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  1. ASR Formula F1 storiche varie annate

    Beta Cars are available only for donors they'll get early access, v1.0 are free. Get early access to the beta and follow the development! 

    Read before donating and get early access! Credentials will not be sent by e-mail to get access, but are automatically obtained after completing the donation procedure. Never close the browser during the donation. Please, finish the procedure and click the yellow button "back to ASR Formula Site" to see username and password. If you have any doubts, read "How to Donate". 
    Ferrari 643 - 1991- Sep 20, 2016 - v1.9

    Mclaren MP4/6 - 1991 - Dec 15, 2015 - v1.8 

    Williams FW14 - 1991 - Dec 15, 2015 - v1.8
    Ferrari 641/2 - 1990 - Feb 16, 2016 - v1.0 
    Williams FW14B - 1992 - Jan 19, 2016 - v1.9 RC
    Venturi LC92 - 1992 - Jan 18, 2016 - v1.9 RC
    Ferrari 412T2 - 1995 - Aug 12, 2017 - v1.7
    Ferrari F310 - 1996 - Nov 11, 2015 - v1.5
    Lotus 99T - 1987 - Apr 23, 2016 - v1.0



  2. [rF2] F1 2002 by Schumi

    F1 2002 Conversion



  3. Formula 1 1988 by carrera4

    Formula 1 1988 for rF2.   
    Base is my scratch made mod from rF1.
    - 31 cars
    - 16 tracks
    - new showroom
    - new hud etc.
    All features of rF2 are implemented: realroad,turboengines,deformable tyres,moveable arms etc.
    Cars have different physics and engines, turbo and normally aspirated (season 1988 had both)
    Tracks are optimized for HDR, atleast on my PC looks good .
    Im always working alone so please dont expect fast updates but
    work continues, still needs lot to do.
    known issues:
    - Cars only tested and optimized with G25. I suppose u need to lower
    force feedback in car garage(control) or in upgrades menue
    when u have other type of wheel, bcs G25 is one of weaker in compare to
    others when im right.
    - Analog rev counter looks weird on other tracks then 1988,
    u can deactivate reflection in upgrades menue when u need.
    - Lots of little graphical details to fix everywhere.

    Update V0.93
    flex-chassis implemented
    gives more precise and direct feeling of suspension work.
    - flex chassis implemented
    - again improved aiws on tracks for better ai behaviour
    - some graphical details improved



  4. [rF2] F1 RMT 2001 by Schumi

    F1 RMT 2001 by Schumi



  5. [rF2] F1 1999 by SL1DE

    So, as some may know, about 8 months ago I started working on converting the 1999 season into rFactor 2. This was my first ever attempt at rFactor modding so it was a massive learning curve for me. I stopped working on it for about 6 months because I had other projects and such, then I lost enthusiasm. I was still working on it every once in a while, about once a month I'd cross something off my checklist. Well, on Wednesday I thought "You know what, I'm going to keep my head down and finally finish this thing".

    So I got it to a point where I'm happy with it and can release the first (and possibly last) public BETA version of the mod, since a few people were asking for it.

    Here's a video:

    Now, it's version 0.999 because there's one thing I haven't done, basically because I couldn't be bothered. And that is recreating the race suits to fit in the template of the new animated driver. They're the right colour, and I didn't feel like it was important as you can't really see it anyway.

    Well now you have an amateur crappy late 90s mod to play around with until somebody with skills and enthusiasm actually makes a proper one. xD

    Let me know what you think!



  6. [rF2] F1 2013 by Frenky

    F1 2013 by Frenky



  7. [rF2] Formula Frenky 2016

    I proudly present to you the Formula Frenky F1 car, based on a front running formula 1 car 2016. Download here:

    This car features a system 870 - 910 bhp (boost 1 / 2 turbocharged, inlcuding artifical MGU-K and MGU-H) and comes with flexible chassis (with front and rear subbody) and CPM tires. It does not yet include the tire and mixture features of b1098 of rFactor 2. And it also does not have the Ultra Soft tire compound.

    Please leave some feedback here for further improvements. Please be aware, I only do physics editing. I cannot change graphics.

    Have fun racing!

    Special thanks for v1.0 to:
    JeDa for betatesting
    Hendrie for giving permission to use their skin

    Edit Feb 2017 - update v1.1
    - include ultrasoft tires
    - physics update
    - and a lot more...

    V1.1 is made and tested with the non-steam version of rFactor 2, b1098.

    Special thanks for v1.1 to:
    HJK Modding for the graphics
    Niels Heusinkveld for f1 2015 data shown in his youtube videos
    Acciarri for the file structure of this mod



  8. [rF2] F1 2003 by Schumi

    F1 2003 Conversion



  9. [rF2] Predator Formula Promotion by Slow Motion

    I know, the mod is not of great interest… But these cars, in real life, have a good success and since years, mainly due to the very affordable cost for racing a whole season, the very low cost for buying one of them, the opportunity to rent one of them and the great feeling that transmit when you fight with other drivers, there are tens and tens of amateurs that race in the championship and some special events… also more than 50 drivers per event.

    I had a lot of difficulties in getting real data and, in the end, the best I got was the feedback of a couple of teams and some driver. In effect the car was developed without any CAD aid, nor a spreadsheet, but with a lot of attempts and tests on track. And the original version for rFactor1 was developed by few very skilled guys of S.RW. (at the time they were attending graduate studies in subjects related to the physical models) so I used several original values.

    Below is the text that comes into the workshop on Steam:
    rFactor2 version by Slow Motion Group - 3D is Property of Predator's Owner - Initial porting under full authorisation of S.RW.

    PLEASE NOTE: the mod comes with 2 classes, Factory and Sim... Factory is like the real world car, Sim has few different finals and less lasting tires for online purposes.

    READ CAREFULLY: THE CAR WAS MANUFACTURED FOR VERY SHORT TRACKS, in real life Italian tracks like Varano, Cremona, Cervesina that unfortunately aren't yet available in rFactor2. I strongly suggest to use tracks like Mores, Adria and similar karting style tracks for feeling how the real car behaves, in fact the car hasn't differential, nor traditional left and right rear suspensions and axles, so, in few words, the car turns more or less increasing or decreasing the front ARB; there is also only one central spring in front and the steering wheel is VERY VERY LIGHT! The typical behaviour of the real car is that the perfect path in "fast" corners (fast for that car, lol) means to feel the car "floating" on the surface. To achieve this perfect behaviour you need to push the throttle in the right moment and right rpm, to avoid the under steer and, on the contrary, controlling the over steer to have the "floating" effect. It needs few time to well understand how doing it. Another "feature" is that you must drive the car in a dirty way entering the corners, to be faster... and you MUST WORK A LOT WITH THE STEERING WHEEL. All these are peculiarities of the Predator's PC010, no faults. If you want to use the mod in "normal" tracks, you could find useful to add 1 or 2 degrees to the wings and increase stiffness of front ARB, otherwise you will have only mechanical grip. Be careful vs. AIs: they are very aggressive but perfectly tuned for short tracks... to fight at Mores is very very awesome!

    Here are the links to the templates:

    Of course the build is available on Steam, to be subscribed...
    Enjoy the mod!

    You can find more info on the real car here:



  10. F1 1975

    F1 1975 0.961 by Postipate
    Change log:
    - Flexible Chassis (huge improvement to old suspension model!)
    - MUCH BETTER FFB (more detailed with tire locking and losing grip)
    - Cars are no more understeering
    - Cars responds much better to steering
    - Weight transfers more realistically (you can use brakes to transfer weight much better)
    - With new suspension cars height can be lower and looks more realistic
    - New engine models to all cars (Ferrari and BRM has different engines like in real life and Cosworth engine has minimal differences)
    - Wings are more realistic (old wing setups had almost zero effect on speed
    - Mclaren has now 6 gears (like in 1975 season)
    - Cars are much better balanced to each other (races look more realistic and car behave more like in real life)
    - Cars now have different mass (old cars had same mass for all cars)
    - Suspension tweaked in every car
    - Radiator keeps engine now cooler
    - Ai is much better passing other cars (dont know why, but most likely old default setup was not good for AI)
    - Minor changes to engine life time
    - Tire wear reduced (tires are same, but default setup is just better for front tires)
    This mod is conversion from awesome F1 1975 LE mod By ChiefWiggum and Dave Purdy
    It was released only year ago and it has awesome updated cockpits and car liveries! Every rF1 and F1 fan should defenetly download it! They also have league if you are interested: http://www.simracers.de/forum/
    rFactor 1 mod was originally done by CREW for F1 Challenge '99–'02, so this mod has come long journey.
    Big thank you for these guys! They really have made awesome job with the mod and I can thank these guys for 1000 hours of simracing in my life. One of the biggest reasons why I'm still here :
    Also big thanks to guys who converted team CREW mod to rF1 with name F1 seven 1975 IPE
    Amazing mod and I got lot of inspiration from that mod with the psychics
    Also thanks to ISI/Studio 397
    They released BT44B from steam and are only reason why I even started whole project. Everybody can thank these guys for making possible to make car psychics so enjoyable as they are now. Lot of learned from their blog post about making cars!
    Very big thank you for rF2 community. 3 months ago I had zero knowledge how to do this, but reading this forum has been very helpful. Keep up the good work, and if somebody want help with they mod, just PM me! Im happy to help and test your mods!
    It has now been 2-3 months before I started this project. Have to say this has been very rewarding experience. My first goal was just to make this mod to myself (and first version was only made to myself), but after that I taught that i could make this good enough for release. Thanks for giving permission to convert it
    I want to make very clear, that all appreciation, respects and "thanks you" should go to original rF1 and F1 99-02 makers!
    I had the easiest part of making this mod (REALLY!). I cant believe how talented these guys are making so awesome looking/feeling mods for FREE. That really shows how good sim racing community really is. Hopefully in future we could have less fighting between each others, and be more focused on racing. Of course all negative feedback is still welcome
    Also big thank you for Mauro, who spend more time testing this mod than me! Without his feedback my progress would be much slower.
    How to play:
    Select your car
    Select 24 AI cars
    Flag rules: NONE
    Use normal FUEL AND TIRE WEAR
    100% damage!
    Ai agression atleast 50. I use 100.
    Tuning menu has option to change FFB strength! (optional)
    Set AI level to match your skill.
    REMEMBER! You cannot expect to win with slower cars.
    Very good reading while downloading the mod
    rFactor2 has very bad pit strategy with AI. They can sometimes change tires with last lap while they are leading. Hopefully studio 397 will fix this soon!
    AI usually pits during 20-40 laps (depending of track) I usually let them pit ones in race (so do i, because my tires are in bad shape)
    How I know what is right lap count?
    Simulate one race with AI without you racing (you can make races go faster, so you dont have to sit there 30 minutes. Default key to do is CTRL+X). Usually Brabhams go pit first, so check which lap it is (or the car that pits first). Then just multiply it with 2. To make sure, remove 2-5 laps.
    Carlos pits at lap 27
    Set race distance to 50
    If you want short races, just set race distance under 27 laps
    (you can also remove tire wear, but don't that! Its boring. Nobody wants to be boring)
    Sadly I don't have legal trackpack to share with you guys. Would like some help from you guys with this problem!
    Suggest some tracks to use with this mod!
    They dont need to be from season 1975. Just rF2 quality tracks with good ai!
    You can start with Brianza 1966 or Monaco 1966 to have "old" feeling
    Spa 1966 is good track also, but bit boring with these cars. Also AI makes too much suicide attempts
    Lotus 72D is great car to pick if you dont know what do choose! Some AI has faster cars so you can try to pass them and have always good driving with AI
    Don't need any other arguments
    About the mod
    Cars have different psychics and reflect season 1975
    This don't mean they are 100% accurate
    Mod don't have all cars from 1975 (maybe 2-3 missing) Don't know if rest of the cars are coming. It's up to master ChiefWiggum.
    Updating of this mod continues after this release! It's not yet finished and I will take little modding brake after this release and just enjoy racing.
    The original idea was to make this to myself and haven't got enough time to race with this.
    Would love to have feedback from you guys how to make this mod better.
    PM you suggestion and we can figure out how to do it!
    Brabham and Ferrari has new tires! Rest of them will have new tires later!
    Engine can blown any time (like in real F1), but remember to shift correctly! Bad shifting can reduce your engine life time very much
    In the end I want to give special thanks to ChiefWiggum! This guys has been making so many great mods for rF1 and he still is making them!
    That is true passion.
    Also thanks for him, for making so high quality cars for this mod! They look like they are made scratch for rF2. And cockpits looks very very good!
    You made my favorite era of F1 cars much more better!

    Happy racing!
    Hopefully everybody has good time with this mod!
    Atleast I have



  11. [rF2] F1RFT 2015

    F1RFT 2015
    No trackpack included.



  12. Formula FSinL 2015

    Now available for public download mod update FSinL4 in its version 4.049
    Formula SinL (FSINL) is a mod of cars, with similar characteristics to a real F1.
    Physical FSinL4 have been adapted from the 2015 season.
    Consumption and compounds have been adapted to real race duration.
    Compounds adapted to real weather rain
    Skins painted by Speedinlive partners.



  13. Formula BMW

    Slow Motion Group presents the Formula BMW!
    And already available on Steam for automatic update or to be subscribed
    The new build will come with several enhancements, mainly:
    - new full flex chassis developed using the specific online tool of Chris: https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/rfactor-2-online-tools-by-chris-“redapg”.53457/
    - new steering wheel options developed as above
    - new engine developed as above
    - AIs tuned for working at 95% vs. humans
    - braking torque: decreased, but of course pushing hard, mostly the inner wheel lock as I suppose to be right
    - AI starting: improved a little, now you can overtake only one line, maybe...
    - tuned the stiffness of the chassis, to avoid unwanted oversteering exiting med corners and to have a well balanced car like the original rF1 version, but with the new technology and enhancements of rF2
    - gears: I discovered an unused final into the original mod and I apply it with a little tuning
    - recalculated several values in the realtime section of the tires (TGM) to improve them
    - new rear wet tires (TGM)
    - new TBC file (of course)
    - new opponents classes, now identifiable with full initials (i.e. FBMW2005ASIA, FBMW2006USA, etc...) for an easier choice
    - new talents file with tuned values
    - improved the resolution of some items into the cockpit



  14. 2004 Williams FW26

    Author : Petros Mak - HomePage Author
    This mod adds the 2004 Williams FW26 to rFactor 2. This mod is part of the F1 Classics mod.
    v0.91 Changelog
    Released: 30-10-2016
    - ADDED: Proper default setup
    - UPDATED: Various 3D model updates
    - UPDATED: Various 2D texture updates
    - UPDATED: Various graphical updates
    - UPDATED: Vehicle physics updated completely
    - UPDATED: Mirrors rescaled
    2004 Williams FW26 Vehicle Model
    Skins for both drivers
    Realistic engine performance
    Realistic style physics
    Copyright ©2014 MAK-Corp
    The 3D Car models, 2D Car Textures, Other 2D Textures, Sound files, Physic files, and any other files that make up this mod are owned by MAK-Corp and must not be used without permission. No content of this mod can be used without express prior permission.
    Terms of Use
    Those who wish to use this mod for racing leagues or in any method where content is published on their websites must abide by these following rules. In addition, any corporate companies or entities wishing to use this mod for any corporate events must contact us using the Contact Us link on www.mak-corp.com.au
    Racing Leagues are permitted to change Physics, Cams, Engines, Vehicle names, Liveries, loading screens to suit their league but MUST retain the MAK-Corp logo on loading screens.
    Racing Leagues may change the mod name to the racing league name but must still retain MAK-Corp as the creator of the original mod.
    Racing Leagues MUST ONLY post their league version of this mod on the league website. Leagues may not post it on third party websites to be rated like rFactorcentral etc.
    3D Models and any other content of this mod CANNOT be used in any third party mods without express prior permission. Please use the Contact Us section to enquire for permissions.
    This mod must not be used in any way that benefits any party with financial income unless that income is used to give out prizes to their league members.
    Corporate entities that wish to use this mod in special function events and have a usage licence supplied by ISI for rFactor 2 may freely use this mod at their events. If no usage licence has been acquired, please contact us to inquire on how to get one.

    Mod Credits
    Mod Production Manager: Petros Mak
    3D Model by: Koen Calleyl
    UV Mapped by: Lukasz Kacprzykowski
    2D Textures by: Raul Gullon
    In-Game by: Stephen Young
    Physics by: Derek Nye
    Sounds by: Alvaro Perez
    Beta Testers
    William Marsh



  15. ITO 2016 Japanese Super Formula

    ITO modding group release the 2016 Japanese Super Formula MOD.
    We take no responsibility any troubles and damages.
    This is created by ITO modding group.
    SUPER FORMULA is the Top Formula championship in Japan.
    This MOD include for reality 11 teams and 2 engine suppliers. Toyota and Honda.
    Hope you will enjoy our MOD.
    <3D model>
    include helmet and driver model from other mod.
    <Skin templates>
    "Push to pass" system are replaced to DRS with flash lamps.
    Dallara SF14 with 2000cc L4 Turbo charged.
    Yokohama Tire supply the dry and wet compound.
    The cornering speed is equal or quicker than Formula one. that's amazing!
    Product by ITO modding group
    Emilia Petrarca/ Azusa Miura
    Luthien J Remillia
    Have fun!



  16. 1969 Formula 5000 cars

    1969 Formula 5000 cars V0.65 by St-Dave
    Change log for version 0.70.
    AI tyres tweeked to stop the ai understeering off.
    DisplayClassOverride="F5000 1969" added to upgrades.ini
    Car selection menu changed to F5000/car type/car. Instead of F5000/car.
    All Cars driver arms on steering wheel now working.
    All Cars using rF2 historic driver model.
    All Cars suspension arm connections adjusted.
    Eagle Mk5, Lola T190, Crossle 15F, LeGrand Mk11, Lotus 70 cockpit gauges position updated to suit rF2 historic driver model.
    Lola T142 mirror upgrade working correctly.
    Lola T142 engine heat effect added.
    Lola T190 revcounter needle working.
    Eagle Mk5 new Eagle wheels.
    Eagle Mk5 gauge needles resized.
    McLaren M10A Chrome mirrors added, painted mirrors as an upgrade.
    Removed from .tbc files AIPitThreshold=0.86 // Remaining grip threshold before AI schedule to stop for fresh tires
    Additional sounds updated.



  17. F1RFT 2013 TOTAL

    Commenti e discussioni sul forum -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=61921&page=1
    v1.30, test version with completely new wet weather physics and flexible chassis)
    Install notes:
    1. Copy the multi-component into the Packages directory and let the Mod-manager install it.
    2. Optionally, extract the contents of the trackpack zip file into the Packages directory and let the Mod-manager install the tracks/single-components. Note: there are 2 versions of the Sepang/Malaysia circuit. Only one of the two can be installed! The new one is ISI latest Sepang version (v1.58), but I noticed the AI can spin off in the race in this version. I therefore included the old (RaceRfactor) version, which has “OLD” in front of its file name.
    3. Optionally, place the allcarstracks_10.MAS into the <rFactor2DATA>\Installed\rFm, overwrite the old one. Make sure you have a backup of the old MAS file!
    Feedback very much welcomed!
    Recommended settings:
    AI strenght 100% should now be the setting for fast drivers and now simulates the 2013 season at its best!
    Change in Player file (.JSON), so that the AI drive the same setup as you: Fixed Setups="1" and Fixed AI Setups="1" (otherwise the AI reach only 318 kph in Monza instead of 340 kph)
    Thank you in advance and thanks to Sompir and his team for this great mod. I also want to thank Lgel for the high-res mirrors, the solutions with the safety car and for some beta testing!



  18. Gasoline Alley 1960 Roadsters

    rF2 Gasoline Alley mod by Gilles Benoit, Bill Guillaume and Michael Borda
    This project is dedicated to the late Indy driver Len Sutton and to racing historian Gordon Eliot White who both helped us.
    « Do this 800 times during a 500 mile race and you will have gotten everything out of your race car that is possible. I don't care what your name is. The one exception may be Herk or Parnelli. While I could never got away with letting the back end out, I believe those two could.-Have fun you guys.»-Len Sutton
    « A roadster’s Meyer-Drake transmission was a glorified Model A Ford. Prone to overheating, it might cause all sorts of grief by locking in gear during pit stops. And chiefs and crews listened in horror whenever their driver slipped, abused and fried the fragile clutch. But even when a pit stop went well, getting a lumbering, hyperventilating roadster and it’s tall gear ratio underway again was a backbreaker, requiring the pushing of several straining mechanics. »-Joe Scalzo
    Goals :
    • To do a tribute to the courageaous drivers and their cars
    • To reproduce the way the teams were managing the Indy 500 at that time
    • To offer a level playing field that would reward driver strategy/intelligence/technique not infinite setup tweaking and aerodynamics
    • To stress the simracer with tire wear, damage effects, brake deficiencies, two-speed transmission....
    Main features :
    • 1960 Indianapolis 500 full field (33 cars) researched by Bill Guillaume
    • Complete overhaul of the original rF1 one !
    • Watson, Kurtis and open nose type cars
    • “Historic” option for all upgrades options (helmet, face, seatbelts, rollbar, exhaust, oil tank, car type, dash color, etc.)
    • Real 1960 driver faces (take a look at #10 Jimmy Brian!) and associated “talent” file
    • 1ko painting feature to change rims, dash, bandanas, goggles, seatbelts, frame, etc. colors for painters
    • All new sounds
    The AI should be set to be raced at 90% (more than this and they crash in pack), aggression and limiter set at 0%.
    Watch you rear toe on straight stability and look at your caster settings to stabilize the car down the straights too.
    Many thanks to everyone that helped and tested at ISI.
    We also want to thank all the people that were involved in the first rF1 Gasoline Alley project.
    Hope you like it!
    Bill, Gilles and Michael

    Car description :
    • Speed : top 186 mph Texas (1963), end of Indy straights : 170 mph, Indy turns : +-140 mph
    • Weight without driver and fuel : +-1600 lbs, 60% to the left (ref1 p.114)
    • Methanol, 60 us gal. « spiked » whith nitromethane
    • Engine : 256 cu. In., 4 cyl. Offy, +-500 lbs, 2 speed, estimated +-400hp, running at 6000 rpm (ref1 p.84), fuel consumption 1 us gal/3.0 mile, exterior oil tank +-15 quarts
    • Rigid front/rear axles with torsion bars
    • Wheelbase : modeled at 96 in.
    • Tires : Bias ply Firestones, front 7.60x16 (nominal), rear 8x18 (nominal), 50 psi, threads were showing after 51-52 laps at Indy, wear pattern on all four tires = inside of corner, described as noisy (ref1 p.113)
    • Pit stops : All four tires, 40 to 60 us gal. in 20 sec., every 51-52 laps
    • Car review on WATSON ROADSTER
    • Indy racing is part of the US culture, and in the early 1960s A.J. Watson dominated the manufacturing of the cars, at a time when Formula One machines were just starting to influence design. Watson's history goes back to 1950 when, as a mechanic, he built his own car for the Indy 500 which Dick Rathmann drove. In 1954 Watson got his break with the John Zink Jnr team, and a year later his modified version of the Frank Kurtis-built roadster won the Indy 500. This 1960 example is typical of his racers, with a basic chassis with front/rear solid axles but torsion bar suspension that could be tweaked by the driver while going along. The Offenhauser Sprint and Champ car engine was offset to the left to make the car turn naturally in that direction, and gearbox only needed two speeds due to the massive torque available low down, plus the car's light weight.
    • Ref1 : Indianapolis Roadsters 1952-1964 by Joe Scalzo ISBN 0-7603-0634-6
    • Ref2 : Kurtis-Kraft, Masterworks of speed and style by Gordon Eliot White ISBN 0-7603-0910-



  19. F1 Classics Open Beta

    The F1 Classics Open Beta v0.1 features two classic F1 Vehicles with three different drivers. The first vehicle is the 1993 Marlboro Mclaren Ford MP4/8 piloted by Ayrton Senna to five victories in the 1993 Season with the very popular victory at the European G.P at Donington. The 1993 Mclaren is powered by the Ford HBE7 3.5 litre V8 engine. The 1993 Mclaren Ford also comes in Mika Hakkinen's car number also.
    Mod Credits
    Mod Production Manager: Petros Mak
    93 Mclaren by: Raymond Schram
    rF2 3D Updates by: Dmitriy Barishev
    94 Mclaren by: Raymond Schram
    rF2 3D Updates by: Dmitriy Barishev
    2D Textures by: Derek Nye, Juandi Sanches
    In-Game by: Stephen Young
    Physics by: Derek Nye
    Sounds by: Giovanni Scala
    Beta Testers



  20. MDG F1 2014

    Available MDG F1 2014 Mod V1.0 Modding made and developed by Design Group of www.rfactorspain.es
    -ERS (3 maps Engine)
    configuration ERS and DRS:
    Users only need to assign a button on your steering wheel or keyboard to operate the DRS, in rFactor 2 is between those that are assigned FROM the menu, and two to select the mapping of fuel for ERS, TempBoosIncrement for gain map, and TempBoostDecrement loss. 3 maps are available engine:
    Map motor 1: which is the economic, using the extra power more conservatively (80 additional horses for 66.6 seconds) and the consumption that allows lose 100 kg. by race.
    Map motor 2: using more conventional power (160 horsepower for 33.3 seconds)
    Map motor 3: using the additional power more aggressively (240 extra horses for 22.2 seconds), but with an even greater consumption, so if used too long will be difficult to finish the race just down to economy mode, which should be much lower performance. Engine wear is also higher with more aggressive maps.
    Mod CREDITS:
    -Produced and converted mod: Modding Design Group
    -The 3D models or chassis: Codemasters created and modified by Modding Design Group.
    -Physics by: Modding Design Group
    -physical wheels: Modding Design Group
    -Sounds: F1Revolution created by and modified by Modding Design Group.
    -2D Textures: modified by Modding Design Group
    -3D Textures: modified by Modding Design Group



  21. Eve Matra F1

    Author : Klaasvh and Navigator
    This mod is a modification of ISI's EVE F1 car. It uses the EVE car shape but is powered by a Matra V12 engine instead of the Ford DFV V8 found in the normal EVE. It is meant to look like the 1968 Matra MS11 but is not a complete accurate representation. It does feature a 2 man team with cars for Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Henri Pescarolo. The idea behind this mod is to add some variation to rFactors historic grid.
    PLEASE NOTE: This mod should work as a standalone but uses some sounds from the ISI_Eve_Vehicle v1.48. If this component is not installed you will only hear engine sounds.
    For painters
    Download the pontoon extension paint template here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awckmw6mg4...20template.rar
    For painting the rest of the car you can use the ISI EVE template.
    ISI: Base car
    Navigator: Physics
    Wolferl: Engine sounds
    Klaasvh: Additional modelling and texturing



  22. Nissan GTR 4x4 modification

    Author : aniceto
    Nissan GTR 4x4 modification



  23. International Formula Series 3 by MAK-Corp

    *Ui/Menu pictures added.
    *Basic Suits and IFS3 series helmet added to drivers.
    *A final material run through revealed a couple of items missed, all material clashes are now removed at last.
    *Fixed flickering/blacked out Rainlight.
    *New Livery added - Phoenix Racing #09, bringing the mod to 20 vehicles.
    *All skins updated and final logos and decals added.
    *Re-balance of materials, toning them down as necessary and corrected over-shiny carbon.
    *Steering Wheel mesh and texture updated.
    *Body and Wing mesh density increased in some places to smooth out stepping.
    *various tweaks.
    We did want to do a new physics update but until the tyre tool is working properly for us, there is no point. We are looking to include that in our next update subject to the tyre tool behaving.
    Author : MAK-Corp



  24. GP79

    Author : Arnao
    You need to have GP79_UNRESTRICTED 0.43 INSTALLED
    -Copy fix into your package folder
    -Update GP79_CAR
    Any feedbacks are welcome



  25. GP79 Conversion

    Author: Arnao (conversion from Grand Prix 1979 for Rfactor by Grand Prix Classics)
    What has been updated:
    - New Tires by 'Lemming77' (three compouds : Soft, Hard Goodyear tires - Finalizing, Wet Goodyear tires - Preliminary)
    - Tyrrell Car Cockpit by 'Zonder' (built from scratch)
    - Project coordination and assembling all stuff to one working piece by 'Arnao'
    - 'GuyBo' for Support and dedication
    Version 0.42 changes
    -New Set of tires made By Lemmings
    -Tyrrell cockpit from scratch
    -3screens upgrade is now Stereo view (it's been defaultly apply to all car BUT alternate chassis got issues)
    Install Instruction:
    put file into your package folder
    Launch MOD MANAGER and install GP79_UNRESTRICTED
    *For Some of you who still have an older released:
    Before Install, You have to desinstall with Modmanager or delete by hand all older release (0.1c rfmod or multiRFCMP or rfcmp).!!!
    In MOD manager.
    Desinstall at first and delete all GP79 related (GP79_CAR, GP79_SOUND, GP79_TALENT)
    By Hand
    -"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/rfm > Delete MAS GP79_XXXX.MAS
    -"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/Vehicule/GP79_CAR >Delete folder
    -"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/Sounds/GP79_SOUND >Delete folder
    -"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/Talent/GP79_TALENT >Delete folder
    -"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Manifest/ > delete GP79_XXXXX.mft
    1)Now you 'll have to select ALL CAR
    2)Choose a car for race and tune it:
    3)Configure race to have GP79 car or other.
    Tuning Options
    Changing NominalMaxSteeringTorque value from cars HDV
    -Assist Level 3->Maximum Assist, Lightest Steering
    -Assist Level 2->Decreased Assist, Heavier Steering
    -Assist Level 1->Minimum Assist, Heaviest Steering
    *Shifter Style:
    -Gate shifter.
    *Optional Chassis
    Car will not have correct SKIN till you choose it in the list.
    fonte ISI forum



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