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  1. Corvette CR6 Template

    Author : Jon Hillenbrand
    This is the template for the Corvette C6.R available in the WSGT mod. This template was made using Photoshop CS2, but I have done my best to make is usable in CS and 7.



  2. WSGT C6R black rims michelin tires

    Wheel template by Archeoskins.
    These wheels fit the WSGT C6R Corvette and many other Corvette C5R and C6R.
    The WSGT Corvette C6R GenString=21 should look like that after you import wheels using GEditor, please backup your original C6R_WHEEL_STYLE202, C6R_WHEEL_STYLE201, C6R_WHEEL_STYLE200.



  3. New tachometer in hud

    Author : 3131
    I never liked the tachometer in hud, because of misaligned rectangles. So I decided to change to the minimum possible files.
    place the file "" in the "Teams" and puts "FNTHMOTL.TGA"
    UIData folder inside the file "UIAssets.GTR" because only in folder does not work.



  4. Multi Edit Tool

    Multi Edit Tool - CAR and HDC files mass editation
    by gogo404
    It basically works this way:
    You select base GTR2 folder, it scans for all CAR and HDC files, you then mark several CAR or HDC files and in Change Key Value window you set which value you want to change and in which way and press Execute button and the application will modify that value in all selected files. It can also be used for finding out how particular value differs in several CAR or HDC files.
    On legal side the application is freeware, you can use and distribute it any way you want but strictly non-commercially. And you're using it on your own risk.
    Version 2.0:
    MET now can edit rFactor 1 files (*.VEH, *.HDV) too, i.e. it works either in GTR2 mode or in rFactor mode.
    Version 2.1:
    "CAR File|Reread" command and "HDC File|Reread" command did nothing. It's fixed now, i.e. they reread selected files.
    Version 2.2:
    It's now possible to create class using the modify class function if a car file has no class assigned.
    "class" combo box on "Modify Classes" tab on "Change Key Value" dialog doesn't automatically complete entered class name from the list of classes.
    Version 2.3:
    DelZip190.dll was added to installation zip file. It's needed when CAR and HDC files are being backed up.



  5. Lens Flare Mod

    Author : Jon Hillenbrand
    This mod replaces the original "spiney" or "striped" lens flare with something more similar to what you would see though the lens of a camera.



  6. New BackFire GTR2

    Author : gilles68
    New backfire for GTR2.
    I make it ofr GTL and Rfactor too.



  7. Spec Updates

    Spec Updates to Stock Car Sim Series & Winston Cup 2003 for Nascar Stockcar Sim Series 2011



  8. HD Moon

    Author : Hutto
    This HD-Moon is scratch made and hopefully you will enjoy my work.. just drop the GameData folder into your GTR2..
    nothing will be overwritten or deleted..



  9. GTR Shifter LED On Smartphone

    i created an App where you can use the display of your smartphone as the indicater when to shift to another gear.
    Not fancy, but still very productive.
    Attached files is an Android version and Host on the PC.
    More info in the Readme.
    Other platforms downloads available on
    Good driving



  10. Easy ISI Cockpit Cam Fix

    Author : Velo
    Discovered this a while ago, because I was not happy with the movement of the car on screen.
    It felt like my head was glued to the headrest - car fixed, world moving around.
    Watch when you drive in a real car - car moves, world is fixed.
    So if you want more natural car movement, try this:
    < in, COCKPIT section >
    OrientationRate=(10.000000, 50.000000, 2.000000)
    and set Gforce strength to your preference ingame.
    The above settings work best with ~25% Gforce, but feel free to experiment:
    OrientationRate=(pitch, yaw, roll). higher values, less effect!



  11. Custom HUD GTR2

    Author : Dorrego
    Custom HUD GTR2. by enuZi
    This should install files into GTR2\GameData\Teams and overwrite the original have.
    When in doubt done a previous backup of your original file.
    Created by enuZi for



  12. Realistic View Pack by Stelluti

    Questo pacchetto modifica la visuale di tutte le vetture presenti in GTR 2 al fine di fornirne una più realistica possibile. Nel pacchetto sono presenti anche i file originali per ripristinare la visuale originale nel caso non si sia soddisfatti del risultato.



  13. Weather Generator

    domande e commenti sul forum ->



  14. Autosim Weather Generator

    Author : Alex Zhdankin
    Autosim Weather Generator 1.0 , check readme for installation.



  15. Tweaked Start & Pit Lights

    Author : DukFreak
    Release Date : 2007
    This is a very basic "tweak" for GTR2 Start and Pit lights, increased color-contrast (somewhat more realistic IMHO), usefull for those that prefer to do "static race starts" since they generate slightly more contrast with the surrounding scenary now (easyer to see).



  16. My personal tweaked enbseries

    Author : drw
    These are my files I use to run GTR2, GTL, P&G or rF.
    By my side I found this tweak a good balance between FPS's drop and realism.
    Quality's screenshots is not representative . Try it on game.
    1) if you have another d3d9.dll file make a backup
    2) just extract in main directory og GTR2, P&G, GTL or rf
    toggle button SHIFT+F12 to enable/disable hdr in real time.
    If you want use with XD : you'll note a file named d3d9_xd.dll. Well,you mustopen the enbseries.ini with notepad and change the strings
    in this way enbseries.ini 'll point the right library.



  17. Reworked Defviews For All Cars

    Author : K4rBon
    Here new angles for your replays, inspired cameras embedded in motorsport. Place the file in the UserData folder, after making a backup of the old one.
    I tested many cars "GT, PROTOS, FORMULA ONE, POWER & GLORY, the defviews seems set. Use the wheel on your rear view other surprises await you!



  18. MoTeC i2 Pro Tools - Analysis of DIFF Function

    Author : carham
    These instructions describe how to obtain vehicle driveline differential function information from recorded MoTeC i2 Pro data when playing sim-racing games, such as, GTR2.
    This version (v2.2) reads the value for the Vehicle Track Width (mm) directly from the MoTeC input data. Thus eliminating the necessity of entering it by hand. It also now reports DIFF Lock-Up separately for the Power side and Coast side.
    In all other respects, this version (v2.2) is identical to the previous version (v2.1). All of the required Global Math expressions are contained in the “DIFF Math File V2.2.xml” file which can be easily imported into MoTeC.
    The tools presented herein will assist you in the analysis of how the differential (DIFF) is functioning as a result of vehicle and DIFF set-up parameter settings, and the instantaneous dynamic conditions resulting from driver inputs and racetrack characteristics.



  19. FM Honda Civic Cup RHD files

    Author : sunalp2
    A bit obvious really when you think that they drive RHD cars in Japan.
    Includes all the files you need to change the model over to RHD and a .car file to swap the driver over.
    Just put all the files into the car folder of your choice and fill in the details in the .car file:
    Car number
    Team Name
    Driver name
    That's it.
    Extract this rar to a place of your choosing and get the files out of the FM Honda Civic Cup RHD folder.
    Version 1.1
    I missed a couple of things:
    Window net.
    Showroom Gauges.
    If you already have V 1.0 just want the extra files they are in this post:



  20. GTR2 Defviews For Replays Porsche 996 RS RSR

    Author : Menanteau
    Porsche 996 GT3 RS
    Porsche 996 GT3 RSR



  21. Templates for Peugeot Quasar

    Author : Georges Abitbol
    TEMPLATES for the Peugeot Quasar GTR2 Mod



  22. GTR2 Defviews For Replays BMW M3 GTR

    Author : Menanteau
    GTR2 Defviews For Replays BMW M3 GTR



  23. Francesko Career Stats

    Author : Ben
    This tool gives a comprehensive overview of the GTR2 previously driven tracks, cars, rounds and positions.
    It lets you see how many miles on a day, in total, on what track, with which cars and in what class.
    The last-used tracks/cars, are highlighted.
    The data for all cars are imported automatically and can thus be easily compared with other cars.
    With this tool you can see the Statistics for GTR2, rediscover and learn all about their own benefits.



  24. GTR2 Championship Manager

    This is a stand-alone application that will, among other things, enable users to create and edit GTR2 championships in minutes! All add-on vehicles and tracks can be added to championships, and any combination of vehicle classes may compete against each other in the championship. There are no limits to number of tracks, and number of vehicles are obviously limited to the maximum allowed on the selected tracks. But all in all, the possibilities are endless!
    Nitr0 and Majkee for their time and effort spent testing the application, as well as their valuable input and suggestions.
    Please feel free to communicate any issues and suggestions to me as this application must evolve into something that should not only represent the ideas of those involved in its design and development, but most importantly, that of each and every individual who makes use of it.
    Changes in Version 1.1 to 1.5: See ReadMe
    Changes in Version 1.6:
    Changes in Version 1.1:
    Added some error handling in the load process to prevent an application crash when files are missing or in an incorrect format.
    Changes in Version 1.2:
    NB: No need to uninstall the previous version (but feel free to do so if you prefer!) as this install will update the relevant files.
    1. Fixed the number format issue, so users with any number format specified in Regional Settings should now be able to open championships without errors.
    2. Fixed issues where track specific points system did not save.
    3. On the vehicles screen, only the selected vehicle groups will be displayed in the bottom left information box.
    4. Improved code to assign values to slider controls and added more error handling, so files with "out-of-range" data can be processed without generating errors.
    5. Minor User Guide update.
    Changes in Version 1.3:
    1. Good news for Windows 7 and Vista users! Removed the need to access the Windows Registry from the application. This should eliminate the permission / access messages displayed when launching the
    2. Track search functionality added. Quickly find tracks by entering 3 or more characters of the track name. More info in the User Guide.
    3. Facility added to add a random selection of tracks. NOTE: For those (like me!) who do not bother to read manuals - This option will REPLACE the current selection of tracks, if any, of a
    championship. More information in the User Guide.
    4. The "Race Laps" controls will only be enabled and number of laps added to the championship gdb if the championship is an Official championship, or if the Race Distance is defined as "Laps" in
    the Options screen. To revert to adding the number of laps to a championship, Select "Time" in the options screen and edit the championship. If track specific laps are not defined, the championship
    default will be saved to each track during the save process.
    5. Minor cosmetic changes at application startup.
    6. Removed the "prefix" message displayed when saving a new championship. I doubt that anyone will miss it!
    7. User guide update.
    Changes in Version 1.4:
    1. Fixed the bug where the number of laps or race duration of the last selected track was saved to all other selected tracks of the championship.
    2. Fixed some other minor bugs.
    Changes in Version 1.5:
    1. Added functionality to record certain error-prone processing steps to a trace file named 'GTR2CM_Trace.txt' in the GTR2 Championship Manager application directory.
    2. Added more error handling.
    Changes in Version 1.6:
    1. Updated application to prevent errors when using on Windows 7 64-bit Operating System.
    2. Fixed the "CategoryLists" value so that it does not calculate to one less than the actual number of categories.
    NOTE: Due to change #1, existing users may need to redefine the GTR2 path and default settings after upgrading to this version.



  25. AI Light for Day

    Author : scarfo
    For those they want AI watch with lights by day.



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