typically
    USA, that me have allowed to rename as" Circuit of Minneapolis
    |and| St.Paul ", the twin cities of the state of the Minnesota,
    and so will find it in your menu.
    Long ( 7.744km-about 2"35 with the GT2 ), binding
    and very amusing.
    unzip in your Locations folder



  19. Beez - The dirty road blues

    A |track| nearly forgotten, but that I adore. A feature in
    |pavè| that seems exited by the Paris-Roubaix hell;
    right after a feature that remembers a PS of the England rally:
    a small village where can dart to 280kh/h; chikens,
    cows and pigs that pasture freely...
    I have looked for to systematize it a short while, but leaving that
    what is the Beez essence: a struggle for survival
    what celebrates the heroic deedses of the pioneer epoch
    of road races.
    Rough, crazy and bad, but poetic as the dirty road blues.
    You do from there you what want to...



  20. 70Charade - Update times

    You feel the motors howl on the hairpin bends of Charade70, one of the
    conversions for GTR2 more beautiful and clean with regard to
    the graphics and the landscape.
    Attention: can give habit...
    unzip in your Locations folder and overwrite.



  21. GrandValley (Gran Prix des Alpes)-Update times

    Being a |fictive|-|track|. me have allowed to rename it
    Grand Prix des Alpes, the setting is that: mountains.
    galleries, a beautiful bridge etc. Amusing and binding circuit.
    Integrated the times of reference, that were lacking in the whole shebang.
    unzip in your Locations folder,



  22. Thermalito - update times full layout

    Thermalito is a beautiful Californian circuit, that I
    prefer to Laguna Seca: long, vary and much, much
    difficulty ( never arrived in the first 8 ).
    The |update| of times are worth only for the full layout.
    unzip in your Locations folder and overwrite.



  23. Aus_Leman_v6 - Update gdb and trk files.

    The first time that have tried this Australian version
    of the circuit of Lemans, had noticed a tender lowering
    of the frame-rate in the features where there was the bayles of straw, much
    to make the practically unplayng.
    In a following version the author of this conversion, has picked up
    some alternative files .trk in the folder " alternative |files| ".
    Among these there is a version without bayles of straw ( Aus_Leman_NO_BAYLES.trk ), that is
    what find as file.trk of |default| in this |update|.
    In the |gdb| file I have also inserted the times of reference.
    unzip in your Locations folder and overwrite.



  24. Vitus Parc 2009 - Update times Vitus_IN

    Vitus International (Vitus_IN) it is one of the circuits the more binding
    for GTR2, that usually use to make a will it mine
    elaborations: 9 km of continuous changes of inclination
    and direction, it is an excellent test bed for any
    The adjustment of times of reference concerns only the version
    long, Vitus International.
    unzip in your Locations folder and overwrite.



  25. MiselukGP - FIX

    Miss the PitOrder and the ended of tags in the GDB files.
    unzip in your Locations folder



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