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  1. Project rF2 a live telemetry plugin

    Author : Nikos Evangelidakis and nickcrete
    Project rF2 is a plugin that allows realtime transmition of a car's telemetry data to an other PC or locally and the receiver can view those data and know exactly all the given info for the vehicle.
    Some of them are:
    * Track position on map * Complete live timing with extra data like sectors' top speed and best times * Weather * Tires wear,pressures,temps and more * Dashboard showing revs,speed,fuel etc
    The installation is pretty simple.
    Download the full package zip file and unzip into rfactor 2 root folder and everything will take place automatically.
    Before using it make sure you have opened the 8000 or any other you will select to use.
    To test the plugin (locally) start the driver's module (project rF2 (driver).exe) and start data broadcast.
    Go into the game (preferably smaller windowed mod to leave room for the telemetry modules) and join any session, online or offline.
    As soon as you press RACE go run the manager's software (project rf2 (manager) beta v1.1.0.exe) to receive the data.
    When the data re received correctly the menu will be enabled and you can browse through belts (bunch of programs) to select the data you need to view.
    At official site there are links for software online guide and more.
    Known issues:
    * If the plugin crashes try to install the VC runtimes as exist in rfactor2\support\runtimes folder and give write access for rfactor2 root folder
    * Some times and under undefined conditions rF2 is not giving all the positions data for the cars, usually when there are too many on track, so expect occasionally some of them will be shown as stopped and move again in few seconds.
    * Depending on the link status expect some pauses in data transmision
    * When a session change some of the data may remain on some of the modules, just restart teh application to get fresh screens.
    To do list:
    * Add a belt to deal with race strategy and telemetry charts
    * Add engine and brakes life calculation
    * Add option to manually change tires and brakes temps limits
    * Add name boxes to GPS cars
    * Add graphical indications to Full Timing module like when there is positions change
    * Anything that comes and helps the racing flow



  2. Car Initial Setup

    I started creating a small and basic Windows application that reads the vehicles *.HDV file in rFactor 2 and calculates a basic setup that can be used for the car.
    This is based on the document made by Diego Scotto "Guia de Reglajes Genracing 2011".
    For some mods, you might find that the Bump and Rebound setting values are a bit higher to the allowed ones, so you might as well just set that value in rFactor 2 to the highest.
    This is just a very early version, which I hopefully will improve.
    Currently, you will be able to obtain the following for your Initial Car Setup:
    - Brake Bias (Based on the car weight distribution of the mod)
    - Spring rates
    - Slow and Fast Spring Bumps
    - Slow and Fast Spring Rebounds
    Hope you like it!



  3. TrackMapPlugin

    Author : fazerbox TrackMapPlugin V0.96 32bit & 64bit
    1. Download and extract Zip file in rFactor2 root folder.
    2. This version comes with latest MAPS Database. Many thanks to ISR - INTERNATIONALSIMRACING.COM.
    Please check periodically this LINK for newer track map database: http://www.internationalsimracing.co...p?topic=3320.0
    3. If plugin crashes on startup, install MICROSOFT files vcredistT_x86 and vcredist_64.
    you find them in <RF2>\Plugins\TrackMap\Redistributable
    Release Notes
    1) Fixed a severe random bug that caused crash of rFactor2 on startup;
    2) added some LCDs with Light On/Off indicator,



  4. DigitalHUD

    Author : Viso
    There is no dashboards, just two digital counters: Gears and Speed. The main objetive for this HUD is to stay minimalist, ideal for G27 wheels, or custom wheels that already have their own rev counters.



  5. Delta Best Plug-in

    Author : cosimo
    Today I put together this proof of concept for a Delta Best or Delta Time plugin.
    The idea is not new at all. At least iRacing has something like this, and I haven't seen it done yet for rF2.



  6. HDR Profiles Build 342

    Author : Tosch
    Due to the changes in this build i don't have to create different profiles for cockpit and "outside" view. Inspired by the new ISI profiles (Mores, Loch Drummond) I've changed the way how I create the settings. The first thing I do is to figure out the exact times for sunrise and sunset. I calculate the time parameters (hdr profiles work with seconds) and paste the values into an predefined hdr template. To get the timing right in devmode is horrible and it gets even worse when DST (Daylight Saving Time) is enabled.
    I make use of the lowest possible whitepoint. The result is a lot of "action" in the sky. This approach has some problems. All bright stuff is in danger to completely blow into the white. Especially affected are dust clouds and water spray in full sunlight and sometimes the clouds in the sky. Some tracks need a lower white point than others (Palm Beach for example) to reach a good looking picture, so the results may differ. Atm I'm very pleased with the look and feel but there maybe bugs under some circumstances (weather settings, wet track in full sunlight, etc.). Please let me know what's wrong.



  7. General HUD Style

    Author : darcidm
    HUD for all vehicles.
    Left, Right, Right Bottom and Left Bottom options.



  8. MoTecLCD Interactive

    Author : fazerbox for his trackmap mode
    motec lcd display is an interactive display for trackmap v0.94
    it works on a layer bases thats the only way i could get it to work i couldn't take something from the wgl widget and add it to the lcd widget
    NOTE: you must have Fazerbox's TrackMap 0.94 Plugin installed
    NOTE: if you use a custom trackmapconf you might want to add the changes manually to add manually reead the readme
    NOTE: you will have to edited the buttons you want to use in the trackmapconf
    to install unzip to rfactor2/plugins and merge folder
    hope you like it



  9. F1 Challenge Style HUD

    Author : McNolo
    It is inspired in the F1 Challenge, but I placed it at the bottom, for not interfere with the mirrors.



  10. Hud F1 Style

    Author : McNolo
    Install it like any other mod and select it in the "Customize" menu to use it



  11. rFactor2 Weather Tool

    Author : Gerald Jacobson
    This application allow you to retrieve weather condition (historic and forecast) and then update a given rFactor2 circuit with this meteo.
    You can play your rFactor2 session (practice/qualifying/race) in the same weather condition as a real race.
    This application use a configuration file named "WeatherConfig.xml" containing the folowwing informations:
    - rFactor2 data directory location
    - Proxy credentials (optional)
    - rFactor2 profiles list
    - Weather providers
    - rFactor2 locations (Circuits)
    - list of directories for this location (some circuits have several configurations -> several directories under "Settings")
    - List of parameters for each weather provider used for this circuit (those parameters allow each provider to know the location of the circuit)
    - Prerequisite: .Net Framework 4
    - If you copy the rFactor2WorldWeather.exe and WeatherConfig.xml file directly under the rFactor2 data directory, you can directly launch the application.
    - If you copy elsewhere, please update the WeatherConfig.xml file to set the game dataPath to the rFactor2 data directory
    For exemple: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\rFactor2
    Note: The rFactor2 data directory is the one containing "UserData", "package", "player", etc...
    How To Use:
    - Launch rFactor2WorldWeather.exe
    - Select a profile
    - Select a circuit
    - Select a session type
    - Define the date, start time and duration of the session
    - Choose the weather provider (historic if the session is in the past, forcast if in future)
    - Click to collect the weather
    - Click on the Save button to update the weather file of your rFactor2
    As rFactor2 read the file when a circuit is selected and write the file when you change the circuit or quit the game, it is not possible to update the weather data for an in-use circuit.
    We recommend to use this software when the game is not launched or if in use on another circuit.
    For now rFactor2 allow only 5 meteo segment, even if the file structure allow an unlimited number of sector. May be it would be implemented in a future version of the game.
    ----------------------------------- How to find parameter(s) value for each weather provider ------------------------------
    1) The Weather Channel
    Open a web browser and go to the url: http://uk.weather.com/
    In the search field, enter the address of the circuit, and click the search icon. Ex: "Monte-Carlo, Monaco"
    Now the URL in your browser is something like:
    The "Location" parameter of this provider is the code MNXX0001 for this exemple.
    So for the Monaco circuit, you will put this XML fragment in the WeatherConfig.xml file:
    <Provider id="1">
    <Parameter name="Location" value="MNXX0001"/>
    2) 7Timer!
    Open a web browser and go to the url: http://7timer.y234.cn/
    In the search field, enter the address of the circuit, and click "Search on map". Ex: "Monte-Carlo, Monaco"
    Now mouve your mouse over the orange map pin, a popup is displayed, so click on the "CIVIL" link
    Now the URL in your browser is something like:
    The "Longitude" is the value of the "lon" url parameter value, and the "Latitude" is the "lat" url parameter value.
    So for the Monaco circuit, you will put this XML fragment in the WeatherConfig.xml file:
    <Provider id="2">
    <Parameter name="Longitude" value="7.42722219999996"/>
    <Parameter name="Latitude" value="43.7397222"/>
    ------------------------------------------ How To Use the XML configuration file ------------------------------------------
    1) Structure
    <Provider/> // This tag can be added several times
    <Profile/> // This tag can be added several times
    <Location> // This tag can be added several times
    <Provider> // This tag can be added several times
    <Parameter/> // This tag can be added several times
    2) Tag detail
    2.1) WeatherConfig
    It is the root tag. The is no additionnal information on it.
    2.2) WeatherConfig/Game
    This tag is used to reference the rFactor2 directory
    2.2.1) dataPath attribut
    This attribut allow you to point the rFactor2 data directory (not the core directory)
    If you let the default value ".", you must copy the exe and the xml file directly under the rFactor2 data directory
    2.3) WeatherConfig/Proxy
    You need to uncomment this tag only if you are beyound a securized proxy. This tag contains several attributs:
    - "user" : The username account
    - "password" : The password account
    - "domain" : The domain account
    2.4) WeatherConfig/Providers
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of supported weather Provider
    2.5) WeatherConfig/Providers/Provider
    This tag define a supported provider.
    You CANNOT add your own providers, at least for now, as each provider need a corresponding software implementation. Please look the comment of each Provider in the XML file to know which parameters are expected.
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "id" : an identifier used later in the XML to reference this provider (see WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider@id)
    - "class" : The implementation class to use
    2.6) WeatherConfig/Profiles
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of existing game Profile
    2.7) WeatherConfig/Profiles/Profile
    This tag define a game profile. By default, rFactor2 create a unique profile named "player". Many rFactor2 game settings are stored by game profile.
    You can add as many xml Profile tag as you have rFactor2 game profile.
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "id" : an identifier used later in the XML to reference this profile (see WeatherConfig/Location@inProfiles)
    - "name" : the displayed name of this profile
    - "path" : the directory name of this profile
    2.8) WeatherConfig/Locations
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of existing Location (circuit)
    2.9) WeatherConfig/Locations/Location
    This tag define a game circuit and all data needed to retrieve and apply weather on it.
    You can add as many xml Location tag as you have rFactor2 circuit.
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "name" : the displayed name
    - "inProfiles" : a comma separated list of game Profile "id" where this circuit exists
    2.10) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of available weather Provider and there parameters for this circuit.
    2.11) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider
    This tag allow you to define wich provider can be used with this circuit.
    You can add as many xml Provider tag as you have weather Provider defined.
    This tag contains one attribut:
    - "id" : reference the id of one defined weather Provider
    2.12) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider/Parameters
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of available Parameter for the weather provider. (generally, the parameters are used to define the location of the circuit in the weather provider coordinate)
    2.13) WeatherConfig/Location/Providers/Provider/Parameters/Parameter
    This tag define a key/value pair used to configure the provider for this circuit.
    You can add as many xml Parameter tag as the selected provider need
    This tag contains several attributs:
    - "name" : the name of the parameter
    - "value" : the value of the parameter
    Generally those parameters are used to build the URL used to request the weather data
    2.14) WeatherConfig/Location/Directories
    It is only a container tag. It contains the list of directories for this circuit. Indeed, sometimes a given circuit exist in several configuration, and each configuration are stored in a dedicated directory.
    2.15) WeatherConfig/Location/Directories/Directory
    This tag allow you to define the directory path for this circuit.
    You can add as many xml Directory tag as you have variant of a given circuit.
    This tag contains one attribut:
    - "path" : the name of the directory for this variant
    This application come from a preexisting configuration file containing:
    - A forecast weather provider (7timer!)
    - An Historic weather provider (The Weather Channel)
    - 5 circuits
    - Brianza
    - Croft
    - Poznan
    - Sebring
    - Spa



  12. Session Log Parser, Graphs & Statistics - Windows App

    Author : Stefan Mizzi
    I released a windows application for rFactor 2 Session Log Parser & Statistics generation. This windows app is a stand alone application and does not need any internet/network connections.
    1. Loads rFactor 2 session xml log files and stores the data in a structured format for querying and analysis [Done].
    2. Displays session results, lap history and streaming information contained in log files. [Done]
    3. Various graphs so that user can analyze session data [Done]
    4. Functionality to export data to pdf [Not done yet]
    Users can submit any requests in this thread for extra functionality and I will analyze it and if feasible implement it.
    This application has also been developed as a web application with the loader using web services so that the loader and web app can be on separate servers. Might release soon too.
    Technologies needed:
    Windows application: this needs .Net framework 4.5 and Windows 7 (or above) (sorry for XP users)
    Web application: this needs an IIS 6/7 for hosting the web app and services and .Net framework 4.0.
    Version 0.2 (Note: you'll need to re-upload all your files as database has changed and some bug fixes)
    Install Notes:
    1. Before downloading, note the requirements mentioned above. Win 7 and above and .Net 4.5
    2. Download the installer from the link above and install it
    3. A shortcut should be created on the desktop
    4. If not, you can run the exe from the Bin\Release folder of your installation
    5. This requires .Net 4.5. If you don't have it installed, I included it in the Install folder.
    6. Please report any bugs. Cheers
    1. App consists of the following...
    a. Sessions: here you can choose a session and view the results
    b. Graphs: same data as in sessions, but in graph form. For now just Race and Qualify graphs. One can right-click on the graph to move it, use mouse wheel to zoom in and out and left-click to view the data on the clicked point
    c. General Statistics and Championship: these are not implemented yet
    d. Loader: here is where you can load the rF2 xml files. Note that you can set the default xml folder in the Settings.



  13. Feels Real T500RS FFB

    Author : banr
    This MOD is intended natulal FFB at T500RS,
    When this file use, please off the Real Feel FFB Plugin.
    How to install this MOD.
    1.overwrite the UseData for rFactor root.
    2.load FEEL_NATURAL_T500RS
    Recommend device setting.
    Overall Strength of all forces 100%
    Constant 0%
    Periodic 100%
    Spring 0%
    Damper 0%
    by the wheel 0%



  14. Gl4dia70rZ SweetFX Settings

    Author : Gl4dia70rZ
    Gl4dia70rZ SweetFX Settings Build 146



  15. Malaysia HDR profile

    Author : tosch
    How to install:
    Unzip the attached file to your rFactor2 Datafolder
    The zip contains two profiles for Malaysia North Loop and GP. There is a profile with bloom enabled and with bloom disabled for both tracks.
    Launch rF2 and chose the following settings. This step is not needed but it gives you a quick overview how the profile works. You can accelerate the time even more by pressing "CTRL + X" in game.



  16. Sebring HDR profile

    Author : Tosch
    Drop the unzipped file into the sebring folder and select the profile before race.



  17. rfDisplay

    Author : Cisco21
    Add rfDisplay application for Android
    Improve application for Windows Mobile
    new plugin for rFactor
    new plugin for rFactor 2
    add test application
    Good race



  18. DashMeterPRO

    DashMeterPRO for rFactor™ (compatible with rFactor 1 & 2, Simraceway, Game stock car and Arca Sim Racing), is a sim-racing application that turns your Android device into fully working dashboard displaying real-time telemetry data virtually without any delay.
    RPM light bar (customizable colors/style/animation)
    RPM digits/gauge
    Two additional LEDs bar (assignable to throttle, brake or rpm parameters)
    Gear Indicator
    Shift Light (Negative Flash on screen)
    Current Lap Time
    Self Split Time
    Fuel Quantity
    Fuel Consumption
    Projected Laps for Fuel
    Metric and Imperial Readings
    Oil Temperature
    Water Temperature
    Low fuel, water temp, oil temp warnings
    Lap Number
    G-Force Meter (plotted 3G & 5G)
    Throttle and Brake Indicators
    Position data
    Real time car positions on track
    Time difference to the drivers in front and behind you in the ranking (Race)
    Best Lap time of the drivers in front an behind you (practice, qualify)
    Average Tires Temperature
    Outside/Middle/Inside Tires Temperatures indicators
    Tires Pressure
    Tires Wear
    Brakes Temperature (Indicator and digits)

    GUI Editor
    Make your own display. You can move, rescale, add or remove any parameters, three different layout profile can be saved and number of screens can be increased up to 5.
    All the colors are fully customizable.
    Telemetry Analyzer
    On track you can compare any parameters in real-time with one of the saved laps. Once back in the Pit, you can save a lap and compare it to any saved laps using the telemetry screen. You have the possibility to add two vertical cursors on the graph to display the differential +/- time from the saved lap to the lap being viewed on a selected portion. You will be able to compare each turn independently.
    The following data can be analysed:
    Speed, RPM, Gear, throttle/brake positions, steering angle, Tires temperature,
    Tires pressure, Ride height and G-Forces.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



  19. RF2 Log Analyzer

    Author : Nibo
    You can submit your times to Offline Challenges and Hotlaps
    Since v2.030 includes Championship Manager to manage offline championships with AI or online league championships.
    Championship manager features:
    manage your online league championships or offline championships with AI support for teams and classes teams can be automatically selected from CarType, CarClass, TeamName, VehName tags or created and assigned manually classes can be automatically selected from CarType, CarClass, TeamName tags or created and assigned manually support for drivers moving between teams and classes at different races during championship customizable points system for 50 places, points-for-all option, plus bonuses for pole position, fastest lap, one lap led and max laps led points presets for all major racing series included driver statistics for championship car statistics selectable by CarType, CarClass, TeamName, VehName tags customizable minimum distance for classification, number of team cars that awarded points, number of worst driver results in championship that won`t be counted support for manual race points override, in case of penalties, disqualifications, custom bonuses, etc. export of championship tables to html transfer your championships between r2la versions by importing r2la_settings file if racing with AI, you have to ensure by yourself consistent driver names and performances at every race during championship do not delete .xml logs that you assigned as results for races in championship, they are accessed every time you browse championship

    Since v2.032 there is separate online version of r2la for dedicated servers - rF2 Log Analyzer DEDI ver. 2.034. See readme.txt in archive for instructions.
    1. Download rF2 Log Analyzer ver. 2.034
    2. Unzip "rF2 Log Analyzer ver. 2.x" folder somewhere.
    3. Run r2la.bat. Small cmd window will pop-up, local web server will start.
    4. Open address in your favorite browser (IE is not supported).
    5. When running app for the first time, enter a full path to your rfactor2 folder in the form provided.
    6. When you finished working with r2la, you can close local web server window.
    Note: Some actions, like importing log files for the first time or deleting log files may take about 30 seconds. Please, wait.
    Since B998 rF2 logs include "Category" string for every driver. This allows for better car selection in case of mods like AMGT3, where Category allows to filter all cars independent of manufacturer.
    r2la now creates car IDs from 4 tags (3 before) - Category, CarType, CarClass and TeamName. For most known mods best combinations will be preselected by default.
    Car IDs are created for every Category+CarType combination.
    r2la usually uses first value of the Category list, but for some mods I select other values, selection is hard-coded. For example, Palatov D4 selects second value - "D4" as Category.
    Log files from old builds will have their Category=CarType.
    Offline challenges now check for Start Type match. Since B998 rF2 includes "FormationAndStart" in log files.



  20. rF2 Pedal Overlay Plugin

    Author : TechAde
    Attached is version 9 which fixes this issue by writing rF2PedalOverlayPlugin.ini to UserData (i.e. in Documents if UAC is enabled). I haven't included an ini file in the zip as this will be created in the correct location on first run. Note that DetailsEnabled=False by default so if you want the detailed log you'll have to run rF2 once to have it write the ini file and then edit it so DetailsEnabled=True.
    Another slight change is that FFB.log and FFB_Details.csv are now written to the UserData\Log folder.
    You'll need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed to use this, as I used VS2010 to create it, available here



  21. DigiFlags HUD mod

    Author : MS7XWDC
    n. 2 versions of the DigiFlags HUD mod
    drop the .rfcmp files into rfactor2/Packages folder



  22. 1960s World Class Racing All Tracks

    Author : Mauro
    (Unnecessary) Uninstall and delete:
    Mid Ohio v1.90
    1960s World Class Racing All Tracks v1.02
    ISI Official Contents Download
    - Brabham-Repco BT20 v1.49
    - EVE F1/F1B/F1C 68, F2 MS7, F3 MS5 v1.49
    - Spark F1, F2/F2B, F3 v1.49
    - Lime Rock Park v1.43
    - Malaysia v1.42
    - Mills Metro Park v1.43
    - Palm Beach International Raceway v1.43
    - Portugal International v1.43
    - Silverstone Circuit v1.01
    - Belgium v1.43
    - Brianza v1.44
    - Monte-Carlo v1.46
    Addon Tracks:
    - Mid Ohio v1.91 Download
    - Sebring v1.90 Download
    - Poznan Circuit v1.0 Download
    - Croft Circuit v1.0 Download



  23. F3 Fanatics

    Author : Bryan Birtwell
    Made a vMOD to include Brianza



  24. Formula Masters all tracks vMod

    Author :LabR4t
    for download files for install files click here and download :
    MANUAL UPDATE from Build 69 (Not required if you use the full installer)
    ISI CARS & TRACKS (All should be installed and updated) click here & here
    Formula Renault 3.5
    GT World Endurance
    Renault Megane Trophy
    ISI Formula Masters Road (2011)
    Tracks Needed
    SearspointRW v1.35
    Putnam Park v0.2 Beta
    Snetterton 300 v0.71
    Watkins Glen v0.2
    Mid-Ohio v1.90
    Fuji Speedway v1.0
    Heartland Park Topeka v1.0



  25. Croft HDR Profile

    Author : Tosch
    Croft HDR Profile



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