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  1. GTR2 NO CD patch 1.1

    Copy to your GTR2 install and overwrite the existing file (its probably a good idea to back up the original GTR2.exe first) this is for v1.1 of the game only.. you must install the 1.1 patch before using this no-cd!



  2. GTR2 European v1.1 Patch

    This GTR 2 patch available for download, bringing the racing game sequel developed by Simbin Development Team to v1.1.



  3. GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH

    GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v14.0 by GTR233 and friends

    ULTRA VERY IMPORTANT : READ "GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH_install.txt" and follow EXACTLY the steps if you have never installed GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH...otherwise you will cry and post in forums "GTR2 CRASHED PLEASE HELP!" or "CARS ARE GREY PLEASE HELP!"... so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY INFORMATIONS AND OPTIONS, IT IS QUITE COMPLEX FOR NEWBIES.

    This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v19.00 so you need at least v19.00 to extract archive without errors (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted) : (I recommend to NOT download ALPHA versions, leave them to devs)
    Archive size = 496 Mo
    Archive MD5 hash = c53a652042fa95d1239fbe7c271c11c1

    SPECIAL THANKS to all people who worked for Blimey! Games & SimBin Sweden : David Wright, DucFreak, Doug Arnao, Mark Reynolds, Eric Boosman... and the big bosses Henrik Roos & Ian Bell for having made such legendary sims !
    Description :
    Developped on Dell Inspiron 531 Athlon64x2 5600+ (dual core 2.8GHz) with nvidia 9800GT 512Mo (8800/9800GT were the high end nvidia card when GTR2 was released so I do not recommend this mod with poor Intel integrated graphics but it will work great with last AMD APU 3200G-Vega8 and above as tested by my friend DurgeDriven).
    This GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH represents 5 years of work (nearly 10 000 FILES!!!) and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 plus tons of HQ textures. There are 2 games in 1, first the default 2003-2004 game with stock cars and tracks which get only few textures updates, second the HQ Cars&Tracks (with "HQ" prefix in menu) which get ALL the fixes/patches, more HQ textures plus exclusive graphics (both 2D/3D) : indeed, my will is to keep original game untouched to avoid online mismatch on internet and to see all the work done so far in this HQ Anniversary Patch when you compare both.




    GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v9.3 by GTR233 and friends
    This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v17.01 (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted)
    Archive size = 202 Mo
    Archive md5 checksum = 36397C74E023670A5650EFEB5ECEDAB5

    Description :
    This GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION contains 28 separate HQ mods/patches for GTR2 (contrary to GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch which is ALL-in-1)

    Disk space requirement : 1.49 Go
    No online mismatch



  5. GTR2 Essentials

    WHAT is GTR2 ESSENTIALS ? GTR2 Essentials is NoGripRacing uploads repacked with permissions to work in JSGME
    WHAT is JSGME? JSGME is a Generic Mod Enabler allows for seamless activation, backup and restore of any Mod packed for JSGME
    GTR2 ESSENTIAL by DurgeDriven
    Firstly an overwhelming thank you to DucFreak and GTR233 granting
    permission to re-package their mods for the first release.
    Without that I would never have bothered.

    1. Fresh GTR2 install
    2. Official Simbin update v1.1
    *** To complete the Essentials Tutorial a Fresh untouched GTR2 v1.1 is mandatory ***
    *** Having said that installing this MOD to any existing GTR2 no matter how modded
    is 100% safe to test.
    Any conflicts or errors you can restore in one click
    However, realize you will get no overwrite warnings

    I highly recommend Essentials Standalone method gives you more flexibility

    *** READING the GTR2 ESSENTIALS TUTORIALS is Essential !

    REMEMBER ! Soon as you do ANY MANUAL INSTALLS to any GTR folders that use ESSENTIALS you will have TROUBLES !

    You install a mod manually that overwrites some files from a already installed JSGME package
    Sometime later you de-active the JSGME Mod that was manually overwritten
    JSGME will give you no warning and replace the files with the original backup
    So your manually installed mod will now more then likely be corrupted
    Anything you want to add PACKAGE it for JSGME !
    Then you will avoid situation described above

    *** Recommended tools for packaging MODS: Beyond Compare and Text Crawler Pro
    *** Use Windows Explorer to delete or rename MODS
    JSGME right-click "re-naming" is very easy to delete a MOD and deleted mods don't go to recycle bin
    JSGME right-click doesn't do multi-highlight



  6. GTR2MapPlugin 108 and XD V214

    Author : fazerbox
    Release Date : 2010
    Plugins developed by Fazerbox (
    Plugin shows a Track Map in GTR2 and is fully Configurable by Mapconf.txt text file
    This Package integrates XD214.
    !!!! Please READ Instruction for installation and Requisities !!!!!!
    Please leave a comment a critic or a request for a new feature
    Fixed CTD on 67 LeMans
    Upgrated XD 2.1.4
    Unzip file in GTR2 Folder
    With Notepad Edit [your driver].plr and set:
    Write Shared Memory="1"
    XD was developed by Yako , that I don't Know.
    I developed only GTR2MapPlugin.
    Update [your driver].PLR file - Enable Telemetry Infos
    With Notepad Edit [your driver].plr and set:
    Write Shared Memory="1"
    How Enable XD
    With notepad edit GTR2MapPlugin.ini as follow:
    How Disable XD
    With notepad edit GTR2MapPlugin.ini as follow:
    Please read carefully Instructions.



  7. Realistic HDR-ENB filter

    Author : Rainmaker
    This enhancement gives you the opportunity to bring the old gmotor2 engine to some fresh looking style. These are settings done by me with the ENB series of Boris Vorontsov.
    Version 1.1 had over 2500 downloads in two years. So this can't be a wrong thing
    Copy the files from the folder of the game you want to enhance into your main installation directory. This directory is where the rfactor.exe/gtr2.exe/GSC.exe/FTruck.exe is.
    Don't forget: JUDGING WITHOUT TESTING IS SENSELESS! The pictures can not show the entire effect. This mod only shows his beauty in high resolution.
    Update log:
    v1.2 removed parameter that darkened up the game
    v1.1 added FPS-limiter lines (45 FPS)



  8. Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX Final

    More vivid and Realistic Colors Final
    Preset for GTR2 FIA Created by JuanBonX Added Aug. 2, 2017 Updated 23 Sep 09:16 CEST Shader used: ReShade   More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience. Features: - More vivid colors - Clarity - Sharpness



  9. Grid 2 Cockpit Cam Mod

    Author : vectorslide
    This Mod replaces the default bonnet cam with an interior cam.
    This way you will always start the race with the cockpit cam selected.
    To install camera mods for all cars - extract "Cockpit Cam Mod" to any folder you like and simply copy \ paste all the folders found in Cockpit Cam Mod\ Grid 2 to your installation folder Grid 2\ Cars \ Models.




    Author : DucFreak
    You will notice that there are two different installer files:
    This is the fix to be installed by users with wide screen monitors (16:9, 16:10 and 21:9).
    If confused, this is the current standard of most newer monitors (LCD, LED, PLASMA).
    This is the fix to be installed by users with regular screen monitors (4:3 and 5:4).
    If confused, this is the old standard of older CRT and first gen LCD monitors.
    Select and run the installer according to your monitor.
    The files are to be installed in the GTR2 main installation folder (browse to that folder).
    Which means, install files to the same GTR2 installation where the GTR2 UI MOD was previously installed.

    --------FIXES / CHANGELOG--------
    - Fixed bug issues with checkboxes.
    The problem was most noticed in the class selection screen, where last class/car could not be found nor chosen when scrolling down (now fixed).
    - Minor rectifications in checkboxes positions in the "OPTIONS" menus, for aesthetics and to go along with the checkboxes bug fixes.

    GTR2 UI MOD Forum topic:



  11. New Gfx file

    Author : syhlif32
    There are 2 gfx in the zip folder the 1.2 and a beta version.
    The beta have to be renamed to gfx.gtr
    Copy the gfx to the GTR2 root and overwrite the gfx.gtr in there or better rename the old one first.
    Main change is this version is the sky texture shader is now Dx9.
    The beta version works well on my setup and I believe the better version but it does change how the diffuse light is calculated.
    FPS are about the same as before on average but might depend on cpu/gpu combination.
    The Beta version does need some cleaning up but wanted it tested by a larger number of systems before I continue with that.
    Please report issues good or bad.



  12. FP HD Driver Suit Fix

    FP HD driver suit fix by Scorpyo
    From the first day when BariCZ have released his HD FP driver textures I was annoyed with the fact that they had problems with Alpinestars gloves which was caused because he just flipped texture for left (or right, I'm not sure anymore) glove when he was making another glove and that caused logos to be inverted. I'm sure that most people didn't even notice that but I did and that bothered me a lot. Furthermore, even if you could have many different styles of gloves you couldn't have many different suits colours. In fact you could only have one red and one blue suit and all other styles have white suit in combination with different gloves. I have redo the gloves and all logos are now properly oriented. I also made new suit colours so now we have 10 body styles with 8 different body colours and 10 gloves styles. Those styles are 01 - 10. All styles are listed below.
    01 - Black Alpinestars suit, Black Alpinestars gloves
    02 - Blue Alpinestars suit, Blue Alpinestars gloves
    03 - Green Alpinestars suit, Green Alpinestars gloves
    04 - Red Alpinestars suit, Red Alpinestars gloves
    05 - White Alpinestars suit, White Alpinestars gloves
    06 - Blue Alpinestars suit, Blue MOMO gloves
    07 - Green Alpinestars suit, Green MOMO gloves
    08 - Grey Alpinestars suit, Grey MOMO gloves
    09 - Red Alpinestars suit, Red MOMO gloves
    10 - Yellow Alpinestars suit, Yellow MOMO gloves
    Another problem was that he didn't make a mesh for custom FP driver body style and also he has never released the template so that you can make your own HD FP driver body textures. That resulted with many mods that have custom FP driver body textures but those textures are made with default GTR2 FP driver body texture template which is low res and many people actualy didn't use those custom textures because of that. To fix that I made new body style, 00, which is assigned to custom texture. To have custom FP driver body texture set FP driver body style in genstring to 00 and place your texture in team folder with name "DRIVERBODY_CUSTOM.DDS" and all drivers of that team will use that texture. Be aware that if you set FP driver body style to 00 but don't create texture in team folder game will CTD as I couldn't put the default texture in this mod because then your custom texture won't show in game as it will ALWAYS use the default texture.
    Final problem which this mod is fixing wasn't caused by BariCZ files, but it exist in many car mods. That problem is the fact that sometimes when you drive the car and driver head move you can see through the driver chests. In my conversions I often had a lot of problems with positioning FP driver and default viewpoint as if I wanted to have best viewpoint I'll end up with looking through driver chest and therefore I had to make some compromises about viewpoint as FP driver body have to be positioned relative to steering wheel and there's nothing that can be done except to use that one position where hands are actually on the steering wheel. That problem is solved by making the chests transparent and therefore when you create custom texture don't bother painting logos or anything else on chests as you won't be able to see them anyway.
    << --------------- INSTALATION --------------- >>
    Copy all files to Teams folder and replace existing ones. Make a backup of original files so that you can revert to them if you want.
    << --------------- DISCLAIMER --------------- >>
    I have tested all files in this mod and they worked without any problems. However, there's always possibility that in your install they don't work as they should so once again I strongly advice you to make a backup of original files so that you can revert to them if something went wrong.
    << --------------- CREDITS --------------- >>
    Original HD FP driver textures: BariCZ
    Editing and fixing problems: Scorpyo
    I would like to express my gratitude to BariCZ for making original HD FP driver textures as even though they did have some flaws they were great and without them I would never made this mod. Thanks a lot m8 and I sure hope to see more mods from you.



  13. Porsche 996 GT3-RS and GT3-RSR Fix

    Author : Philipp
    Here a small update for the Porsche 996 GT3 RS and GT3 RSR. For more information in the Readme.
    The following things have been changed or corrected:
    - Amended lever and changed shifting gate at 2003s Porsche GT3 RS (now equal to the original) I have taken for the corresponding parts of the Mosler and built into the Porsche. Even the driver switching animation has been amended accordingly. new Cockpit-Style 3 and 4
    - Small fix of a strut of the roll cage is now properly no longer only in the rear view of all Porsche 996 GT3 RS and RSR.
    - Added missing wiper at Ice Pol Porsche Style
    - The Porsche 996 GT3 RS with start numbers # 61, # 77 and # 99 are performed in the future under "Porsche GT3-R" in the game.
    Simply copy the files in the main folder of your GTR2 directory and choose to overwrite all files.
    WATCH OUT!!!
    In online servers dise files must be installed there as well, as there is otherwise mismatches.




    HQ MOTECHUD v1.2 by GTR233
    Description :
    High Quality MOTECHUD for GTR2
    No stock files will be overwritten
    No online mismatch
    What I did :
    - made nice red & black MOTECHUD in High Quality (2048x2048)
    - replaced bottom left icons with letters :
    F1 - S.A.S. (Steering Assistance System)
    F2 - B.A.S. (Braking Assistance System)
    F3 - E.S.P. (Electronic Stability Program)
    F4 - S.R.S. (Spin Recovery System)
    F5 - SHIELD (No Damage)
    F6 - SHIFT (Auto Shift)
    F7 - T.C.S. (Traction Control System)
    F8 - A.B.S. (Anti Block System)
    - cosmetic improvement
    Installation :
    Extract in your GTR2 directory (overwrite GAMEDATA dir) and that's it
    Uninstallation :
    Delete GTR2\GameData\Teams\ and you're back to stock
    Credits :
    GTR2 by SIMBIN
    Have fun & happy new year,



  15. F1 1994 .cst files Aida and Interlagos 1994

    And here we have the two .cst files for u guys to create the races of Interlagos and Aida 1994. I have put all cars in the files that were there on those races. Now u will have all three races od Senna in correct form. Put the files in USERDATA/Your Profilename and load them via the Car cst. Toll which you should habe and know how to use it. It's easy. Have fun. Still hoping for guys to help me with the Ratzenberger car for Imola and issues of putting the right cars /teams into the right pits which seems to be a bit tricky.



  16. Imola'94.cst

    Latest update to the .cst file in your profile folder. Overwrite with this. There were still some cars from Aida GP and that is fixed. Still I want to ask for assist with Ratzenberger's car. That is the only one still wrong and I need a modder to create his car via editing Brabham's Simtek . That would be nice if someone could help. Then we would have alomst perfect setup for the whole Imola'94 WE.



  17. Blue and white crew marshall to use in F1 1994 Team Williams-Renault

    In the mood for another fine detail improvement for GTR2 mod F1 1994!? Here is the pitcrew member that waves you out of the pits in Blue and white overall so the Williams-Renault team looks a lot better now. Thanks to the maker! Unpack the file and place it in folder "Scripts" let it overwrite.



  18. Pitsounds to use F1 1994

    Encore!? You got it! Next thing I discovered and edited so you guys can enjoy. This is the very good Pitsounds (Thx to FSR team) actually from an rFactor mod but now converted and it works in GTR"! Place the files into GTR2/Sounds/PIT. And crank it up when in the pits - it's awesome!



  19. Clear Skies by Johnny Dangerously

    And even one more thing to use for the F1 1994 Imola scenario! I found this nice mod and wanna share it here. Instructions included. Now you can have the realistic weather for the tragic race too which we hadn't before!.



  20. GTR 2 Car Select and .cst file Imola 1994

    And again something new for F1 1994 mod! Here is the tool "GTR 2 Car select V 1.03" (Thx to the author!) and a file I have made to create the historical grid of the Imola 1994 WE of tragedy.
    How to use:
    Install the tool , bind it to your GTR2 . exe. It will load all cars in your game and display them in a list. Click to Disable all cars. Put the included file "Imola'94.cst" in this folder USERDATA/YOUR NAME Back in tool you click on "Load" , in the small window popping up you double click the mentioned file "Imola..." . It will load the cars in the left field of entry. Click "Save". Click "Load" again. Now start the game, create a single race WE at the Imola 1994 circuit (required!) and you will have the full grid with all cars who were there. That does not work with the championship though it has some errors with wrong cars and double entries etc. Not anymore!



  21. Rev Bar for GTR2 Hud

    Author : zkarz
    Here is a new Rev bar for the original GTR2 Hud. You can run it with or without the yellow line. Hope you like it, thanks...
    First rename or backup the UIAssets.GTR file in UIDATA. then copy the new UIAssets.GTR file into UIData.
    If you want to run the rev bar without the yellow line then add the into your Teams folder.
    To go back: just delete these 2 files and restore original UIAssets.GTR file.



  22. Thrustmaster T500RS Best Settings

    Author : chrisgreece
    Thrustmaster t500rs Best Settings



  23. AL Rain FX

    Author : ArmedLightning
    Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects.



  24. Skidmark-Mod

    With this mod, you can make skidmarks as long as you want, or as long as your tires live, and this on EVERY surface (Gras, Gravel).



  25. New Advanced Physics Patch (NAPP)




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