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  1. Paul Ricard 2012

    Le Castellet circuit 2012 short (3.749 km).
    Credits in original Readme file.
    My biggest respect for yours work.
    Conversion from GTL and updating by VeroNC.



  2. Serres

    Conversion from GTR EVO
    Download Serres in GTR2 Locations
    Than unzip conversion file and overwrite.



  3. LyntonRaceway

    One of the my first conversions from GTR EVO, also this find again during one of my |tracks|-|testing|.
    I have added also some new textures.
    Lenght= 5,420 km
    Download LyntonRaceway in GTR2 Locations:
    than unzip my conversion files and overwrite.



  4. Grosser Preis von der

    Having regard to that did not find a contemporary version of the beautiful circuit of Knittelfeld,me I am done by only, leaving from the version 70 by |motorfx| , diverted to his time from the version 79.
    The group of machines that see in the screens is that provisional one of the TM Cover Prototyps Championship.
    It can be also a TM Open Prototyps Championship, but it is cars from handle with care;
    the Mosler, for example, inserted in championship formality me has forced to reistallares GTR2 2 times!!!



  5. ValDeVienne

    This circuit I had a little forgotten. I rediscovered it during a tracks/cars testing for Thanking Mod:
    fluid, technic, various, and fairly long (about 1'52 with a Lamborghini).
    download ValDeVienne in GTR2 Locations:
    than unzip my conversions file and overwrite



  6. Old Ireland Ring

    The circuit that will close the GTR2 TM ON THE ROAD Championship ( for the present, is ready the |cover|...), and that represents the essence more pure than the roading track.
    Lenght=11, 9 km
    unzip in your Locations folder



  7. Isle of Man

    converted by Superkolos
    Unfortunately in Championship formality it works badly, work instead in Race Weekend formality. I have left Max Vehicles = 36 , as default: to me function well with 18 |cars|, but I have still Win XP, then less than 4 gb RAM. Do some trial.
    The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is a motorcycle racing event held on the Isle of Man and was for many years the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. The event was part of the FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship during the period 1949–1976 before being transferred to the United Kingdom after safety concerns and run by the FIM as the British Grand Prix for the 1977 season. The Isle of Man TT Races became part of the TT Formula 1 Championship during the period 1977–1990 to preserve the event's racing status. From 1989 the racing has been developed by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism as the Isle of Man TT Festival.
    The race is run in a time-trial format on public roads closed for racing by the provisions of an Act of Tynwald (the parliament of the Isle of Man). The first race was held on Tuesday 28 May 1907 and was called the International Auto-Cycle Tourist Trophy.[1] The event was organised by the Auto-Cycle Club over 10 laps of the St John's Short Course of 15 miles 1,470 yards for road-legal touring motorcycles with exhaust silencers, saddles, pedals and mud-guards.
    The winner of the single-cylinder class, and overall winner of the first event in 1907, was Charlie Collier riding a Matchless motorcycle in a time of 4 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds at an average race speed of 38.21 mph. The winner of the twin-cylinder class was Rem Fowler riding a Peugeot engined Norton in a time of 4 hours 21 minutes and 52 seconds at an average race speed of 36.21 mph.[2] The trophy presented to Charlie Collier as the winner of the 1907 Isle of Man TT Race, was donated by the Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars.[3] It featured a stylised version of Olympic God Hermes by Giovanni Da Bologna as a silver figurine astride a winged wheel. The trophy was similar in design to the 18 carat gold Montague Trophy presented to John Napier (Arrol-Johnston) as the inaugural winner of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy car race in 1905 now known as the RAC Tourist Trophy.[4] The Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars Trophy is now presented annually to the winner of the Isle of Man Senior TT Motor-Cycle Race.
    The 2007 Isle of Man TT was the Centenary event which ran between 26 May and 8 June 2007 and featured a special Re-enactment of the 1907 Isle of Man TT Race[5] held on the village green next to Tynwald Hill in St John's on Monday 28 May 2007.[6] The vintage parade of 100 classic motorcycles[7] for the Centenary Re-enactment on the original St John's Short Course was flagged away by former World Motor-Cycle Champion Geoff Duke.[8] The first of the participants to be flagged away was the recently restored twin-cylinder Peugeot-Norton[9] ridden by Rem Fowler during the first Isle of Man TT Race in 1907. Also participating in the 2007 Re-enactment was TT race competitor Guy Martin riding a 1938 Triumph Tiger 100 500 cc[10] and other former TT competitors including Alan Cathcart, Sammy Miller, Nick Jefferies and Mick Grant also completed the Re-enactment lap.
    unzip in Locations folder



  8. Circuito della Val D'Aveto

    Created by Barcika
    Conversion from GTL (need GTL-GTR2 mod)
    This very amusing circuit will be inserted in the next GTR2 TM Roading Tracks Championship,
    that will publish probably Sunday, with the machines that see in the |screens| ,
    such as Porsche Panamera and Maserati Quattroporte.
    Who lives from that parts it will notice really a strong similarity with the road that from Piacenza handed to Bobbio.
    MountainHike download in GTR2 Locations:
    than unzip my conversion files and overwrite.



  9. Durley

    Conversion from GTR EVO
    downloading Durley in GR2 Locations:
    than unzip my conversion files and overwite.



  10. Olavarria GP

    Coverted from GTR EVO by VeroNC
    Look you do it can find in the Easter egg...
    It is a normal circuit of 5.120 km, high-speed and amusing, but the
    fact is that I've never seen him round and round for GTR2, then an other
    exclusive preview for DrivingItalia.net
    Downloading Olavarria track in GTR2 Locations:
    Than unzip my conversion files and overwrite.



  11. Circuit Du Cote D'Azur

    A 16.9 km long, suggestive and spettacular roading-track.



  12. Everton Ring Raceway

    Converted from GTL by VeroNC
    I like layout of this fictional track|, with a couple of curves tightened in descent in Brands Hatch style and a high-speed big corner that remembers that of Sebring.
    Lenght=5,33 km
    Dowloading in GTR2 Locations:
    ( exact is  EvertonRingRaceway2012-01-26.rar )
    Than unzip my conversion files always in Locations and overwrite,



  13. Romantische Strasse

    What is more romantic than Nordschleife with snow, when
    the sun goes down?
    Romantische Strasse, as you found in your game menù.
    Downloading wintermother track in GTR2 Locations
    than unzip my conversion files always in Locations folder
    and overwrite.



  14. Rushden Park International

    Created by NIge
    Converted from GTR EVO by VeroNC
    A long circuit (7,85 km ), with three long straights, some flatout
    corners, an almost flatout chicane, and a tight, twisty stadium
    section near the end of the lap.
    I have tried all circuits for GTR2, GTL, GTR EVO and
    RFactor, altogether about 500, and know how to recognize
    an nice circuit, and Rushden it is.
    Any |textures|, for example that of the |tarmac|, have
    can be more refined, but there is always space for a
    |update| by the author.
    My conversion in fact is absolutely faithful, me am
    confined to convert in DDS format those |files| whose format
    it is little compatible with GTR2.
    First: downloading Rushden Park International in GTR2 Locations
    (or copy if you have GTR EVO version):
    Than: unzip my conversion files always in Locations folder
    and overwrite.



  15. Grand Prix Bern

    Gran Prix Bern (Bremgarten)
    The GTL version of Bremgarten was created by Martin Zutter, Raymond "Ray" Geering and John Basara.
    Converted from GTL to GTR2 by VeroNC
    I have also added new textures for gravel.
    A fast and furius roading track, that remember Schottenring.
    "One of the most difficult and revered tracks to have ever been host to a Grand Prix was that of the Bremgarten circuit located just outside the city of Bern, Switzerland. The 7280.56 meter (4.5252 mile) layout consisted entirely of public roads and was the home of the Swiss Grand Prix between the years of 1934 and 1954.
    After the tragedy at LeMans in 1955 where some 80 spectators were killed, the Swiss government enacted a total ban on motor racing that remains in effect to this day. Thus the Bremgarten circuit became yet another abandoned temple of speed that could only be revisited in memory and photograph...until now.
    With the advancement of technology and the speed of the microchip, you can now relive what it was like all those years ago courtesy of Grand Prix Legends and the Sim Racing Club Bern. You will now understand what it was like to drive blindingly fast down everyday public roads lined with nothing more than trees, fight for traction on cobblestone streets, and just simply marvel at what World Championship Formula One racing used to be like."
    First - Download Bremgarten track in GTR2 Locations
    Than - Unzip my conversion files in Locations and overwrite.



  16. Circuito di Salice Terme

    Created by Barcika for GTL as Vagabond, fictive track,
    i have converted it to GTR2, and me am permission to rename as
    Circuit of Salice Terme, a note thermal place in the Oltrepò Pavese ,
    with a golf club by 9 holes and a tennis club where I have directed some
    tournaments as arbiter judge of the Italian Federation Tennis.
    Hills, vegetation and a castle that remembers that of
    Godiasco, make from frame to this amusing and binding one
    circuit of 4.818 km.
    FIRST: download Vagabond track in your GTR2 Locations:
    THEN: unzip in your Locations folder my conversion files
    and overwrite.
    ***** I can not upload entire track for 2mb upload limit.*****



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