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Drift21: arriva il simulatore di drifting


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Dopo l'annuncio di un anno fa, la ECC Games presenta direttamente su Steam il suo nuovo Drift19, titolo che, come si intuisce dal titolo, mira a diventare il simulatore preferito per tutti gli appassionati di drifting. Oltre a derapare in pista, Drift19 offrirà anche la possibilità di modificare il proprio bolide, aggiornando o sostituendo alcune parti per renderlo sempre più prestazionale.


Drift19 is the first and only serious drifting simulator.

If you love cars, noise of the engine and drifting as much as we do, there is no doubt this game is for you. Rebuild your car, train your skills and take part in the world championships to beat other drivers!
Inspired with the history of drift, we are going to include the most iconic vehicles in the game. You’ll be able to buy old drift classic cars, fix and change different parts, tune them, so you will become an owner of the real four-wheel beast. 
Before participating in different championships, you’ll have a chance to train your skills and technique on the training track located next to your garage.
The world of drift has many fantastic events and competitions. Feel the unique vibe of professional tracks, drift squads, burning tires and dust by taking part in international championships.
The game is going to support all the most popular steering wheels, making your driving even more immersive experience.











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We have a big update for you. The last few weeks have been very busy for us. We've focused on fine-tuning the game and fixing bugs. The work is in full swing.

We are also pleased to announce that we have a new global publisher - 505 Games, known for Assetto Corsa and Control. It's a great thing for us to work with such an experienced publisher.

Together with the publisher we also decided to update the title to DRIFT21. Why DRIFT21? We're planning long-term support for the game, which will include new tracks, cars and tuning parts.

Early Access will start this spring!

#DRIFT21 #Drift #EarlyAccess #505Games

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Thank you very much for the support and understanding you show us. While we can't respond to everyone, please note that we do see your comments and are making note. and that they are really valuable to us. As promised - we are working on improvements that will affect the driving model, controller support, force feedback, graphics, sounds, and overall user experience. Here below you will find a list of what has been adressed in today's patch :

• Fixed a bug related to the FFB invert function for some Thrustmaster steering wheels
• Fixed a bug where the engine sound did not turn off despite the ignition being turned off
• Fixed a bug where footstep sounds were inaudible
• Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances tooltip icons were missing
• Fixed a bug that allowed players to mount rims with unsupported sizes
• Fixed incorrectly displayed in-game currencies
• Fixed a bug with some in-game windows and sprites showing improperly on unusual resolutions and screen ratios
• Fixed incorrectly displaying tire sprites in Warehouse
• Fixed a critical bug that prevented players from finishing the tutorial
• Fixed a bug that allowed players to access and spawn non-purchased parts from Warehouse

Localization changes
• Small changes to texts in Paint Booth and during Tutorial
• Added missing translations to challenge result screen and Driving Setup subwindows,
• Changes to texts and font display throughout the project

Other changes

• Small changes in the way the game saves are named
• Changes to the handbrake range based on input type and connected controller
• Rearranged result screen window to always show information crucial to the challenge
• Changes to decal history in Paint Booth
• Changes to Warehouse content (removed obsolete car parts)

Stay tuned...you will hear from us soon again!

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Today’s content update adds a brand new track - The EBISU North (Kita), located at the highest point of the entire EBISU complex. Master this track and earn major kudos while drifting on the EBISU circuit!


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Hey Drifters, take your place at the starting line: the new update featuring overall changes to the driving model, steering wheel support, and force feedback settings is out now! You will also find a completely new car – the Mazda RX8: take it for a spin!

Update notes here: https://bit.ly/2XrvS5u

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Thank you very much for your patience. We have been working hard in the last weeks and we have managed to prepare something that we hope you will like. As promised, we worked on overall changes to the driving model, steering wheel support, and force feedback settings. In today’s patch, you will find the first batch of tweaks that will hopefully bring Drift21 much closer to a state that will please each of you. Also, we have prepared and polished a completely new car - Mazda RX8, take it for a spin!

Changelog 13878

New content

Added new car - Mazda RX8
Added tuning car parts for Mazda RX8


Expanded Controls settings window and added experimental presets and settings for various and popular steering wheel models
Added information about supported rim sizes to each car info in Car Shop
Added an option to turn off speedometer on HUD (available in Settings or by pressing H on keyboard)
Added an option to turn off detailed rear mirrors (available in Video Settings)
Added a pop-up that appears when trying to collect all unmounted parts

Other changes

Tire physics overhaul - big changes to the driving model
Suspension parameters overhaul - another major change to the driving model
Major changes to Force Feedback settings
Regrouped content in the Settings menu
Added missing texts and localizations


Fixed challenge: Time Attack 7 for North
Fixed a critical bug which caused various game crashes, for example after trying to change the color of the rims
Fixed a bug where the mouse pointer wasn’t visible in the Settings menu
Fixed an issue that prevented the handbrake slider value from being saved properly
Fixed an issue that prevented the automatic transmission from engaging if the steering wheel was connected
Fixed a bug with options Ignition On and Ignition Off being available when Can Stall was inactive
Fixed an issue with where decals in Paint Booth had inconsistent sizes
Fixed an issue where certain Fuel Rails had invalid parameters
Fixed missing texts on North challenges result screens
Fixes to various North challenges - all checkpoint boxes should spawn properly now
Fixed a bug that caused cars to spawn on the track with the mask, trunk, and doors opened
Fixed a bug which prevented players from closing pop-ups in the Paint Room
Fixed an issue where the credits earned during tutorial Time Attack challenge were not awarded properly or at all


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