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Misano World Circuit

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Finally this is Misano 2.0.
In agreement with the author of the original 1.0 MWC version (still in download section at RaceDepartment), i can publish this upgrade under my name. A big big thanks to him!
3D original model is still the same, i've added some objects, stands, crowds (all with camerafacing feature), new textures, etc.

Autore: Emà!!!

Please delete the previous version before install this v. 2.0, the track name is the same of 1.0, i don't know if overwriting can cause some issue, but i'ts preferable a clean installation.


by Roberto Olivetti
Use of this track is allowed for personal training and community racing, provided that no one will ask money in no form (requesting championship fees and selling driving licenses included). It is NOT allowed to use this track in championships were drivers or teams are required to pay. Non-mandatory donations to the league are allowed instead.
This version of Misano World Circuit is scratch made, and beneath my commitment to be accurate, it isn't as precise as a laser-scanned track. Please don't go to the real Misano circuit guessing to know it. The real track has to be learnt in real life.
If you want to modify this track or convert it, please drop me a line, see below.
Have fun!

Thanks a lot!!! to:
- Alessandro Balzan e Nicola Benucci for testing and suggestions
- Schummy1, Ray Woolhead, Laurent Resende, marcosxv, LaZanzaraRombante, andrea_gi, Bruno Giampà, i__speedracer__i, KirKone, Mascalzone, Matrix16wcc, Olivier Boissel, RoG-PoWeR, the_schofe, VELOCIPEDE for alpha testing
- pika4u, Mauro Lazzari, for setting test servers
- Mauro Lazzari, for creating objects (pitwall, guardrails etc)
- Gianluca Boni Bonifacio and MaiDireCamber - www.maidirecamber.blogspot.com - for support and help with telemetry data and track layout
- authors of Misano 2002 rFactor V2.0 (Slider916/Cammel/Elwood)
- Kunos Simulazioni - www.kunos-simulazioni.com - for Assetto Corsa
- The Blender Foundation - www.blender.org - for blender software
- TheSimGarage - www.sim-garage.co.uk/ - for 3dSimEd software
- Ysup12 - http://tf3dm.com/user/ysup12- for his tyres stack model, lots to learn
- Geo piskas - http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/Geo-Piskas- for his guardrail models, great reference
- Todd Norbury - http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?members/norbs.7687/- for additional track camera-sets
- Black Wagtail - http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/black-wagtail.203813/- for additional track camera-sets

- Mauro Delegà and Radiators - forum.radiators-champ.com - for several images
- © 2011 Google.com
- CGTextures - www.cgtextures.com
- Toni Pecoraro - www.tonipecoraro.it - for the track aerial view image
- DragonArt - dragonartz.wordpress.com
- archive3d.net for 3d spectators models
- Marco Angelo - http://www.blendswap.com/user/MarcoD- for 2d people textures
- xB33 - http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?members/xb33.109035/- for lowpoly cars models

For bugs, errors, suggestions, requests feel free to PM me in the Assetto Corsa forum
Roberto Olivetti


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