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Project CARS Build 510 (05/07/13, Junior Member+)


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Starting with today’s monthly Junior build, WMD members can now access the regular development builds of Project CARS via Steam. Aside from making the build downloading process more convenient, Steam will also be used to add several community-related features to Project CARS in the future. To ensure that everyone can make a seamless switch to Steam, a detailed info page on how to get going with the platform is available to all members here. Along with the move to steam, our incredibly talented member “JonZ” has put together another masterpiece video trailer that you can watch below!


Build 510 (5/7/13, Junior Member+)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for leaked lights from the lightning manager on shutdown
* WiiU buildaries - dictionary file gather and store in shaders.bff. Add first working version of FXCompilerWiiU exe to BuildTools
* Setup for new lightning effects..
* Clear6 changed to new experimental clear condition that is more tropical in feel with darker saturated blue sky and heavier blue haze in daytime and a bright intense sun. Tone mapping effect isnt working great in this setting atm as Rob and I are still looking into that. Also has some banding on the new skies
* Added Hazy 2, which is more of a bright sunny day for a more dusty arid location
* Initial audio for the weather sounds (not enabled in game)
* Tire.rg: Revised heating on GT Slick - GreenFlash plus some carcass tweaks
* Derby National/GP: Fixed issues with flying adverts, further cutting in of outer roads in outer terrain
* Eifelwald: New export
* Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday's stat reset
* BMW Z4 GT3: Adjusted setup for new tires. Brake heating/cooling/wear all tuned
* BMW M3 GT: Adjusted setup for new tires. Brake heating/cooling (not final) taken from Z4 GT3
* Pagani Zonda R: New setup for new tires
* BMW M3 GT4: New setup for new tires

Build 509 (4/7/13, Senior Manager)
* Moved PhysX file streams from GamePhysics to SupportPhysics library
* Tires: fixed mis-merge on tire.rg. Adjustments to FB B&C
* WiiU: Implemented Atomic module
* Added BIntToPtr and BUIntToPtr helper templates
* WiiU fix for missing initNynpPlatform link error
* WiiU set to use SHADERS_PAKFILE_REGISTERANDFLUSH method of shader loading
* WiiU Fix for GX2DebugCapture link error
* WiiU: Implemented BFile Seek
* WiiU: Fixed bug where FSClient/CmdBlock vars were uninitialised in some code paths
* Tidied up some WiiU OSReport calls
* Added test code for WiiU file seek
* Added gProject.dbgGetMemTraceModule to BaseTest
* Update to match FMOD v4.44.15.
* Fixed Steam upload excludes for the SMS build box
* Updated Steam upload build scripts to make few copied files writable. Fixed problem with DRM tool failing to apply Steam DRM to pCARS.exe
* Added additive technique to billboard animated shader for use in lightning effect, which uses a new non-crossfade non-rotating vertex and pixel shader too, to minimise the cost. Also fixed a bug in the frame animation code which prevented 4x2 animations working properly
* Lotus 98T: New flash tire with heating model enabled. Small changes to the setup to suit. Increased wear rate and redued grip sensitivity to overheating on the Capri and Lotus 78 tires.
* BMW M3 GT2: Big improvement on Wipers LODA/B/Cpit. Tweaked Wiper Animation and checked Cockpit anims. Wipers mask done. LODC Windows (black glass) was using misc material. Changed to Windows and remapped. Added Rain effects to Windows and Windscreen materials

Build 508 (3/7/13, Senior Manager)
* Add per driver property overrides for steering range/loopable used if steering range is non-zero.
* Buildaries script support for WiiU shader compilation and Shaders.BFF pakfile and dictionary.
* WiiU stddefs.fxh - support for WiiU
* WiiU minor semantic fixes for SSA and VSMBlur shaders
* WiiU fix for shadow and MSAA shader build errors
* new Eifelwald export reflecting the updates in the track as noticed in the eifelwald forum issues; Updates in the camber of some corners, kerbs, track heights, etc.
* Derby Nat/GP: Track borders updated to new satellite map references.. moved viewer stuff behind barriers inside terrain with new outer roads updated; ixed position of crowds, flags, statics to match to new updated outer borders of track

Build 507 (2/7/13, Manager+)
* Load Tuning screen updated, new animated intro screens, and Happy 4th July!
* Change endian swapping to use LITTLE_ENDIAN define rather than patform, and switched code to use BUnionCast. Fixed incorrect assert expression.
* Tyres: Tack is now a form of adhesion (affected by water, etc). FlexiCarcass.
* FMOD v4.44.15 Win32/PS3/360 libs.
* The BMW Z4 GT3 gear shift has higher frequency oscillations.
* The BMW M3 GT4 has been reverted to the original engine sound *BUT* with the latest updates to mix, Ai, gears, wobble, backfires and distant based effects. Please note the engine sound for the BMW M3 GT4 is a placeholder.
* The file location for the BMW M3 GT4 sounds has been changed with the addition of bespoke engine and AI FDP files.
* instanced version of eucalyptustrees added to the library
* BMW_M1. Cockpit animations Including Wipers; Wiper mask texture;Improved Wipers Cpit/LODA/B/X. Added Cockpit animation including Bonnet. Added Rain effects to Paint and Paint Skin materials. Fixed Shift Gaiter animation.
* Mercedes_SLS - UV mapping finished for all LODs, lots of bugfixes; LODX texture changes + wing damage setup; Prepared for custom liveries

Build 506 (1/7/13, Senior Manager)
* Changed GUIResult for 'Set Next/Prev List Item' to use scroll index
* Change calls that I believe to be incorrect from BDbgError to BDbgAssert
* Updated legacy debug assert calls to new module format
* Updated legacy debug assert calls to new module format
* Fixed WiiU link error
* The BMW Z4 GT3 now has an Ai engine set and will use the new sounds. Balanced the incar and Ai mix for cockpit view. A few subtle tweaks to the player car engine and other driving sounds, mainly balancing the interplay of these events
* Azure Circuit: Light sgx/added some lights on new casino gardens/cafe de paris-mirabeau side



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