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  1. Isle of Man

    converted by Superkolos
    Unfortunately in Championship formality it works badly, work instead in Race Weekend formality. I have left Max Vehicles = 36 , as default: to me function well with 18 |cars|, but I have still Win XP, then less than 4 gb RAM. Do some trial.
    The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is a motorcycle racing event held on the Isle of Man and was for many years the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. The event was part of the FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship during the period 1949–1976 before being transferred to the United Kingdom after safety concerns and run by the FIM as the British Grand Prix for the 1977 season. The Isle of Man TT Races became part of the TT Formula 1 Championship during the period 1977–1990 to preserve the event's racing status. From 1989 the racing has been developed by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism as the Isle of Man TT Festival.
    The race is run in a time-trial format on public roads closed for racing by the provisions of an Act of Tynwald (the parliament of the Isle of Man). The first race was held on Tuesday 28 May 1907 and was called the International Auto-Cycle Tourist Trophy.[1] The event was organised by the Auto-Cycle Club over 10 laps of the St John's Short Course of 15 miles 1,470 yards for road-legal touring motorcycles with exhaust silencers, saddles, pedals and mud-guards.
    The winner of the single-cylinder class, and overall winner of the first event in 1907, was Charlie Collier riding a Matchless motorcycle in a time of 4 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds at an average race speed of 38.21 mph. The winner of the twin-cylinder class was Rem Fowler riding a Peugeot engined Norton in a time of 4 hours 21 minutes and 52 seconds at an average race speed of 36.21 mph.[2] The trophy presented to Charlie Collier as the winner of the 1907 Isle of Man TT Race, was donated by the Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars.[3] It featured a stylised version of Olympic God Hermes by Giovanni Da Bologna as a silver figurine astride a winged wheel. The trophy was similar in design to the 18 carat gold Montague Trophy presented to John Napier (Arrol-Johnston) as the inaugural winner of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy car race in 1905 now known as the RAC Tourist Trophy.[4] The Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars Trophy is now presented annually to the winner of the Isle of Man Senior TT Motor-Cycle Race.
    The 2007 Isle of Man TT was the Centenary event which ran between 26 May and 8 June 2007 and featured a special Re-enactment of the 1907 Isle of Man TT Race[5] held on the village green next to Tynwald Hill in St John's on Monday 28 May 2007.[6] The vintage parade of 100 classic motorcycles[7] for the Centenary Re-enactment on the original St John's Short Course was flagged away by former World Motor-Cycle Champion Geoff Duke.[8] The first of the participants to be flagged away was the recently restored twin-cylinder Peugeot-Norton[9] ridden by Rem Fowler during the first Isle of Man TT Race in 1907. Also participating in the 2007 Re-enactment was TT race competitor Guy Martin riding a 1938 Triumph Tiger 100 500 cc[10] and other former TT competitors including Alan Cathcart, Sammy Miller, Nick Jefferies and Mick Grant also completed the Re-enactment lap.
    unzip in Locations folder



  2. Black Forest Raceway

    author: YETIsaj
    update by VeroNC
    a long and very difficult track.
    TrackName = Forest Valley Raceway GT Course
    EventName = Black Forest Raceway
    GrandPrixName = Black Forest Raceway
    VenueName = Black Forest Raceway // .
    Location = Turingia, Germany
    Length = 6.910km



  3. Hong Kong Street Circuit

    Update and renamed by VeroNC
    TrackName = Hong Kong Street Circuit
    EventName = Hong Kong Street Circuit
    GrandPrixName =Hong Kong GP
    VenueName = Hong Kong GP
    Location = Hong Kong, China
    Length = 3.800 km



  4. Orlatalring 2012

    This is a conversion to GTR2 made by Peter Kuhn allowed by Marco Saupe
    Update to 2012 version by VeroNC.
    2 fluid and long layouts:
    VenueName = Orlatal GP 24H, 2012
    Location = Orlatal, Germany
    Length = 3.788 mi./6.095 km
    VenueName = Orlatalring GP, 2012
    Location = Orlatalring, Germany
    Length = 4.52 mi./7.28 km.
    Unzip in Locations folder.



  5. Seattle Circuit

    Author : stikazzi
    eattle Circuit, which was completely rebuilt by Gran Turismo,
    circuit city, 4.549 km, a special thanks to the team "the Brotherss", for the great work, is not only ...!
    Now the track is narrower, only 14 meters, I solved the annoying problem of curbs, of course, the record is old, made by the great Any1 now, it will be very difficult to do better .. at least I think ...
    deleted before installing older versions Seattle3 and Seattlerev2
    Please install: copy "Seattle142" in the GTR2 folder Gamedata\locations ... and have fun ..



  6. Austin 2012 - Circuit of the America

    Author: Alex78, thanks for sharing permission.
    TrackName = Circuit of the Americas, 2012
    GrandPrixName = Circuit of the Americas, 2012
    EventName = Round 19: AMERICA
    VenueName = Circuit of the Americas, 2012
    Location = United States of America, Texasland
    Length = 2.497 mi/5.466 km



  7. Johannesburg FIA MotorCity

    Author: EDEBOT
    Renamed, update and load screen by VeroNC
    Beautiful circuit almost 10Km long.
    TrackName = Johannesburg FIAMotorCity
    TrackNameShort = Johannesburg Motor City
    EventName =Johannesburg Grand Prix
    GrandPrixName = Johannesburg Grand Prix
    VenueName =Johannesburg Motor City
    Location = Johannesburg, South Africa
    Length=9.982 km



  8. Tokyo R246

    Author: Nick "stikazzi", thanks for sharing permission.
    TrackName = Tokyo 246
    EventName = Tokyo 246
    GrandPrixName = Tokyo 246
    VenueName = Tokyo 246
    Location = Japan
    Length = 5.155 km
    TrackType = Permanent Road Course



  9. London City

    Conversion from GTR EVO by VeroNC
    TrackName = London City
    TrackNameShort = London
    EventName = London City GP
    GrandPrixName = London City GP
    VenueName = London City
    Location = London, England
    Length = 6.436 km / 3.999 miles
    No readme file.



  10. Bahia Blanca

    Converted by Toka Jay
    Fixed the grass on the tarmac, added new textures.
    GrandPrixName = Bahia
    EventName = Bahia
    VenueName = Bahia
    Location = Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires
    Length = 2.065 Miles / 3.324 km
    Next in GTR2 TM South-America Sport Cars Championship.+



  11. Jerez 2013 GP

    Original conversion by derDumeklemmer
    Update by VeroNC
    TrackName = Jerez 2013
    EventName = Spain Grand Prix 2013
    GrandPrixName = Spain Grand Prix 2013
    VenueName = Jerez 2013
    Location = Jerez, Spain
    Length = 2.606 mi / 4.193 km
    Feautured Porsche Carrera 4 RS V12, tribute to 917L.



  12. San Fransisco Grand Prix

    Author: antoniog7772,
    Conversion from GTL by VeroNC.
    VenueName = San Fransisco Grand Prix
    Location = San Fransisco, USA
    Length = 3.267 mi / 5.258 km
    TrackType = Temporary Circuit



  13. Paul Ricard 2012

    Le Castellet circuit 2012 short (3.749 km).
    Credits in original Readme file.
    My biggest respect for yours work.
    Conversion from GTL and updating by VeroNC.



  14. Wiesbaden Grand Prix

    Update by VeroNC
    EventName =Wiesbaden Grand Prix
    VenueName =Wiesbaden Grand Prix
    Location = Wiesbaden, Germany
    Length = 4.352km
    No readme file.



  15. Bern Alpenring

    Author: LaChub.
    Conversion from GTR EVO and load sreens by VeroNC.
    TrackName = Bern Alpenring
    TrackNameShort = Bern Alpen
    EventName = Bern Alpenring GP
    GrandPrixName = Bern Alpenring GP
    VenueName = Bern Alpen
    Location = Bern, Switzerland
    Length = 5.463 km



  16. Grobnik GP 2012

    Authors: Gianni Staraz and Igor Radoviæ.
    Graphically one of the most beautiful circuits for GTR2,
    and with an attractive layout.
    It seems right to exploit these circuits who may have little exposure.
    For my part I have limited myself to restore the originals name and load screen.
    TrackName = Grobnik Motors Sport
    EventName = GrobnikGP2012
    GrandPrixName = GrobnikGP2012
    VenueName = GrobnikGP2012
    Location = Rijeka, Croatia
    Length = 4.20 km / 2.75 miles



  17. Circuit Du Cote D'Azur

    A 16.9 km long, suggestive and spettacular roading-track.



  18. Circuit des Pyrenees

    author:SETH Alpine
    rename and update by VeroNC
    TrackName = Circuit des Pyrenees
    GrandPrixName = GrandPrix des Pyrenees
    EventName = GrandPrix des Pyrenees
    VenueName = Circuit des Pyrenees
    Location = FICTIF FRANCE
    Length = 7.207km



  19. Old Ireland Ring

    The circuit that will close the GTR2 TM ON THE ROAD Championship ( for the present, is ready the |cover|...), and that represents the essence more pure than the roading track.
    Lenght=11, 9 km
    unzip in your Locations folder



  20. Luxemburg R-1 Circuit

    Author: medianuss
    Update by VeroNC
    This is a F1 track in all for all.
    TrackName = Luxemburg R-1 Circuit
    EventName = Luxemburg Grand Prix
    GrandPrixName = Luxemburg Grand Prix
    VenueName = Luxemburg Grand Prix
    Location = Luxemburg, Europe
    Length = 3.055 mi/4.916 km
    TrackType = Fictional



  21. Grand Prix of Marocco-Owi

    Author: Owi
    Update tarmac, textures, AIW and GDB files by VeroNC
    GrandPrixName = Grand Prix of Marocco-Owi
    EventName = Grand Prix of Marocco-Owi
    VenueName = GP Marocco-Owi
    Location = Marocco
    Length = 4.xxx mi / 6.565 km
    TrackType = Permanent Road Course



  22. Shanghai WTCC 2012 Street Circuit

    Original track by Senorman
    Conversion by racerm
    my biggest respect for your work,
    VenueName = Shanghai Street Circuit
    Location = Shanghai, China
    Length = 2.92 Miles / 4.586 Km
    TrackType = Temporary Street Course



  23. Edimburgo Fox Island Park

    Author: Barcika
    Update and renamed by VeroNC
    TrackName = Edimburgo Park
    GrandPrixName = Edimburgo GP
    EventName = Edimburgo GP
    VenueName = Edimburgo Park
    Location = Edimburgo, Scotland
    Length = 3.185 mil/5.126 km
    TrackType = Fictional
    Next to GTR2 TM GT2 European Championship



  24. Fuji Speedway 1998-2002

    Author.der Dumeklemmer
    Conversion from GTL by VeroNC
    TrackName = Fuji Speedway 1998-2004
    EventName = Fuji Speedway 1998-2004
    GrandPrixName = Fuji Speedway 1998-2004
    VenueName = Fuji Speedway 1998-2004
    Location = Fuji, Japan
    Length = 2.725 m./ 4.385 km
    TrackType = Permanent Road Course
    Next in GTR2 TM 80/90 years Championship



  25. Romantische Strasse

    What is more romantic than Nordschleife with snow, when
    the sun goes down?
    Romantische Strasse, as you found in your game menù.
    Downloading wintermother track in GTR2 Locations
    than unzip my conversion files always in Locations folder
    and overwrite.



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