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eSports: World Fastest Gamer by McLaren


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Mentre è in corso la fase del torneo dedicata ad rFactor 2, e nella prima gara di Silverstone le cose sono andata davvero male per i nostri piloti italiani, la McLaren ha annunciato una nuova fase del suo torneo Worlds Fastest Gamer, che si disputerà dal 12 settembre con la McLaren F1 di iRacing. Qui di seguito tutti i dettagli ed un trailer di lancio dell'iniziativa.

iRacing and McLaren have announced a partnership in the World’s Fastest Gamer competition. iRacing, the world’s leading online racing simulation, will host a four week series featuring the McLaren MP4-30 Formula One car where the winner will earn an invitation to the World’s Fastest Gamer finals to be held in November at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, Surry, UK.

The iRacing qualification series will begin on Tuesday, September 12 and run through October 9. Featuring races in the McLaren MP4-30 the series will have multiple races each day allowing iRacing members ample opportunity to qualify for an invitation to the finals and the ultimate prize – to be named the McLaren F1 simulator driver. Get complete details on this competition here: http://www.iracing.com/wfg/


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Congratulations to Kevin Ryan and the top-20 qualifiers for the McLaren race on Sunday - just 0.2 between them!! #wfg


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