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A1-Ring Redbull Ring by Schwarzbierbude


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A1-Ring Redbull Ring Schwarzbierbude
Long time ago in mid '07 Dutch Devil converted A1-Ring for GTR2 based on the rF verison of Genhis99.
- Pls. find their original readme files inside this archive -

DD gave me permission to convert it to GTL but somehow I never found the time to do so.
In Feb 2010 I took the time and added some new features as well...
In April 2015 DD gave me permission for AC conversion as well, so here is the AC version.



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Non l'ho ancora visto ne provato, ma adoro l'A1 Ring. ma come è possibile contenere un circuito in 13.5 MBytes ??? complimenti a Schwarzbierbude e Grazie !!!!

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quella c'e', il resto tutto sommato..... manco lo vedi quando guidi... ! per me mantiene tutto il fascino di una volta.... certo le montagne mi ricordano un po Mountain Sprint di netkar (era giusto il nome?!?)

Bellissima, carica in 3 secondi secchi ah ah

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