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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020: un ingegnere per l'assetto! Nuova versione anche su Android


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One of my favorite features of VRCE is the "race session" mode, especially for you oval racers where pit stops are frequent enough to make constant adjustments to your setup.

The video below shows the race session mode in action where a driver is suffering from understeer during a race. In race session mode, VRCE provides only those setup changes that can be adjusted during a pit stop. It is a game-changer for those suffering from variable weather or other conditions.

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Jan 31 update to Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

An update for Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020 just went up. Many of the changes and additions were done after watching a user navigate his way through using my app. I saw that I could do things better so I tried just that.

Lap times can now be entered in M:SS.000 format
Overhauled how the Lap Wizard works
Added a new car condition and solutions to Lap Wizard (bumpy car/track)
Updated PortugueseBR langauge (thanks to Ze Jesus)
Car Options button now works as an on/off toggle
Changed "Delta" options to simplify
Changed "CPU" options to simplify
Cleaned up the dropdown lists white border display
Numerous minor tweaks to font type and size

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Da Facebook


A quick update just went out for VRCE2020 based on some feedback from users (special thanks to thanks to Bertvanj Nipzonracing), and the addition of the new track setup guides that have been published recently. Stand-alone app users should download and reinstall. Steam will automatically update VRCE.

-New Lap Wizard car condition selection for "give tire data only" (assumes no other issues with car handling)
-"Learn more" now sends user to new setup guides on the VRCE website
-Added notification for new Learn articles (internet connection required)
-Changed "Delta" options to simplify the terminology
-Tweaked the Delta formula so user is not locked into a tire adjustment loop


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

A sneak peak into the June update to Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

- Select the sim of your choice
- Car options (subjects) and advice are automatically filtered by sim choice
- Lots more setup advice thanks to all the new subjects
- Some previous subjects expanded on to be give even more advice

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

I have been busy finishing up the new additions to Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020 so they can be included in the Android release the first week of June. Finally finished up the new Sims selections, which comes with a ton more Setup Subjects, as well as a user requested Fuel Calculator. Expanded on some of the previous subjects. Other fixes and small additions as well.

There is a lot of new text associated with the additions that needs to be translated. If anyone wants to help, please contact me.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020: un ingegnere per l'assetto! Nuova versione anche su Android

Dopo il successo del già noto ed apprezzato Setup Developer Tool, Tim McArthur ritorna con il suo ingegnere di pista virtuale, questa volta con un programma molto più completo e professionale, aggiornato proprio all'annata attuale: Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020. Si tratta di un vero e proprio ingegnere di pista digitale che, in base alle risposte che noi daremo alle sue domande, tramite il software provvederà a fornirci indicazioni precise su come modificare l'assetto in maniera consona, così da farci sentire a nostro agio con qualsiasi vettura e, naturalmente, migliorare le nostre performance.


Potete leggere la nostra recensione dell'edizione 2018 di Virtual Race Car Engineer, per rendervi conto della validità di un programma che si è costantemente migliorato nel corso del tempo e viene sempre aggiornato. Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020 è disponibile anche come app Android su Google Play Store, oltre che sul sito ufficiale e anche su Steam.

Per tutti i dettagli, immagini e commenti, fate riferimento a questo topic del forum, qui di seguito alcuni screens ed un video di anteprima del software in uso.


Android app released

The android app is now live on Google Play Store (English language only). It comes with all the latest updates noted below. Although the app is intended for use on tablets, it does work on phones although some of the UI may be a bit small.

Current owners of the PC version may acquire the Android app for FREE by emailing with any proof of purchase.

Updated content

This update comes with some nice fresh content including Sim selection, more car setup subjects and advice, a Fuel Calculator, and other minor tweaks. Enjoy!

  • Added Fuel calculator to determine fuel needs for full-race and laps-remaining
  • Added selection for Simulation to customize app to different sim types
  • Added more setup subjects, and more advice for previous subjects (will be expanded more in future updates)
  • Revamped Car Options screen to account for all the subject additions
  • Expanded the advice given on previous subjects
  • Lap Wizard now tells user to move on to Corner Wizard once car conditions are resolved






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