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Nissan Sileighty (drifting)


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Here is the Nissan Sileighty I made, it has a kouki 180sx bumper modified to fit the silvia front so the bumper suits the rest of the factory body kit from the 180sx. It's something I always wanted to see done to a Sileighty so here it is.
I have 4 tuned models for now, one for track/road and the other ones are road/drift, but you don't have to drift them if you want to, they can be setup to drive fast too. It has the same tuning options as my 180sx type x.

3 drift versions with 2 stages of SR20DET and one 1.5JZ from a toyota.
There's also an S2 version which has upgraded brakes suspension and bigger turbo.

The Physics are as accurate as I am able, to the best of my knowledge. Measurements are taken from my real car where ever possible and only some of the values are made by feel or to the most reliable info I could find where it wasn't possible to measure or calculate from my own car.




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