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  1. 1985 Formula One

    MasterBlaster Modding (Christian & Kay) presents the 1985 FIA Formula One Championship.
    This mod was converted from rfactor with permission of the original creators Valiante and Markus.

    GTR2 physics adjustments and the 1985 season track pack was made by MasterBlaster Modding.
    For a better display of the high rpm's we recommend to install the Advanced Gear Mod, which is included.

    Update : added a small fix for the CTD with the Lola and the lower graphics settings for Renault and Tyrrell.

    Championship instructions
    To run the complete championship you need the following tracks:
    Nuerburgring 2001
    Early Brands Hatch
    GPC Kyalami
    GPC Zandvoort
    GPC Oesterreich
    Silverstone Collection



  2. ChampCar Lola Championship Series

    Author : OleGreyGhost
    This is the complete 2004 through 2007 season ChampCar Lola Championship Series including the cars to complement the "Champcar Lola 2005-2006 mod" by_RMi.
    Version 1.02
    I want to give special thanks to Donnie & RMi for their kind permission to present this update to the community.
    The iDT team for the original conversion.
    RMi for converting this to our favorite platform.
    Sunalp2 for his tire mod.
    Diffuser for starting the championship thread, Totenkopf for taking the time to share his knowledge on the subject and the Nogripracing community for the knowledge gained through all their posts.
    Wikipedia for the historical info.
    While I have tried to keep to the original theme of historical accuracy requested by RMi, some compromises were unavoidable.
    Mainly the Milwaukee Mile, Vegas oval plus the Panoz & Reynard chassis' not being available at this time.
    Fundidora Park, though available, will crash GTR2 in championship mode. Do not use.
    Appropiate substitutions were approved and used to replace these tracks.
    Permissions will be needed to make any changes to the original files in order to maintain accuracy of the original mod...



  3. F1 Legends Racing

    Forum topic -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=62588
    A free downloadable add-on car pack, based on old Formula One era cars.
    F1 Legends Racing (shortly F1LR) is a scratch build mod for SimBin games GT Legends, GTR2 and Race 07 / Race Injection.
    F1 Legends Racing mod
    Version: 1.01
    Date: 2. juni 2013
    3D mesh: BorekS (tibor.stilz@gmail.com)
    2D gfx and textures: BorekS / diver helmets by Looseether
    Car physics: WhipCracker (WildBill), deep-strike
    Sounds: SimBin, internet sources, BorekS, Looseether
    Project team coordinator: Looseether
    Special thanks to: GeeDee and Greybrad for bugfix support
    F1LR homepage: http://f1legends.nolimit.cz
    A free downloadable add-on car pack, based on old Formula One era cars.
    F1 Legends Racing (shortly F1LR) is a scratch build mod for SimBin games GT Legends, GTR2 and Race 07 / Race Injection.
    There is one base mesh (car body tubus and engine) with genstring changable details (wheels, mirrors, windshields etc.)
    List of style groups:
    group 1: car body (7 styles)
    group 2: windshield (3 styles)
    group 3: mirror (4 styles)
    group 4: wheel tire and rim (9 styles)
    To get more fun into the F1LR game play, there is seven different main car slots (car manufacturers) created, related to the 1967 F1 real racing cars, with physics, based on this cars.
    Every F1LR car manufacturer is easy to disclosure, what for car sim physics will be used, I guess... just:
    Beagle Racing Team= 1967 Eagle
    Britus Racing Team = 1967 Lotus
    GBR Racing Team = 1967 BRM
    Grabham Racing Team = 1967 Brabham
    Hooper Racing Team = 1967 Cooper
    Scarrini Racing Team = 1967 Ferrari
    Yonda Racing Team = 1967 Honda
    Every F1LR car manufacturer slot is trying to keep the ground of real 1967 F1 car skins - race team colors at least.
    The reason, why the F1LR cars are imaginary car manufacturers and driver names, is the main car body 3d model wasnt created accurate according any real historic cars. It is just a bit improved lowpolygonal model from my own made arcade game attempt (2012), made with 3DRad game editor.
    There is also a F1LR mod support including texture templates to create new car user skins and another tools they help fans to create own car slots. We highly recommend a configurator F1LRconfig tool for F1 Legends Racing mod. F1LRconfig is designed to work with GTL & GTR2 only. No Race Series support, sorry.
    For more check the F1LR homepage.
    F1LRconfig main features:
    * Select genstring options - graphically depicted as car parts.
    * Turn car slots ON or OFF
    * Add / Delete car slots
    * Edit car slot details
    * Assign any AUD (car sounds) to car slot.
    * Skin Car Slots - Add own helmet, body and cockpit skins.
    * GTL - Add F1LR class to SIM_GTC.gdb class file
    * GTL & GTR2 - Add wheels in cockpit view.
    * Run Sim from program
    Unzip and drop the GameData file into your GTR2 game installation.
    Look at GTR2 UserData folder, find your player *.PLR file, open it with notepad, find a "Wheels Visible In Cockpit" item and rewrite it this way:
    Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1" (tip: you can use F1LRconfig tool to do this for you).
    Save your modified *.PLR file, run game...
    A new class "F1 LEGENDS RACING" should appear at class menu selection. Select it and say hello to F1LR cars ;-)
    Known F1LR mod issues / bugs
    * some mesh / texture transparency issues
    * not optimal wheel suspension arms moving
    * not optimal animated driver arms and legs at virtual cokpit
    F1LR mod changelog 1.01
    * changed RPM and fuel light mesh (MoTec)
    * changed CAR file MoTec items
    * cleaned CAR file items related to GTL mod version
    * removed F1LRconfig tool (is downloadable as latest standalone app version)



  4. GTR2 F1 1967

    F1 Classics conversion for GTR2

    Loose Ether : Conversion, testing
    deep-strike : Physics, testing
    GeeDee : Driver related stuff,enlarged steering wheels, testing
    BorekS : Technical assistance, class logo, rpm light logic and .gmt
    Special thanks :
    WildBill (Whipcracker) - who helped out with some physics early on. Cheers mate
    BorekS - For teaching me how it all works in the first place and his patience whilst I didn't have a clue. Much appreciated, thanks mate
    SlimJim - For allowing the conversion.
    F1-1967 GTR2 v1.1 - Jan 2015
    Loose Ether : 2D/3D Update, testing
    deep-strike : Physics, testing
    Special Thanks to :
    GeeDee - cockpit tub re-texturing, skin re-painting, Cooper Dish Wheel alterations, enlarged external drivers, testing
    BorekS - Mirror meshes, technical assistance
    Thank you guys !
    Please read included GTR2_F1-1967_v1.0.txt file for important and more detailed information about this mod, although genstring options have changed and other info may now be redundant.
    See .CAR and .CAS files for current genstring breakdown.
    I also highly recommend getting and using the excellent GTLCarTools program by Nappe1 to turn car slots on and off - this is available here :
    http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=39022&page=2(need a login account to download)
    If you have v1.0 of this mod installed, remove the Gamedata\teams\F1-1967 folder before installing this version 1.1.
    Changes have been made to the way files are named and organised within the mod and so version 1.0 is now incompatible and should be deleted.
    You do not need to delete the gamedata\sounds\F1-1967, just allow to overwrite.
    Copy SIM_67GPL.gdb, SIM_67GPL.txt and SIM_67GPL_Icon.tga to your GTR2\Gamedata folder.
    Copy the teams\F1-1967 folder to GTR2\Gamedata\teams\
    Copy the sounds\F1-1967 folder to GTR2\Gamedata\sounds\ - allowing to overwrite.
    Simply put :
    1. Delete GTR2\Gamedata\teams\F1-1967
    2. Copy Gamedata folder to GTR2 location and allow to overwrite
    MAIN CHANGES - see Fixes and Changes in GTR2_F1-1967_v1.1.txt for details
    New cars
    New mirrors
    New driver designations
    New gauge paints
    New dual gauges
    New genstring options
    Many fixes
    Before you can use this mod, you have to do a couple of things.
    NOTE :
    You may wish to create a new player for this mod as enabling the "Wheels Visible in Cockpit" can do strange things to your sedans and stock cars, like missing bonnets and other parts !
    If you don't create a new player just remember to change the 'Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1"' back to 'Wheels Visible In Cockpit="0"' before driving non open wheel cars
    1. PLR file - Add Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1"
    Next you need to edit your <player name>.PLR file. player name is the name you use to drive in GTR2 and the file is found in userdata\<player name>\<player name>.PLR
    i.e if your GTR2 driver name is Speedy then the file you need to edit is userdata\speedy\speedy.PLR
    You need to make sure that this file contains this line, found in the [ Graphic Options ] section :
    Wheels Visible In Cockpit="1"
    This will tell GTR2 to show the front wheels when in cockpit view, which is of course the only to drive an F1 mod
    If Wheels Visible In Cockpit="0" then just change the 0 to a 1
    2. Up/Down, Forward/Back cockpit adjustment
    You may need to adjust the driver position up or down and/or forward or back when changing to different cars.
    To achieve this you have to set these operations to either keyboard keys or buttons on your steering wheel.
    Personally I assign up/down to U & J and forward/back to F & V.
    To set this up, whilst at the GTR2 main menu, select options->controls and select the extras box. then assign your buttons or keys to the following.
    Adjust Seat Fore - forward button/key
    Adjust Seat Aft - backward button/key
    Adjust Seat Up - up button/key
    Adjust Seat Down - down button/key
    I find this way a bit more accurate than using the mouse but of course it is up to you
    Damage .DMG files
    These are found in extras\damage folder and there are 3 options :
    1. Hardcore - the original damage file from v1.0 of this mod.
    2. None - no damage, for those like to bounce of of everything
    3. Normal - default damage, provided if you ever change the damage file and want to go back to it.
    Mostly used to display the differences between models but at the end of the genstring are some user specific options.
    Detailed information is provided on the genstring options in each .CAR file and car group .CAS files.
    Notes - Issues
    *- Some flickering on cars.
    *- Some transparency issues under shadows - depends on track.
    *- Not perfect fit for internal driver bodies.
    *- No animated external drivers as they don't fit in cockpit.
    *- Gap between car bodies and cockpit in cockpit view, particularly the Honda.
    *- Sound levels could be better.
    *- Dashboard lights could be better.
    *- Some cars are a little fast.
    *- All talent files are identical.
    Have fun !!



  5. Cooper T73

    Author : BorekS
    2D/3D stuff: BorekS (tibor.stilz@gmail.com)
    3D/3D stuff ingame conversion: BorekS
    Car physics: deep-strike
    Sounds: wolferl, adapted for the car by deep-strike
    Special thanks to:
    !Dirk for a thorough car physics ingame testing and feedback
    Looseether for external mirror material reflexion settings and gauge tweaking
    GeeDee for cockpit driver related fixes
    The Story
    Cooper T73 project was a scratch build initial test mod, designed directly for GT Legends game by SimBin, to check if is yet possible to create and drive satisfactorily an opewheeler car add-on at historic touring car simulator. All the mod work experience has been transformed into F1 LEGENDS RACING mod (http://f1legends.nolimit.cz).
    Many people asked if the F1 1964 Copper T73 car will be also released, so we finished it and we are giving the old openwheeler to fans public now
    Although it is a single car add-on, the mod pack also includes few non Cooper manufacturer related skins in different racing team colors.
    To fake better the full grid F1 1964 race feeling, the team cars use different wheel mesh and engine pipe styles / engine covers, but all the cars use same physics and sound set.
    Car add-on skin content
    Cooper T73:
    F1 1964 #09 Team Cooper Car Company / Phil Hill
    F1 1964 #17 Team Cooper Car Company / John Love
    F1 1964 #22 Fabre Urbain / Jean Claude Rudaz
    F1 1964 #24 Bob Gerard Racing / John Taylor
    Cooper T73@Lotus-BRM:
    F1 1964 #02 Lotus-BRM / Peter Revson
    Cooper T73@Brabham:
    F1 1964 #05 Ian Raby Racing / Ian Raby
    Cooper T73@BRM:
    F1 1964 #10 Scuderia Centro Sud / Tony Maggs
    Cooper T73@BRP:
    F1 1964 #11 British Racing Partnership / Trevor Taylor
    Cooper T73@Ferrari:
    F1 1964 #07 North American Racing Team / Pedro Rodriguez
    F1 1964 #21 Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC / Ludovico Scarfiotti
    Cooper T73@Honda:
    F1 1964 #20 Honda R&D Company / Ronnie Bucknum
    Cooper T73@Lotus:
    F1 1964 #33 Team Lotus / Moises Solana
    Good luck and Enjoy!
    BorekS and team



  6. Formula 1 1988 Mod

    Formula 1 1988 Mod



  7. F1 Grand Prix 1979

    Author : Goresh
    Release Date : 2008
    This update includes several fixes:
    Renamed each cars files to correct the saved race bug, my fingers are crossed this will fix the online issues too.
    Renamed engine files so they are now constructor and chassis specific, once again, hoping to eliminate the online mismatches found with the V2.0 version of the mod.
    Included in the track folders you'll find icons for all GPC 1979 tracks. Betty Swollox was kind enough to create and share these. Big thanks for this.
    This pack includes all fixes for GBDs (correct cars entry),
    Championship Files (According to the latest Motorfx versions) and Track folder's names for Skins/Icons. Thnx Danny.
    I've also compiled a list of files that need to be deleted prior to installing the V2.5 mod. Hopefully this will be used and help to ease the update from v2.0 to v2.5.



  8. F1 1997 for GTR2

    Author : PO911
    Release Date : 2009
    PO911 has released the 1997 Formula One season for GTR2. The mod is still in beta state but should be very worth a try for F1 fanatecs.



  9. GPC79

    Author : Goresh
    Release Date : 2009
    This update includes several fixes:
    Renamed each cars files to correct the saved race bug, my fingers are crossed this will fix the online issues too.
    Renamed engine files so they are now constructor and chassis specific, once again, hoping to eliminate the online mismatches found with the V2.0 version of the mod.
    Included in the track folders you'll find icons for all GPC 1979 tracks. Betty Swollox was kind enough to create and share these. Big thanks for this.
    This pack includes all fixes for GBDs (correct cars entry),
    Championship Files (According to the latest Motorfx versions) and
    Track folder's names for Skins/Icons. Thnx Danny.
    I've also compiled a list of files that need to be deleted prior to installing the V2.5 mod. Hopefully this will be used and help to ease the update from v2.0 to v2.5.
    I forgot to credit the Rfactor team in this thread, my error and I apologize.
    Grand Prix 1979 for Rfactor by Grand Prix Classics
    //// CREDITS:
    Shutt1e (car, cockpit and track modelling);
    Motorfx (cockpit textures, track modelling, editing and textures);
    Tony (car and helmet model & textures);
    Alesifan (tyre 3d model and textures);
    Vassalfada (sounds);
    Lord_Kamder (artwork);
    Simioni (physics and general editing).
    Antonio "_Chacal__" and Alfredo "amrharry" for original creation and conversion of the excellent Jarama track;
    Chris Squir, for providing the base for Watkins Glen conversion;
    ferrari27, for the original conversion of Dijon to rfactor;
    Vortex17, for several additional car and track textures;
    Crusse, for Monaco textures;
    Don from www.liveforspeed.net, for Monaco sky;
    Cubits, for providing a couple of useful solutions in his work for the Caterham mod;
    Hiroto, for his reflection cubemap.dds file made available at RSC;
    Thorsten Reuter for work on Kyalami and Monaco cameras;
    Pete Walsh from RfactorCentral for doing what he does so well;
    Race Sim Central for providing the forum that helped the development of this mod;
    ISI for the creation of RFACTOR.
    We´d like to to thank the continuous support from the entire AutoSimSport crew, Team Redline, Eddie Matapayos and
    the whole GPLBR league.
    We also take the opportunity to thank the contribution of our beta testing team: besides the aforementioned, Jack
    Ulstad, Michael Hausknecht, Steve Smith, Alison Hine, Aristotelis Vasilakos and Giuseppe Martini.



  10. Champcar Lola 2005-2006

    Author : RMI
    Release Date : 2010
    Champcar Lola 2005-2006 mod for GTR 2. The mod recreates the ChampCar 2005-2006 season, including car model, physics, tyres and more.



  11. RMS-F1-2014-EVO V2.0 UP

    RMS-F1-2014-EVO V2.0 UP by www.RMS-GT-RACING.jimdo.com
    new skins,steeringwheels and more
    Before install,-please delete all from RMS-F1-2014 EVO 1.0



  12. F1 1994

    Author : germanStig
    1994 the catastrophic season - with the death's of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger.



  13. Formula 1 1975 mod

    Release Date : 2011
    YETIsaj has kindly posted a link at F1C of a basic convert of 1975 F1 cars. It's actually quite fun......



  14. F1 1989 Mod by Jojo30

    F1 1989 Mod by Jojo30 - Update Losch
    Convert the mod from F1challenge. mod is F1 1989 Season V3.0 by Cherry, David Marques, Sky and BMCM3 for i f1challenge
    Teams Credit
    AGS Cherry
    Arrows Cherry
    Benetton Cherry
    Brabham Cherry
    Coloni Cherry
    Dallara Cherry
    EuroBrun Cherry
    Ferrari Cherry
    Larrousse Cherry
    Ligier Cherry
    Lotus Cherry
    March Cherry
    McLaren Cherry
    Minardi Cherry
    Onyx Cherry
    Osella Cherry
    Rial Cherry
    Tyrrell Cherry
    Williams Cherry
    Zakspeed Cherry that al for f1callenge
    all cars converted from me,,talent and sound from losh(many thanks to losh for that)
    many thanks to losh give me idea for that mod
    mod have
    diffrent physics for any car, diffrent power and max speed like real f1 1989
    suspansion animation
    wet intermediate slick tyres,prees home key for tv-cam, so here some screen shoot

    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

    and link for download



  15. RMS-F1-2016 2.1

    *************** RMS F1-2016 EVO
    *************** 20.June 2016
    Version 2.1 EVO II-UP
    (Update-Version: new Sounds and new Skins)
    Idea and basic modification: [RMS] Randolf u [RMS] Dura.
    3D models, physics, templates and Paints with: ZModeler2, GEditor, 3DSIMED, Photoshop C5
    Mod info:
    These modified F-1 based on any real racing cars and are created purely fictional.
    Total contained 22 different skins.
    - All Cars same physics (League mod)



  16. Bugatti 51 Mod

    Author : Ron123 & Sidstalker
    Bugatti 51 mod for GTR2. It's parts of new Festival of Speed mod



  17. Haas-VF17 Late-SEASON

    *new Haas-VF17* for  RMS-F1-2017 V1.1 UP Late-SEASON



  18. F1 2005 Mod

    F1 2005 Mod



  19. F3 Euroseries 2007

    Author : Pascal3 CZE Motec & SCCA1981
    F3 Euroseries 2007 v0.89



  20. Mercedes-Benz SSK

    Author : BenMK1
    Mercedes-Benz SSK from 1928 v1.01 for GTR2 by BillBro & BenMK1



  21. Estonia 21

    * Goresh - for pointing out the obvious way for the tachometer gauge to work
    * drEdOp - conversion to GTR2
    Original rFactor mod by Ville Sokk, converted to GTR2 by drEdOp.
    Special thanks to Goresh for pointing me out how to make the tachometer gauge work. Big thanks bud.
    All physics are the default rFactor ones, except the tires.
    I just added all weather tires and gave them a little bit more grip.
    I've included also the default tires, so you can change them at any time, either by renaming the filenames or editing the tires entry in the E21.cas file.
    The original mod has only one red driver's suit, so I added some other colors too. If you don't like any, just go into the Teams folder and delete the XXX_BODY.dds file (where XXX is the driver's name).
    rFactor original mod:
    * Niels Heusinkveld for physics bits (especially for the tires and engine)
    * Tony from the Grand Prix Classics team for the helmet
    * 6e66o for the cubemap
    * ISI for the sounds and pace car
    * Lauri Tõnspoeg for providing information about the car
    * Everyone who has uploaded photos of the car to the web
    * Kaido Almre for modifying many things (cameras, gen files etc)
    * F1CEL league for testing
    * Ville Sokk for everything else (models, textures, skins, physics etc)
    Estonia was a race car manufacturer based in Estonia, which, at the time, was occupied by the Soviet Union. The first Estonia car was built in 1957 in Tallinna Autoremondi Katsetehas (TARK) led by Ants Seiler. The car set the lap record in its first race in Leningrad. Inspired by the success, Ants Seiler proposed building two more cars named Estonia 2 and 3. After racing these cars orders from all over the Soviet Union started coming in which led to the production of Estonia formula cars.
    Estonia 21, which was designed by the successful racing driver Raul Sarap (who also designed Esttec 884 which won the Finnish F4 championship against Western machinery) became the most successful Estonia by production volume (a total of 295 were built). It was so highly sophisticated that the following Estonia 22 and 23 cars didn't get past the prototype phase. The car used a VAZ engine that produced about 130hp (depending on who prepared it) at the end of its lifetime. Estonia 21 was inspired by the successful Lotus 79 and likewise used ground effect.
    A spaceframe chassis was used instead of a monocoque because of the low availability of some metals in the Soviet Union. The car had two updated versions, Estonia 21M and Estonia 21-10.
    After Estonia 21 retired, Estonia 24 (the first model with a monocoque chassis), 25 and 26 were produced. Thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union and to the transferral to a new economy only 6 Estonia 26s were built. The factory was privatized and named Kavor. In 2000 the last car named Estonia 26-9 was built. An impressive total of about 1300 cars (plus hundreds of karts) were produced which rivals even established Western manufacturers.
    The original mod was released under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 license, so every modification on conversion of the mod must be distributed under the same license.
    Read the LICENSE.TXT for further info.
    Templates are included in a separate archive inside the .7z file.
    Read the instructions for skinning.
    Just drop the contents of the .7z file into your GTR2 directory.



  22. A1GP Season 2005 Mod

    Author : Retail
    Release Date : 2008
    **********A1 GP Mod Season 2005 V2.01***********
    This is an Add on for the A1 GP Mod Season 2005 V2.00 made by Fool_1njection
    changed the A1GP.aud file from car to Cars you A1Gp files can be stored in the original place where al audio car files should be stored in GTR2.
    Added the Hungarian team
    Added the dutch team for season 2006 - 2007
    Added the german team for 2006 - 2007
    Made a Championship for 2005 and 2007 with the correct racing laps
    Made a Custom championship for 2005 and 2007 for the Sprint series of the A1 GP



  23. F1 2009

    Author : PO911
    Release Date : 2009
    The mod includes all cars of the current season in a semi-fictional fashion as not all carshapes are completely correct for the sake of a quick release. The GTR2 version has its own physics made by PO911. The new version includes plenty of fixes that have been incorporated into the rFactor version since the release of version 1.0.



  24. F3000 Challenge 2002

    Author : GTI-Heizer
    Release Date : 2007
    F3000 Challenge 2002 version 1.1



  25. GTR2 Formula 1 1971

    Author : dylan
    For full Credits please read the read me file
    Bug: The 2 Lotus do not show in car selection even in showroom,I don't Know how to Fix it if someone is able to do it will be very pleased.



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