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    KartKraft: nuova build disponibile per il download

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    Le ultime settimane sono state molto produttive per Black Delta, che ha portato, con quella di oggi, ben tre nuove build per il suo KartKraft. La build odierna è la ed è già disponibile per il download. In caso di problemi è consigliato il riavvio di Steam.



    • Improved: Wheel input binding now displays more information and requires a button press to reduce errors caused by timing
    • Added: Numpad keys can be used in photomode
    • Added: Can now use left/right keyboard navigation in the input menu
    • Added: Can now drag and hide the live placings HUD item in time trial mode
    • Fixed bug where chosen monitor setting was not saved
    • Fixed bug where ghost volume would be ignored if set in main menu
    • Fixed occasional motion blur corruption in chase camera
    • Fixed overlapping vehicles in post race podium sequence
    • Fixed VR camera rotating incorrectly at the end of cinematic sequences such as the post race restart menu.
    • Fixed bug where incorrect number of AI drivers would appear in a race

    As always, we're reading all of your posts, reviews and comments and are addressing your issues as fast as we can. If you would like to support KartKraft even more and help it turn it into the game we all want it to be, we'd love to read your honest Steam reviews which let's us see where to focus our development efforts.


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