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  1. Mega Bike Mod

    Topic sul forum dedicato
    I've decided to try my best to continue the great work JamoZ has done. I've been working on setting up a Mega site for the bike MOD and paint database. The bike MOD I will only update twice a month, on the 1st and the 14th. Any bikes released between those dates you can get from the authors thread, but the full bike MOD will not be revised until the 1st and 14th of each month. I am continuing much as JamoZ did. There is a full bike MOD meaning all the current bikes with all the paints available at the time of the .zip file being made. There is also .zip files for each bike with no paints at all. I'll try to keep the paints folder for each bike up to date. You can always PM me if your paint is missing or if you made a new one. I will also check the paint threads as much as a I can.
    Again the full bike MOD and the individual bike .zips with no paints. Will ONLY be updated on the 1st and 14th of each month, if they need to be updated. Thank you.



  2. GP Bikes Beta 4

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    fix: brakes simulation
    fix: slipstream
    fix: bike reset
    fix: direct connection category mismatch
    fix: crash when going to track for a race
    fix: send setup changed to share setup
    fix: flagman
    fix: admin page
    fix: xml export
    fix: penalties export
    fix: free camera speed controls
    fix: alpha sort
    new: gearbox engine cutoff support
    new: gearbox preload support
    new: helmet model change option
    new: helmet paint support
    new: riding styles support
    new: dedicated server chat
    new: plugins track centerline
    new: race start sound
    new: setup export
    new: replay camera controls setting
    new: track help disable option
    new: framerate cap
    new: autobrake disable option
    new: cockpit info disable option



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