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    World Racing Series by Piboso: nuova versione beta 14 disponibile

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    L'instancabile Piboso ha rilasciato la nuova versione beta 14 del suo interessante World Racing Series, simulatore di guida dedicato alle 4 ruote, sia coperte che scoperte. Questa nuova release si preoccupa essenzialmente di sistemare alcuni bugs riscontrati ultimamente, come da elenco disponibile qui sotto ed implementa alcune interessanti novità. Vi ricordiamo che l'acquisto della licenza di World Racing Series sblocca anche GP Bikes, il simulatore a due ruote di Piboso, in pratica ottenete due titoli con un solo acquisto.

    Dirigetevi sul sito ufficiale per acquistare la licenza e per scaricare il software. Utilizzate invece questo topic del forum per commenti e discussioni in merito.


    fix: trainer add crash 
    fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots 
    fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors 
    fix: Oculus support 
    fix: crash when an Arduino Micro is connected as joystick 
    new: option to disable the dynamic track surface 
    new: free roam camera tracking mode 
    new: trackside objects animation support 
    new: live screens support 
    new: track timer support 
    new: track standings support 

    Release Notes
    - a clean installation is strongly recommended ( especially for this release, because the controls settings file format has been changed )
    - since World Racing Series is a 64 bit only application the default installation folder has been changed to "Program Files"
    - replays are not compatible with the previous versions
    - the mods folder setting has been moved to the file "wrs.ini":
    - please note that the Beta14 master server is on port 54301
    - the collisions parameters have been tuned
    - the terrain rendering has been optimized for better performances
    - now only the cast votes count for a poll result
    - the "Free Roam" camera FOV adjustment is now non-linear
    - "Max Power" in the "Car Info" page has been changed from kW to HP ( please note that modders still have to use kW in the INI file, though )

    - the physics data of all the car mods should be updated because now each suspension component ( axle, spindle, upper and lower arm ) has its own mass and inertia
    - the "engine_displacement" info in each car INI file is no longer supposed to be in CC. Therefore, the proper unit should be added to the line
    - the data shown in physics debug mode ( ) is now more user-friendly.
    - it is now possible to add custom track layout objects
    - the limit of 100 track layout objects has been removed
    - a "plastic" material has been added for the walls
    - the "plastic" material can now also be used for the track layout objects
    - for an example of how the track timer and standings work, please check the MX Bikes example track:
    - the "shadow" and "ambientshadow" models no longer need to be set in the "cockpit" section of the gfx.cfg file of the cars





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