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Dopo quasi un anno di sviluppo in fase open beta ad accesso anticipato, è finalmente disponibile la versione 1.0 definitiva e completa dell'ottimo Automobilista targato Reiza. Oltre ai tipici bugfix e varie migliorie, la nuova release del software ci mette a disposizione la nuovissima monoposto storica denominata Formula Vintage, liberamente ispirata alle Formula 1 degli anni 1967 - 1969. Qui di seguito l'immancabile trailer di lancio.

Pure simulation, pure fun - Developed by Reiza Studios, Automobilista places you in the driving seat of an advanced racing simulator, featuring elite brazilian racing series along with a wide range of racing vehicles and international tracks for a uniquely diverse motorsports experience.

V1.0 is available now! Check it out at

The Automobilista "Season Pass" for al upcoming DLCs is also available now at a discount price:

AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience!
As the natural successor to Reiza Studios´ previous title - the highly regarded Stock Car Extreme, originally released in 2013 - AUTOMOBILISTA continues to simulate the premium Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil and Mitsubishi Lancer Cup, now packing every car and every track from their respective 2015 championships.

Beyond the brazilian core, AUTOMOBILISTA is extensively complemented with one of the most diverse selections or racing vehicles you will find in a racing game: only in AUTOMOBILISTA will you be able to jump from a rental kart to a 800-HP single-seater; from drifting a Rallycross EvoX to jumping ramps in a Supertruck; from mastering the driving basics in a Formula Vee to managing a full 24h race in an endurance prototype; back and forth through historical and modern content featuring a sample from several decades of racing history - all of this and much more within a few mouse clicks. Thoroughly researched and cohesively developed for maximum simulation accuracy, AUTOMOBILISTA captures the fun only motorsports in its various forms can provide.

In addition to the content already present in Stock Car Extreme - all of which comprehensively upgraded - AUTOMOBILISTA turns it up to a new level by adding all the new cars & tracks proposed in the SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign, new simulation features such as dynamic track conditions, advanced transmission and tire modelling, substantial upgrades to physics, graphics & audio, new game modes and much more!

  • These are some of the features that make AUTOMOBILISTA stand out as a purebred racing simulator:
  • Upscaled 720 Hz physics and 500 Hz input rates grants AMS super-accurate, high fidelity physics and Force Feedback
  • Vehicle physics based on models developed for professional racing teams with in-depth exclusive data
  • Minutely detailed and accurately modelled race tracks with 3D bumps, custom road properties and air density according to its location and altitude
  • Engine sounds sampled from high-quality recordings of real cars
  • Capturing the ever-changing demands of racing.
  • Cars with old-style gearbox mechanisms will demand proper gear engagement by using the clutch or synchronizing revs.
  • Modern cars will demand handling of advanced electronic systems.
  • High downforce cars will create an aerodynamic wake for those that follow.
  • 24h cycles will allow racing from dusk to dawn and at night.
  • Dynamic track conditions turn the racing line into a grippy rubbery trail and builds up marbles offline
  • Dynamic tire damage & dirt pickup add further extra dimensions to the driving experience

Some further important info regarding this release:

  • A new player profile is strongly recommended.
  • Replays from v0.9.8 and earlier may not be compatible with v1.0
  • Virtual Xperience leaderboards will be reset in light of several physics updates;
  • Mods might need to be updated - specially mods that are in the REIZA28 - REIZA35 range as those slots have been reserved for official content as well (modsin that range won´t show up in menu).

Automobilista V1.0 will feature the following content of cars and tracks:
post-2-0-16695900-1472038002_thumb.jpg post-2-0-41300300-1472038011_thumb.jpg post-2-0-51449000-1472038017_thumb.jpg post-2-0-28197400-1472038024_thumb.jpg post-2-0-50218000-1472038030_thumb.jpg post-2-0-64090100-1472038035_thumb.jpg post-2-0-45547300-1472038040_thumb.jpg post-2-0-87355700-1472038044_thumb.jpg
Automobilista: Changes we made to the physics engine by Niels Heusinkveld
We fixed, changed and added a significant amount of physics 'things' to the rFactor engine! Watch this video to find out what we did!

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A poche settimane dal rilascio della versione 1.0, il team Reiza ci aggiorna sugli sviluppi in corso riguardo il suo interessante Automobilista. Il team brasiliano è infatti al lavoro per il rilascio a breve di una patch v1.01 per sistemare alcuni problemi, mentre è iniziato lo sviluppo di un corposo update v1.1, che ci offrirà varie novità, come ad esempio l'atteso spotter integrato per le comunicazioni col box. In seguito arriverà il primo DLC denominato The Brit Pack, contenente i nuovi circuiti di Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park ed Oulton Park e le nuove vetture Ultima GTR, MCR Sports 2000, Formula Trainer e Caterham.

Bit of a last minute update to round up this month of August, which as you can imagine has been a particularly busy one with the release of AMS v1.0. It´s still proving busy in fact as along with usual post-release duties we´ve been working since then on addressing some issues for a hotfix due to be released tomorrow (Sept 1st). For this reason I´d like to apologise in advance for keeping this update a bit shorter than previous entries. The upside hopefully should be a meatier entry next month. While AMS v1.0 bringing us out of Early Access has been an important milestone, AMS development is far from over. Here are some of the things we can share about what the next few months hold for it:

V1.01 hotfix
Since release last week we´ve identified a few teething issues which we have been since dutifully pursuing - one always tries to be ahead of these but unfortunately a full release is always a bit of a leap into the unknown as we go from having a few hundred beta testers to many thousand of users and the vast range of OS, hardware, drivers and third party software combinations that comes with it.
One issue that we have partially identified is that AMS v1.0 is failing to launch with Windows 7 if Service Pack 1 is not installed - we´re still pursuing the reason why this came to be with v1.0, but for now we can confirm that updating Win 7 with SP1 is required.
The hotfix will pack some further DynHUD improvements, fixes to Time Trial mode and some other priority fixes.

Another issue we´ve been pursuing is further optimization, in particular to memory load - since AMS is a 32bit app, it can only use up to 4GB of system RAM, which means whenever AMS is running north of 3.2GB (as measured from the task manager) it may run into some instability issues. As we´ve been pushing for higher details from cars and tracks, this can mean that running a grid over the specified limits for any given series (usually in between 22-26 cars, other than StockV8 which allows 32) has the risk of overloading the system, causing instability issues and potentially Runtime errors or CTDs. We´re working on optimizing some of the higher detail models, as well as having the series´ max number of opponents better enforced to keep the game constantly on a safer range. Some of these updates are already upcoming with this hotfix.

V1.1 development
There are some important new features, both planned and already in the works to make AMS an even more complete sim package before we finally wrap up its development.
One of these which we can confirm for v1.1 is the Integrated Spotter, based on the popular Crewchief mod as developed by @gongo - here´s a sneak preview:

I've included subtitles (using the Message Center) for people who have a hard time hearing/understanding, or for those players who are deaf (like Ivysaur). It also allows for different language translations while still using the original audio (or vice-versa).
It includes the ability to spot other vehicles in pit lane (useful for larger races with everyone diving into pits) and also tells you when the safety car is out on track or coming into the pit lane. It will also tell you the pit is open depending on whether or not you are on the lead lap so you never have to guess when you're actually allowed to come in to pit.

It announces when the pit crew is ready and when they've abandoned the pit request (timed out) as well as when you've requested or unrequested the stop. And since it's integrated directly into the engine, it also tells you when you have a drive-through, stop-n-go, or other penalty as well.
And yes, it will announce the start of the race session countdown even when you're in the garage as well as give you a "go, go, go" as soon as your pit stop is complete (as requested by Will Mazeo).

Pit exit clear/has traffic notification is tied directly to the pit exit lights, so if you see it flashing blue, it will tell you there is traffic. The blue flag notification is tied directly to the display of the icon in the corner of the screen, so when you see it, you'll hear the message too.

1st DLC - The Brit Pack
As previously announced, our first DLC pack for Automobilista will be the BRIT PACK, comprising 3 classic british tracks along with 4 british club racing cars - these are:

BRIT PACK - Tracks
Brands Hatch
Cadwell Park
Oulton Park
We don´t have a preview of Oulton Park to show yet, but we do have some good news regarding its development as following our recon trip to the track we´ve also managed to get hold of LIDAR data for it, meaning Oulton will have the distinction of being our first track based on laser scan data!

Ultima GTR (road & race spec)
MCR Sports 2000
Formula Trainer - A semi-fictional wingless trainer car based on british F-Ford, featuring both slicks & treaded tires - this is the bonus car hinted in last month´s update:
Caterham (several models) - more details to be confirmed about the included Caterham series soon!

The BRIT PACK is scheduled for official release on September 27th and will sell for US$ 19.99. Subsequent DLC packs will be released in the following months. More details on what these upcoming DLCs will feature will be presented in our next Dev Update :)

Worth pointing out that the AMS Season Pass is now also available for purchase from Steam - owners of the Season Pass (which includes Reiza Members as well as backers from all levels of last year´s crowdfunding campaign) will already earn the BRIT PACK along with all the other upcoming AMS DLCs.

Besides securing all DLCs with a single specially discounted purchase, Automobilista Season Passalso grants Automobilista BETA - a standalone / independent development version ofAutomobilista, which receives regular updates of in-development features and content, allowing users an early taste of these upcoming goodies (including the DLC items) as these gradually hit beta status. Brands Hatch & Ultima GTR expected to make to next week´s new Beta build.
That´s about it for this month - now it´s time to get back to wrapping that hotfix :P I´ll try to follow up on this topic with a few more news and answers to eventual questions tomorrow.

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il commento dei Reiza riguardo il supporto alla VR

Some may recollect that we did initially propose support for VR towards the end of last year´s crowdfunding campaign for further SCE development, which eventually became AMS - unfortunately a few months after the campaign wrapped, circumstances developed both in the VR front (the evolving nature of this new technology, specifically DX9 no longer being officially supported by OR which effectively moved the goal posts from when we had proposed it) as well as our own (a developer leaving the team), which forced us to put this specific development on hold. When this happened we openly discussed it in Reiza 51 (the forum room specially conceived for communication with campaign backers), and gave an ample window for backers who had entered the campaign with the specific goal of seeing VR supported to get a refund for their investment.

We now are no longer in "wait and see" mode regarding VR, but openly intent on supporting it already with AMS. We are currently looking for developers to join us for this specific task, but until we do and have had the chance to assess it, it´s impossible to make any reliable estimate as to if and when it will actually come in time for AMS.
VR enthusiasts can rest assured that at this point we need no convincing regarding the relevance of VR for sim racing, however we currently have this unfortunate gap between wanting to do something and getting it done. When we have more news on the topic, we´ll make sure to share with you here.

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This is a hotfix to address some of the main issues that have been reported since v1.0 release.
Changelog for Build v1.0.1:

  • Fixed bug causing memory leak in menus
  • Fixed bug with track usage conditions using current setting (rather than defaulting to max state) in Time Trial mode
  • Fixed bug which could cause game to run in 16bit color mode when in Windowed mode
  • Updated DRM version to atone for some potential conflicts with older OS
  • Fixed bug where max opponent vehicles in menu would not reset to the current series default after switching from a series with a higher limit
  • Corrected vehicle info display during loading screen for triple screen resolutions
  • Further adjusted floating car issue in multiplayer replays
  • Small UI tweaks to race settings
  • Corrected alpha in main menu series graphics to remove light square box around them
  • DynHUD: Improved DeltaTimesWidget in TIME TRIAL mode & fixed initial visibility in CleanHUD; Updated Editor initialization paths
  • Corrected parameters in F-Retro & F-Vintage series for VX portal
  • Mendig: Limited max car count to 20
  • F-Vintage: Fixed Miatra 02 1969 tachometer needle; helmet updates
  • F-Retro: Fixed suspension animation
  • F-Vee: fixed suspension visibility from cockpit
  • F-V12: Updated throttle map
  • F-V10: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load; fixed mirrors from TV cam;
  • SuperV8: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
  • Boxer Cup: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
  • Montana: Fixed transmission description to 5-speed sequential

OBS: Steam Achievements have been rescheduled to be introduced in v1.1 at the end of the month.

VX portal is also now also officially launched at ! You can access the multiplayer lobby and launch the sim straight from your browser. Our official public rooms are also up and running now, with a rotating schedule soon to be divulged.

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Il team Reiza annuncia con alcuni screens l'imminente arrivo, per il suo Automobilista, del nuovo DLC denominato Brit Pack, un pacchetto tutto inglese che ci offrirà i nuovi circuiti di Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Oulton Park ed anche le nuove vetture Ultima GTR (stradale e da corsa), MCR Sports 2000, Formula Trainer e la Caterham, auto che ci viene presentata in questo video spettacolare.


The BRIT PACK for Automobilista is coming up soon full of exciting new cars and tracks from the kingdom of motorsports - here are some new preview shots! Owners of the DLC "Season Pass" on Steam get access to Automobilista BETA which since last night already includes most of the new content to be included in the BRIT PACK along several other improvements upcoming in AMS v1.1! Check it out here. The "Season Pass" is also part of our Membership package which currently sells for a discount price of US$ 24.99 here.


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