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File Name: Endurance Series rF2

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 28 Oct 2016

File Category: Cover Wheel Mod



Forum topic for help and comments -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=70981&page=3#entry837991
Complete NEWS : http://www.enduracer...sletter_47.html


EnduRacers Modding Team & Gentlemen Racers are pleased to provide to you the Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 ! After monthes of work, this first rF2 release will allow you to continue the endurance racing adventure starting on rFactor1 years ago. The build take benefits of the first Flat6 Series releases, to provide you an achieved material at first time.
The mod comes with 10 different 3d models, around 400 reproduced real paint shemes, accurate cars reproductions, can it be in graphics, sounds and physics handlings. Cars are taking advantage of the whole rF2 technology such as animated driver, deformable tyres, advanced physics and tyres behavior, and of course a complete refreshment of the reflects, lights and shadings compared to the rF1 version.
Don't forget to read carefully the instructions to install and setup correctly the mod. Be carefull, the mod is big, reaching almost 3Gb in this first release. As we already communicated, some cars are available in the build 1.00 (F430 & Flat6 RSR) and are planned to be replaced by more up to date models.


* Graphics : High fidelity 3D models, with high definition cockpits.
* Graphics : Hundred's of real paints reproduced for each cars.
* Graphics : Highly improved car materials, reflections, lightnings and shadings.
* Graphics : Animated car driver, with high definition 3D Helmet.
* Graphics : Cars details with backfire, headlights with lens flares, deformable tyres.
* Graphics : Specific mod UI, to be downloaded and installed separately.
* Physics : Accurate car physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
* Physics : Up to date rF2 physics features for all cars.
* Sounds : Accurate and detailed sounds for all cars and engines.
* Sounds : Up to date rF2 sounds features for all cars.


MOD - WORK IN PROGRESS (not included in build 1.00)
* Dynamic dirt on cars.
* Tire new CPM model.
* Damage fine tuning (Not correctly yet implemented in rF2).
* Animated wipers in cockpit (Not correctly yet implemented in rF2).
* Heat effects.
* FuelMixture.


MOD - DOWNLOAD RFCMP IN PARTS (for slow connexions)
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 1/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.001
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 2/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.002
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 3/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.003
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 4/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.004
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 5/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.005
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 6/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.006
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 7/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.007
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 8/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.008
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 9/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.009
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 10/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.010
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 11/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.011
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 12/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.012
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 13/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.013
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 14/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.014
* Endurance Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp 15/15 : http://www.mediafire...F2-v100.zip.015


* Endurance Series rF2 MOD Information : http://www.enduracers.com/esrf2.html
* Endurance Series rF2 MOD Installation : http://www.enduracer...oads_esrf2.html
* The cars has been beta tested on several hardware and driving wheels brands (Logitech G25/27/DFGT, Thrustmaster T300/T500, Fanatec ClubSport) and is calibrated to work with all.
* If needed you can adjust FFB power using the FFB Upgrade in game tuning options of the car.


* Tires wear on standard tracks : 1h SOFT, 2h MEDIUM, 3h HARD.
* BOOST is available on all cars (But not yet feature FuelMixture wich is in progress for next build).
* Traction Control is available on GTE & P2 cars.


* It's recomanded to open the Upgrades (via TUNNING of the ShowRoom) for each cars.
* There are graphical upgrades like customised mirrors for unique display screens, and physics upgrades to adjust the FFB power.


* Think about checking and adjusting your FFB Minimum Torque in the Controls Setting panel in the game. Increase it until you get light ocillations to avoid the low force in the middle gap.

Click here to download this file

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