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  1. GTR2 European v1.1 Patch

    This GTR 2 patch available for download, bringing the racing game sequel developed by Simbin Development Team to v1.1.



  2. GTR2 NO CD patch 1.1

    Copy to your GTR2 install and overwrite the existing file (its probably a good idea to back up the original GTR2.exe first) this is for v1.1 of the game only.. you must install the 1.1 patch before using this no-cd!



  3. Advanced Gear Ratios and FFB Menus

    Release Date : 2007
    Installation :
    For installation, make a copy of the original UIDATA folder and put it somewhere safe.
    Then just drop my files in your UIDATA folder, and let overwrite. Simple, and that's it.
    credits :
    ISI - base menu
    Luzperfecta - Advanced FFB Menu
    Street Wars - Advanced Car Settings Menu



  4. AI Light for Day

    Author : scarfo
    For those they want AI watch with lights by day.



  5. AL Rain FX

    Author : ArmedLightning
    Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects.



  6. Autosim Weather Generator

    Author : Alex Zhdankin
    Autosim Weather Generator 1.0 , check readme for installation.



  7. Best Feeling for G27

    Author : micropoint
    this is a little setup for logitech G27
    very good feeling ans sensation



  8. Blue and white crew marshall to use in F1 1994 Team Williams-Renault

    In the mood for another fine detail improvement for GTR2 mod F1 1994!? Here is the pitcrew member that waves you out of the pits in Blue and white overall so the Williams-Renault team looks a lot better now. Thanks to the maker! Unpack the file and place it in folder "Scripts" let it overwrite.



  9. Brake plugin for Fanatec ClubSport Pedals

    BETA: Brake plugin for Fanatec CSP
    Hi all, I've been coding up a brake vibration 'plugin' (its actually an exe) for GTR2 that works with Fanatec Clubsport pedals, and after many many hours its finally ready to be tested. The problem is that I don't actually have a set of Clubsport pedals so I'd really appreciate it if some folks that do could give the beta version a shot to see if it actually works.
    The description and readme on that page should have all the details needed to get going and experiment a bit.
    Two things to note:
    1) It almost certainly needs User Account Control (UAC) to be turned off - this is a result of how the Fanatec driver works and beyond my... control (ugh).
    2) You can use the program with CSP and any Fanatec wheel from PWTS onwards, just not the PWT. If you don't have CSP then you can direct it to use the wheel vibration motors instead if you want. Or it can use both.
    If you try it out I would really like feedback on:
    Your system (OS, 32/64, UAC setting, wheel model).
    If it didn't work, what you tried to get it going (GTR2_CSP settings, system changes, etc).
    If it did work, how I might make the full release version better.
    Enables the brake vibration feature of Fanatec's Clubsport pedals to work as an indicator of tyre blocking (brake lockup) in GTR2. Also allows vibration to be directed to the wheel motors for the PWTS and newer.
    1) Extract the archive to anywhere, perhaps a subfolder within your GTR2 installation.
    2) Windows User Account Control (UAC) may need to be switched off in order for the calls to the wheel/pedals to go through. This is associated with Fanatec's hardware driver and I can't do anything about it unfortunately.
    1) Run GTR2_CSP.exe
    2) Click "Connect Wheel/CSP". The wheel type should be displayed. If it isn't you have no hardware connection.
    3) Click "Connect GTR2".
    4) Start GTR2
    Tweaking / Troubleshooting / Fecking about:
    Test the vibration of wheel and CSP with the helpfully labeled buttons on the left.
    Set the maximum vibration you want for the two wheel motors and the CSP motor as a percentage. Turn them off with 0.
    By default the vibration is turned on when you lock a wheel, but if you check the Invert Vibration Behaviour box then you'll get vibration when you brake (speed scaled) which will stop when you lock a wheel. You can choose what speed 100% vibration occurs above.
    The GTR2 PD plugin by Nye provides the wheel speeds for this mod (Thanks Nye!) and you can set its update interval in milliseconds. A faster update interval will give you better response up to a point, but may cause system slow downs or issues interfacing with the Wheel/CSP. The default is 100 ms but please experiment and let me know what the optimal value is.
    The lockup sensitivity can be changed, a higher number will make it trigger earlier/more often up to a point, but you may find that you start to get false positives. Where this number is higher than ratio of wheel to vehicle speed for any wheel during braking then lockup is deemed to occur. Please let me know what the optimum setting is.
    Telemetry will display inside the box (all going well) and when lockup occurs the box will turn red. Should I include any other information in here?



  10. Clear Skies by Johnny Dangerously

    And even one more thing to use for the F1 1994 Imola scenario! I found this nice mod and wanna share it here. Instructions included. Now you can have the realistic weather for the tragic race too which we hadn't before!.



  11. Complete AI Alms

    Author : barry
    AI Template for the NAGP Alms V4.0 Mod. Based on the GTR2 Reborn Project by The Independant Rebels Group.
    The reason for this AI Template is primarily to enable users to compete, or practice off-line, against a very competative AI.
    The excellent mod is located at -
    Install the NAGP V4.0 Mod first then copy over the AI Template. Allow to overwrite any files.
    The AI should not use any <track.svm>, or AI.svm setups that are present in the game, but to make sure, in the [Game Options] section of your user.plr file. please change the line -
    Vehicle Specific AI Setups="1" to Vehicle Specific AI Setups="0" //This allows the AI to use their own default physics.
    Changes to original V4.0 mod -
    1. .RCD - Complete new set of AI drivers in each individual teams folder. // Please delete any NAGP folders or drivers files in the main Talent folder, if they have been previously added.
    2. .HDC - Changed braking ability to full range. // Cold brakes means 'Cold Brakes'
    3. .ENG - Changed EngineBrakeMapping 'steps' to reflect individual vehicles R.P.M
    4. Removed ability to increase R.P.M // The reason for this is because the AI cannot increase the R.P.M based on different tracks, and also to prevent the user from having an unfair advantage from increasing R.P.M. The only way to increase speed is to adjust the setup.
    No other changes have been made.
    1. It is recommended to check the brake settings in any users previous setups for this mod, as they 'WILL' be too low. All other setup parameters apart from the limited R.P.M will/should be the same.
    2. The AI are very competative at 100%.
    3. Just for reference, below is my personal .PLR settings. The user can use whatever they wish (after all, it is your game).
    AI Driver Strength="100"
    AI Power Calibration="7" // Adjustments with AI strength (0=none, or add the following: 1=power, 2=gearing, 4=fuel)
    AI Additional Fuel Mult="0.97000" // Additional fuel multiplier for AIs because of their driving style
    AI Brake Power Usage="1.00000" // Fraction of theoretical brake power that AI attempt to use
    AI Brake Grip Usage="1.00000" // Fraction of theoretical brake grip that AI attempt to use
    AI Corner Grip Usage="1.00000" // Fraction of theoretical cornering grip that AI attempt to use
    AI Max Load="400000.00000" // Maximum total load to set up theoretical performance tables
    AI Min Radius="0.10000" // Minimum radius turn to set up theoretical performance tables
    AI to AI Collision Rate="40" // Detection rate per second (1-40) for AI-to-AI collisionsAI Template for the NAGP Alms V4.0 Mod. Based on the GTR2 Reborn Project by The Independant Rebels Group.



  12. Corvette CR6 Template

    Author : Jon Hillenbrand
    This is the template for the Corvette C6.R available in the WSGT mod. This template was made using Photoshop CS2, but I have done my best to make is usable in CS and 7.



  13. Custom HUD GTR2

    Author : Dorrego
    Custom HUD GTR2. by enuZi
    This should install files into GTR2\GameData\Teams and overwrite the original have.
    When in doubt done a previous backup of your original file.
    Created by enuZi for



  14. Easy ISI Cockpit Cam Fix

    Author : Velo
    Discovered this a while ago, because I was not happy with the movement of the car on screen.
    It felt like my head was glued to the headrest - car fixed, world moving around.
    Watch when you drive in a real car - car moves, world is fixed.
    So if you want more natural car movement, try this:
    < in, COCKPIT section >
    OrientationRate=(10.000000, 50.000000, 2.000000)
    and set Gforce strength to your preference ingame.
    The above settings work best with ~25% Gforce, but feel free to experiment:
    OrientationRate=(pitch, yaw, roll). higher values, less effect!



  15. F1 1994 .cst files Aida and Interlagos 1994

    And here we have the two .cst files for u guys to create the races of Interlagos and Aida 1994. I have put all cars in the files that were there on those races. Now u will have all three races od Senna in correct form. Put the files in USERDATA/Your Profilename and load them via the Car cst. Toll which you should habe and know how to use it. It's easy. Have fun. Still hoping for guys to help me with the Ratzenberger car for Imola and issues of putting the right cars /teams into the right pits which seems to be a bit tricky.



  16. FM Honda Civic Cup RHD files

    Author : sunalp2
    A bit obvious really when you think that they drive RHD cars in Japan.
    Includes all the files you need to change the model over to RHD and a .car file to swap the driver over.
    Just put all the files into the car folder of your choice and fill in the details in the .car file:
    Car number
    Team Name
    Driver name
    That's it.
    Extract this rar to a place of your choosing and get the files out of the FM Honda Civic Cup RHD folder.
    Version 1.1
    I missed a couple of things:
    Window net.
    Showroom Gauges.
    If you already have V 1.0 just want the extra files they are in this post:



  17. Ford Escort Cosworth - Upgrade

    Ford Escort Cosworth GT for GT2 championship.
    new physic
    new sound
    need Ford Escort Cosworth mod
    (no original files will be overwritten)



  18. FP HD Driver Suit Fix

    FP HD driver suit fix by Scorpyo
    From the first day when BariCZ have released his HD FP driver textures I was annoyed with the fact that they had problems with Alpinestars gloves which was caused because he just flipped texture for left (or right, I'm not sure anymore) glove when he was making another glove and that caused logos to be inverted. I'm sure that most people didn't even notice that but I did and that bothered me a lot. Furthermore, even if you could have many different styles of gloves you couldn't have many different suits colours. In fact you could only have one red and one blue suit and all other styles have white suit in combination with different gloves. I have redo the gloves and all logos are now properly oriented. I also made new suit colours so now we have 10 body styles with 8 different body colours and 10 gloves styles. Those styles are 01 - 10. All styles are listed below.
    01 - Black Alpinestars suit, Black Alpinestars gloves
    02 - Blue Alpinestars suit, Blue Alpinestars gloves
    03 - Green Alpinestars suit, Green Alpinestars gloves
    04 - Red Alpinestars suit, Red Alpinestars gloves
    05 - White Alpinestars suit, White Alpinestars gloves
    06 - Blue Alpinestars suit, Blue MOMO gloves
    07 - Green Alpinestars suit, Green MOMO gloves
    08 - Grey Alpinestars suit, Grey MOMO gloves
    09 - Red Alpinestars suit, Red MOMO gloves
    10 - Yellow Alpinestars suit, Yellow MOMO gloves
    Another problem was that he didn't make a mesh for custom FP driver body style and also he has never released the template so that you can make your own HD FP driver body textures. That resulted with many mods that have custom FP driver body textures but those textures are made with default GTR2 FP driver body texture template which is low res and many people actualy didn't use those custom textures because of that. To fix that I made new body style, 00, which is assigned to custom texture. To have custom FP driver body texture set FP driver body style in genstring to 00 and place your texture in team folder with name "DRIVERBODY_CUSTOM.DDS" and all drivers of that team will use that texture. Be aware that if you set FP driver body style to 00 but don't create texture in team folder game will CTD as I couldn't put the default texture in this mod because then your custom texture won't show in game as it will ALWAYS use the default texture.
    Final problem which this mod is fixing wasn't caused by BariCZ files, but it exist in many car mods. That problem is the fact that sometimes when you drive the car and driver head move you can see through the driver chests. In my conversions I often had a lot of problems with positioning FP driver and default viewpoint as if I wanted to have best viewpoint I'll end up with looking through driver chest and therefore I had to make some compromises about viewpoint as FP driver body have to be positioned relative to steering wheel and there's nothing that can be done except to use that one position where hands are actually on the steering wheel. That problem is solved by making the chests transparent and therefore when you create custom texture don't bother painting logos or anything else on chests as you won't be able to see them anyway.
    << --------------- INSTALATION --------------- >>
    Copy all files to Teams folder and replace existing ones. Make a backup of original files so that you can revert to them if you want.
    << --------------- DISCLAIMER --------------- >>
    I have tested all files in this mod and they worked without any problems. However, there's always possibility that in your install they don't work as they should so once again I strongly advice you to make a backup of original files so that you can revert to them if something went wrong.
    << --------------- CREDITS --------------- >>
    Original HD FP driver textures: BariCZ
    Editing and fixing problems: Scorpyo
    I would like to express my gratitude to BariCZ for making original HD FP driver textures as even though they did have some flaws they were great and without them I would never made this mod. Thanks a lot m8 and I sure hope to see more mods from you.



  19. Francesko Career Stats

    Author : Ben
    This tool gives a comprehensive overview of the GTR2 previously driven tracks, cars, rounds and positions.
    It lets you see how many miles on a day, in total, on what track, with which cars and in what class.
    The last-used tracks/cars, are highlighted.
    The data for all cars are imported automatically and can thus be easily compared with other cars.
    With this tool you can see the Statistics for GTR2, rediscover and learn all about their own benefits.



  20. Good AIW-Files

    Author : LkwFan
    Collection of AIW-Files with NO pacecar in the track-middle for GTR²



  21. Grid 2 Cockpit Cam Mod

    Author : vectorslide
    This Mod replaces the default bonnet cam with an interior cam.
    This way you will always start the race with the cockpit cam selected.
    To install camera mods for all cars - extract "Cockpit Cam Mod" to any folder you like and simply copy \ paste all the folders found in Cockpit Cam Mod\ Grid 2 to your installation folder Grid 2\ Cars \ Models.



  22. GT2 Mix Fun mod engine updates

    Author : Roberto Ribeiro
    his patch updates fuel consumption for the higher liter engines and makes all engines with life time variations set to "0",
    so this allow you start the race with engine health set in 99%.
    If you use this mod online with friends make sure that all the players have this patch installed or you'll get mismatches.



  23. GTR 2 Car Select and .cst file Imola 1994

    And again something new for F1 1994 mod! Here is the tool "GTR 2 Car select V 1.03" (Thx to the author!) and a file I have made to create the historical grid of the Imola 1994 WE of tragedy.
    How to use:
    Install the tool , bind it to your GTR2 . exe. It will load all cars in your game and display them in a list. Click to Disable all cars. Put the included file "Imola'94.cst" in this folder USERDATA/YOUR NAME Back in tool you click on "Load" , in the small window popping up you double click the mentioned file "Imola..." . It will load the cars in the left field of entry. Click "Save". Click "Load" again. Now start the game, create a single race WE at the Imola 1994 circuit (required!) and you will have the full grid with all cars who were there. That does not work with the championship though it has some errors with wrong cars and double entries etc. Not anymore!



  24. GTR Shifter LED On Smartphone

    i created an App where you can use the display of your smartphone as the indicater when to shift to another gear.
    Not fancy, but still very productive.
    Attached files is an Android version and Host on the PC.
    More info in the Readme.
    Other platforms downloads available on
    Good driving



  25. GTR2 Championship Manager

    This is a stand-alone application that will, among other things, enable users to create and edit GTR2 championships in minutes! All add-on vehicles and tracks can be added to championships, and any combination of vehicle classes may compete against each other in the championship. There are no limits to number of tracks, and number of vehicles are obviously limited to the maximum allowed on the selected tracks. But all in all, the possibilities are endless!
    Nitr0 and Majkee for their time and effort spent testing the application, as well as their valuable input and suggestions.
    Please feel free to communicate any issues and suggestions to me as this application must evolve into something that should not only represent the ideas of those involved in its design and development, but most importantly, that of each and every individual who makes use of it.
    Changes in Version 1.1 to 1.5: See ReadMe
    Changes in Version 1.6:
    Changes in Version 1.1:
    Added some error handling in the load process to prevent an application crash when files are missing or in an incorrect format.
    Changes in Version 1.2:
    NB: No need to uninstall the previous version (but feel free to do so if you prefer!) as this install will update the relevant files.
    1. Fixed the number format issue, so users with any number format specified in Regional Settings should now be able to open championships without errors.
    2. Fixed issues where track specific points system did not save.
    3. On the vehicles screen, only the selected vehicle groups will be displayed in the bottom left information box.
    4. Improved code to assign values to slider controls and added more error handling, so files with "out-of-range" data can be processed without generating errors.
    5. Minor User Guide update.
    Changes in Version 1.3:
    1. Good news for Windows 7 and Vista users! Removed the need to access the Windows Registry from the application. This should eliminate the permission / access messages displayed when launching the
    2. Track search functionality added. Quickly find tracks by entering 3 or more characters of the track name. More info in the User Guide.
    3. Facility added to add a random selection of tracks. NOTE: For those (like me!) who do not bother to read manuals - This option will REPLACE the current selection of tracks, if any, of a
    championship. More information in the User Guide.
    4. The "Race Laps" controls will only be enabled and number of laps added to the championship gdb if the championship is an Official championship, or if the Race Distance is defined as "Laps" in
    the Options screen. To revert to adding the number of laps to a championship, Select "Time" in the options screen and edit the championship. If track specific laps are not defined, the championship
    default will be saved to each track during the save process.
    5. Minor cosmetic changes at application startup.
    6. Removed the "prefix" message displayed when saving a new championship. I doubt that anyone will miss it!
    7. User guide update.
    Changes in Version 1.4:
    1. Fixed the bug where the number of laps or race duration of the last selected track was saved to all other selected tracks of the championship.
    2. Fixed some other minor bugs.
    Changes in Version 1.5:
    1. Added functionality to record certain error-prone processing steps to a trace file named 'GTR2CM_Trace.txt' in the GTR2 Championship Manager application directory.
    2. Added more error handling.
    Changes in Version 1.6:
    1. Updated application to prevent errors when using on Windows 7 64-bit Operating System.
    2. Fixed the "CategoryLists" value so that it does not calculate to one less than the actual number of categories.
    NOTE: Due to change #1, existing users may need to redefine the GTR2 path and default settings after upgrading to this version.



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