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rFactor 2 - Racing into the future!

Alfred ita

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A note on Silverstone

Due to a change in licencing agreements, this Friday, November 25th, Studio 397 have been instructed to remove access to the Silverstone circuit in the rFactor 2 Steam Workshop. We remain exceptionally proud to have offered a high quality, free version of this iconic track for the simulation all these years, and we are certainly as disappointed as you are about this outcome.

Players can still download the circuit until the morning of Friday November 25th, and can continue to use the track within rFactor 2 beyond this date.

While we appreciate this is not the news anyone wanted to hear about this track, we are working very hard to look at alternative options to bring another new, free circuit to the simulation in the very near future. rFactor 2 remains proud to offer a healthy collection of free base content, and remain yet more determined to continue expanding the playing experience with new, exciting and high-profile content in the future.


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