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  1. DashMeterPRO

    DashMeterPRO for rFactor™ (compatible with rFactor 1 & 2, Simraceway, Game stock car and Arca Sim Racing), is a sim-racing application that turns your Android device into fully working dashboard displaying real-time telemetry data virtually without any delay.
    RPM light bar (customizable colors/style/animation)
    RPM digits/gauge
    Two additional LEDs bar (assignable to throttle, brake or rpm parameters)
    Gear Indicator
    Shift Light (Negative Flash on screen)
    Current Lap Time
    Self Split Time
    Fuel Quantity
    Fuel Consumption
    Projected Laps for Fuel
    Metric and Imperial Readings
    Oil Temperature
    Water Temperature
    Low fuel, water temp, oil temp warnings
    Lap Number
    G-Force Meter (plotted 3G & 5G)
    Throttle and Brake Indicators
    Position data
    Real time car positions on track
    Time difference to the drivers in front and behind you in the ranking (Race)
    Best Lap time of the drivers in front an behind you (practice, qualify)
    Average Tires Temperature
    Outside/Middle/Inside Tires Temperatures indicators
    Tires Pressure
    Tires Wear
    Brakes Temperature (Indicator and digits)

    GUI Editor
    Make your own display. You can move, rescale, add or remove any parameters, three different layout profile can be saved and number of screens can be increased up to 5.
    All the colors are fully customizable.
    Telemetry Analyzer
    On track you can compare any parameters in real-time with one of the saved laps. Once back in the Pit, you can save a lap and compare it to any saved laps using the telemetry screen. You have the possibility to add two vertical cursors on the graph to display the differential +/- time from the saved lap to the lap being viewed on a selected portion. You will be able to compare each turn independently.
    The following data can be analysed:
    Speed, RPM, Gear, throttle/brake positions, steering angle, Tires temperature,
    Tires pressure, Ride height and G-Forces.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



  2. rfDisplay

    Author : Cisco21
    Add rfDisplay application for Android
    Improve application for Windows Mobile
    new plugin for rFactor
    new plugin for rFactor 2
    add test application
    Good race



  3. Car Initial Setup

    I started creating a small and basic Windows application that reads the vehicles *.HDV file in rFactor 2 and calculates a basic setup that can be used for the car.
    This is based on the document made by Diego Scotto "Guia de Reglajes Genracing 2011".
    For some mods, you might find that the Bump and Rebound setting values are a bit higher to the allowed ones, so you might as well just set that value in rFactor 2 to the highest.
    This is just a very early version, which I hopefully will improve.
    Currently, you will be able to obtain the following for your Initial Car Setup:
    - Brake Bias (Based on the car weight distribution of the mod)
    - Spring rates
    - Slow and Fast Spring Bumps
    - Slow and Fast Spring Rebounds
    Hope you like it!



  4. TrackMapPlugin

    Author : fazerbox TrackMapPlugin V0.96 32bit & 64bit
    1. Download and extract Zip file in rFactor2 root folder.
    2. This version comes with latest MAPS Database. Many thanks to ISR - INTERNATIONALSIMRACING.COM.
    Please check periodically this LINK for newer track map database: http://www.internationalsimracing.co...p?topic=3320.0
    3. If plugin crashes on startup, install MICROSOFT files vcredistT_x86 and vcredist_64.
    you find them in <RF2>\Plugins\TrackMap\Redistributable
    Release Notes
    1) Fixed a severe random bug that caused crash of rFactor2 on startup;
    2) added some LCDs with Light On/Off indicator,



  5. Silverstone HDR profile

    Author : Tosch
    The profile works best for open wheelers (all times of the day, all weather conditions), tintops may have some trouble because of the low whitepoint and auto exposure.



  6. RF2 Log Analyzer

    Author : Nibo
    You can submit your times to Offline Challenges and Hotlaps
    Since v2.030 includes Championship Manager to manage offline championships with AI or online league championships.
    Championship manager features:
    manage your online league championships or offline championships with AI support for teams and classes teams can be automatically selected from CarType, CarClass, TeamName, VehName tags or created and assigned manually classes can be automatically selected from CarType, CarClass, TeamName tags or created and assigned manually support for drivers moving between teams and classes at different races during championship customizable points system for 50 places, points-for-all option, plus bonuses for pole position, fastest lap, one lap led and max laps led points presets for all major racing series included driver statistics for championship car statistics selectable by CarType, CarClass, TeamName, VehName tags customizable minimum distance for classification, number of team cars that awarded points, number of worst driver results in championship that won`t be counted support for manual race points override, in case of penalties, disqualifications, custom bonuses, etc. export of championship tables to html transfer your championships between r2la versions by importing r2la_settings file if racing with AI, you have to ensure by yourself consistent driver names and performances at every race during championship do not delete .xml logs that you assigned as results for races in championship, they are accessed every time you browse championship

    Since v2.032 there is separate online version of r2la for dedicated servers - rF2 Log Analyzer DEDI ver. 2.034. See readme.txt in archive for instructions.
    1. Download rF2 Log Analyzer ver. 2.034
    2. Unzip "rF2 Log Analyzer ver. 2.x" folder somewhere.
    3. Run r2la.bat. Small cmd window will pop-up, local web server will start.
    4. Open address in your favorite browser (IE is not supported).
    5. When running app for the first time, enter a full path to your rfactor2 folder in the form provided.
    6. When you finished working with r2la, you can close local web server window.
    Note: Some actions, like importing log files for the first time or deleting log files may take about 30 seconds. Please, wait.
    Since B998 rF2 logs include "Category" string for every driver. This allows for better car selection in case of mods like AMGT3, where Category allows to filter all cars independent of manufacturer.
    r2la now creates car IDs from 4 tags (3 before) - Category, CarType, CarClass and TeamName. For most known mods best combinations will be preselected by default.
    Car IDs are created for every Category+CarType combination.
    r2la usually uses first value of the Category list, but for some mods I select other values, selection is hard-coded. For example, Palatov D4 selects second value - "D4" as Category.
    Log files from old builds will have their Category=CarType.
    Offline challenges now check for Start Type match. Since B998 rF2 includes "FormationAndStart" in log files.



  7. Light Flare Shader

    Author : Some1
    There are some new features compared to the rFactor1 version:
    - additional glow effect for the headlight shader,
    - color and size can be adjusted through vertex color and
    - alpha channels and the aspect ratio of the flare can also be adjusted.



  8. Croft HDR Profile

    Author : Tosch
    Croft HDR Profile



  9. Basic Spring Setup Tool

    Author : taufikp
    This is a browser based tool, because I want to be able to use it anywhere, from my smartphone or tablet.
    Some say that it is easier to do initial spring setup based on known natural frequencies for specific car type. Some also say that these frequencies can be used to get good balance between front and rear spring rate. And of course this "math based" setting is purely for basic/initial car setup, after that you still need to do some laps and change some settings, in order to get good car setup.
    I created this tool in order to learn (relearning to be exact) car physics, especially the correlation between front spring and rear spring frequencies/harmonics.
    How To Use
    First, you need to enter:
    - weight
    - weight distribution front-rear
    - lateral weight distribution
    - all spring rates
    This tool will calculate and show you:
    - frequency for each spring
    - total average frequency at front and rear
    - recommended rear spring frequency
    There are three recommended rear spring frequency values: low, medium, and high. Change both rear spring rates (left and right) to mach the recommended frequency you want.



  10. All Cars All Tracks online mod

    Author : IT-Trader
    Here is the All cars All tracks mod i requested and it came through.
    you will need to install this file into your package folder, then install from inside the online game section..
    you can then host or join the servers driving any car on any track..
    people that host servers can choose what cars and what tracks to drive.



  11. Real Head Motion plugin

    Author : Sébastien Tixier
    This is Real Head Motion plugin.
    What Real Head Motion is simulating :
    Inner ear simulation that try to stabilize the view with moving head and eyes.

    Speed Factor
    High Angle Factor

    G-Force simulation

    Forward Translation
    Vertical Translation

    Default Head Position




  12. Motec PlugIn 1.03 Update 14/02

    Author : Lazza
    Extract the entire archive to your rFactor 2 'core install' folder. If done correctly you'll have the MotecPlugin.dll sitting beside the NetCommUtilPlugin.dll that comes with rF2.
    Once installed, load up rF2 (single or multiplayer) to the menu (no need to go to the track just yet), quit out, and if the plugin is running correctly you'll find a MotecPlugin.ini in your rF2 core folder.
    UAC users: try C:\Users\"YourLoginName"\AppData\Local\VirtualStor e\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2\MotecPlugin.ini
    (thanks to bigal)
    If you've set logging to be active on startup, as soon as you jump in the car you'll hear beeps indicating logging is active.
    'Upwards beeps' = logging on. 'Downwards beeps' = logging off.
    Otherwise, hit Ctrl-M (or your own defined key) to switch logging on.
    Note: In the current version of rF2 a red plugin icon appears when you jump in the car; this is normal and doesn't mean anything has gone wrong. However, plugins are not active until this icon disappears again (~20 secs or so), so if you have logging active you won't get logged data for this period, and if you try to switch it on you won't be able to until the icon disappears.
    When logging is finished, either through switching it off or by exiting the car, you will hear the beeps indicating the log has finished being built (converted from the temp file) usually after a short pause. You can then open it up in i2Pro as you wish.
    If you log a lot of data then try to immediately exit rF2, it might pause on a blackscreen for a short period. A driving stint of several hours should only take 5-10s to finish converting. (longer stints or higher data rates will take longer)
    - Found a bug causing a freeze/crash when exiting the car immediately after setting a time. Shouldn't cause a crash anymore, but be aware the laptime still won't work properly (best to bring the car to a stop or even drive back around to the pits before Escaping)
    v. 1.02
    - Fixed a bug that was causing corrupted LOG paths and game slowdowns.
    - Added extra weather info, but it's of limited use (see note in readme).
    Always, if upgrading from an older version it won't rewrite the existing MotecPlugin.ini - so you need to rename it or delete it, then start up rF2, to see the new .ini options.



  13. DigiFlags UI Mod

    Author : MS7XWDC
    1. drop the .rfcmp file into your 'Packages' folder
    2. use Mod Manager to install
    3. use rfactor2 in game customize / user interface to select for game usage



  14. HUD Mods

    Author : MS7XWDC
    1. drop the MS7XWDC rf2 HUD 2.rfcmp and MS7XWDC rf2 HUD 2.rcmp files into your 'Packages' folder
    2. use Mod Manager to install
    3. use 'Customize' to select the view of your choice [centered flags or left side flags]



  15. GT5 style HUD beta

    Author : pay2021
    Little mod that i made over the rfactor 2 multidial HUD, for now just the dials and is in MPH.
    Is an add, not replace the actual multidial HUD.
    Install: copy to your packages folder, in mod manager uncheck "Options/Show mods only", then you see it, right click, install.



  16. Profile Changer

    Author : Sperafico
    This small program allow you to change easily and quickly your profile name in rFactor 2.
    You can also choose to have just a Nickname in game and restore your original profile.
    However, this will not change your ID concerning your rFactor 2 account, the program will interact just into the game.
    ♦ Ability to restore your original profile when you created your rFactor 2 account
    ♦ Ability to restore your last modified profile
    ♦ Display the current Version & Build installed



  17. Live Timing

    Author : Frank Geyer
    The whole system is based on PHP, Apache and MySQL. The major focus will be for Endurance Racing Mods, but Series Racing won't be a problem as well. The programming is pretty much straight forward, so League Admins with a little knowledge in APM-Environments won't have a problem to customize it for their needs.
    - Plugin to store the current scoring in an XML file
    - Loader to grep the data and place it into the db
    - Monitor to show the overall standings
    - Viewer adjustable Refresh Rate
    - Row Highlight ( see column High ) to compare Team Driver to opponent
    - Hotlap list ( [Hotlaps] link in Extras )
    - Session Laps list ( click on a lap number link in column Laps )
    - Marquee ( http://ftgx.dyndns.org/vmliveview2/marquee.php )
    Minor problems detected so far:
    - Under the "rFactor2 Mod Mode.exe" sometimes the "InPits" status isn't updated correctly. Haven't detected it so far for "rFactor2.exe". Can't tell for the "rFactor2 Dedicated.exe" cause I have to wait until the scoring updates for AI has been fixed for the next release of rF2 beta.



  18. iHud

    iHUD for rFactor & rFactor2 is the definitive Pluging for rFactor & rFactor2.
    Today iHUD for rFactor V2.0 with five incredible new packets and more than 40 widgets will be available on AppStore!!
    With iHud for rFactor & rFactor2 you can customize High Definition Dashboards in your iOS device.
    You can play rFactor or rFactor 2 in FULL SCREEN without having to play in windowed mode and without losing any FPS!!
    Up to 11 categories of accessories.
    Up to 50 widgets witch you can place anywhere you want.
    5 Spaces where place your widgets or a prebuilt Dashboard
    4 prebuilt dashboards.
    You can to move, rescale and place any widget anywhere.
    Oil Temp.
    Water Temp.
    Times: current, last, best.
    Available: MPH/KPH & Fº/Cº
    How to install HERE!



  19. RF2 CarStat

    Those of you who knew the original CarStat for rFactor 1 know what to expect, for those who don't:
    CarStat gives you all the different statistics of the different mods for rFactor 2. Select the right mod in the "Mod statistics"-section and you'll get dozens of important statistics on the selected car. This information can be very useful for choosing a car in a mod or for pushing the performance of your car to the limit (I'm thinking about brake ducts, radiator, tire wear,...).
    Now, CarStat 1 was a client application. Due to the way rFactor 2 packs the modfiles in MAS-files, I chose to make CarStat 2 webbased.
    There's still a lot of work to do (check the News-section), but the solid base is there. If you've got any useful remarks, ideas or bug reports, please feel free to let me know in this thread or by contacting me (Contact form). At the moment mod-list is a bit barren with only 3 mods, but that will obviously grow when more mods are released.



  20. TrackMap Plugin

    Author fazerbox
    TrackMap Plugin for rFactor2
    Version: V0.94 Beta
    Author: fazerbox@gmail.com
    1) Fixed crash of Dedicated
    Please Read Manual.
    1) Locate <rFactor2 folder> that contains "rFactor2 launcher.exe"
    2) Explode Zip file <rFactor2 folder>
    3) Run rFactor2 and enjoy!
    After having installed a new Track in rFactor2, you need to extract relative AIW and GDB files into
    <rFactor2 installation folder>\Plugins\TrackMap\Tracks
    1) Locate <rFactor2 folder>\Installed\Locations\<New Installed Track>
    2) Open each MAS file using MAS2.exe utility (see <rFactor2 folder>\Support\Tools).
    Once MAS file is loaded, order grid rows by "Type" object. in this way AIW and GDB files will be first in list
    3) Extract (Right click in selected file) all AIWs and GDBs into <rFactor2 folder>\Plugins\TrackMap\Tracks
    1) Fixed Flashing objects When Hosting a Race
    2) Fixed CTD in some cases when Map is not loaded
    3) Zoom in menu ( ALT + SPACE ). Use Left, Right arrows to Zoom in/out
    4) Zoom parameter in Trackmapconf.txt [HUD] section
    1) Parameter ShowHeader in Grid Oject
    2) Fixed a bug on RPM lancet in analogic LCD
    3) New Meteo Widget
    4) New GMeter Widget
    5) Fixed Crash on Exit
    6) Fixed Crash while pressing NUMPAD_ZERO an no Track Map is loaded
    7) New Context menu



  21. rFactor2 .wet Builder

    Author : Julian G. (Senna94)
    Extract the program where you want it.
    You can adjust your own weather like you want to: Training, Qualifying and Race
    - Net Framework 4 required
    - German and English Translations
    - StartingTime and Duration not available at this moment. I must to inform me only if the settings have effects at all. A request for Tim is already sent
    - In the future is planned, your weather to be generated and to open existing .wet Files



  22. RF2 1960s WCR All Tracks

    Author : f1elites
    1. extract archive into packages directory of rfactor2
    2. install "1960s WCR All Tracks by F1Elites.com" via mod-manager (right click -> install)



  23. RF2 Megane All Tracks

    Author : f1elites
    1. extract archive into packages directory of rfactor2
    2. install "Megane All Tracks by F1Elites.com" via mod-manager (right click -> install)



  24. All Cars and Tracks Online

    Author : Kolosvonrodos
    All Cars and Tracks Online [included avaiable AddOn Tracks]
    TRACKS: Portugal
    Portugal without Tirestacks
    Mills Inner Loop C
    Mills Outer Loop B
    Malaysia Full Loop
    Malaysia North Loop
    Belgium 1966
    Monte Carlo 1966
    Putnam Park Long
    Snetterton 300
    Watkins Glen Nascar
    Watkins Glen Grand Prix
    Watkins Glen Long
    CARS : EVE F1
    EVE F2
    EVE F3
    Spark F1
    Spark F2
    Spark F3
    Formula Renault F3.5
    Renault Megane Trophy



  25. Dutch Translation rFactor2

    Author : Uncles
    After translating rFactor some time ago, i now bought rFactor2 & looked for the language files, i did my best, but maybe there are still some minor translation errors in it.
    But hey rFactor is in Dutch now.
    Filename: Nederlands.dic
    Just copy file (64kb) to: rFactor2SupportLanguages
    You can delete any other file in this dir now.
    You need to change lanuage to Nederlands in you're config screen, that's all folks.
    I hope many Dutch & Belgium SimRacers will like this, i know it did for rFactor.
    Please write a comment if you like it.
    Happy Simracing to all.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.



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