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[AC] [AC] Ferrari's Opponents 2013 "Offline Edition"


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[AC] Ferrari's Opponents 2013 "Offline Edition"

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This mod features:

  • All 10 teams, 20 cars and drivers which competed against the F138
  • V10 tires, 4K liveries, full animations, individual 3d models and sounds
  • Working rear light pit indicator
  • Includes 4K skins for Massa and Alonso with yellow and black T-Cam
  • Singleplayer version for players who like to recreate a 2013 career experience
  • Power adjusted per team to reflect real-life differences
  • AI speed set ideally to challenge a human driver in the F138 who uses KERS
  • Can be installed next to the F.O. 2013 "League Edition"

Without the officially licensed Ferrari F138 featured in the RedPack DLC this
mod is not complete. Support Kunos and support Assetto Corsa, buy the RedPack here:

MSF Italian Modding Team: Michele, Simone and Paolo
Independent Modders: Jamie, Martin, Luke and Helmut

Huge thanks to Frenky, custodian of the original RF2 mod, for permission to convert!
Also thanks to Henky from RD for allowing us to add his 4K Ferrari liveries.

Changelog v1.0.3
- New internal and external sounds compatible with AC v1.9
- Balanced exterior volume for all the cars
- Fixed colliders (again!)
- Fixed side wing profile for Marussia
- Fixed tyres color (before was green)
- Updated tyres v10
- Minor bug fixes


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