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Indianapolis Motor Speedway by ISI v1.7


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Just in-time for the Indy 500 and Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis, we have an updated version of Indianapolis Motor Speedway for you to enjoy…

This minor release fixes a few equally minor issues, and is a good opportunity to demonstrate how a Steam content package update works. It should be a seamless experience; and it shouldn’t download the full track again if you’re subscribed to the item.

What’s changed? A good amount of cutting false positives have been addressed, as well as the pit entry glitch on the 2014 layout. Cam bugs have also been fixed, and the AI cars now use headlights on the road courses. In an attempt to slowly move away from the recent desaturated look, the grass should look a tad more alive.

And yes, non-Steam people can still grab the full download and install manually if they wish.

Download: 447MB
(Steam version should update automatically if subscribed to Image Space Inc in workshop).

– Fixed AI headlights on road courses
– Fixed several false positive cut detections
– Fixed pit entry glitch on 2014 layout
– Fixed cams on 400 and 500 layouts
– Increased grass saturation


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per lavorare su Silverstone, il team ISI ha rallentato lo sviluppo di Indianapolis, in compenso ci sarà il tempo di inserire anche gli ultimi ritocchi alla pista che proprio in questi giorni sono in corso, come il rifacimento dell'asfalto


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nuovi screens pubblicati da SimHQ

The Indy bricks of the Brickyard

The Indy Hall of Fame

Three screenshots showing the detail in the scoring towers:
The famous Indy scoring tower

Indy scoreboard

Indy scoreboard behind the scenes

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da Twitter
Yes, we've been quiet recently; plenty of work done on rFactor2's; plenty of work left to do though!


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A good look at the new Indy Roadcourse. Our plan is to have the new rc, oval and a little surprise for you before the Indy 500


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Here's -quite literally- a look behind the fence of what we've been working on ...

More @IMS @rFactor2 teasing ...

Last of the teaser shots ... sorry for staying on the wrong side of the fence :) !

And finally, a proper @rFactor2 'behind the SCENES' image:

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