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DSC F4/500 Cup: in pista ad ADRIA (data da definire)


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io ci sono, corso "Corso Formula ABARTH Livello 2"


non sto capendo però se il corso va "acquistato" direttamente sul sito loro oppure no.

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ATTENZIONE: causa previsioni meteo sfavorevoli per il 30 e soprattutto ridotto numero di partecipanti (siamo in 6 al momento), siamo costretti a RINVIARE la data dell'evento. Appena possibile sarà comunicata una nuova data. Grazie


ATTENTION: Due to unfavorable weather forecast for the 30 and above small number of participants (we are 6 at the time), we are forced to DEFER the event date. You will be communicated as soon as possible a new date. Thank you

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I'm quite concerned that there's now info about prizes for DSC Cup. I understand the situation 3 months ago that you had to postpone but since then I heard nothing from you or Cosm1 about another date. Participating in this championship costed me a lot of time and effort. When I entered there was nothing in the rules about the need to collect 10 people to organise an event. If we would have known this for sure less people would be interested in sacrifacing that much of our free time. I understand that it's quite impossible to collect 10 people from our portal but we have should known such things beforehand to decide if it's ok for us or not. Of course the championship was good to promote simracing and DSC in videos of articles but without Us drivers it wouldn't be possible so I would just want to feel that it's important for you to fulfill promises from your side as much as we assured you good racing couple of months ago.


Cheers :wink:

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ciao Ponte
we are working for the prizes, we have not forgotten and will not forget the winners, you can rest easy: All prizes won will be used.
Collect 10 people to go on real track it's not simple, but not impossibile, also because we offer discounts even for friends, just to get to at least ten drivers (and in the first page of the rules it's specified the minimum of 10 people to organise the event).

I premi saranno erogati con un minimo di 10 partecipanti. La data della giornata in pista sarà definita compatibilmente con il meteo, gli impegni degli organizzatori e del circuito e comunicata ai partecipanti con congruo anticipo


the prizes will be valid also for 2017, and we are working to include them in the next events to arrive to 10 drivers

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VELOCIPEDE you're right on the 10 participants rule :oops:. I have missed it when I was reading the rules by translator because I focused on the track rules. So hope for 2017

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anche se in silenzio ci sto lavorando, ma credo sarò costretto ad andare su premi equivalenti, per cause "tragiche" di forza maggiore

sto verificando il da farsi...

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I tried to contact Cosm1 lately (just before your last message) but he hasn't replied me and at the same time the website racingdream.it is not working for the last month (at least). @VELOCIPEDE could your write in english the last sentence because google translator is giving up at : "per cause "tragiche" di forza maggiore sto verificando il da farsi..." ?

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