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Announcing F1® Manager 2023 - Drive Every Decision This Summer!


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  • Fixed AI using same tyre compound for entire race after red flag in Sprints
  • Fixed AI using same tyre compound for entire race after saving on pre-race screen
  • Improved the level of impact of rubber on track across sessions
  • Reduced the chances of car-on-car collisions during Practice and Qualifying and slightly increased the chance of spins and running wide during Qualifying
  • Fixed cars slowing down in Singapore sector 3
  • Further improvements made to drivers avoiding crashed/stationary cars on track
  • Improvements made to traffic in Qualifying causing issues for cars on flying laps
  • Ensured Q3 soft tyre is unlocked for all drivers, including those that didn't make Q3
  • Fixed issue where optimal pit lap dilemma would sometimes not pause the race
  • Fixed issue where flying lap count set sometimes was not followed in the session


  • Updated Monza to be an ATA qualifying weekend [NEW SAVES ONLY]


  • Fixed issue where Board Confidence could show as 'Disappointing' after joining new team
  • Corrected body text of new team email when switching teams


  • Re-balanced Research/Design slider expertise gains
  • Fixed total cost of hiring calculating incorrectly when hiring replacement driver/staff for next season
  • Fixed Car Building attribute having inverse effect
  • Fixed hired F2/F3 drivers from still appearing in F2/F3 standings


  • Fixed exploit that allowed pit crew to remain at 100% fatigue between races with no penalty
  • Adjusted pit crew xp gain and degradation rates
  • Fixed first day of month not counting toward stat degradation
  • Increased variation of AI pit stop times
  • Fixed issue where total pit stop time did not match sum of actions in pit stop breakdown


  • Fixed Charles Leclerc patchy LOD hair in cinematics (Sorry Charles!)
  • Fixed garage scene showing member of pit crew wearing drivers helmet
  • Fixed clipping in Marina Bay intro cinematic
  • Fixed clipping in garage shots


  • F1 driver photos updated
  • Fixed projected cost cap UI not updating correctly
  • Fixed issue where scrolling scouting menus with a controller was unpredictable after highlighting bookmark column
  • Fixed code string appearing in Next Season Staff tooltip
  • Fixed 'Race Winner' appearing on event view in Practice and Qualifying
  • Fixed replaced driver being displayed next to 'Renewal' after changing driver position during contract renewal
  • Fixed 'Seasons as team principal' not updating on profile page
  • Fixed panel borders appearing incorrectly when 'Laps to go' notification appears
  • Updated run plan descriptions to clarify that out laps are counted in the run plan
  • Fixed email reading '0 days to go' after renewing contract on last day of year
  • Fixed issue where times set by drivers in Q2 and Q3 were sometimes not visible until hovered over after simulating session
  • Updated chevrons on tyre state when overheating to more accurately reflect impact on wear rate


Fixed crash that could occur when designing new suspension, then highlighting “Brake Cooling”

  • Fixed progression blocker when hiring a reserve driver at end of season
  • Fixed softlock that could occur when repeatedly pressing R2/RT controller buttons during end of season fanfares
  • Fixed softlock that could occur after pressing New Career with existing save games present
  • Fixed progression blocker that could occur when designing car part during tutorial
  • Game will now pause when Steam overlay is opened during a race
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  • Optimised memory usage during cinematics
  • Intel GPUs without active driver development now default to DX11 for improved stability


  • Added 'Career Difficulty' options for Race Sim AI and AI Car Development


  • Added penalty investigations
  • Added “Investigation: No penalty given” outcome for incidents not warranting a time penalty


  • Enabled AI to fit new car parts between races, rather than only on race day; resulting in more informative car comparison data
  • Updated recommended strategies for Jeddah
  • Adjusted start times for P2 on Sprint weekends
  • Fixed audio reactions to constructor title win not triggering when won during a Sprint
  • Fixed audio reactions to dominant constructor title win referring to a "close" title win when won during a Sprint
  • Updated Singapore GP lap total from 63 to 62 [NEW SAVES ONLY]
  • Fixed Alonso Sprint win triggering Grand Prix win commentary lines
  • Fixed grid lights staying on after race start
  • Updated medium speed sections on Marina Bay circuit map
  • Updated DRS zones on Hermanos Rodríguez, Red Bull Ring, and Suzuka circuit maps
  • Updated circuit speed on Barcelona circuit map


  • Fixed main driver name appearing in replays instead of reserve driver when used in Practice
  • Fixed sponsor obligation targets not displaying when progressing to screen using R2 button
  • Fixed Recent History screen in Board Profile showing current drivers for previous seasons
  • Fixed Race Moment briefly, incorrectly displaying as "On Target" in data view
  • Fixed "Go to..." link not working when multiple fanfares are triggered simultaneously
  • Fixed Play/Stop Team Intro button not working when using a controller during new career setup
  • Updated "Last Lap" notification to say "Final Lap"
  • Fixed starting grid positions not displaying on Race Preparation screen
  • Fixed "DRS Disabled" message appearing instead of "DRS Enabled" after loading a mid-session save


  • Fixed rival team principal email stating signed driver is "with us for now" on Jan 1st, after driver is signed on Dec 31st
  • Fixed rival team principal stating "It could be going better" in F1 Monthly update, when in first place
  • Fixed repetition of "chassis" in email when rushed car part design project is delayed
  • Stopped "Skip sponsorship obligation" email dilemma being sent after final race


  • Improved lighting in garage scenes during night races
  • Fixed mechanic clipping through chair in garage
  • Adjusted cameras used for Bahrain intro cinematic
  • Fixed bottle clipping and shaking in Monaco podium scenes
  • Fixed camera view being obscured by set on post-race reaction cinematic
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Update 1.10 is now rolling out across all platforms! This update brings general fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed crash that could occur when multiple cars are involved a collision resulting in an investigation 
  • Further GPU stability improvements 


  • Improved pit releases to prevent cars being held back from traffic unnecessarily 
  • 'Avoid Kerbs' command tweaked to reduce cornering speeds more appropriately 
  • Increased base tyre wear rate for Attack and Aggressive pace modes to improve strategy variety and authenticity 


  • Fixed occurrences of design centre being shut down for 2 days longer than stated in email 


  • Updated car screens to improve presentation of various part states 
  • Added staff photo for Jonathan Wheatley 
  • Fixed Lance Stroll missing career history entry for 2022 
  • Added alert icons to Driver/Staff tab and screens when less than 3 months remaining on a contract 
  • Added "Data Not Available" state in Data View when no lap history present, rather than a blank screen 
  • Increased delay on mouse repeat button presses, to prevent potential photo sensitivity issues 
  • Fixed occurrences of fanfare is not displayed when driver rating changes 
  • Fixed occurrences of text on 'Design' and 'Research' buttons overrunning edges 
  • Fixed occurrences of 'Pit Options' button reducing in size 
  • Fixed disproportionately small edit button on Pit Crew screen on Xbox 
  • Fixed 'Restore Defaults' and 'Apply Settings' buttons not working when Settings is opened whilst in Pit Options, when using a controller 
  • Fixed new season fanfare appearing incorrectly when opting to switch team 
  • Added SFX for new season fanfare 
  • Fixed inconsistent Pit Lane Time Loss detail in Circuit Overview screens 


  • Fixed occurrence of engineers clipping into car jack in race weekend background shots 
  • Fixed occurrence of engineers fiddling with empty air in race weekend background shots 


  • Updated DRS zones on Miami circuit map 
  • Fixed grass appearing in front of camera at Barcelona 
  • Fixed static Rolex clock time display at Barcelona & Hungary 
  • Fixed distorted foliage appearing around Spa 


  • Fixed Hungarian Starting Grid displaying polesitter as "undefined" 
  • Fixed player's best finishing position not being displayed after completing Monza Race Moment 
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