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Lamborghini Miura P400SV by the_meco pankykapus Vampire v0.8.8


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Ok guys, we have finally decided to just release a current version with placeholder V8 sounds for now. Not how we wanted to proceed but TBH it is getting a little beyond a joke regarding the sound situation, and our 'sound guy' is no longer responding to any efforts to contact him. So I guess I will be googling 'FMOD For Dummies' and seeing what happens in the future. Maybe a talented sound modder will appreciate a great opportunity to create some sounds for this amazing car, and you will all have some realistic sounds in the future.
Find included in the d/l several 'bonus' items I have prepared, including an SV Owners Manual based on the real cars item as much as possible detailing, among other things, some important considerations for this car.
The suspension has 2 options available for rebound damping as per the real car, no option for compression damping was available on these shocks as even one-way adjustable dampers was pretty fancy. Be aware however that this car was never designed for the racetrack - and as such is a challenge to drive on the limit. A more 'rapid & relaxed' drive around the Nordschleife (just imagine the repair bill if you crash!) really shows how nice this car was to drive under 'normal' conditions.
We are considering some 'Special Events' against the standard Street Version of the Cobra, as they are fairly closely matched with the Cobras light weight and nice handling up against the power and speed of the Miura. But I recommend them both at Spa for a fun day out!
So finally I would like to thank The_Meco for all his time on the model and skins (way more than initially expected), and Pankykapus for being there to help me out with any physics questions I had and for help with setting up the suspension. Was an absolute pleasure to work with you both!
Ok guys and gals - ENJOY..

Lamborghini Miura SV Team:

Version 0.8.8 - Changelog
- added a comma to the colliders.ini, to fix error posted in log - doh, sorry. Just to stop any microstutters associated with the error logging.

Version 0.8.7 - Changelog
- Sound volume re-balanced to match better with other AC elements. If you would like it louder, turn up the volume.
- Minor tire-temp increase
- Some minor skin changes to select skins.
- A few other small tweaks I can't remember

|| DOWNLOAD Full Version 0.8.8 ||
Skin Templates
Matte Black 'Frankenstein' Skin by Meco
Gulf Skin by WilmerChavez13
Italia Skin by eric.bugs
Team Lambo Skin by eric.bugs

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Da Vampire.

Yes it is an amazing car alright. We are a fair way along in the development actually, I didn't start a thread for the car for quite some time after we began. Meco is plugging away with the model interior and mapping at the moment as there is a lot of work to be done in that area, exterior is mostly done I understand.

I have spent hundreds of hours on it already with everything in the data folder and textures. I drafted all suspension up in AutoCAD before I even began on the suspension editor and geometry in the ini file, as we are going for millimeter accuracy as best we can. We also want to accurately model the front lift the SV experienced (thou not as badly as earlier models) and other quirks of the car as best we can, so this has taken quite a bit of time. Pankykapus is another invaluable member of the physics team and we bounce ideas off each other, then he takes all my changes to the suspension etc and runs them through his super-physics brain to combine it all into a complete package.

Our sound modders are quite busy as you can understand with many other projects, so that will be a few weeks till we have the initial sounds fleshed out - but definately worth the wait with this car! This will give us plenty of time to continue tweaking, as really the whole team are pretty dedicated to getting it to a very high level, and we are constantly checking and re-checking everything. As an example, this evening I just finished my sixth version of the speedo/tacho gauge textures...and I prob still won't be happy lol.

Release date - hard to say I am afraid. We are definately well along the development timeline in certain aspects, as the car physics and driving etc are at a very good level already. Just the other parts of the puzzle are coming together and we will have a release for you.

No thanks necessary - this is such a beautiful car it is really a pleasure working on it - I just hope you guys enjoy it when it is released.

3vhq8Eil.jpg ZE0ZZPql.jpg

Da the_meco.

So a progress report from me. The interior modelling and mapping are now 100% complete clear.png All that remains to do is to burn the AO maps and sort out textures and materials so not to far off on my end. To celebrate finishing mapping (which I hate doing) here's another pic. It's an older pic of the exterior that I liked.


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After a bit of clean up work here's an early test of the interior lighting


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I was debating whether to show an interior shot as I like to keep some stuff to the end but I'm quite happy with how its coming along and so I wanted to show a WIP. Some details are still missing and parts not textured/half textured. Great work by @Vampire on the gauges textures. Both @Vampire and @pankykapus are doing great work on the physics, I think people will have a lot of fun :D



Questo messaggio
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Another progress update. Now I'm getting down to the smaller details and final polish. The engine bay is still incomplete so for the time being it's closed off. I'll be trying to finish it off for 1st release but depending on how busy I am it may come later. Anyways, hope you all like!



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Che zabedei poterla vedere e non ragazzi si sa quando esce stà belva?

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