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TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 3


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Here's the patch note for the Steam update you all had this sunday! ⬇️

- Advanced slipstream tuning.
- Fixed AI Rider's pit stop during the official TT event.
- Improved calculation of AI times during qualifications.
- Leaderboards scrolling fix ("Show Top" function now works as expected).
- New TT-specific leaderboard added, now including two leaderboards, one for best times and one for total session times.
- Added TT option for custom race and lobby creation.
- New checks added to prevent the upload of fake times.
- Fix on some track collisions.
- Fix on some occasional crashes.
- Fix on crashes connected to Fanatec wheels.
- Life cycle update for tyres at Level 5 (SBK and SSP).

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Today we've got great news: after much research, we've finally managed to fix the grass and bumps bug.
The patch is currently being approved by Sony / Microsoft, and should be live on consoles next week.
You can read about the Steam patch here:

Performance and frame rate improvements
Fixed LOD and pop-in issues
Fixed grass spawning on racetrack
Audio quality improved
Player level cap raised up to 500

Your contribution and support have been great, we hope you'll now be able to enjoy the game to the fullest! For our part, we'll keep on working hard over the coming weeks for further improvements and corrections.

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Patch note 04

Hello riders,
A new patch is pushed today on Steam, here's the changelog:

Leaderboard updated with new focus on player’s ranking

Race rules configuration now saved during a custom race session

Customizable FOVs added

Handlebar vibration effect fine-tuned

Hickman’s helmet updated

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