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  1. rFactor2 Weather Tool

    Author : Gerald Jacobson
    This application allow you to retrieve weather condition (historic and forecast) and then update a given rFactor2 circuit with this meteo.
    You can play your rFactor2 session (practice/qualifying/race) in the same weather condition as a real race.
    This application use a configuration file named "WeatherConfig.xml" containing the folowwing informations:
    - rFactor2 data directory location
    - Proxy credentials (optional)
    - rFactor2 profiles list
    - Weather providers
    - rFactor2 locations (Circuits)
    - list of directories for this location (some circuits have several configurations -> several directories under "Settings")
    - List of parameters for each weather provider used for this circuit (those parameters allow each provider to know the location of the circuit)
    - Prerequisite: .Net Framework 4
    - If you copy the rFactor2WorldWeather.exe and WeatherConfig.xml file directly under the rFactor2 data directory, you can directly launch the application.
    - If you copy elsewhere, please update the WeatherConfig.xml file to set the game dataPath to the rFactor2 data directory
    For exemple: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\rFactor2
    Note: The rFactor2 data directory is the one containing "UserData", "package", "player", etc...
    How To Use:
    - Launch rFactor2WorldWeather.exe
    - Select a profile
    - Select a circuit
    - Select a session type
    - Define the date, start time and duration of the session
    - Choose the weather provider (historic if the session is in the past, forcast if in future)
    - Click to collect the weather
    - Click on the Save button to update the weather file of your rFactor2
    As rFactor2 read the file when a circuit is selected and write the file when you change the circuit or quit the game, it is not possible to update the weather data for an in-use circuit.
    We recommend to use this software when the game is not launched or if in use on another circuit.
    For now rFactor2 allow only 5 meteo segment, even if the file structure allow an unlimited number of sector. May be it would be implemented in a future version of the game.
    ----------------------------------- How to find parameter(s) value for each weather provider ------------------------------
    1) The Weather Channel
    Open a web browser and go to the url: http://uk.weather.com/
    In the search field, enter the address of the circuit, and click the search icon. Ex: "Monte-Carlo, Monaco"
    Now the URL in your browser is something like:
    The "Location" parameter of this provider is the code MNXX0001 for this exemple.
    So for the Monaco circuit, you will put this XML fragment in the WeatherConfig.xml file:
    <Provider id="1">
    <Parameter name="Location" value="MNXX0001"/>
    2) 7Timer!
    Open a web browser and go to the url: http://7timer.y234.cn/
    In the search field, enter the address of the circuit, and click "Search on map". Ex: "Monte-Carlo, Monaco"
    Now mouve your mouse over the orange map pin, a popup is displayed, so click on the "CIVIL" link
    Now the URL in your browser is something like:
    The "Longitude" is the value of the "lon" url parameter value, and the "Latitude" is the "lat" url parameter value.
    So for the Monaco circuit, you will put this XML fragment in the WeatherConfig.xml file:
    <Provider id="2">
    <Parameter name="Longitude" value="7.42722219999996"/>
    <Parameter name="Latitude" value="43.7397222"/>
    ------------------------------------------ How To Use the XML configuration file ------------------------------------------
    1) Structure
    <Provider/> // This tag can be added several times
    <Profile/> // This tag can be added several times
    <Location> // This tag can be added several times
    <Provider> // This tag can be added several times
    <Parameter/> // This tag can be added several times
    2) Tag detail
    2.1) WeatherConfig
    It is the root tag. The is no additionnal information on it.
    2.2) WeatherConfig/Game
    This tag is used to reference the rFactor2 directory
    2.2.1) dataPath attribut
    This attribut allow you to point the rFactor2 data directory (not the core directory)
    If you let the default value ".", you must copy the exe and the xml file directly under the rFactor2 data directory
    2.3) WeatherConfig/Proxy
    You need to uncomment this tag only if you are beyound a securized proxy. This tag contains several attributs:
    - "user" : The username account
    - "password" : The password account
    - "domain" : The domain account
    2.4) WeatherConfig/Providers
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of supported weather Provider
    2.5) WeatherConfig/Providers/Provider
    This tag define a supported provider.
    You CANNOT add your own providers, at least for now, as each provider need a corresponding software implementation. Please look the comment of each Provider in the XML file to know which parameters are expected.
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "id" : an identifier used later in the XML to reference this provider (see WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider@id)
    - "class" : The implementation class to use
    2.6) WeatherConfig/Profiles
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of existing game Profile
    2.7) WeatherConfig/Profiles/Profile
    This tag define a game profile. By default, rFactor2 create a unique profile named "player". Many rFactor2 game settings are stored by game profile.
    You can add as many xml Profile tag as you have rFactor2 game profile.
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "id" : an identifier used later in the XML to reference this profile (see WeatherConfig/Location@inProfiles)
    - "name" : the displayed name of this profile
    - "path" : the directory name of this profile
    2.8) WeatherConfig/Locations
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of existing Location (circuit)
    2.9) WeatherConfig/Locations/Location
    This tag define a game circuit and all data needed to retrieve and apply weather on it.
    You can add as many xml Location tag as you have rFactor2 circuit.
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "name" : the displayed name
    - "inProfiles" : a comma separated list of game Profile "id" where this circuit exists
    2.10) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of available weather Provider and there parameters for this circuit.
    2.11) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider
    This tag allow you to define wich provider can be used with this circuit.
    You can add as many xml Provider tag as you have weather Provider defined.
    This tag contains one attribut:
    - "id" : reference the id of one defined weather Provider
    2.12) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider/Parameters
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of available Parameter for the weather provider. (generally, the parameters are used to define the location of the circuit in the weather provider coordinate)
    2.13) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider/Parameters/Parameter
    This tag define a key/value pair used to configure the provider for this circuit.
    You can add as many xml Parameter tag as the selected provider need
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "name" : the name of the parameter
    - "value" : the value of the parameter
    Generally those parameters are used to build the URL used to request the weather data
    2.14) WeatherConfig/Location/Directories
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of directories for this circuit. Indeed, sometimes a given circuit exist in several configuration, and each configuration are stored in a dedicated directory.
    2.15) WeatherConfig/Location/Directories/Directory
    This tag allow you to define the directory path for this circuit.
    You can add as many xml Directory tag as you have variant of a given circuit.
    This tag contains one attribut:
    - "path" : the name of the directory for this variant
    This application come from a preexisting configuration file containing:
    - A forecast weather provider (7timer!)
    - An Historic weather provider (The Weather Channel)
    - 5 circuits
    - Brianza
    - Croft
    - Poznan
    - Sebring
    - Spa



  2. Feels Real T500RS FFB

    Author : banr
    This MOD is intended natulal FFB at T500RS,
    When this file use, please off the Real Feel FFB Plugin.
    How to install this MOD.
    1.overwrite the UseData for rFactor root.
    2.load FEEL_NATURAL_T500RS
    Recommend device setting.
    Overall Strength of all forces 100%
    Constant 0%
    Periodic 100%
    Spring 0%
    Damper 0%
    by the wheel 0%



  3. Sebring HDR profile

    Author : Tosch
    Drop the unzipped file into the sebring folder and select the profile before race.



  4. Basic Spring Setup Tool

    Author : taufikp
    This is a browser based tool, because I want to be able to use it anywhere, from my smartphone or tablet.
    Some say that it is easier to do initial spring setup based on known natural frequencies for specific car type. Some also say that these frequencies can be used to get good balance between front and rear spring rate. And of course this "math based" setting is purely for basic/initial car setup, after that you still need to do some laps and change some settings, in order to get good car setup.
    I created this tool in order to learn (relearning to be exact) car physics, especially the correlation between front spring and rear spring frequencies/harmonics.
    How To Use
    First, you need to enter:
    - weight
    - weight distribution front-rear
    - lateral weight distribution
    - all spring rates
    This tool will calculate and show you:
    - frequency for each spring
    - total average frequency at front and rear
    - recommended rear spring frequency
    There are three recommended rear spring frequency values: low, medium, and high. Change both rear spring rates (left and right) to mach the recommended frequency you want.



  5. DigiFlags HUD mod

    Author : MS7XWDC
    n. 2 versions of the DigiFlags HUD mod
    drop the .rfcmp files into rfactor2/Packages folder



  6. GT5 style HUD beta

    Author : pay2021
    Little mod that i made over the rfactor 2 multidial HUD, for now just the dials and is in MPH.
    Is an add, not replace the actual multidial HUD.
    Install: copy to your packages folder, in mod manager uncheck "Options/Show mods only", then you see it, right click, install.



  7. HUD Mods

    Author : MS7XWDC
    1. drop the MS7XWDC rf2 HUD 2.rfcmp and MS7XWDC rf2 HUD 2.rcmp files into your 'Packages' folder
    2. use Mod Manager to install
    3. use 'Customize' to select the view of your choice [centered flags or left side flags]



  8. F3 Fanatics

    Author : Bryan Birtwell
    Made a vMOD to include Brianza



  9. GTWEndurance vs Renault Megane Trophy vmod

    Author :LabR4t
    This Mod Virtual, Does NOT contain all the tracks available for rFactor 2 so plz download each track links found below.
    MANUAL UPDATE from Build 69 (Not required if you use the full installer)
    Infineon (Sears Point )Get version 1 then all Updates
    Watkins Glen
    Fuji Speedway 2012
    Heartland Park Topeka
    All Tracks ISI
    ISI CARS & TRACKS (All should be installed and updated)
    1960's World Class Racing
    Formula Renault 3.5
    GT World Endurance
    Renault Megane Trophy
    ISI Formula Masters Road (2011)
    Plz note if you got ALL ISI mods you only need tracks (unless you got them aswell) and this vmod i made to test
    Just extract the rar into your Packages folder then install from modmanager enjoy



  10. Formula Masters all tracks vMod

    Author :LabR4t
    for download files for install files click here and download :
    MANUAL UPDATE from Build 69 (Not required if you use the full installer)
    ISI CARS & TRACKS (All should be installed and updated) click here & here
    Formula Renault 3.5
    GT World Endurance
    Renault Megane Trophy
    ISI Formula Masters Road (2011)
    Tracks Needed
    SearspointRW v1.35
    Putnam Park v0.2 Beta
    Snetterton 300 v0.71
    Watkins Glen v0.2
    Mid-Ohio v1.90
    Fuji Speedway v1.0
    Heartland Park Topeka v1.0



  11. rF2LiveViewPlugin

    rFactor's plugin for saving session results live with defined period.
    To upload these results into web page (by FTP), use another utility: LiveViewReporter
    Documentation (PDF)



  12. Rally Pacenote Plugin

    Author : Zephyr RU

    "Rally Pacenote Plugin" for rFactor2.
     during 8years. we have waited for "Next" Rally simulator.
     after releaseing Richard Burns Rally.
     then, we have to make it. this is so. we respect RBR so much. Download, Manuals adn detail of plugin.

     "Rally Pacenote Plugin" Manual of Convert Language Pack



  13. iHud

    iHUD for rFactor & rFactor2 is the definitive Pluging for rFactor & rFactor2.
    Today iHUD for rFactor V2.0 with five incredible new packets and more than 40 widgets will be available on AppStore!!
    With iHud for rFactor & rFactor2 you can customize High Definition Dashboards in your iOS device.
    You can play rFactor or rFactor 2 in FULL SCREEN without having to play in windowed mode and without losing any FPS!!
    Up to 11 categories of accessories.
    Up to 50 widgets witch you can place anywhere you want.
    5 Spaces where place your widgets or a prebuilt Dashboard
    4 prebuilt dashboards.
    You can to move, rescale and place any widget anywhere.
    Oil Temp.
    Water Temp.
    Times: current, last, best.
    Available: MPH/KPH & Fº/Cº
    How to install HERE!



  14. rFactor2 .wet Builder

    Author : Julian G. (Senna94)
    Extract the program where you want it.
    You can adjust your own weather like you want to: Training, Qualifying and Race
    - Net Framework 4 required
    - German and English Translations
    - StartingTime and Duration not available at this moment. I must to inform me only if the settings have effects at all. A request for Tim is already sent
    - In the future is planned, your weather to be generated and to open existing .wet Files



  15. rFactor2 - LiveMonitor and Hotlaps

    rFactor2 - LiveMonitor and Hotlaps

    Hi guys, we from MalaysianSimRacers.com would like to present to you a plugin for LiveMonitor and Hotlaps for rFactor2.
    LiveMonitor offers you:
    1. Live timing for your rFactor2 Session
    2. Hotlaps
    3. LiveTrack Positions of cars on track
    Problem with hotlapping fixed with the LiveMonitor.exe
    Use the Updater
    UPDATE 22nd March 2012 - Version Released
    Please use the Update function
    You need v1.0.4.0 to be installed
    Read the Readme.txt for Changelog
    Download Link (UPDATE ONLY - REQUIRES v1.0.3.3 to be installed) http://malaysiansimracers.com/fahad/rF2/LiveMonitor/updates/LMDataLogger1040.zip

    1. Added Difference/Gap in Hotlaps
    2. All the default tracks of ISI rFactor2 is now added to livePosition system, except for Palm Beach. Please follow the guide of DrawMap Plugin to generate the Trackmap to implement it into LiveMonitor.
    3. Facelift for LiveMonitor.
    4. Speedtrap now show's top speed of vehicles.
    5. Hotlaps : Only registeres drivernames with vehicle class and not vehicle name. So the same driver does several laps on different skins, but on the same category, only the best lap is recorded, compared to the previous version which recorded all times.
    6. Images for each vehicle class is added on the livemonitor main page.
    For instance, rFactor2, generates the name Megane Trophy u ​nder the Vehicle Class Column in LiveMonitor. So you need to create a PNG file (dimensions: 80 x 18 px), with the name : meganetrophy.png -> This name has to be the same as the name showed in vehicle class column, only without spaces and all lowercase. Then you need place the files into LiveMonitor\images\icons\vehicles\ folder
    If you want to show your server status while the LiveMonitor is running on your website, forum, etc, then use the file server_status.php inside the LiveMonitor Web folder



  16. RF2 1960s WCR All Tracks

    Author : f1elites
    1. extract archive into packages directory of rfactor2
    2. install "1960s WCR All Tracks by F1Elites.com" via mod-manager (right click -> install)



  17. RF2 Megane All Tracks

    Author : f1elites
    1. extract archive into packages directory of rfactor2
    2. install "Megane All Tracks by F1Elites.com" via mod-manager (right click -> install)



  18. Profile Changer

    Author : Sperafico
    This small program allow you to change easily and quickly your profile name in rFactor 2.
    You can also choose to have just a Nickname in game and restore your original profile.
    However, this will not change your ID concerning your rFactor 2 account, the program will interact just into the game.
    ♦ Ability to restore your original profile when you created your rFactor 2 account
    ♦ Ability to restore your last modified profile
    ♦ Display the current Version & Build installed



  19. All Cars and Tracks Online

    Author : Kolosvonrodos
    All Cars and Tracks Online [included avaiable AddOn Tracks]
    TRACKS: Portugal
    Portugal without Tirestacks
    Mills Inner Loop C
    Mills Outer Loop B
    Malaysia Full Loop
    Malaysia North Loop
    Belgium 1966
    Monte Carlo 1966
    Putnam Park Long
    Snetterton 300
    Watkins Glen Nascar
    Watkins Glen Grand Prix
    Watkins Glen Long
    CARS : EVE F1
    EVE F2
    EVE F3
    Spark F1
    Spark F2
    Spark F3
    Formula Renault F3.5
    Renault Megane Trophy



  20. Motec PlugIn 1.03 Update 14/02

    Author : Lazza
    Extract the entire archive to your rFactor 2 'core install' folder. If done correctly you'll have the MotecPlugin.dll sitting beside the NetCommUtilPlugin.dll that comes with rF2.
    Once installed, load up rF2 (single or multiplayer) to the menu (no need to go to the track just yet), quit out, and if the plugin is running correctly you'll find a MotecPlugin.ini in your rF2 core folder.
    UAC users: try C:\Users\"YourLoginName"\AppData\Local\VirtualStor e\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2\MotecPlugin.ini
    (thanks to bigal)
    If you've set logging to be active on startup, as soon as you jump in the car you'll hear beeps indicating logging is active.
    'Upwards beeps' = logging on. 'Downwards beeps' = logging off.
    Otherwise, hit Ctrl-M (or your own defined key) to switch logging on.
    Note: In the current version of rF2 a red plugin icon appears when you jump in the car; this is normal and doesn't mean anything has gone wrong. However, plugins are not active until this icon disappears again (~20 secs or so), so if you have logging active you won't get logged data for this period, and if you try to switch it on you won't be able to until the icon disappears.
    When logging is finished, either through switching it off or by exiting the car, you will hear the beeps indicating the log has finished being built (converted from the temp file) usually after a short pause. You can then open it up in i2Pro as you wish.
    If you log a lot of data then try to immediately exit rF2, it might pause on a blackscreen for a short period. A driving stint of several hours should only take 5-10s to finish converting. (longer stints or higher data rates will take longer)
    - Found a bug causing a freeze/crash when exiting the car immediately after setting a time. Shouldn't cause a crash anymore, but be aware the laptime still won't work properly (best to bring the car to a stop or even drive back around to the pits before Escaping)
    v. 1.02
    - Fixed a bug that was causing corrupted LOG paths and game slowdowns.
    - Added extra weather info, but it's of limited use (see note in readme).
    Always, if upgrading from an older version it won't rewrite the existing MotecPlugin.ini - so you need to rename it or delete it, then start up rF2, to see the new .ini options.



  21. DigiFlags UI Mod

    Author : MS7XWDC
    1. drop the .rfcmp file into your 'Packages' folder
    2. use Mod Manager to install
    3. use rfactor2 in game customize / user interface to select for game usage



  22. VM LiveView Lite

    The composed directory and file structure within the suite ".zip" file is more or less analogical to the directory or file structure of each component required to run this live timing suite. As already mentioned, an APACHE-PHP-MYSQL environment is required to run this live timing. In some directories you will find one or more ".example" file(s) to give you a direct indication what to change and/or add to the corresponding configuration file of each component. Always take a look into the annexed "Readme.txt" in the root of the suite ".zip" file.
    I really do hate writing documentation, but I promise I'll do better later on.
    Spread the files and folders across your environment, install the database (either use the "setup.php" within the "..\apache\htdocs\vmliveview\" folder or the "vmliveview.db.manual.setup.sql" within the "..\mysql\" folder - in case you use the manual database installation file, you also have to create and configure the corresponding database user for reading/writing the database) and modify both configuration files ("inc.mysqli.conn.php" and "rFactorSL.exe.xml") correspondent to your environment.
    Desired Start sequence (assuming APM is up and running): rFactorSL.exe -> rFactor Dedicated Server
    Desired Shutdown sequence (assuming APM is up and running): rFactor Dedicated Server -> rFactorSL.exe
    In case you have more than 1 rFactor Dedicated Server running in your environment, you have to repeat the above steps independently for each rFactor Dedicated Server instance.
    Each instance requires an independent but combined PHP-Scripts / rFactor Session Loader setup/configuration.
    |- vmliveview01\..
    |- vmliveview02\..
    |- vmliveview03\..
    ..\rFactor Session Loader\
    |- instance01\..
    |- instance02\..
    |- instance03\..
    Color Codes
    Magenta :: In Pits (Driving)
    Blue :: In Pits (Stopped)
    Red :: On Track (Slow)
    CP (Class Position) & Class
    Gray :: Unknown Class
    Others :: Due to your site configuration
    Lead (Gap to Leader)
    Gray :: 1 Lap or more behind leader
    Next (Gap to Next)
    Magenta :: Within striking distance
    Gray :: 1 Lap or more behind next
    Sec1 (Current Sector Time 1)
    Red :: Slower than current personal best
    Green :: Faster than current personal best
    Sec2 (Current Sector Time 2)
    Red :: Slower than current personal best
    Green :: Faster than current personal best
    Example Site rFactor2
    Monitor :: http://vxracing.de/v...ew2/monitor.php
    Hotlaps :: Click on the link within the "Extra" field.
    Laps :: Click on the link in the "Laps" column.
    Marquee :: http://vxracing.de/v...ew2/marquee.php
    Server Status :: http://vxracing.de/v...iew2/status.php
    ### Update: 15. March 2012 ###
    ### PHP Scripts ###
    - hotlaps.php ... added parameter ..?TrackName=ALL (case sensitive!)
    - hotlaps.php ... added up-count handling for timed session laps
    - inc.mysqli.create.php ... modified to meet database structure 2.001
    - monitor.php ... modified sector lights handling
    - monitor.php ... modified Last Lap and Best Lap handling for split times during timed session laps
    - styles.css ... added common class .toptime
    ### Database ###
    - updated database structure ... current version: 2.001
    for more details see .sql update script "..\mysql\vmliveview.db.update.2001.sql"
    *** REQUIRES rFactorSL.exe 2.027 BETA OR HIGHER ***
    - vmliveview.db.manual.setup.sql ... modified to meet database structure 2.001
    ### rFactor Session Loader ###
    - current version rFactorSL.exe: 2.027 beta
    - corrected double data type conversions regarding to the current selected OS system locale
    - added up-count logging for timed session laps
    - added logging for overall top session times for best S1, S2, Lap
    ### rFactor Session Recovery ###
    - current version rFactorSR.exe: 2.011 beta
    - corrected double data type conversions regarding to the current selected OS system locale



  23. Megane All Track

    Megane All Track :
    -rFactor2's stock content
    -MidOhio 1.90
    -Putnam Park 0.2
    -SearspointRW 1.3
    -Snetterton300 0.71



  24. Welcome Message PlugIn

    Author : Tygernoot
    This plugin sends a whispered welcome message to drivers entering the dedicated server. It does so by finding the associated dedicated server window, entering the chat message and sending it. It can be used to provide links to a website, to give a brief explanation of the rules, or just to welcome anyone entering the server.
    - put the WelcomePlugin.dll in the rFactor2 Plugins folder
    - put the WelcomeText.txt file in the rFactor2 root folder (or simply create one)
    Put your welcome text in the WelcomeText.txt file:
    - Lines beginning with '#' are ignored
    - You can put multiple lines, but I wouldn't recommend putting more than ~5 lines
    - The maximum length for one line is 95 chars (taking the maximum driver name length into account). If you put longer text it will be truncated by the game.
    Known issues
    - Currently there is only one file with welcome text (WelcomeText.txt) for all dedicated servers. It's better to have separate texts per server, so I can update this to either use the game name or the profile (PLR) name. Let me know the preferred method.
    - When typing a message in the server chat at the same time a driver enters, your chat is restored but the chat edit loses focus while it's sending the welcome messages. You have to click in the chat again to continue typing.
    - The WelcomeText.txt is read at startup time only. You have to put the correct text before launching the dedicated server.
    - The plugin is untested with non-ascii characters. Feel free to test and let me know whether it works.
    - The plugin is untested with rFactor in other languages than the default English (but not even sure whether the dedicated exists in other languages?)
    - The plugin obviously only works for dedicated servers.



  25. LiveMonitor and Hotlaps

    Author : MalaysianSimRacers
    Plugin for Live Timing and Hotlaps for rFactor2.



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