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  1. New ambient shadow for GTR2 F1 2009

    Author : zkarz
    Here is a new ambient shadow I made for the GTR2 F1 2009 mod by po911. It fits nicely under all the cars and looks good even if your running low shadows, as you can see in the screenshots. I don't like seeing a big oval shadow under a open wheel car. Hope you like it, Thanks...



  2. HD Skies

    Author : 10thMountains
    GT Legends Version
    The mod Hudson's HD Skies for GTR2 is great no doubt, but did you notice that every region had the same sky set, pretty unrealistic i thought. If you drive in northern regions there are more clouds in the sky, not always but compared to races in southern regions, yeah. So why not combine some of Hudson's HD skies with the great HD sky compilation 6e66o released years ago for rFactor and release the package for GTR2.
    - every region (central, north, south) has now unique HD skies
    - compatible with every track released for GTR2 (shared and shared_raceon folders inside)



  3. Starting Light Fix Tutorial

    Author : racerm
    This is a tutorial on how to convert starting lights from Rfactor to GTR2. This file contains all the necessary files and DDS' to do that. Someone gave it to me a longtime ago and I thought I should share it with the community, it comes in handy!



  4. GT2 Mix Fun mod engine updates

    Author : Roberto Ribeiro
    his patch updates fuel consumption for the higher liter engines and makes all engines with life time variations set to "0",
    so this allow you start the race with engine health set in 99%.
    If you use this mod online with friends make sure that all the players have this patch installed or you'll get mismatches.



  5. GTR2 FFB Menu Mod

    Author : speed1
    GTR2 FFB Menu Mod



  6. Good AIW-Files

    Author : LkwFan
    Collection of AIW-Files with NO pacecar in the track-middle for GTR²



  7. Advanced Gear Ratios and FFB Menus

    Release Date : 2007
    Installation :
    For installation, make a copy of the original UIDATA folder and put it somewhere safe.
    Then just drop my files in your UIDATA folder, and let overwrite. Simple, and that's it.
    credits :
    ISI - base menu
    Luzperfecta - Advanced FFB Menu
    Street Wars - Advanced Car Settings Menu



  8. Logitech G27 Leds

    Author : fazerbox
    This plugin permits games like rFactor, Superleague Formula 2009, GTR, GTR2, GTL, Race and Race07 to use G27Leds. It was developed using Logitech Wheel SDK and was tested only on rFactor and GTR2. In others games it should not work properly.
    Please: Read INSTRUCTIONS otherwise it will not work. You have to change PLR File.
    If you like this plugin, please consider to do a little donation to support me on development and to buy a G27 me too ( yes! I haven't a G27 but a DFGT ). Thanks.
    PayPal account:
    Release Notes V1.0.1
    Fixed Bug on GTR2\GTL and maybe in other simbin titles ( not tested )



  9. SceneLighting ColorMatch

    Author : Velo
    W H A T
    It is a tool to see and adjust the scenelighting colours for a track directly.
    W H Y
    Takes the guesswork out of it and can fine tune and balance colours as you want them.
    H O W
    Open a track.gdb and find the "// Scene Lighting" part.
    Copy and paste the 43 lines (! NOT the ShadowMinSunAngle !) and click [GET VALUES].



  10. Complete AI Alms

    Author : barry
    AI Template for the NAGP Alms V4.0 Mod. Based on the GTR2 Reborn Project by The Independant Rebels Group.
    The reason for this AI Template is primarily to enable users to compete, or practice off-line, against a very competative AI.
    The excellent mod is located at -
    Install the NAGP V4.0 Mod first then copy over the AI Template. Allow to overwrite any files.
    The AI should not use any <track.svm>, or AI.svm setups that are present in the game, but to make sure, in the [Game Options] section of your user.plr file. please change the line -
    Vehicle Specific AI Setups="1" to Vehicle Specific AI Setups="0" //This allows the AI to use their own default physics.
    Changes to original V4.0 mod -
    1. .RCD - Complete new set of AI drivers in each individual teams folder. // Please delete any NAGP folders or drivers files in the main Talent folder, if they have been previously added.
    2. .HDC - Changed braking ability to full range. // Cold brakes means 'Cold Brakes'
    3. .ENG - Changed EngineBrakeMapping 'steps' to reflect individual vehicles R.P.M
    4. Removed ability to increase R.P.M // The reason for this is because the AI cannot increase the R.P.M based on different tracks, and also to prevent the user from having an unfair advantage from increasing R.P.M. The only way to increase speed is to adjust the setup.
    No other changes have been made.
    1. It is recommended to check the brake settings in any users previous setups for this mod, as they 'WILL' be too low. All other setup parameters apart from the limited R.P.M will/should be the same.
    2. The AI are very competative at 100%.
    3. Just for reference, below is my personal .PLR settings. The user can use whatever they wish (after all, it is your game).
    AI Driver Strength="100"
    AI Power Calibration="7" // Adjustments with AI strength (0=none, or add the following: 1=power, 2=gearing, 4=fuel)
    AI Additional Fuel Mult="0.97000" // Additional fuel multiplier for AIs because of their driving style
    AI Brake Power Usage="1.00000" // Fraction of theoretical brake power that AI attempt to use
    AI Brake Grip Usage="1.00000" // Fraction of theoretical brake grip that AI attempt to use
    AI Corner Grip Usage="1.00000" // Fraction of theoretical cornering grip that AI attempt to use
    AI Max Load="400000.00000" // Maximum total load to set up theoretical performance tables
    AI Min Radius="0.10000" // Minimum radius turn to set up theoretical performance tables
    AI to AI Collision Rate="40" // Detection rate per second (1-40) for AI-to-AI collisionsAI Template for the NAGP Alms V4.0 Mod. Based on the GTR2 Reborn Project by The Independant Rebels Group.



  11. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento LP-580- new release

    Adjusted physic, engine, gear-box
    New Skin
    New sound
    need Lamborghini Sesto Elemento LP-580 mod:
    Unzip, copy in Lamborghini Sesto Elemento LP-580 folder and overwrite.



  12. New Rain and Thunder Sounds

    Author : Nothke
    //-- Installation --//
    Put the GameData folder in your GTR2 folder.
    //-- Additional Install --//
    *This step is optional, you don't have to do it, but is recommended (by me) for full immersion.*
    To install the different interior rain sound, you need to change each car's sound file. Under GameData>Teams and inside each car folder you can find an .aud file. Open it in notepad and find the line:
    and change it to:
    Save the file, and now you will have different inside and outside sounds =)
    Note that some mods might have this option already made, so you might just need to put the "rain_int.wav" into the folder according to the VS_INSIDE_RAIN_NOISE=xxx line.
    TIP: To hear the rain sound much better in game, turn down the engine, tire scrub and road noise and turn on the sound effects volume in audio settings. But note that it won't only improve rain but other like geaebox and backfire sounds, so adjust with caution!
    //-- Credits --//
    Rain sound recorded by RHumphries - Creative Commons attribution licence
    Thunder sounds recorded by Ali@k, daveincamas and RHumphries - Creative Commons licence
    mix/edited by Nothke
    Use these sounds freely and include them in your mods, but make sure to include credits to authors (and if you intend to convert to another game, please ask me)



  13. Set Wheels Japan

    Author : mexes
    some already in new supergt500 mod some are not.
    full permisson to use in any project you want, dont need to ask.
    i mess with the files and i dont have time to fix now but a tire mesh i with the wrong materials, you can use the old advan tire mesh to fix that .



  14. SRW-S1 Shift Lights

    GTR24h is proud to bring you the Simraceway SRW-S1 GTR24h Shift Light Controller.



  15. Track Menu

    Author : KingTimIV
    The mod contains more than 550 bitmap files made to replace the (useless I think-and sometimes ugly) minimap of each track -if there is so, some tracks don't have any. They consist in in-game screenshots of the most spectacular turns that will make you recognize each track at first sight and tease you for a race. The game only allows low-res pics. I didn' find how to fix it.
    The pics will have normal proportions in the menu -the game widens them a little...
    I've tried to make them in the same fashion, like a default menu. I hope you like it.
    But feel free to make your own pics!
    First, back up every file you replace!
    Replace the BMP files of the tracks folders by those supplied -they must have
    the same name to be replaced properly.
    For the tracks that don't have any ...Track.bmp file in their folder(s),
    add the BMP files made for them (according to the files name).
    That's all!



  16. Best Feeling for G27

    Author : micropoint
    this is a little setup for logitech G27
    very good feeling ans sensation



  17. New ATS Wheels for ABT Audi TT-R Mod

    Author : Nemesis
    5 new sets of wheels for Audi TT-R DTM Mod of GMT
    If you want to fit your rims to your car design.
    All textures for the ATS rims!
    Just copy all 3 files (Audi_TT-R_New.cas, Audi_TT-R_New_WHEELS.gtr and Audi_TT-R_New_CPIT.gtr) into the Audi TT folder.
    You can find them here:
    GTR2\Gamedata\Teams\GMT Mods\Audi TT-R 2003-2004
    You have to edit the .car file in the following way:
    First you have to edit the "Graphics" and "GenString" lines.
    Change in the "Graphics" line Audi_TT-R.cas to Audi_TT-R_New.cas
    In the "GenStrin" line you have to look for the 4th number and change them to A or B or C or D or E. (Depends on your favorite style)
    If you want to know what letter you need for which style you have to look on the screenshot.



  18. Brake plugin for Fanatec ClubSport Pedals

    BETA: Brake plugin for Fanatec CSP
    Hi all, I've been coding up a brake vibration 'plugin' (its actually an exe) for GTR2 that works with Fanatec Clubsport pedals, and after many many hours its finally ready to be tested. The problem is that I don't actually have a set of Clubsport pedals so I'd really appreciate it if some folks that do could give the beta version a shot to see if it actually works.
    The description and readme on that page should have all the details needed to get going and experiment a bit.
    Two things to note:
    1) It almost certainly needs User Account Control (UAC) to be turned off - this is a result of how the Fanatec driver works and beyond my... control (ugh).
    2) You can use the program with CSP and any Fanatec wheel from PWTS onwards, just not the PWT. If you don't have CSP then you can direct it to use the wheel vibration motors instead if you want. Or it can use both.
    If you try it out I would really like feedback on:
    Your system (OS, 32/64, UAC setting, wheel model).
    If it didn't work, what you tried to get it going (GTR2_CSP settings, system changes, etc).
    If it did work, how I might make the full release version better.
    Enables the brake vibration feature of Fanatec's Clubsport pedals to work as an indicator of tyre blocking (brake lockup) in GTR2. Also allows vibration to be directed to the wheel motors for the PWTS and newer.
    1) Extract the archive to anywhere, perhaps a subfolder within your GTR2 installation.
    2) Windows User Account Control (UAC) may need to be switched off in order for the calls to the wheel/pedals to go through. This is associated with Fanatec's hardware driver and I can't do anything about it unfortunately.
    1) Run GTR2_CSP.exe
    2) Click "Connect Wheel/CSP". The wheel type should be displayed. If it isn't you have no hardware connection.
    3) Click "Connect GTR2".
    4) Start GTR2
    Tweaking / Troubleshooting / Fecking about:
    Test the vibration of wheel and CSP with the helpfully labeled buttons on the left.
    Set the maximum vibration you want for the two wheel motors and the CSP motor as a percentage. Turn them off with 0.
    By default the vibration is turned on when you lock a wheel, but if you check the Invert Vibration Behaviour box then you'll get vibration when you brake (speed scaled) which will stop when you lock a wheel. You can choose what speed 100% vibration occurs above.
    The GTR2 PD plugin by Nye provides the wheel speeds for this mod (Thanks Nye!) and you can set its update interval in milliseconds. A faster update interval will give you better response up to a point, but may cause system slow downs or issues interfacing with the Wheel/CSP. The default is 100 ms but please experiment and let me know what the optimal value is.
    The lockup sensitivity can be changed, a higher number will make it trigger earlier/more often up to a point, but you may find that you start to get false positives. Where this number is higher than ratio of wheel to vehicle speed for any wheel during braking then lockup is deemed to occur. Please let me know what the optimum setting is.
    Telemetry will display inside the box (all going well) and when lockup occurs the box will turn red. Should I include any other information in here?



  19. Traditional Indy Starting Grid

    Author : carham
    This modified AIW file will provide a traditional 3x11 Indy starting grid for N2LO's great "Indianapolis Oval" track.
    It has been uploaded to satify a request from xanaxkamikaze who will test it (league racing) for rolling starts. Only the GRID portion of the file has been changed.
    Permission to upload here has been requested (N2LO) with no response to date. If there is an objection, it will be removed.



  20. Sim Racing Manager

    Author : Squik
    It is compatible with Race07 - GTR2 - GTL - rFactor.
    Manager games.
    Enabling / Disabling mods.
    Activation / deactivation of circuits.
    Automatic installation of mods and circuits (Beta).
    Possibility of any check or uncheck.
    Opening direct installation folders.
    Button to launch the integrated set.
    Adding games with mods and circuits already installed.
    Management of the steering wheel button.
    Last Update:
    Easy manual installation.
    Remove the automatic search games.
    Optimization of application.
    Launch in administrator mode by default.
    Compatibility with rfactor, GTR2 and GTL.
    Fixed bug when a game is installed without mod.
    Adding an indication of the selected game.
    Setting up a web page help.
    Fixed various bugs.



  21. Ford Escort Cosworth - Upgrade

    Ford Escort Cosworth GT for GT2 championship.
    new physic
    new sound
    need Ford Escort Cosworth mod
    (no original files will be overwritten)



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