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GP Bikes beta 13 by Piboso disponibile


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GP Bikes beta13 available:


fix: jump start detection 
new: save and restore of the dynamic track surface groove and marbles between testing sessions 
new: borderless window mode 
new: track day mode 
new: on-track antiwheeling setting 
new: animated flags 
new: improved bike stand support 
new: trainer 

Release Notes
- a clean installation is strongly recommended
- replays are not compatible with the previous versions

- the plugins interface has been changed:
- it is now possible to set the Oculus pixel density:
To minimize join lag, please make sure that the server administrator restricts the allowed bike categories as much as possible

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domanda stupida (scusate): la nuova build può essere installata "sopra" la precedente (mantenendo settaggi generali, delle periferiche e corretto funzionamento delle mods)? 

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