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  1. rFactor 2 Steam Version

    rFactor 2 is a realistic, easily extendable racing simulation from Studio 397. It offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, great graphics, outstanding multiplayer and the height of racing realism. rFactor 2 features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics. You can race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others.
    The simulation supports a full day-night cycle as well as dynamically varying weather conditions such as rain. Tracks feature "real-road" technology that changes the grip as more cars drive on it. You can run full 24 hour endurance events and in multi-player mode, driver swaps are also supported.
    Everything can be customized by the community, including adding new tracks and cars, and a wealth of add-ons are available on-line. rFactor 2 is also an evolving product, which will be updated and added to for many years, so the list of features will expand!



  2. Autodromo di Mores by ISI

    Mores is located in Sardinia, Italy, and is a short track ideally suited to the lower speed cars like the Clio, Skip Barber, etc. There is currently 1 layout just over a mile in length. The track is known more, perhaps, as a motorcycle circuit, but the addition of a longer layout is something expected to change that (though that layout is not yet included in 1.0).

    Autodromo di Mores
    Series: Various
    Configurations: 1 (more to follow)
    Length: 1.03 Miles
    Location: Sardinia, Italy
    Track type: Roadcourse

    Introducing new and improved Autodromo di Mores: the atmospheric Mediterranean track of Sardegna! This new version offers a bunch of improvements including, 4K textures, balanced colors, an all new “AIW”, and many more changes listed below.

    Steam version should auto update via Workshop.


    – TDF updated to actual standards

    – New HD Track Loader

    – Fixed a terrain mesh triangle causing a black patch.

    – Fixed Tire Canvas not tagged as light receiver

    – Fixed main Starting Light Overhang Z fight

    – Fixed missing caps on main Overhang

    – Fixed some mesh shadows groups assignation

    – Fixed floating shadows in pitlane when using low shadows settings

    – Fixed unwanted cut warnings

    – Fixed Sewers mapping

    – Fixed Asphalt bicolor patch edges to match crackle decals

    – Fixed Verges mapping

    – A tad more saturation for all Grass Textures

    – Terrain maps now in 4K version

    – Green Defender Barrier; Fresnel Specular smoothed out to avoid edgy/glitchy speculars

    – Vegetation; a tad more luma for all tree/bush textures

    – Cones; a tad less sat/luma for albedo map

    – Tweaked specular for different asphalts

    – Stripes specular tune to match reference

    – Added Test Team RRBINs

    – AIW various improvements

    – Added more side cams.

    – All roads updated to latest RealRoad shader

    – All roads remapped

    – gMotor Normals export for all mesh

    – Material optimization and matballs cleaning

    – Overall texture tweaking to balance the HDR output

    – Applied random VC in the vegetation color palette, for all trees.

    – Glass optimization to work a tad better with actual Static

    – Fixed outer terrain overlapped vertices causing black patches




  3. Palm Beach International Raceway

    Formerly known as Moroso Motorsports Park and opened in 1964, Palm Beach International Raceway is a popular testing facility for a wide range of racing machines, along with a race track host in it’s own right. It was also featured in an episode of Top Gear (UK).
    At 2-miles, the roadcourse is a nice mix of flowing turns and flat-out straights, running parallel to an IHRA-sanctioned drag strip and karting course.



  4. 3PA Matsusaka Circuit

    Image Space Inc. Are very happy to present woochoo’s Matsusaka Circuit! This fabulous figure-8 layout boasts some of the most sweeping and enjoyable asphalt in all of racing.



  5. Mountain Peak Speedway

    One of the first screenshots released of rFactor 2 during production was this model. Yes, it is that old. We’ve brushed it up, added a couple of extra configurations than originally intended and pushed it out of the door for you to enjoy.
    Located within a mountain range in North Carolina, this 1.5-mile oval contains a number of other layouts suitable for both oval racing and karts.



  6. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    We are happy to announce that the Indy car and Indianapolis Motor Speedway are now available, free, to rFactor 2 users. This was an epic project for us, with the oval and roadcourse originally surveyed in 2012, we visited the facility five more times since, including being there the day after the asphalt was laid late last year. We’re extremely proud to be the first simulator to feature the new 2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis roadcourse as well.
    Our track team have gone above and beyond by including the 2007 Grand Prix, 2013 Grand Prix, 2014 Grand Prix and 2013 Oval layouts for you to enjoy. All for free to those of you who own our product.
    There are three physically different Dallara DW12 chassis configurations and it has two engine configurations, making a total of six technically different cars. Within the roadcourse configuration, we also have two tire options, Primary (black-sidewall) and Alternate (red-sidewall). This means effectively seven combinations, not including wets. Again, all free for rFactor 2 users.
    – Fixed AI headlights on road courses
    – Fixed several false positive cut detections
    – Fixed pit entry glitch on 2014 layout
    – Fixed cams on 400 and 500 layouts
    – Increased grass saturation



  7. 1974 Howston Dissenter

    The Howston Dissenter, 1974, inspired by premier class stock car racing, represents the most competitive racing of its time.
    With a 358-cui small block, the engine is capable of around 475hp, and this helps the car achieve a top speed of approximately 185mph (and more in the draft). The setup parameters are quite open, but there are also limits to what can be adjusted. In fact, the cars are fundamentally quite similar to modern stock cars just less refined and less developed.



  8. Renault Megane Trophy

    ChangeLog :
    – upgraded to specification 2012 Evo (2009 spec. still available as an upgrade) along with lots of small improvements.
    – updated to ultrachassis suspension physics, which allows chassis flex. Also slightly improved suspension geometry and motion ratios.
    – uses CPM tire physics with all the latest tech, including rain tire improvements.
    – re-calculated brake system.
    – uses new 3d model, special thanks to RMT!
    Powered Renault Sport Technologies, the Megane Trophy is a spec series using tubeframe race cars powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine that puts out 360hp. The cars weigh little over 1000 kilos and feature advanced racing technologies such as a paddle-shifting system, double wishbone suspension and adjustable dampers.



  9. Dallara DW12 Indycar

    We are happy to announce that the Indy car and Indianapolis Motor Speedway are now available, free, to rFactor 2 users. This was an epic project for us, with the oval and roadcourse originally surveyed in 2012, we visited the facility five more times since, including being there the day after the asphalt was laid late last year. We’re extremely proud to be the first simulator to feature the new 2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis roadcourse as well.
    Our track team have gone above and beyond by including the 2007 Grand Prix, 2013 Grand Prix, 2014 Grand Prix and 2013 Oval layouts for you to enjoy. All for free to those of you who own our product.
    There are three physically different Dallara DW12 chassis configurations and it has two engine configurations, making a total of six technically different cars. Within the roadcourse configuration, we also have two tire options, Primary (black-sidewall) and Alternate (red-sidewall). This means effectively seven combinations, not including wets. Again, all free for rFactor 2 users.



  10. 2015 Stock Cars

    Stock cars are dictated by rather restrictive rules. However, the technology and development programs are as sophisticated as just about any other form of motorsport. Extensive wind tunnel testing, CFD programs, 7-post rigs are standard in developing the most competitive cars.
    Stock cars are large and relatively heavy steel-chassis racing cars, a combination of factors that somewhat prohibits maneuverability and handling. Given they tend to run almost exclusively on ovals, which generally feature large radius corners, this has minimal impact on performance. Despite all this, errors at these very high loads can be brutal on tires, and small mistakes can create big consequences. Stock cars have neutral handling, but do rely heavily on setup to be competitive. If you don’t like tinkering with setups, you likely won’t be competitive outside a fixed-setup environment.
    Unlike circuit racing, the majority of downforce is not created aerodynamically, but via banking in the corners. It might surprise some to know these cars produce up to 2600lbs ~(1200kg) of aerodynamic downforce, which is very nearly on par with what GT3 cars would produce were they be able to reach similar top speeds, but stock cars do it without large wings or diffusers. The majority of downforce is created through ground effects, via the front splitter and side skirts, and of course some help from the rear spoiler.
    The nature of ground effects means that you must aim to keep the splitter very close to the ground at all times. As the underside is not smooth, drag is also lowered by blocking airflow under the car. This approach requires running on bump-stops, or very stiff springs to prevent the car raising too much down the straights. Unique damping properties are also used in stock cars for the same purpose. The effect of this is to make the cars somewhat sensitive and edgy, but in finding the right setup and driving style, the car will just ‘work’.



  11. Alabama Speedway

    Created by mianiak, Alabama Speedway extends the simulation’s growing oval content, giving oval racing fans a massive new 3.8 mile high-speed oval to do slipstream racing on.



  12. Renault Clio 197

    CPM enabled tyres, including all latest wet weather parameters. Slightly stiffened chassis. Slight aero correction (forward balance, reducing H/S understeer). Minor ARB tweak. Minor increase in rear unsprung masses. New shaders. Some visual fixes.



  13. Spa Belgium 1966

    Changelog :
    Bias fix for all materials/stages
    Various MIP texture fix to avoid flickering and glitches
    Various 3D models fix to limit flickering and glitches
    Improved outer scenery (mostly to hide bigger holes)
    Removed obsolete materials
    Removed obsolete textures
    Completely new set of LOD Out values to reduce models popup while driving
    Completely new set of Shadows Out to reduce shadows popup while driving
    Fixed floating trees in the distance
    Fixed terrain holes (tuned LOD out) in the distance (for both back and front)
    Fixed terrain edge textures to avoid lateral “”running”” white glitches
    Fixed houses albedo and saturation
    Fixed buildings element detaching/smoothing
    Fixed buildings/houses with broken AO mapping
    Fixed Buildings albedo maps
    Fixed Structure albedo
    Fixed Crowd albedo and saturation
    Fixed Vehicles albedo, saturation and reflection
    Fixed Animals albedo and saturation
    Fixed mats using a black specular color
    Fixed powerline intersecting houses
    Fixed floating Haybale
    Fixed chimneys flickering
    Fixed building cornices flickering
    Fixed Yellow banner flickering
    Fixed Blue sponsor flickering on building
    Fixed terrain smoothing
    Fixed road mesh gaps and T vertex
    Fixed terrain gaps
    Fixed overhang composition to limit flickering
    Fixed pit exit road
    Fixed Loading Screen to show correct max vehicles and new logo
    Fixed bridge flickering
    Fixed houses windows flickering
    Fixed doors and extrusions flickering
    Fixed sponsor signs flickering
    Fixed houses sponsor flickering
    Fixed BP tower flickering
    Fixed Shell tower flickering
    Fixed stickers on marshal huts flickering
    Fixed some overdone material speculars
    Fixed RaceGroove map
    Fixed Groove line reflectivity
    Fixed distance signs popups
    Improved glass materials
    Racegroove map balancing to avoid a pitch black groove line for saturated RRBINs.
    Overall terrain/surfaces albedo/saturation tuning and color balancing
    All Billboards albedo/saturation pass
    All Normal Maps channels fix
    Improved materials where using just T1 (added spec and normal)
    Improved surfaces/mat fresnels for houses, buildings and structures
    Improved RealRoad material settings/specular/fresnel/color dominant
    Improved RealRoad material Normal Maps
    Improved Road details/multi
    Alpha to Chroma conversion to reduce the impact of transparency renders
    Fixed wrong sorting/fight between treelines and outer ring
    Stone/Concrete walls remapped and improved
    New textures pack for garage sponsors
    New textures pack for main sponsor towers
    New textures for sponsor flags
    New texture for concrete barriers
    Sponsor signs 3D model normalization (to avoid streched projection)
    Sponsor signs remap
    TDF tuning to match actual standards
    New texture set for main trees
    Tweaked Fog range and intensity
    Tweaked MaxRange to limit shadows running
    HDR profiles removed
    New Loading Screen
    Test Team RRBINs added
    Improved CAMs
    Some Join Path Tweaks
    Minor corridor restrictions
    AIW tweaks
    Track is now labelled as Belgium 1966 instead 1967
    New 1966 track logo version
    Re-estimated fuel usage
    Attempt to narrow some lines and make AI take a more conservative approach
    Added support for two more cars
    Some TDF tuning to match latest standards



  14. Chevrolet Camaro GT3 by ISI

    Chevrolet Camaro GT3
    Fix for headlight and tail light flickering Fix for skin #5 Rims added New CPM enabled tyres Added 2013 upgrade which includes 19″ rims and larger front brake discs. Aero adjusted based on new data. The balance is now further rearward with slightly less total downforce. Drag has also been increased. Suspension geometry revised, (less bump-steer among other little bits). Springs detached from spindles. Which changes the motion ratio to something that should be more accurate (the car is now softer on default set). Dampers revised. Default setup revised to match other changes. Brake system recalculated. Giving more even front / rear temps and more accurate brake torques and inertia’s. Less understeer in AI, among other correlation improvements. Softer bumpstops. More restrictive wheel travel. Traction control no longer incurs a weight penalty as the real car utilises this. Also added some extra ‘slip angle’ adjustability in the tuning page. Chassis flex improved, (slightly more rigid car with more accurate self-damping values). Reduced external transmission volume.




  15. Mills Metropark

    This old faithful goes back all the way to the rFactor 1 days and has now been equipped with new shaders, textures and functionality as listed below.
    Furthermore, a brand new layout has been added to the track as well!
    Added Inner A Layout
    Implemented latest RealRoad shader
    Improved pitlane texture
    Applied RealRoad to curbs
    Remapped RealRoad
    Removed sausage curbs
    Improved curb texture
    New road and terrain texture set
    Implemented new terrain shader
    Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader
    Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
    Terrain Radiosity pass
    Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
    New painted stripes and pit lines texture set
    Enhanced painted stripes material
    Mapped yellow stripes for curbed sections
    Cut Access Roads into terrain
    Added surface wear decals
    Added road to grass/gravel transition decals
    Replaced textured parking spots with decals
    Reconformed all decals
    Improved water material
    Added Armco colliders
    Added Armco posts
    Added corner names (wall) signage
    Replaced safety fences and posts with better model/textures
    Optimized fence textures and materials for better performance
    Improved fence shadows
    Replaced simple 2D wooden infield fence with 3D version
    Replaced simple 2D chainlink fence with 3D version
    Optimized Armco and concrete walls for smoother performance
    Optimized wall objects for better and smoother performance
    Replaced and remapped tyre wall canvas textures
    Replaced and optimized 3D tyres
    Vertex painted tyre walls
    Replaced cones with HQ version
    Cleaned up distance markers
    Improved pitwall glass
    Added fire extinguisher signs at marshal posts
    Fixed marshal huts intersecting marshals
    Optimized treelines and fixed mapping
    Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
    Improved vegetation texture set and materials
    Reduced vegetation flickering
    Optimized pit building for smoother performance
    Fixed pit building shadow glitch
    Added cheap pit building interior
    Improved pit building glass
    Fixed smoothing on podium
    Improved metal poles material and textures
    Completed construction work on main grandstand
    Improved grandstand textures
    Replaced grandstand crowds
    Added cheap interiors for office buildings
    Improved flags
    Replaced light poles and power lines with HQ versions
    Replaced Synergy fuel signs with HQ versions
    Replaced pit in and out lights with HQ model
    Replaced billboards with higher quality model and textures
    Replaced grandstands with HQ version
    Replaced outhouse with ultra HQ version
    Replaced tents with HQ versions
    Rescaled inflatable figures, and replaced one with !
    Added picnic tables
    Replaced trackside cars with HQ versions
    Replaced team trucks with HQ USA style haulers
    Replaced RVs
    Created new bus model and textures, distributed
    Cleaned up and enhanced recovery crane model and added some variation
    Optimized LOD and Shadow Out distances on all objects for better performance
    Optimized night lighting omnis
    Added new night lighting glows
    Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
    Fixed skybox shadow glitch
    Repopulated reflection maps
    Set MIP Map bias to default
    Removed HDR Profiles
    Updated TDF with recent values
    Fixed GDB inconsistencies
    Many AIW tweaks and fixes
    New camera sets for all layouts
    Changed default weather profile
    Added support for 34 cars
    Tweaked Safety Car release distances
    New HD loading screens
    Included Test Team RealRoad Preset Pack



  16. 1966 Monaco Street Circuit

    Surrounded by lamp posts, walls, hay bales and people, it is an intensely difficult lap, requiring complete concentration. The tight and twisty nature of this street circuit makes passing difficult. Qualifying is all-important.
    In 1966, the year of track featured in rFactor2, Jackie Stewart won by forty seconds in a BRM P261, after the retirement of Denny Hulme in the Brabham-Repco BT19. Fastest lap went to Lorenzo Bandini in the Ferrari 312, who set a blistering time of 1:29.8 before having to slow with brake issues. Pole was won by Jim Clark in a Lotus-Climax, setting a 1:29.9 second lap.
    Implemented latest RealRoad shader
    Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
    Cleaned up and improved road texture set
    Made road textures tile better
    Improved road wet masks
    Improved trackedge and sidewalk specularity and wet mask
    Replaced textured stripes with physical ones
    Rebalanced painted stripes textures
    Implemented new terrain shader
    Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader
    Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
    Fixed a few minor terrain gaps
    Fixed a few missing terrain shadows
    Optimized armco and other barrier objects for smoother performance
    Optimized fence textures and materials
    Enhanced stone walls normal maps
    Made tunnel a bit darker
    Improved sponsor logos
    Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
    Applied subtle random vertex colours to vegetation
    Improved vegetation texture set
    Fixed transparent tree issue
    Reduced vegetation flickering
    Removed messy cubemap reflection property from building materials
    Optimized building materials
    Optimized building objects for better and smoother performance
    Fixed smoothing on buildings
    Cleaned up and improved building textures
    Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance
    Optimized grandstands
    Optimized crowds
    Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
    Slightly improved marshal textures
    Removed pitlane props to reduce the load in the busiest area
    Fixed various UV glitches
    Fixed dozens –if not hundreds– of object and shadow popups
    Cleaned up messy wet reflections
    Repopulated all reflection maps
    Tweaked fog values
    Optimized and cleaned up night lighting glitches
    Reverted MIP Map bias to default
    Updated TDF to latest set of values
    Set speed limit to 999
    Defined more realistic movable object reactions
    Removed HDR Profiles
    Cleaned up, replaced and improved trackside cameras
    Replaced loading screen with new HD version
    Improved AIW
    Added Test Team RRBINs



  17. Nissan GT-R GT1

    – Brand new tyres (CPM).
    – Reduced Max steering lock and moved to new steer lock method (as per other newer cars, which attempts to keep your steering ratio correct).
    – minor increase in CG.
    – Allowing a bit more freedom in anti-roll bar ranges, softened default.
    – Slightly less ‘randomness’ in engine lifetime.
    – Minor aero tweaks.
    – Slower real road rate.
    – Recalculated brake system.
    – Cleanup of old params and updated others to newest params based on build changes.
    – Reduced graphical helmet movement (when looking AT the car)
    – added tv style onboard cam,
    – Fixed the hood glitch
    – updated shaders
    – moved the dash sticker up
    – added new head light glow
    – updated body shaders
    – Fixed a bad shadow at the back of the side window
    – Newer driver model



  18. Brianza ISI Track

    In the forests near Brianza, Italy, sits the Brianza race track: Historic and filled with the ghosts of a racing past, the circuit is incredibly dangerous, and with multiple high-speed sections, any mistake could lead to a big accident.
    The circuit includes a road course at 3.6 miles, and a road course comprising the oval, commonly known as the 10km layout, at 6.2 miles.
    Brianza 1966 comes with two configurations: A road course, and the roadcourse with the oval.

    Added Junior layout Implemented latest RealRoad shader Applied RealRoad to curb materialsClean ed up road textures and replaced detail maps Concrete detail map texture set (pitlane, banking) Improved road wet masks Reconformed painted stripes and enhanced textures and material Fixed minor terrain gap Implemented new terrain shader Remapped terrain for new terrain shader Terrain Radiosity pass + manual pass Reverted all MIP Map bias to default Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance Optimized fence textures and materials Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
    Fixed transparent tree issue at banking T1 Improved and conformed vegetation texture set Fixed tree and treeline mapping glitches Reduced flickering vegetation Applied subtle random vertex colors to vegetation Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures Optimized Armco and fences for smoother performance Enhanced stone wall normal map Improved see-through glass textures and materials Optimized buildings for better and smoother performance Optimized grandstands for better and smoother performance Made pit exit lights functional Fixed score tower logo mapping Added marshals in banking score towers Optimized sponsor signs Optimized trackside light objects Slightly improved marshal textures Enhanced and optimized trackside vehicles textures and materials Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance Removed virtually all object popups Repopulated all reflection maps after optimization pass Tweaked fog values Removed HDR Profiles Updated TDF to latest set of values New loading screens Added Test Team RRBINs Updated GDB, includes better movable object reactions Updated AIWs New and updated CAMs



  19. Corvette C6.R

    The Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 is now the only C6.R model still in competition, after the retirement of the GT1 class entirely in 2012.
    The GT1 version had 600 HP, carbon ceramic brakes and aggressive aerodynamics, while the GT2 version has 470 HP from a 6.0-liter V8, iron brakes and relatively stock aerodynamics, similar to the ZR1 road car.
    Update :
    - Updated shaders for most materials
    - New driver
    - Implemented flexible chassis.
    - More accurate wheel-rates.
    - Reduced brake cooling.
    - More accurate brake torque curves, distribution, inertia.
    - Minor AI improvements that bring a slightly closer correlation to human physics.
    - Centred bonnet cam + 2 'new' home key views.
    - Longer headlight illumination.
    - Better external sound attenuation.
    - Suspension is slightly stronger from minor impacts.



  20. Atlanta Motorsports

    Image Space Incorporated has released the next official track addition to their rFactor 2 simulation as Atlanta Motorsports Park is now available.
    The track comes with five different layouts, including a full-size race track and four kart layouts.
    Included Layouts
    Full – 1.83 mile roadcourse Kart A – 0.85 mile roadcourse Kart B – 0.46 mile roadcourse Kart B+ – 0.58 mile roadcourse Kart C – 0.27 mile roadcourse

    Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is a road circuit designed by famed Formula One architect, Hermann Tilke. AMP is a 2-mile road circuit with elevation changes, a technical circuit layout, high speed straights and two ‘signature’ corners designed to pay homage to famed European race circuits; Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps and the iconic ‘Karussell’ from Germany’s Nurburgring.
    The Full circuit boasts 35 to 40 feet wide racing surfaces, aggressive elevation changes of 100 feet, and a technical layout that can help develop world-beating racing drivers.
    Home to the only kart track in America built to CIK Level ‘A’ (F1 standard), the Kart A, B, B+ and C layouts feature up to 43 feet of elevation change – unrivaled anywhere in the world.



  21. 1966 AC 427

    The AC 427. One of the most iconic cars, and in many ways notorious. While possible to tame, it was known as the “Cobra” for a reason, it would bite back. A gentle touch was thus needed to handle this car. Having some 485hp in S/C state, with street legal tire technology meant that wheel-spin was almost always possible. In fact, it wasn’t until 4th (the tallest gear) before you could, with reasonable confidence, apply full throttle.
    On account of the engine having incredible torque, some 650Nm of torque from 3500 RPM, the 4-speed seems more than sufficient to accelerate the car from any speed. The S/C also features stickier rear tyres than fronts to keep the car stable, but the professional driver may find mildly understeery mid-corner, of course the right pedal is easily enough to overcome this at-will. The car also has very good stopping power featuring ventilated discs at the front and solid disc rear brakes.
    While tricky, this can be one of the most rewarding rides around. In S/C form, this was about the fastest road car of it’s time and has only since been matched by the most exotic supercars beginning in the 90’s.



  22. Indycar 2014 Carset

    For those who want the full realism of a real Indycar season grid, boxer has now released a complete carset 2014 season Indycar liveries!
    The complete car set does not only come with all 2014 season cars, it also includes special Indy 500 paint schemes and matching talent files for the cars.



  23. ISI Karts

    Physics (both Karts)
    – New tires which have enabled the contact patch model for the first time.
    – Added new wet weather variables for tires.
    – Numerous AI correlation tweaks. AI warm tires quicker, wear slower and more evenly (F/R).
    – Reduced inertia for wheels and engine. The wheels were set conservatively due to instability, an issue which new, more accurate tires have are the result.
    – Reduced axle and gearbox friction to what should be a more accurate level.
    – Softened undertray collision points which makes the kart more realistic and controllable over tall curbs.
    – Fixed geometry bug that went unnoticed that was caused by a build bug fix (which was improperly defined in the previous kart release, and has been corrected for Builds 860 and newer).
    – Tweak to reduce some ‘hopping’ experienced in certain extreme situations.
    Physics Junior Kart specific
    – Engine engine has more low end torque. Combined with other changes, it now accelerates a lot better from standstill.
    Physics KartF1 specific
    – Increased grip to correspond better with the class of tyre this is simulating.
    – Changed category name in-sim from ‘Kart Cup’ to ‘Karts’.
    – Camera offset to match steering wheel.
    – Updated shaders
    – Updated textures
    – Minor 3D fixes



  24. Skip Barber Formula 2000

    The Skip Barber Formula 2000 is the perfect car for either a complete rookie or a seasoned expert to hone their skills. A true racers car, it is balanced in such a way that it works well when driven well, and will work badly (often spinning off the track) when driven badly. If you don’t drive with good technique, it punishes you: It teaches you how to best drive almost every race car you will ever drive…
    The first thing to note is that of the two configurations, the National version is both easier and faster to drive. The Regional version takes significantly longer to warm the tires, etc, but both configurations do have the same handling traits overall.
    It is very important to keep the throttle down while turning, as this will keep the rear suspension loaded and the car more stable. Weight transfer is also critical, and any changes to throttle input on entry or mid-way through a turn, which will shift the weight away from the rear and cause “lift off oversteer”, will often lead to a spin.
    Smooth input is probably the most important aspect of this car, and any car. You must smoothly turn in, carefully feed in the power, try not to fight it too much in the corner, then smoothly let the wheel run as you exit the turn. Always be aware how much the car moves around underneath you, the car will not react well if you put a wheel on the grass on turn-in: That loss of grip will be devastating.
    Most importantly: Don’t give up on it. If you can adapt your driving style to this car, and drive it well, you will become a better driver in everything you drive. The frustration of spinning out will all be worth it if you can beat this car.
    Additional recommended reading material is Going Faster, which documents a lot of the techniques required in good detail.
    Changes from 1.46:
    – Revised tyres
    – Moved to ultra chassis (with flex)
    – Updated to ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass=1 fix
    – Bumpstop fix
    – Tweaked undertray locations
    – Minor AI correlation tweaks
    – Updated shaders
    – Updated textures
    – Updated liveries
    – Helmet no longer goes through cockpit
    – New car icons
    – Added rim blur
    – New tire textures
    – New tire damage textures
    – Moved to new steering system
    – Added descriptions and new variables



  25. Silverstone Circuit

    We are happy to release version 1.35 of Silverstone Circuit for rFactor 2. This update includes a number of small fixes and tweaks, a very important fix for the GT AIW (AI driving lines), and the addition, finally, of a working National configuration.



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