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The Setup Market - the place to share setups


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After a few months of hard work, I'm presenting to you:


The Setup Market is a sim racing setup sharing platform with a simple goal, provide a centralized setup database for the simracing community in order to encourage users with more knowledge and time to share their work.

Browse the setups shared by the community.
Just go on the website and download as many setups as you want. The interface allows you to filter the setups available in order to ease your research.

Share your precious setups to the community.
Simply create an account and start uploading your setups. You can be as precise as you want to be by adding best lap time, trim, and comments for your setup.

Why? Since Assetto Corsa doesn't have a built-in setup sharing functionality (yet), and that going through dozens of forum posts isn't particularly fun, I've come up with this idea to facilitate the whole sharing setup process.

I hope that you will love it and that it will enhance your Assetto Corsa experience.


fonte AC forum

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Ci sono notizie recenti su questa app?

All'inizio funzionava bene, poi i server sono andati down per un lungo periodo, adesso rifunziona però il data base dei setup è totalmente vuoto.

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