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  1. Gl4dia70rZ Real Head Motion

    Gl4dia70rZ Real Head Motion 0.2 Beta



  2. RF2 Automatic Chat Message

    Author : fazerbox
    rFactorAutomaticChatMessage sends an automatic Message on rFactor Dedicated CHAT every MSGDELAY milliseconds.
    Each message row is sendes every ROWDELAY milliseconds
    1) Start "rFactor Dedicated.exe" or "rFactor2 Dedicated.exe"
    2) When Server is Running, start rFactorAutomaticChatMessage
    3) Select Window Where sending messages from Combobox
    4) Push Start Button



  3. 1960s WCR All Track

    Author : F1 Elites
    1960s WCR v1.1
    Required Content:
    - Renault Megane Trophy v1.0
    - Forumla Renault 3.5 v1.1
    - 1960s World Class Racing v1.0



  4. Megane All Track

    Author : F1 Elites
    Meganes v1.1
    Required Content:
    - Renault Megane Trophy v1.0
    - Forumla Renault 3.5 v1.1
    - 1960s World Class Racing v1.0



  5. All Cars All Tracks online mod

    Author : IT-Trader
    Here is the All cars All tracks mod i requested and it came through.
    you will need to install this file into your package folder, then install from inside the online game section..
    you can then host or join the servers driving any car on any track..
    people that host servers can choose what cars and what tracks to drive.



  6. Dutch Translation rFactor2

    Author : Uncles
    After translating rFactor some time ago, i now bought rFactor2 & looked for the language files, i did my best, but maybe there are still some minor translation errors in it.
    But hey rFactor is in Dutch now.
    Filename: Nederlands.dic
    Just copy file (64kb) to: rFactor2SupportLanguages
    You can delete any other file in this dir now.
    You need to change lanuage to Nederlands in you're config screen, that's all folks.
    I hope many Dutch & Belgium SimRacers will like this, i know it did for rFactor.
    Please write a comment if you like it.
    Happy Simracing to all.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.



  7. RF2 CarStat

    Those of you who knew the original CarStat for rFactor 1 know what to expect, for those who don't:
    CarStat gives you all the different statistics of the different mods for rFactor 2. Select the right mod in the "Mod statistics"-section and you'll get dozens of important statistics on the selected car. This information can be very useful for choosing a car in a mod or for pushing the performance of your car to the limit (I'm thinking about brake ducts, radiator, tire wear,...).
    Now, CarStat 1 was a client application. Due to the way rFactor 2 packs the modfiles in MAS-files, I chose to make CarStat 2 webbased.
    There's still a lot of work to do (check the News-section), but the solid base is there. If you've got any useful remarks, ideas or bug reports, please feel free to let me know in this thread or by contacting me (Contact form). At the moment mod-list is a bit barren with only 3 mods, but that will obviously grow when more mods are released.



  8. Live Timing

    Author : Frank Geyer
    The whole system is based on PHP, Apache and MySQL. The major focus will be for Endurance Racing Mods, but Series Racing won't be a problem as well. The programming is pretty much straight forward, so League Admins with a little knowledge in APM-Environments won't have a problem to customize it for their needs.
    - Plugin to store the current scoring in an XML file
    - Loader to grep the data and place it into the db
    - Monitor to show the overall standings
    - Viewer adjustable Refresh Rate
    - Row Highlight ( see column High ) to compare Team Driver to opponent
    - Hotlap list ( [Hotlaps] link in Extras )
    - Session Laps list ( click on a lap number link in column Laps )
    - Marquee ( http://ftgx.dyndns.org/vmliveview2/marquee.php )
    Minor problems detected so far:
    - Under the "rFactor2 Mod Mode.exe" sometimes the "InPits" status isn't updated correctly. Haven't detected it so far for "rFactor2.exe". Can't tell for the "rFactor2 Dedicated.exe" cause I have to wait until the scoring updates for AI has been fixed for the next release of rF2 beta.



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