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    rFactor 2: aperte le registrazioni per il test alpha del nuovo Competition System

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    Studio 397 ha annunciato l'avvio a breve di alcuni alpha test per il nuovo Competition System che è in lavorazione da mesi con un team di sviluppo dedicato.

    Per questi test il team cerca volontari motivati e appassionati che sappiano prendersi l'impegno di fornire dei feedback dettagliati e in grado di riportare con successo i bug incontrati. Per registrarsi basta compilare l'apposito form e sperare di essere scelti. Studio 397 precisa che la sola registrazione non garantisce l'accesso al test alpha. In caso di selezione il giocatore dovrebbe ricevere una comunicazione dagli sviluppatori entro due settimane dalla candidatura.

    Il rilascio in via pubblica del nuovo Competition System non è distante, e nelle prossime settimane possiamo aspettarci degli annunci in merito.


    Hello Sim Racers,

    As you may be aware, we have been working on an all-new “competition system” for some months now with a small, but passionate and dedicated development team – and we’re really looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

    As part of our final checks before we bring this new system to a public release, we have been running a small “alpha test”. This has been a very small group of people who have been invaluable in allowing us to find bugs, user experience issues, and give other feedback that we have greatly appreciated in helping to improve the experience.

    We are now looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to expand our small group of testers for this “alpha” phase of testing. The requirements are primarily confidentiality, along with a commitment to give detailed feedback and bug reporting. And in return you’ll get a limited addition badge gifted to your rFactor 2 account once our new system becomes publicly available.

    To register your interest: CLICK HERE!

    Please note; we have a specific number of users that we’re looking to join our team throughout this private testing period, so submitting your details is NO guarantee of acceptance into the programme. Apologies in advance if you are not accepted! However, if you are successful in joining the programme, you should expect to hear from us within 2 weeks of receiving your request.

    Public access is coming soon for this re-engineered online experience, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Happy racing!


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