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BMW F1 2008

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BMW F1 2008

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  1. Intel BMW 2008

    Author : chappielike2009
    Intel BMW F1 2008 original car by ISI
    32Bit Textures
    Ultra Chassis
    Animated Driver
    Original Real Physics
    Anti Stall
    Tire changing in pits added wet,int,soft and hard
    Front suspension now visible in cockpit view
    Next I will inc the LOD



  2. F1 2008 ISI BMW + Barcelona

    Author : chappielike2009
    Hear is the Classic F12008 ISI BMW with Barcelona track its not an old conversion its a new conversion it has 4096x4096 Skins on the car wet tires the 3d car also has been updated and it is alot better to drive. I have a few animations to finish on the track and start light sequence to fix. I have added pit lights at the end of the pitlane as the origanal never had them. There will be a string of updates as tracks are added and it will be online to drive also.
    Here are the screen shots of the car and track i will only be doing cars with tracks in future.
    isi origional map.
    real road.
    BMW F1 08:
    isi origional car.
    Tire wear + wets.
    Will stop from 300kph in 3.2 seconds.



  3. Ferrari 2008 Template

    Author : michael1
    Ferrari 2008 Template.
    For complete mod click here



  4. BMW F1 2008 SE BUILD 382

    Author : Michael Leeson
    BMW F1 2008 SE Build 146
    All Credits to ISI for the Sim and the Car.
    Converted From rFactor: Special Edition 2008 by Michael.
    Only rFmod needed all credits go to michael 3d conversion from rf1,Hendrie physics , kenz all ontrack testing the car remains property of isi this is important that ISI are the legal owners of the car we only permision to edit/convert it is from there francise and does not belong to any 3rdpartys.
    Driver = Kubica
    i kept the good physics as they will end up on other mods but they are taking to long now so i must move on to more cars my next car Will be a stock car for the American People.
    The RFMOD is not a problem mod and will install as it shuld do i will not be working on this car for a while now so i hope you like it.
    For Build 382
    Has new Chassis Physics,
    Animation Driver 3DsMax,
    Change Tire in Pits,
    ISI12 Tire Physics,
    Converted By Chappielike2009 and Hendrie Klink



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